The Wild Mustang (Dale Jackson Series Book 1)

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The Wild Mustang

By JD Anders

©All Rights Reserved

This is a work of fiction. All names, locations, characters are not real. Any resemblance to anyone living, or dead is purely coincidental. This book must not be transferred, copied or used in any way without the consent of the author .All rights reserved.



Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3


My name is Dale Jackson and I’m a biker, rebel, and free spirit. I love the feeling of the open road, the wind in my hair
, and my bike taking me on this journey we call life. I could ride on for days and wherever the road takes me, I’ll go. I’ve faced some rough times in my life, especially back in L.A. but I’m riding through Arizona to wherever. It’s just me and my bike
now, she’s my companion, my friend, and all I got left.

I’m 32, six feet tall, with dark hair and a hard, ripped body. I work to keep in shape and the woman love my six pack, chiselled arms, and huge eight inch cock. I hate to brag but I look pretty damn good and the women seem to agree too but I can’t settle down, not now, and maybe not ever. It’s town to town for me and I’ll let fate decide who I meet. Life is a series of choices and you have to make the right ones. I’ve made some bad ones and paid for that.

So where do I go? Who the fuck knows, or cares really. All I know is there’s something ahead and that’s where I’m going wherever my destiny takes me. I wish things could be different for me but there’s nothing I can do because you can’t change the past, you can only go ahead to the future. There’s no two car garage for me, no smiling kids, and no white fucking picket fence. Do we really want all that bullshit?

Life can take so many hard turns. There’s so many paths put in front of us. Life is a game at times, it’s cruel but all we can do is live in the moment and treasure each day we are given. I’m going to do that now, ride through the Arizona heat and who knows where I’ll end up or what I might do.
All I know is I’ve been riding for a long time with hardly any stops and I need break.

I need to play.

Chapter 1


Christ, I thought Cali was hot! This Arizona heat really beats ya down. Even on this bike in the breeze, I can feel it against my back and its worse when you’re wearing leathers. I’m in Arizona somewhere getting off this highway and pulling into some damn town I don’t know. Just need a good long drink, a good meal, and a hot wet slit to slide into. That’s not asking much, I don’t think. This is your typical small town and you can tell right away because everyone is looking at me now, like I’m some sort of freak. Hey look at the biker, the creepy dude in town. Let’s call the cops! You fucks don’t know shit and what it’s like to really live. I’m free and you’ll never be, trapped in your comfortable lives without a care in the world. Sucks to be you don’t it?

I ride though the center of town past the typical shops, a gas station, and a diner and pull up to a bar on the outskirts of town. It seems busy with lots of trucks and a couple of bikes too. This is my type of place and this is where the hot women will be. My stomach is rumbling and I need that drink now. My cock is aching in my jeans and I need a pair of lips wrapped around it, like Jill back in Cali. The way her mouth went up and down on my hard shaft and her moans as I fucked her over and over again before
coming all over her tits. I had way too much whiskey that night but boy, was it worth it. God, I’m such a damn bastard but my life is so screwed up now, I gotta live. I pull my bike up and put the kickstand down and look up at the sign with the neon beer flashing next to it. The Wild Mustang? Who the hell names a bar something that lame? Oh well, I can’t complain. I need that beer and a good meal and this is as good as anything. I’ve been in worse places than this joint.

I lean back on my bike a bit and open my shirt up to get some air. It’s sticky hot out here and it must be over 100 now
, even with the sun goin down. I watch the typical hicks walk into the bar with their ball caps, all wanting to get laid.  A nice looking brunette walks past me with a super tight leather skirt on and she smiles before going into the bar. Now if there’s more women in this place that looks like that, I’ve got it made tonight. I take a small pack out of my saddle bag and carry it with me inside. There’s some things you just can’t leave on a bike.

I walk inside and find a free table. I slide into the chair and stretch out my legs to get rid of the kinks. A cute barmaid with the typical shorts, T-shirt, and short boots, comes up to me.

“What ya havin?” she said, as she passed a menu over to me.

I’ll have
whatever is on tap in a glass to start.” I said. I took the menu and glanced over the burger section quickly. “Yeah, and a cheeseburger I guess.”

She yelled a bit over the blare of the band playing typical country tunes. “Coming right up.”

I sat back and had a good long look around the bar. It was your basic place, a couple of pool tables, a few hot looking women like the chick in the mini skirt, and your average guys drinking beer while being obnoxious.  I have a look over at the bar and that’s when I saw her. The blond with long wavy hair, the white tank top covering her amazing looking chest. The fabric just clung to her like a second skin. I was lost in her blue eyes as she worked the bar, pouring beers. She glanced up for a second and her eyes met mine but she went back to her work. She moved out from behind the bar and passed me to another area of the bar with her tray. I got a good long look of her legs. She was toned, and those legs went up forever. She had on tight frayed jean shorts that covered her sweet ass. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I wanted to peel those shorts off and just slide into her, pull her hair back, and fuck her. She was just incredible looking. Had I been riding my bike and saw her, I would have hit a tree.

“Hey buddy, want to play a game of pool?” said a voice.

“Huh?” That voice jolted me back from my fantasy. I looked up to see a guy that looked about 25 or so in a ragged white T-shirt and jeans.

“No, not really bud, I got a meal coming over soon.” The waitress stopped by and dropped off my beer which I took a long swig of and it went down good.

“Hey if you change your mind, let me know,” he said.

I took another long drink of my beer. “Before you go, answer a questions for me. Who’s the blond working the bar?”

He pulled up a seat and sat down. “That’s Sally Richards. Her dad owns this place but he’s sick. Some type of cancer I think. Anyways, I don’t know the whole story. Sally is looking after the place. My name is Billy by the way. I haven’t seen you in here before. We mostly get locals being a small town and all.”

“Yeah, I’m just sort of passing through here
,” I said. “My name is Dale.”

“Nice to meet you.” Billy said. “Say, if you want a game let me know I’m goanna try to find one.”

“Sure you take care.” Billy go up and left and the waitress finally came over with my cheeseburger. I was famished and started feeling better after a few bites. As I ate, I kept my eye on the bar and Sally. It was hard not to, there was just something about her. Like most men tend to do, my mind began to wander and all I wanted right then and there was Sally. She was wiping down the bar but she looked up again, and this time her eyes stayed on mine for more than a few moments. She glanced away but I could feel an attraction there towards me. The way you feel when you see someone, but you know you can’t have them because you’re too damn shy. I felt that in Sally just by looking at her I finished the rest of my meal and downed the remaining beer before heading for a seat at the bar. I sat down by a couple of guys that looked like they had way too much to drink. One of them got up and staggered towards the head.

“What will you have?” Sally said.

“One cold beer, and you,” I said.

“Oh shit.” Sally was almost laughing. “Look jackass I don’t have time for idiots in my bar and really BAD pickup lines. If you want a drink fine, but if you give me any trouble I’ll have my bouncers throw you right out that door.”

“Hey easy, I just want a beer. Just tryin to break the ice and be friendly.”

“I don’t need friends I need barmaids that can make a decent drink and a chef that can actually cook food that’s not a giant grease pit.”

“Well my burger wasn’t bad,” I said. “I’ve had a lot worse. Actually, your place is alright.” Sally poured the beer and brought it to me. “Can I have a glass?”

“Yeah a glass,” she said. Sally brought the glass and almost slammed it down.

“You seem a bit tense darlin,” I said.

“Oh. I didn’t know you bikers liked any sort of sophistication.” Sally popped another beer cap and gave the beer to the drunk at the bar.

“Hey honey, I have always taken a glass for my beer, it tastes better that way.” I took a long sip from the glass. “Even a biker can have some class.”

“Look I aint your honey or your darlin, so stop calling me that. I’ve got a lot of work to do running this damn bar.”

“Sure sweetheart,” I said. “I’m sorry about your dad, Billy told me about it.”

Sally poured some more drinks onto a tray. “You know Billy is in here almost every dang night. I wish one of these sluts in here would just take him home and fuck him senseless, I’m ti
red of seeing his face in here. Billy should keep his trap shut, my family is my business.”

“Don’t like paying customers?” I said. “They tend to pay those bills.”

‘No, it’s not that. It’s just this damn bar. “Some nights I wish this whole place would just burn down. Look, I need to deliver these beers so if you excuse me, whatever your name is.”

“Dale.” I said. “Sure thing darlin.”

“Ok, Dale. If get one more sweetheart, honey, or darlin out of you it’s out that door.”

“No problem babe.”

“Jesus,” she said shaking her head as she picked up the tray and went to deliver the drinks.

Chapter 2


I sat by the bar and waited for Sally to return. There was no way I was going to leave here without at least getting
a drink with her and perhaps a lot more. It feels good to be on the road but even better to slide into something hot and wet. I smiled at her as she came back to the bar.

“What are you still doing here?” She motioned to several of the girls around the bar. Surely there’s a bunch of women here you could pick from. She pointed to a brunette with the cowboy boots and long skirt.
“Hey, what about that one?”

Nah, not interested. I got my mind fixed on just one. A long legged, incredibly sexy, blond.” I took as swig of my beer. “Hey, I’m getting empty here.” Sally popped another cap and brought me a new beer.

“Hon, you gotta work on those lines.”

“Why?” I said. “I saw you lookin at me.”

“I was not, your dreamin.” Sally ran a cloth along the bar.

“No, I saw you,” I said. “You were undressing me with your eyes.”

Oh get real, shit.” Sally laughed. “All I saw was a stinky biker.”

I sipped my beer and smiled. “Then you do admit it, you were lookin. Well darlin, did you see anything you like?”

“I just saw a guy, that’s all, a regular guy.” She went back to pouring beers.

“I think you saw a lot more.” I smiled at her.

“Well I think you have had too much to drink because you’re delusional.”

“I tell you what,” I said
. “I’ll go and leave you alone if you’ll have a beer with me after work. Just a beer that’s all. I’ve been on the road a long time, I just need some company.” I looked at her and saw that tension there, her face was turning red. She wanted me as much as I wanted her. She wouldn’t admit it. No one wants to, were too afraid, too damn afraid.

She put down her tray.
“You know what, this day has been such pure hell, I could use a drink or two. Ok, you win, I’ll have a beer with you. Now I got to do this job so be back in two hours when the bar closes. I won’t wait if you’re not here.”

“Oh don’t worry
, I’ll be waiting.”


I took my beer and left her alone but I didn’t want to leave her alone. I wanted her there on the bar. Damn, I have never wanted a woman so bad. I mingled in the bar and even talked to a couple of women who tried to pick me up but I just didn’t care. They could have all been naked at that point. The band winded down and the dance floor cleared. I had a couple of games of pool with Billy and he won both times. He was a good player and I lost 20 dollars, I gotta remember not to gamble.

I watched Sally and from time to time her eyes would meet mine. There was no denying the attraction. You can tell when someone is going to brush you off, you just know. I didn’t feel that with her.
The night wound down and everyone went home. I found a comfortable chair and relaxed, waiting for her.

One of the barmaids waved to Sally from the doorway. “See
ya later, Sal.”

goodbye Susan, say hello to Dan for me.”

“I will, you take care.”

Sally finished cleaning the bar and brought a tray with four beers on it over to me. She sat down, popped two caps and put her feet up on another chair. She took one long pull on the beer and drained almost half of it.

“Oh, that tastes good,” she said. She put the bottle down on the table. “I needed that.”

“Maybe you should have brought six of em, make it a real party.” I took a long drink after pouring my beer in a glass.

Sally picked up her beer again and took another drink.
“You have no idea how damn stressful it is tryin to run this bar with my dad in the hospital, I hardly get time to go see him.”

“Can’t you get someone to cover for you?” I said.
“Maybe just a break is all you need.”

“I don’t trust anyone to look after this place. This was my dad’s pride and joy. He bought this bar around my age. This is his baby.”

“Can I ask you something?”

Sally drained her beer and opened another one.

“How is your dad?”

Sally took a good drink and put the bottle down. “He’s got lung cancer, the damn cigars are killing him. The doctors say it won’t be--“

I reached out with my hand and
put it on hers. “I’m so sorry, that’s a hard thing to deal with. No one should have to go through that.”

“Look at me. What am I doing running this bar? This isn’t even me. I just wish I had some time to myself, time away from everything. It’s so hard, so damn hard to deal with this bullshit!”

“What do you want?”

“What do you mean?” Sally said. “I just want to be me

“I mean, what do you want out of your life?” I said as I sipped the beer.

“Oh, I don’t know I would kinda just like to open a salon, you know, do girl things. Hair
make-up, the typical girly stuff.”. Sally took another drink. “But no, here I am, running this place. It costs money to get a business started and I don’t have it. So no salon for Sally, just more drunks, beer, and bad music.”

“I had a bike shop once, but it closed down, money issues
. Tough to keep things goin in this ole world.”

“Got that right.”

I’m just sort of ridin through here, don’t know what exactly I’m lookin for, or where I’m going. Just sort of driftin, I guess. Like everyone else, I got issues too.”

“So what made you drift into
this joint?”

“I don’t really know, I just stopped her for a drink and a meal.” I stretched my arms out and put them on the table.”

“Is that all?”

“Well, girl. I never thought I would find someone as fine as you in a bar like this.”

“I’m no one special, ya know, just a girl with issues.”

Well then we already have one thing in common don’t we?”

“Yeah, issues. I don’t
get to have any fun. I just come here, leave here, go home and sleep. See my dad when I can. It’s not much of a life. Must me exciting to be a biker.”

“It has its moments,” I said. ‘”Say, you want to dance?”

“There’s no music, how can we dance?”

“Well, we don’t need music for slow dancing. You just sort of feel each other’s hearts as they beat. There’s no need for music when you’re that close. Two people can make their own music. Like when the bar closes and there’s always two or three couples that can’t leave the dance floor. The music is no longer in their heads, they are dancing to the rhythm of their hearts.”

Sally looked over at me. “You’re definitely not the type of biker I would expect.”

What’d you expect, grease, beer belly, and a beard? “We aren’t all like that you know.”

“Yeah, different all right. So do I get my dance?”

“Of course.”

We both stood up and I put my arms around Sally. I pulled her gently to me and put my arms around her waist, she rested hers around my neck.

“So why do I deserve this again?” she said.

“I just want you to forget about today and
everything else. Just close your eyes and forget.” Sally rested her head against my chest.

“Do you mind? I’m not tryin to be forward or anything.”

I could smell her hair, her scent. Something was different about her. Not like it usually is. It scared me.

Your right,” Sally said. “You don’t need music.”

We dance
d there for what seemed like an eternity, just holding each other close. Sally sank into my warmth and held me tightly. I was her comfort, away from the pain of knowing her dad was going to die. I just held her.

“So what do I need to know about you?” Sally asked as we danced. “I told you about me, so what about you?”

“Not much to tell,” I said. “Just a guy, passin through. I happened to find this place, and you.”

“Oh you’re not going to be all mysterious on me are you? Make a girl try and figure you out?”

“Not much to my life, darlin. I’m just driftin, with no place to go. Tryin to find my destiny I guess.” I looked into her eyes. “Enough about me. I hope you feel a bit better, we all need a shoulder at times.”

“I needed one.” Sally pulled back and held my arms. “Thank you for the dance.”

“Anytime. Say, I saw a hotel a couple of miles back, care to join me for a nightcap? It’s been a long day for me too. Maybe another dance?”

“Oh, that’s a bad idea.” Sally said
. “Maybe some other time.”

“Just a nightcap, honey
, nothing more. I just thought we could talk a bit.”

“I got a truck, I could meet you there
, I guess. Just one more drink, I need to get some sleep.”

“Actually I got a bett
er idea. Let’s go for a ride.”


We went out to my bike and I put my things away. Sally stood near me and rubbed her arms.

“You cold?”

“Just a little.”

I took my jacket off and wrapped it around her arms. This is a kinda big but it will keep you warm. It can get cold on a bike.”

“What are you gonna wear?” Sally said. She
put her legs over the bike.

“A man doesn’t need a jacket when he has a woman’s arms around him.” I started the bike. “Or her legs.”

“Don’t go too fast.”

Well ya got two choices with a bike, fast or faster. Which one will it be?”


I smiled as I pulled out of the lot. “Faster it is.” I took off on the bike. “Hang on darlin, wrap those arms around me tight.” Sally held onto my waist like a vice.  We took a couple of laps around the block.

“Dale! Shit!” Sally clung onto me for life. “You gotta slow down!”

“Is there a gas station nearby? I wanna get some beer.”

There’s one two blocks from here!’ Sally yelled over the roar of the engine. “Just slow down!”

“Ok, ok, fast it is.” I slowed her down. “That better?”

“Yeah, you wanna slow down more, the gas station is comin up.”

I pulled into the station and got off the bike. “Wait here I’ll be right back.”

I looked at Sally through the glass in the station. Now, that was one fine lookin woman. Damn, I got lucky. There’s still something about her I can’t figure out. Dale she’s just a chick, nothing more. I paid for the beer and went back to the bike.

“That ride was terrifying, but at the same time, it was fun!” Sally said. “You put a smile on my face and I haven’t felt like that for a long time. Thanks.”

“Well, we still got that drink comin.” I got back on the bike. “Let’s ride darlin.” I gunned her and we took off again.

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