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The Wolf and the Bobcat:

BOOK: The Wolf and the Bobcat:
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The Wolf and the Bobcat

(Book 9, Grey Wolf Pack Romance Novellas)


By E A Price


Copyright ©2014 by Elizabeth Ann Price

All rights reserved. Any unauthorized reprint or use of this material is prohibited. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system without express written permission from the author.



This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.


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Chapter One


“Okay, so Friend, Fuck or Mate?”

“What?” asked Hunter, taking a sip of beer.

Casey Shaw, Hunter Donaldson and Jimmy Lawson were ringing in the New Year at a bar in Darlington. They were childhood friends from a wolf pack that lived in the nearby town of Rose. The bar in their hometown was owned by the pack and knew all three men were under 21. The bar in Darlington didn’t, and happily believed their fake IDs. It was 11.30pm, and the bar was heaving.

Casey signaled for another beer. “You get the option of three women, you have to choose which one to be friends with, which one that you get to fuck for one night – and it’s the best sex of your life, and which one you get to be mated with, but the sex is bad.”

Hunter mulled this over. “If you’re mated, how often do you get to fuck?”

“As often as you want, doesn’t matter. Point is you’ll be mated to them, you’ll be expected to provide for them, you’ll be expected to have lots of pups, and the sex will be terrible.” All the things that put Casey off mating.

Jimmy rubbed his chin. “The one that’s your friend, do you get to fuck them?”

“No, you stay friends.”

“I’ve fucked all of my female friends,” Jimmy told them proudly.

Hunter groaned. “Then they’re not really your friends, asshat.”

Casey pursed his lips. “Okay, you guys are over-thinking this.”

By this point in the evening, they had been drinking for hours and were getting kind of tipsy. Casey gazed round the bar, nodding to various other pack mates, most of which, like him, couldn’t get served back in Rose. He quailed a little at seeing Don Cross the pack tracker, and his younger mate Kayleigh, celebrating with a big bear shifter,
but that gave him an idea…

Jimmy slammed his palm down on the bar. “Alright then, hit me.”

Casey looked at them thoughtfully. “Okay, Kayleigh, Terri and Mac.”
Terri was mated to a friend of theirs, and Mac was a fellow wolf mated to a bear.

Hunter raised an eyebrow. “Alright I’d be friends with Mac, I’d fuck Kayleigh and I’d mate with Terri.”

Jimmy nodded. “Yep, I’d agree to that.”

Casey tapped the bar. “Alright, how about Melanie, Liv and Kira.”
Kira was a mated wolf in the pack, whilst Liv and Melanie were witches mated to wolves.

“I’d be friends with Liv, I’d fuck Melanie and I’d marry Kira,” said Jimmy.

Hunter harrumphed. “Pah! You’re only saying that because you’re a chickenshit when it comes to the Beta. I’d be friends with Melanie; I’d fuck Kira and I’d marry Liv.”
Liv was mated to the burly, no-nonsense Beta.

Jimmy bristled. “Ha! You’re only saying that because you’re scared dickless of Hans Lucas!” Melanie was mated to Hans, and he was known for being overly aggressive.

“You would be too if he’d threatened to cut your balls off in your sleep. He even showed me the fucking knife he’d use!” snapped Hunter defensively.

Jimmy smiled smugly. “Serves you right for dumping his sister.”

“I didn’t dump her… exactly.”

Casey cut him off. “Seriously though, if you could be with any one of the pack females, which one would you choose?”

Jimmy looked around, to make sure Don wasn’t in earshot. “Kayleigh.”


Jimmy shrugged. “She’s blonde and she's got big tits. I bet she’s fucking wild in bed. You know Don’s kind of old for her. He probably has trouble keeping up with her. Do you think he’d mind sharing her? What do you think?”

Hunter guffawed at his friend’s earnest tone. “I think Don would murder you if you suggested it, and I think you’ve had way too much to drink.”

“Go on then Hunt, who would you choose?”

Hunter smirked. “Kim, I’ll bet she’s…”

“Ah shit, damn, fuck!” Casey ducked down under their table.

Jimmy peered at him. “What?”

Casey motioned to the door. “I just saw Risty come in.”
His tempestuous, jackal shifter ex-girlfriend.


Casey growled as his wolf snorted disapprovingly. “We slept together a few weeks ago, and she kind of thought we were getting back together… so I didn’t call her and ignored her messages.”
His wolf had been against him taking the jackal back into his bed, and thought he deserved everything he got.
“What’s she doing?”

“Getting a drink, dumbass,” supplied Hunter impassively.
Serves Casey right for jumping into bed with a nut-job.

“Shit! I’m outta here.”

Casey crawled out from under the table and hopping up, weaved in and out of the crowd avoiding her. Just as he was about to make it to the door, Risty turned and walked towards a table near him. Swiftly, he ducked into the darkened hallway that led to the alarmed fire exit and the restrooms. Various couples were groping each other along the corridor.

For five minutes, Casey stood in the darkness watching Risty with displeasure. She was draping herself over another jackal shifter. He didn’t care about that; he just wanted her to either leave, so he could go back to drinking with his buddies or move away from the door, so he could sneak out. Yeah, he was a coward when it came to this girl, and not afraid to admit it.
The last time they broke up, she set fire to his car.

He folded his arms and muttered irritably as Risty threw back her head, and gave the jackal a full blast of her fake laugh. Fake laugh, fake hair, fake nails and fake personality. If he were a better man, he’d march right over there and tell the jackal to run like hell.
But no, he was still a coward.

Maybe he should check out the fire door. If he ran fast enough, maybe no one would know it was him who set off the alarm.

Casey spun around and came into contact with a small warm body. Her arms flailed; he quickly caught them, and steadied her.

“Oh hey, I’m sorry, you okay?”

Casey groaned as he took in her scent of violet. She was a bobcat shifter.

The woman smiled at him beatifically. “Mmmmm, you smell so good. Let me taste you.”

The woman leaned towards him and angled his mouth down for a kiss. She licked at his lips until he opened for her. Fireworks lit up throughout his body as she devoured his mouth. Vaguely she tasted of rum, but not overpoweringly so. His beast rumbled approvingly at this sudden yet pleasurable turn of events.

Much to his disappointment, she pulled away from him. She licked her lips and squeezed his broad shoulders. “Thanks, that was great.”

Dazedly, Casey took a good look at her. “Fuck me, you’re gorgeous.”
And she was too
. Prettiest creature he ever laid eyes on. From her cropped golden hair, violet eyes and pink pouty mouth, right down to her small, dainty body.
She was beautiful

She giggled lustfully before turning coy. “Do you want me to?”

Casey smoothed his hands down her slim body and rested them on her small firm ass. “What?” he asked, absently gazing at her small perky breasts straining against the tight material of her dress.

“Fuck you?” She bit her lip, a naughty expression on her face.

His wolf almost fainted in surprise and happiness. Blood rushed to his groin at an outrageous speed, making him feel a little woozy.
Although the alcohol didn’t help that
. “Yes please,” he said breathlessly.

The woman laughed at his eagerness and pulled him down into a deep kiss. She enthusiastically sucked on his tongue making him groan.
Her mouth was like a freaking vacuum!

She hooked a toned leg round his waist and, taking the hint, Casey lifted her up his tall body. His hands settled under her ass, and she locked her legs around his torso. She rubbed her hands over his tight chest muscles and broke the kiss.

“Do you have a car?” she whispered in his ear before nibbling on the lobe.

“No.” Casey ground his teeth impatiently.
Fuck, fuck, fuck! Why hadn’t he brought his fucking car?
He’d assumed he’d be too wasted to drive. He’d planned on either bumming a lift, going home with a woman, or sleeping on the floor of the bus station.
All things he’d done numerous times before.

Her hands, her scent, her soft lips, her teasing bites… they were all conspiring to send his arousal sky-high. His wolf rumbled at him to take her. He didn’t need privacy. Just drag her down to the floor and plunge inside her.
His need was overwhelming, and made him lose the few inhibitions he had.

“Handicapped bathroom,” she purred.

Yes! Perfect.
Casey strode forward, his little bobcat clinging to his chest like a limpet. He ignored the disgruntled complaints of the people he told to get the fuck out of his way, and the couple who had been about to avail themselves of the bathroom. Pushing past them, he kicked the door open and slammed it shut behind. Pinning the woman against it, he let the door take her weight to free his hands. He twisted the lock and fumbled with his pants desperate to free his raging cock.

The bobcat yowled seductively and ripped his shirt open. She kissed and licked his chest before hunching down and teasing one of his nipples in her teeth. Casey growled in unexpected pleasure.
Jesus she was a freaking wildcat!

Casey pushed her dress up, so it bunched at her waist. Snapping a claw out he sliced through her wispy thong and moaned appreciatively at the sight of her blonde covered mound. She cooed when he pushed two fingers inside her slick channel. The honey wept from her core.

She reached down and took his manhood in her hand. She gasped as she couldn’t reach her fingers around his thick girth. “Somebody was born lucky.”

Casey gave her a cocky grin as he twisted his fingers inside her. “Your turn to get lucky, babe.”

She snorted and smeared his pre-cum over her fingers. Bringing them up to her mouth, she licked them clean. Casey shuddered at her erotic display and his wolf panted like he was in heat. Mimicking her, he brought his own juice-soaked fingers to his mouth and sucked them. Her eyes hooded with desire, and she wriggled her hips. The straining head of his cock grazed over her clit, and she squeaked adorably.

He gripped her hips forcefully, and was about to plunge her down when she dug her fingers into his arm.

“Wait… protection.”

Casey froze. He couldn’t believe he’d been about to come inside her unprotected. He groped in his pocket for a condom. He always had some; he rarely went to a bar and didn’t hook up with someone. Never before had he been so desperate to be with someone that he forgot though…
but then, he’d never been so excited.

He pulled the foil packet out and she snatched it from his hand. Ripping it open with her teeth, she rolled it onto his thick length and began working him in her hands.

“I don’t think I can last long,” confessed Casey, before letting out a mighty groan.

She removed her hands and snaked her arms round his neck. She leaned against him and rubbed her breasts against him. “Just make me come, wolf.”

Casey nudged her entrance with the tip of his engorged sex and gripped her thighs again. “Not a problem, kitten.”

With that, he rammed her down his length, and she squealed in pleasured shock. He slammed into her fast and furiously. Her breathing hitched with each powerful thrust inside. He grunted at how glorious her tight sheath felt around him.

“Yesss… harder… faster…” she crooned.

They were quickly caught up in a thunderous race to completion. Her claws descended and pressed into his skin. The added pain spurred him on to take her with short, rough thrusts.

Casey’s claws sprang forth piercing her flesh, and she cried out as she exploded in ecstasy. Her body pulsed and jerked around him, making her impossibly tight. Letting out an almighty roar his cock swelled and then burst. His beast roared with him as pleasure and satisfaction permeated every inch of him.

Sweating and panting, he buried his head in her shoulder. “God, that was fucking incredible.”

Her body hugged him limply, still impaled on his softening manhood. “Thanks, I needed that.”

Casey chuckled hoarsely. “My pleasure.”

They heard shouting from the bar. Everyone was counting down. Ten… nine… eight… seven… six… five… four… three… two… one… Happy New Year!

“Happy New Year!” she giggled into his neck.

“Happy New Year.”
What a perfect way to start a new year.



After they recovered, they quickly righted their clothes and slipped back into the bar. With some glee, he noticed she had ripped a number of buttons off his shirt. She wiggled her hips saucily as he walked behind her. He made to follow her but was assuaged by friends and pack mates wishing him a Happy New Year, and offering him drinks.

Casey soon lost sight of the little bobcat, and making his way through the crowd, started panicking when he couldn’t find her. He tried to follow her floral fragrance, but lost it in the throng of other people’s sweat, arousal and alcohol.

BOOK: The Wolf and the Bobcat:
5.37Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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