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"Oh my God, Avalon are you okay?" 


"Are you guys okay?  I'm fine. Don't worry about me.  What's happening?" 

We look and there is the largest wolf I had ever seen fighting with those men.  The wolf was massive and had a beautiful gray color to him and he was attacking at full force. Even with these men standing straight up this wolf still towered over them. I suppose the smart thing for us to do would have been run but we were frozen there watching this wolf tear these men apart.  The wolf was sinking its teeth int
o the men and tearing them apart limb from limb, making sure to take the head off last.  I should have been scared but for some reason I was enthralled with it.  Once the wolf was finished he turned his head and looked right at me. 

"We should go you guys. Now."  Jaci was terrified; you could hear it in her voice.  Lena however didn't seem as surprised as either of us.  Jaci was pulling on my shirt but
I could not stop looking at the wolf.  He just stood there.  Why wasn't he coming after us?   The more I looked at the wolf the more familiar he looked.  It must have been his eyes.  They were gray just like the rest of him but they seemed warm.  I took a step towards the wolf but Lena stopped me. 

"Avalon, are you out of your mind.  Come on lets go."  I heard what Lena was saying but my feet wouldn't do as she wanted.  I took ano
ther step closer to the wolf as he took one small step towards me like he was worried he would scare me off if he moved too fast or got too close.  He took one step then let his head down and I just had to touch him. 

"No Avalon. Don't. He could hurt you!"  I looked at Lena, then Jaci,
then the wolf in front of me then Lena and I said the same thing at the exact same time.

"No. He won't."

I reach my hand out in front of the wolf thinking that I must have lost my mind, he just dips his head down as if welcoming my touch.  I don't know what it was but something was just telling me that this wolf would not hurt me.  I felt such an undeniable pull to him that I could not explain. 

I reach down and finally place my hand on top of his head.  I brushed my hand across his head feeling his soft fur and watched his eyes close as if he enjoyed it.  I was expecting his coat to be coarse but it was so soft like he was made of feathers.  He was absolutely beautiful.  I only got to pet him for about a minute but that minute felt like an hour and then he looked up at me then turned and ran away back into the woods where he had come from.  Jaci stood there looking shocked and horrified.  Lena just took my hand and led me to the sidewalk.  There was something Lena wasn't telling me.  She was way too calm about everything like she knew the wolf wouldn't hurt me.  I didn't even know how I knew he wouldn't hurt me so how would she know?  Jaci looked down right green.  I was shocked when she actually spoke. 

"I cannot believe that just happened.  What on Earth was all of that?"

"I'm not sure Jaci. I'm sure we will find out eventually.  I don't know how I know but this was not the end of it for us I'm sure."  We finally got a taxi and as soon as we dropped off Jaci I looked at Lena. 

"So how were you so calm? How did you know that wolf wouldn't hurt me?"  Lena looked down at her hands like she was trying to think of the safest answer.

"Lena. Tell me." 

"Avalon, not now.  This is not the time or place for us to have this conversation.  Let’s just say I know some things that other people do not and I'm sure you will find out when the time is right.  You are my closest and dearest friend and I want nothing more than to tell you everything but it needs to wait. Can you please wait Ava?" 

I looked her in the eyes and could tell this was really bothering her so I agreed to let it be...for now.  It's not a very good feeling to know your best friend is keeping things from you but at the same time I have to understand that if she isn't ready to tell me then I have to trust that she will tell me soon. 

Finally we got Lena dropped off at home with a promise she would call me tomorrow and then I see my long winding driveway.  The car makes its way up and around the curves of my driveway to my lavish and in my opinion unnecessary house since we were never having any children as far as I was concerned.  I paid the driver and got out of the car and looked up towards my bedroom window. 

By now it was five in the morning, and there he was in the window watching me as I got home.  No doubt he was getting ready for work and just happened to see the lights from the car, but still it was creepy.  I make my way into the house ready for the wrath that was Nicholas to start.  I always dreaded coming home, no matter where I went, no matter if Nicholas was home or not.  There was always a creepy feeling in this house.  I walk in the front door and there is Nicholas almost all the way down the stairs.

"I trust you had a good time out to be crawling in at Five o’clock in the morning." 

"I'm not crawling Nicholas and yes I had a good time.  It was nice getting out with the girls."  Nicholas examined me closely.  He looked me up and down before settling on my face again. 

"The girls.  Did you run into anyone else?"  This was the typical jealous and possessive Nicholas. 

"No Nicholas. I
did not. I went out to hang with my girlfriends not to meet anyone else."

"Okay Ava. Just checking. What did you do until five o’clock then?  I know they are not interesting enough to talk to until the wee hours in the morning."

"You have some nerve Nick.  My friends are interesting to me. We sat and talked and drank until we were ready to go home.  They were ready quicker than I was because if I had my way I wouldn't have come home at all." 

"Be careful what you wish for Ava my dear. You never know what you will get.  Now I’m going to work. I trust you can get the house in order and have dinner ready before I come home tonight, even though you've been partying till dawn?"  Even though he phrased it as a question, it most certainly was not a question. 

"Yes Nick. Everything will be done as usual."  He looked back at me.

"It better be.  And don't call me Nick, you know I hate that."

"I know. Too bad you don't take that into consideration when you call me Ava."  Of course I said my last sentence quietly and where I was sure he wouldn't hear.  No need to draw this out any longer.  I just wanted him to leave. 

Finally he walked out the door making sure to slam the door as usual also ensuring it kills my now very bad headache and gets in his car and heads off to work.  All I can think about is how much I want to crawl into bed.  I make my way up the stairs and to my bedroom.  There was a not
e on my bedside table that read:

"I washed the sheets. They smelled terrible. You could at least wash them every once in a while.  You can thank me later."  Of course he can't just do something and let it go; he has to pound it into my
head that he did ‘
my job for me’

Oh God! Did he smell John on the sheets and that's why he washed them?  He wouldn't have known that's what it was, or would he?  It never occurred to me to wash the sheets.  I have never done this sort of thing so I had no clue what the rules were. After thinking or obsessing about it for a few minutes I finally decide there's no way Nicholas thought I was with anyone else.  He wouldn't have just washed the sheets; he would have called me home and had it out with me last night.  Yeah, there was no way. 

So I decide to brush it off and hop in the shower and then I was going to sleep for the next ten hours. While I undressed and stepped in the shower, the events of the evening, kept replaying through my brain. 

Who were those guys?  Who or what was that wolf and why did it save us?  And why did I feel such a pull towards it?  I could not believe how soft he was and absolutely beautiful.  I have never been one to really like wolves but that one could change my mind easy. 

As the water cooled I turned up the temperature and let the steam surround me, then I thought before laying down I should probably check my email.  I hadn't heard from John since he left the house yesterday.  Oh God, he's probably scarred from the hectic way I made him leave.  I wonder if he's even wrote me? 

I decided I would definitely check my email before lying down once I was finished in the shower.  The thought of John now stuck in my head the water seemed even hotter than what it was and my body was
tingling with thoughts of him, his beautiful eyes, his full lips pressing against mine, his hands tracing the outlines of my body.  It was enough to drive me mad.  He was gorgeous, absolutely perfect.  Why he was single I would never know.  He would be exactly what any woman would hope for.  I still have no idea what his fixation is on me though.  I'm so normal looking.  Well, to most people’s idea of normal looking.  I have this long black hair thanks to my grandmother apparently and her ancestors who were native American I’ve never really understood why I’m so white though.  I got my ancestors hair but definitely not their beautiful skin tone.  I don't remember my parents having the same coloring but then again that was so long ago. 

I stepped out of the shower and quickly slipped my t-shirt on and went over to my computer.  The minute I turned it on there was two messages from John.  Immediately a smile tugged at my lips.  I hadn't realized how much I missed him until I saw those messages.  I opened the first one and read.

"Ava my love.  I miss you terribly.  I hope everything was fine after I left.  I hated leaving you.  Did Nicholas say anything?  I'm a little nervous since I haven't heard anything else from you.  I hope everything is okay.  Until I hear from you again.  Love always, John."

I was about to respond then figured I better check the second message.


"I hope you enjoyed your night out my love and everything is okay.  I'm sure you’re going to be exhausted when you get home but would you please call me so I know you’re okay? Please? Until then. Love always, John."

How did he know I was out last night?  I don't think I even told him.  Oh well, I will give him a call and make sure he knows I'm okay then I'll get some sleep.  I picked up the phone and it started ringing, I had to laugh because it was John.  How weird was that? 


"Ava sweetheart.  How are you? Are you Okay?" He sounded worried. 

"I'm fine John.  Really. It's okay. How are you?" 

"Been worried about you.  I'm glad everything is okay."  Well, he sounded a bit better. 

"I'm sorry you've been worried. I had to talk to Nicholas and then he went to bed and I went out. Oh by the way, how did you know I went out last night?" 

There was a long pause like he was thinking about something or thinking of what to say then finally he responded.

"I just assumed when I hadn't heard from you." I didn't buy it.

"Oh Okay. Well, it was nice being out with the girls and much needed. They wanted to pick my brain about you of course. But the weirdest thing happened when we were leaving. We got caught by these guys in black.  They were awful."

"Oh my God Ava! Are you alright?"
He didn’t seem as surprised as I would have thought. 

"I'm fine. We're all fine. Lucky for us this wolf came out of nowhere and attacked the men. It was downright weird. But once the wolf got rid of those men we were fine. In fact the wolf seemed familiar.  It's hard to explain." 

"Ava. Don't say another word. Come over here." 

"What? Now?" 

"Yes now. I'm worried about you and I'm sure you would get more rest over here than there. Well, somewhat more if I leave you alone."  He was kidding with me but I could still sense the worry in his voice. 

"John, I can't just leave.  I'm on thin ice with Nicholas already and if dinner isn't ready when he gets home..." 

"So put something in the crock pot and come on."  It was awfully tempting and I doubt Nicholas would even care.  He seemed to love the fact that I was going out last night and he won't be home all day.  As long as he has dinner ready when he gets home it should be fine.  Why not? 

"Okay.  I'll be there in about an hour."  He hesitated.

"Seriously?"  He acted surprised.

"Yes seriously. Didn't you just tell me to?" 

"Yes! Absolutely! Please come and be careful love." 

Men, I'll never understand them.

Chapter Six


I quickly picked up the house and put something in the cr
ock pot for Nicholas then left a note next to it.

"If you happen to get home before I do which I'm sure you won't, I'll be out for a while.  I forgot to go pay a few bills and they need to be taken care of today.  Dinner is in the crock pot and I will see you soon."

I'll be home before he gets home surely but I just never can tell when Nicholas will decide to surprise me by coming home at 5pm like a normal husband instead of 8 or 9pm.  I get dressed and jump in the car thinking I remember how to get to Johns house.  Thank goodness I already took a shower. 

What seemed like a few minutes I was pulling into John’s very long driveway.  I still couldn't get over how beautiful his house was.  It reminded me of some log cabin from a country painting, although a very large log cabin though.  John had the door open before I even saw the house apparently because he was standing on the front porch just waiting for me.  The minute I saw him I definitely was not tired anymore.  He came running up to the car and practically yanked me out of it and wrapped his arms around me in a big bear hug.  Man, did he smell good.  I will never get used to his smell.  He leaned back and looked me in the eyes.

BOOK: The Wolfs Maine
10.11Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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