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‘Leo, darling,' I said, breathlessly, ‘Why are you in such a rush? We have all night. Come, now; let's have a drink and get comfortable.'
He paused, and smiled at me. I could see he was a little tipsy, and his face had reddened with excitement.
‘I am too eager, my lovely Jessica,' he breathlessly apologised. ‘You must forgive me. I have waited so long for this moment. I am like a young boy before his first fuck.'
The obscenity stunned me, and I felt the first horrible, sinking feeling in my heart. I tried to cover it up by pulling away from him, and fussing over the champagne. I handed him the bottle, and asked him to open it, while I changed for bed.
‘No, no, sweet Jessica,' he cried. ‘I will open it while you undress for me. Here . . . now.'
No matter what I said, he would not take no for an answer, and insisted that I stay in full view while I disrobed. In my confusion, I found myself agreeing, and turned my back to him to slip off the swept-back veil that covered the glossy brown curls of my hair. It was all going wrong, and I found myself powerless to stop the flow of events. A sort of horrible inevitability took over, and I heard the sound of the champagne bottle's cork pop behind me, even as I reached with trembling fingers for the fastenings at the front of my wedding gown. I heard the liquid fizzing as he filled our glasses, and I snapped the little clips that held the lace over my breasts. I hesitated, then forced myself to slip the gown's edges down my shoulders, while Leo came around to face me with a glass of bubbling wine in both hands. He stood there while I shuffled the stiff silk down to my waist. I stepped out of it, and bent awkwardly to gather it up. I wanted to fold it, but Leo had put down the glasses, and took it from me. He tossed it carelessly on to a chair. I was growing a little annoyed, but I was determined not to show it on our first night together. He passed me my glass, and looked into my eyes, as we took our first sip. He walked to the bed, and sat, then slipped off his shoes. His jacket followed my dress, and in the same casual fashion. Then he lay back and sipped his wine, while I stood in silent indecision at the foot of the bed.
‘Come on, baby. Strip for me,' he said, in what he obviously thought was a sexy rasp, and it was so corny that I nearly cried. I was standing there, in just my stockings, chemise, and other flimsies that revealed as much as they concealed. I had never before felt so vulnerable. My heart was pounding, and the blood felt thick in my head. I felt the prickle of goose bumps on my thighs as I put down my glass and grasped the hem of my chemise.
‘Slowly, little Jessica, slowly,' said Leo, and a worm of dread coiled up through my stomach. He was treating me like a tart. I pulled the lacy edge up over the fronts of my thighs, and he smiled at me, in the most dreadful leering way.
Just as the hem of the chemise cleared the top of my head, I realised with a jolt that he was stroking himself through the front of his trousers. I could not look him in the eye, and stood there feeling dreadfully exposed. My underwear had been chosen by Leo, and delivered to my house the morning before the wedding day. I realised now that it was not a lapse of taste that had made him pick such skimpy things, but his idea of how a woman should be dressed for bed.
My breasts were plumping up at each of my panicked breaths, and this was the result of the bra I wore. It was very pretty, but the cups were designed to push the breasts together, and it wasn't something I would have picked for myself. I wore it out of the desire to please, because I didn't at that time have the confidence to make a fuss.
The effect was probably exactly what Leo had envisaged, for my chest was heaving up and out at each sharp inhalation. The ivory silk of my knickers clung tight to the flesh of my hips, and I felt a coolness on the lower cheeks of my bottom, which indicated to my flustered mind that they had been exposed by the riding up of the material into my behind. In confusion, and because I could still see the movement of Leo's hand on the periphery of my vision, I turned my back to him. This only made me more aware of the plumpness spilling from the lacy edges of my panties. I felt my heavy buttocks shudder, and tensed them in an effort to keep them still. A sharp inhalation from Leo made me realise that he was enjoying the view, whether I liked it or not. A relentless pressure to continue had built up, and I reluctantly craned my arms back to unclip my bra. I was in a whirl of indecision, literally not knowing which way to turn, and my hands worked automatically behind me, until the straps of the flimsy bra slipped over the smooth skin of my shoulders, and was gathered in the convulsive clutch of my nervous fingers.
‘You have a beautiful little arse, Jessica. You know that? I'm going to love fucking that arse,' rasped Leo from the bed.
I couldn't believe what I was hearing, and at first I thought I had misunderstood. My heavy breasts shook as I turned to face him, and after a moment I drew my hands away from them. The chill I was feeling had made the dark peaks stiffen, and Leo must have mistaken this for arousal, for he stopped rubbing himself, and hurriedly started to unbutton his shirt. I noted absently that the grey on his head extended to his chest, and a number of things I had yet to consider flashed through my mind in that instant. I realised, all too late, that he might want to do the same things as younger men, and that he might expect me to be enthusiastic about the prospect as well. I stood in indecision, while he stripped his shirt off to reveal his upper body. I only wanted to escape, but the circumstances conspired to keep me locked in confused immobility while he wriggled out of his trousers. There was no hiding the thick bulge between his legs, and he made no attempt to conceal it anyway. I could not tear my eyes from his groin, though my mind was as much repulsed as it was fascinated.
I clenched the bra in my left hand, and could not seem to decide what to do with it. My breasts swayed drunkenly before me when I turned to look towards the door, and I could not still the tremor that had started in my thighs. Leo rolled his underpants awkwardly down his scrawny legs, and the angry length of his engorged penis lolled into view. He lay there, brazenly stroking the thick column of flesh to full erection, while I desperately tried to think of a way out of the whole situation.
At last, my nerve broke, and I fled for the door, forgetting in my haste that it was locked, and that Leo held the key. I pulled vainly at the shiny brass handle, and my buttocks swung in an ungainly way as I struggled uselessly with the door. In a moment Leo was behind me, and I was keenly aware of the heat of his rigid member tapping against my sparingly covered behind.
His arms came up to pull me away from the door, and he laughed in delight as he grappled with me.
‘Oh, no, baby. You're not going anywhere tonight,' he grunted into my ear.
He was old but he was strong and, despite my best endeavours, I soon found myself pulled over towards the bed. The backs of his knees must have signalled to him that he was in a position to sit down, and he did so. He pulled me with him, but he twisted his legs at the last moment, so that I fell face down over his lap. The exertion had left me a little breathless but, even so, I could have screamed if it had occurred to me, but the simple restraint of my nature worked against me, and I only huffed and puffed into the bedcover, while he busied himself scrabbling with my arms. For a moment I thought he was just going to hold them, until I felt something drawn tight around them, and I realised at once what he was doing. He was tying me up.
‘Stop it, Leo. Stop it at once,' I cried, but he only laughed, and I realised that my protests were not going to have the desired effect. In fact, they were only exciting him more. He pushed my face into the bed, and I was forced to turn my head to one side to breathe. He did nothing for a moment, and I suspected that he was enjoying the proof of his strength, in having been able to tie me up and bend me over his knee. I wondered briefly what he was going to do next, and he wasn't long in telling me.
‘So you think you will run out on me on our wedding night, eh?' He spat out the words. ‘No, my pretty little cock-teaser. You are going nowhere.'
I tried to groan a negative, and shook my head as much as I was able, but he ignored me. I felt his hands scrabbling at the waistband of my panties, and I wiggled furiously. The movements of my hips only made him more lustful, and he wrenched my arms up behind my back, until I groaned in pain. I felt him inch the tight material over the curve of my hips, then down to the tops of my thighs. He left them there, stretched across the satiny backs of my legs, and I felt his breath on the lowest part of my back. I felt a tingling as the downy hairs there stiffened. I relaxed my legs in a gesture of surrender, and felt my thighs open a little.
‘Look at your tight little cunt, Jessica. Did you think you were going to deny me the pleasure of that little honey-pot, after the way you've kept me hanging on these last few months? No, my sweet wife. I'm going to have what is mine by right. Relax, and let me show you,' he said in a gloating whisper.
I knew he could see my sex peeping out at him, and the thought made me attempt to draw my legs together a little. Then I felt his rough fingers pinching the plump flesh of my bottom and I made the first real vocal protest of that evening.
‘No! Leo, no!' I squealed, but to no avail, for his penis only throbbed even harder against the cool flesh of my waist, and his hands became even more urgent in their plucking at my cheeks. He squeezed and kneaded them, all the while keeping up a whispered litany of praise, for their whiteness, their plumpness, their smoothness.
Then he started to smack me. Not hard, at first. More like he was trying to get to a rhythm and pressure that he liked. I felt my cheeks bouncing loosely under his palm, and I squeezed them tight in shame.
‘That's it,' he cried in hoarse excitement, even as I groaned in miserable helplessness, ‘Tighten your arse, my sweet wife. I was going to break you in gently, but now I think you need a rough fuck to get all this silly prick-teasing out of your head. That's it, you little slut. Squeeze your arse-cheeks. That's it.'
The blows on my naked buttocks were getting heavier and heavier with each passing moment, and soon the stinging was making me mewl in protest, but he did not stop, as this seemed to be what he wanted to hear. I felt a loose knot of despair begin to draw tight in the pit of my stomach, and soon I was making a high keening noise of distress. Looking back now, I think Leo had convinced himself that this was what I needed, and secretly wanted. I didn't. Not then.
Long after I had abandoned hope of him ever stopping, and when I could only grunt my soft protest into the covering of the bed, he ceased, and rolled me roughly off his knee. I fell heavily to the floor and he stood up, so that his shadow hung over me. I curled my legs up defensively, and hung my head in shame.
‘Jessica, look at me,' he demanded, and I forced my chin up in a half-act of defiance. His penis was jerking now, such was the pitch of his arousal, and the sight of the thick stem made my stomach lurch. How had it gone from the fairy tale to this? I wondered in bewildered shame.
‘You're going to suck my cock now, baby, aren't you?' Leo sneered in a cruel voice. His face was set in an expression of icy contempt, and I felt the last of my illusions about him crumble. My eyes filled with tears, as he prodded me up on to my knees with his toe, and told me to stick my bottom out.
‘Arch your back: that's it,' he ordered, and I felt the pride in his voice as I moved to obey him.
He grabbed a thick fist of my hair in one hand, and curled it tight so the roots throbbed in sharp protest. His other hand had folded itself around the base of his thick, veiny shaft, and I stared slit-eyed in pain as he brought the glistening end towards my face. A little blob of semen had gathered on the mouth of his engorged penis and he wiped it off casually against my tear-stained cheek. He was a real bastard, and I was just beginning to understand that.
‘Lick my balls, Jessica,' he suggested crudely, and forced the taut, furry sack against my trembling mouth. I poked the tip of my tongue out, and swallowed my disgust as I did as he said. I will never forget the way he gloated over me as I licked and sucked at his hairy scrotum. When I had tasted every part of it, and it shone with my saliva, he drew my head my head back and looked into my eyes.
He stared at me intently as he said, ‘Now kiss it, my little slut. Kiss the end of my cock.'
I felt the trembling in his thighs as I puckered my reddened lips for the kiss that would seal my humiliation, and heard a great groan escape him as my cool lips met the hot head of his penis. I had closed my eyes in denial, as if this would make the moment less real, so I did not realise at first that something had gone even more wrong. I felt Leo's hand loosen its grasp in my hair, and felt a glimmer of hope that he had relented. I sensed his shadow fall away from me, and only opened my eyes when I heard the crash of his body hitting the floor beside me. I looked at the tortured working of his face and the purple skin of his upper body, and I realised that he was in distress. I thought it was a heart attack at first, and that was all too much after what had gone before. I felt myself going dizzy, and I struggled to keep consciousness, but at that moment I looked down to where Leo's thighs were clenched together. His penis, which was even more stretched and reddened than the skin of his face, was spurting out great globs of semen on to the carpet, and my fevered mind could take no more. I retreated into the darkness, and fell, gratefully, into a deep faint.
It is likely that, had I not fainted, I could have summoned help for Leo immediately and his condition might not have been so severe as it turned out to be. As it was, when I eventually regained consciousness and released the ties he had bound around my wrists, it had been over two hours since the seizure had begun. By the time Leo reached hospital and was diagnosed as having had a stroke, there was little that could be done to halt the damage.
BOOK: The Young Wife
3.02Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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