Their Lives as Harem Slaves

BOOK: Their Lives as Harem Slaves
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By Peter King


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Peter King, 2012


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The Story So Far:



Marie was a single mother, forty-two years old, but still strikingly beautiful with long blonde hair and deep blue eyes. Her daughters, Emma and Tessa, were twenty-four and twenty-one respectively with both of them looking like younger versions of their mother. Marie was a chef at a restaurant in a major U.S. city and that was where she met Ryan. He was a dashing and captivating man who took a fancy to her. Marie found him very attractive and even when he learned she had two daughters who still lived with her he was not deterred.

They had a whirlwind romance and the lonely older woman was elated when he proposed marriage and offered to give her a life of leisure. She still had a hard time believing a rich and handsome man would marry an older, working, single mother, but she was falling hard for him. He had a way of making all their time together exciting, especially when they had sex. He was an amazing lover, like none of the men she had previously bedded, including the girls’ father. A woman who had barely had a decent orgasm before she met him was now having multiple orgasms every time they were together.

But being such a diligent mother, she went to her girls to get their permission before she said yes. Even though it meant moving away to Ryan’s ranch a hundred miles away, they both gave her their blessing. The wedding was quick and very private, with Marie and her girls and Ryan and his sons as the only guests. Then, right after the wedding, Ryan announced he was taking Marie on an extended honeymoon and leaving her girls with his sons on the ranch for the summer.

That is when everything went wrong for the women. Shortly after they left, Ryan’s sons imprisoned Marie’s daughters and began to train them as their sex slaves. Their mother fared no better in France, finding her body bound, stripped, and introduced to Ryan’s other slave girl Kifah. Together they subjugated Marie and transformed her into their slave. All three women began a two-month training regimen, separated by thousands of miles but with one mutual goal.

By the time they were brought back together all of them were fully trained and compliant slaves. They were reunited in ways they never could have pictured, but their submission had become too strong and what they were made to do with each other only aroused them even more. They had become purely sexual creatures, unable and unwilling to do anything but serve their Masters.

Then they were taken on a journey, told they were visiting a friend of Ryan’s. When they arrived Ryan informed them that they were being ‘delivered’ to their true Master. It was a stunning blow, but trained to be abject slaves, the trio knew they had no choice. That is where the next part of their story begins.

Chapter 1: A Journey Into Mystery



Slave Marie stared at the silhouettes of her daughters, all three of them trapped inside their simple black robes. They were all in a metal barred caged sitting atop a trailer being towed by an ominous looking Hummer SUV. Ryan, Kifah, and his sons were inside it, while Marie and her daughters were in the cage, being taken to who knew where, like they were simply cargo. The initial shock of Ryan’s announcement that he had enslaved them for another man was still fresh in all their minds, but their subjugated personalities demanded that they accept this bitter truth.

They were all wearing traditional Arab style robes for women, hiding their otherwise naked bodies. All that was visible were their eyes, which they had to keep nearly closed to avoid the swirling sand and dust. Beneath their robes they were gagged and large thigh cuffs held their similarly cuffed wrists at their sides where they were locked to them. The bottoms of their robes were tied with rope, effectively trapping them inside the wind whipped garments. They were helpless to prevent what was happening, just like they had been since their initial capture by Ryan and his sons.

As they drove through the bleak and hot dessert the message could not have been clearer, they were lost in this new world with no hope of escape. But they were also plagued by their newfound need for submission; knowing returning to their former lives was impossible no matter what. They were all addicted to the unbridled sexuality and strictly disciplined life they had lived since this all began. The merciless sun beat down on their dark robes making them slick with perspiration within the flapping robes encasing them, building their hope that their destination was not too far away, no matter what it really meant.

It took nearly two hours to reach the dwelling of their new Master, a man whose name had yet to be revealed to them, as if it mattered. They would call him Master, as they were trained to do, and had done for other nameless men they had served for Ryan and his sons. Their training had been peppered with this kind of treatment shortly after their captivity began, and all three women were conditioned to serve whoever issued orders to them.

The SUV came to a stop in front of a walled compound that sat at the base of a mountain that rose from the bleak sand. By this time they were thoroughly subjugated and primed to start the next phase of their lives as slaves. Marie saw a man step to the driver’s side window of the truck and speak to the driver in a language she did not understand, before waving his arm to open the gate and allow the vehicle and its trailer full of slaves entry.

As the vehicle moved through the gates into the interior of the walled complex, it was as if the dessert vanished. Green grass and palm tress lined the paved drive that led up to an opulent building that could only be described as a palace. Clearly Middle Eastern in design it sported bulbous pointed spires at the corners of it, all of them painted in bright colors. Large columns framed the front of the building and as the vehicle stopped there, the slaves saw the large pair of bronze doors that was the entryway. Ryan, Kifah, and his sons exited the vehicle and walked toward the doors, ignoring the women they had been so intimately involved with over the last few months. Then the vehicle lurched forward and the slaves watched their prior Masters disappear while they were driven behind the vast building. When it stopped again they saw a plain steel door fly open with a women dressed in bright colored harem clothes emerge, flanked by three large black men.

She gave them orders in the language none of the new slaves understood and the three muscular men came over to the cage and opened the door. Before they knew it all three were individually grabbed and carried over the shoulder of one of the men, and then taken inside the building. They were callously handled like they were sacks of flour and were simply dumped onto the floor of the large room beyond the door. Each man pulled out a large knife, grabbed the tied bottoms of their robes, and cut the ropes trapping them inside the simple garments.

The woman had followed and when the men were done cutting the robes open, she said, “On your feet slaves!”

Her voice was clear, with a hint of an Irish accent, and the slaves quickly got to their feet in response to her simple edict. Once they were standing, they saw the woman was a stunning redhead with blue eyes as she made a gesture to the men. They stepped behind the slaves and removed their hoods and then used their knives to slice the back of their robes down to the floor. The black garments pooled at their ankles, exposing their sweat-streaked bodies to the woman and her guards.

The strange woman, whose pale blue harem pants and pink top highlighted her statuesque body, walked around the trio of slaves before returning to face them. She smiled and said, “You are now the property of Sheik Omar. I am his chief slave Nashita, a name my Master bestowed upon me. He will choose new names for you too, once he decides what you should be called. Until then you will simply be called slave. When you meet him you will call him Master, is this all clear slaves?”

In unison they replied, “Yes Mistress Nashita.” Marie was captivated by Nashita’s beautiful face, her eyelids painted a bright blue to match her eye color with thin black eyeliner framing her large eyes. Her lips were bright red and her cheeks rouged perfectly to highlight them. But it was the twin rings, each piercing the outside of her nostrils that were connected by thin chains to her earrings, which caught the elder slave’s attention. The way the chains hung with a slight dip along her face where they were attached to her large golden earrings made it appear that even though she had some power, she was a slave like them.

“I see you have had some training, that is good. Here you will learn his purpose for you and your training will continue under his guidance. Now follow my guards so you may be prepared to meet your new owner, and remember to remain silent unless you are commanded to speak,” she said and then she waved her arm. The guards grabbed them by the back of their hair and led them away from the woman.

They were directed out of the large bare room and through a door that led down a long hallway. At the end of it they went through another door, emerging in a room with six large sunken bathtubs that could have held a dozen people in each of them. Three were full of steaming water with a pair of Middle Eastern looking slave girls standing by each of them. They were naked and stunning in their appearance, their faces made up and ringed just like Nashita’s. Though the colors differed to match their darker skin and eyes, all of them looked like elegant dolls.

Each of the slaves were moved to a separate tub, where the men released their grips on them and the slave girls began to remove their gags and cuffs. Once freed and naked, they helped them into the tubs, and then they joined them. Each slave had a pair of women to bathe them, and as they relaxed in the hot water they enjoyed the feeling the baths afforded them. Their hair was washed and their bodies cleansed from the dirt of the dessert ride they had just endured.

All three of them were digesting the fact that they were now part of some Arabian harem and to a slave, they all wondered what their lives would be like now. Though Ryan was clearly rich and his sprawling ranch seemed so large, this was a whole new level of wealth that surrounded them. Even though they were merely slaves, they realized that living here would be quite different from what they had become accustomed to at Ryan’s home.

After their baths they were seated on small stools while their hair was trimmed. It had been three months since they were enslaved, and until now their long blonde hair was left to grow. In the beginning they all had shoulder length hair, but now it reached down their backs and their attendant slaves trimmed the ends, leaving it nearly as long as when they arrived. Next they were laid out on massage tables and enjoyed a long and thorough body massage. Though it helped to arouse them, having been conditioned to respond to physical stimulation that way, they were only heated up and not taken to a climax.

Finally they were perfumed and adorned with new ankle and wrist cuffs, and new slave collars. They were brightly polished steel and fit perfectly, having been custom made for each slave. The collars bore but a single ring mounted in the front, heavy and wide enough that
presence lying against their flesh was noticeable. The cuffs, both wrist and ankle, also had a single wide and thick ring attached to them, clearly defining that their use went far beyond ornamentation. Once their useable jewelry was attached, all three were sat in front of mirrors, as the slave girls assigned to them made up their faces.

They chose an amazing color palate, starting with their eyes. As all three had nearly identical features and coloring, they were made to look even more so by the matching make up they painted on their faces. Just below their eyebrows a silver hue was painted and it was deftly melded with the light blue they did their eyelids with, complementing their eyes perfectly. Thin dark eyeliner was used around the edges of their eyelids, an ideal counterpoint to the brightly painted areas. Their cheeks were delicately rouged pink, to highlight their angular cheekbones. And finally their lips were painted a deep red, with a hint of brown, making them look dark and succulent.

Once the makeup was perfect, they were chained. A simple, but sturdy, steel chain was clipped to their collars that hung down to their ankles. At the bottom foot long hobble chains were attached between their ankles. They were ordered to cross their wrists behind their backs and another chain was fastened around their waists, threaded through their cuff rings and clipped to the vertical chain in front of them. They could slide their hands around to the front if needed, but they kept them behind their backs since no order to do so was issued.

Then their original escorts appeared, shunting aside their attendant slaves. The large, dark men leashed their slaves this time, and led them from the bathroom, a new destination waiting for the freshly cleaned and prepared slaves. They followed silently and without resistance, fully focused on becoming accustomed to walking with their short hobble chains. Upon departing the bath they were led down several hallways of polished marble, a surface that made it easy for the shuffling slaves to keep up with the burly guards who walked swiftly ahead of them.

At first they concentrated on their feet, trying to keep from tripping over their hobbles, but once they got used to it they could look around at where they were. The opulence of the palace was evident everywhere, with polished marbles, extravagantly decorated walls, and a high arched ceiling as they moved into the palace proper. They eventually came to a large pair of copper colored metal doors, flanked by two guards sporting large swords at their waists. The sight of the gleaming weapons sobered the slaves, and reinforced their feeling that they were now in a wholly different world from where they came from.

As they approached the guards they turned and opened the doors allowing the group to pass through them. On the other side was a room that was simply gargantuan, at least the length of a football field and half as wide. Tall columns lined the sides of the room and the bare floor was a sparkling black marble. At the far end was a raised dais with a large chair occupied by a man with a white beard who was dressed in a bright white robe and headpiece.

As they were marched through the room they felt more and more humble with each shuffled footstep, just the feeling the room was designed to impose on Sheik Omar’s guests. As they got closer they could see three metal rails about three feet wide each mounted on a wooden platform at the base of the Sheik’s stage. Three strong steel rings hung a few feet above the rails, attached to long chains reaching up the very high ceiling. The guards led them right up to the rails, one girl at each, and then quickly set to work.

Their chains were removed and their wrists were locked together behind their backs. They were pushed forward over the rail at waist height, as they lifted their arms up and chained their linked wrists to the ring hanging above them. As they got used to the way their arms were wrenched up behind their backs, their ankles were secured to the uprights supporting the rail digging into their bellies. They had to rise up on their toes the strain was so great. Finally small hooks were placed in their nostrils and tied off to their wrists, forcing them to face forward. They were now ready to meet their new Master.

BOOK: Their Lives as Harem Slaves
2.11Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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