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Authors: Saba Sparks

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Their Virgin Neighbor

BOOK: Their Virgin Neighbor
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When Anna Reynolds moves into the
small cottage on their land, best friends Lee Cole and Jack Sheldon
are instantly smitten. Not only is Anna both beautiful and
painfully cute, but there is something about her that both men are
drawn to. They invite her over to dinner in the hopes of getting to
know her better, and what they learn that night is enough to make
both men ache.
Anna has spent most of her life in the
hustle and bustle of the city looking after her late grandmother.
She has moved to the country for the winter not only to heal her
bruised heart, but to decide what to do with the rest of her
Lee and Jack are willing to
not only heal Anna, but to help her move on. But is she too
innocent for what they have in mind, or will their virgin neighbor
surprise them both?


Their Virgin




Saba Sparks








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Their Virgin Neighbor

Copyright © 2014 by Saba Sparks


Edited by Marie Medina


First E-book Publication: July 2014,


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are fictitious. Any resemblance to actual persons living or dead is
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For you also.




Their Virgin



Chapter One


Anna Reynolds halted, hands on her
jean-clad hips, and gave a satisfied nod. It was coming up to
dinnertime, she’d been working flat our since six this morning, but
finally, everything was done.

She looked over the room, her gaze
skipping from spot to spot. The small window was now surrounded by
two thick, floral drapes. A large Persian rug was laid out over the
faded cream carpet. Her dusky pink couch was lined up in front of
the small flat screen and DVD player, next to that was the low
table where she liked to keep her work, and just across from that
was the alcove where she’d set up her desk.

The room was complete, everything Anna
needed for the long winter evenings was at hand. The other rooms in
the small cottage Anna was renting for the next six months were
also finished. The handkerchief-sized kitchen had all her cooking
equipment including her super efficient coffee machine and favorite
spotty mug. The dining room had her oak table along with a little
dresser full of all her plates. The bathroom was now packed tight
with all of her soaps and creams, and the tiny little bedroom was
dominated by her rickety old iron bed. She’d spent a good half hour
putting on her bed sheets, and had even felt her heart cheer a
little when the comforter—one she’d had since she was a little
girl—was finally in place.

She was done.

At last.

You need anything else
before I leave?”

Anna turned to see her friend, Bob,
placing a screwdriver in his toolbox. He’d arrived with her small
amount of furniture about four hours ago, and had been busy putting
it all together since. She’d known Bob for years. He was the son of
one of her grandmother’s friends, and had been the only person she
knew with a van big enough to get her stuff inside. She’d thought
of using a proper removals company, but Bob had offered, and Anna
had been so desperate to get moving by that point that she’d
readily agreed.

I don’t think so,” Anna
said, giving the room another satisfied glance. “Everything is in

Bob rocked back on his heels and
looked around the living room. “I can’t believe you’re going to
spend the entire winter here,” he said.

Anna smiled slightly, because although
she didn’t agree with it, she could understand Bob’s viewpoint. He
was a city boy through and through. He liked to be surrounded by
the hustle and bustle, liked to be five minutes from a café, a walk
away from the stores. Anna, on the other hand, needed something
different in her life right now. After the difficulty and pain of
the past twelve months she longed for solitude. She wanted to be
somewhere that she could hear herself think, somewhere that she
could walk for miles without seeing another person, somewhere that
she could heal.

It’s perfect,” she

It’s in the middle of

Which is

Bob frowned. “I’m going to worry about
you out here by yourself,” he said. “What will you do if you get
into trouble?”

How am I going to get in
trouble out here?” Anna asked. “Late nights at the bar that doesn’t
exist? Spending too much money on milk and butter in the general

I was thinking more of
the people,” Bob sighed.

People?” Anna arched a
brow. “There isn’t anyone for miles.”

Exactly. You’re
completely alone out here.”

Not completely alone,”
Anna said. “I have neighbors.” She paused. “Of course, I haven’t
actually met them yet.”

In fact, Anna hadn’t
contact with her neighbors at all. All of the arrangements to lease
the cottage had gone through the realtor, Sally. According to Sally
they were army vets who valued not only their privacy, but also
peace and quiet. They owned not only her cottage, but also the land
pretty much as far as her eye could see. So, as well as being her
only neighbors, they were also her landlords. Anna wasn’t entirely
sure if they farmed the land or just left it alone, and she doubted
she would get a chance to find out. Their house was at least a half
hour walk away and Anna couldn’t foresee any reason why she’d take
that walk. The garden surrounding her cottage was more than enough
space for her to potter about in, and directly opposite the dirt
track that led to her new home was a substantial forest. Anna
planned to take all of her walks in there.

The realtor said they’re
kind of reclusive,” Anna said after a moment. “So I’m betting I
won’t be meeting them anytime soon.”

are they reclusive?” Bob

Anna shrugged. “They’re ex-army. Who
knows what they went through, the things they might have

Bob seemed determined to find a hole
in her argument. “They can’t be that reclusive if they’re happy to
have someone on their land.”

Apparently they’re only
leasing this place because it gets damp in the winter without the
fire going, plus they were having trouble with various wild animals
trying to take up residence.” Anna glanced across at the fire as
she spoke. It was huge, dominating almost the entire far wall.
She’d never set a fire before, had no idea how to even get one
started, but it would be a new learning experience for her. She
liked that idea.

Wild animals?” Bob let
out a deep sigh. “Anna…”

It’ll be fine,” Anna
said. “Sally was one of Grand’s friends. I told her I was looking
for somewhere just like this, and she twisted the landlords’ arms.
She’d never send me anywhere that wasn’t safe.” She paused.
It’s exactly what I was looking for.”

I don’t understand why
though,” Bob said. “You own your own town house in the city. You
have friends there. Your grandmother made sure you were well
provided for.”

My home is where I spent
the past year nursing Grand,” Anna said, her heart aching at the
thought of the only woman who had been in her life for as long as
Anna could remember. “I can’t be around those memories right now. I
need some distance from them.” She paused. “And my friends? I
haven’t seen most of them in at least that long. No one is going to
miss me any more than I’m going to miss them.”

Bob’s face scrunched up into a frown.
“I’ll miss you.”

And I appreciate that,
Bob,” Anna said. “But I need this right now. I need the solitude. I
need time to think.”

He sighed. Anna felt like
sighing too. She
appreciate Bob’s concern, but she was a twenty-seven year old
woman. One who was well able to take care of herself. Maybe he’d
understand a little more if he had lost his grandmother. But Betty
Trewarther was still going strong at ninety-three.

Unlike your

Anna’s heart gave the familiar twist
at that thought, and she wandered over to the mullioned window that
looked out on the front garden. The dirt track was visible in the
last of the evening’s light, as was the huge forest. Anna could
only see a few feet in, after that the trees—despite having lost
most of their leaves—were so closely packed together darkness was

Perhaps she
have felt a
little uneasy. Alone out here, no one to call to if she needed
help. No one to talk to day on day. But Anna didn’t. Already she
was relishing the fact that all was quiet. Already she could see
herself curled up on the couch working on her latest project,
needles moving at speed, perhaps some music playing from her

Bob’s voice interrupted her thoughts.
“You’ll call me if you need anything?”

Anna turned and gave him a small
smile. “Of course.”

He rocked back on his heels again and
shot her a look from lowered lids. “Perhaps I’ll drive back out in
a week or two. We could have dinner.”

Anna nodded even as she
paused to answer. Bob was a nice guy and he had been helpful
through Grand’s long illness and eventual passing, but she didn’t
want to encourage him with the wrong ideas. And in truth, Anna had
always felt like it
take very much to encourage him, and after what
had happened with John…

BOOK: Their Virgin Neighbor
3.76Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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