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Thin Ice 4: Resurrections





KR Bankston


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The characters
Ray Lockhart, Brent Lockhart, Santana,

Nero, Kai, Ramell and Jacoury

appear courtesy of yet released

KR Bankston novels, tentatively titled: Kansas City (books 1 & 2)



The characters
Creeper and Pirate

appear courtesty of of yet released

KR Bankston novel: tentatively titled: Philly

Attorney Robert Marks was clearing up open cases before his vacation. He would be out of the country for the next three months and didn’t want to return to a caseload of drama. His phone buzzed and he answered brusquely, still distracted.

Yes Abigail,” he threw out, knowing his assistant was on the other end.

Your 2:00PM is here,” she replied as he told her to give him five minutes.

Searching for and finally finding the file he was looking for, Robert sat down behind his desk just as the door opened and Abigail ushered the man inside.

Attorney Robert Marks,” she began looking at the man as she spoke. “This is Jalen Bailey,” she said simply as the attorney shook the man’s hand and she left the two alone.

Taking the seat offered, Jalen continued to regard the attorney as he read over something in the file he was holding.

Getting a call almost six months ago that there was a pending legal matter requiring his attention took him totally by surprise. Jalen’s life was simple and he wanted to keep it that way. He had a nice apartment in Philadelphia. He had a great job as a bartender and his life was good.

Mr. Bailey, I’m sure you’re wondering why exactly you’re here,” Robert began, giving the man his full attention.

Yeah, as a matter of fact I am,” Jalen returned.

His nerves were beginning to get the best of him. He hoped this wasn’t someone trying to collect money he didn’t have to give them.

There is the matter of two estates that need to be settled,” Robert told him as Jalen frowned slightly.

I had relatives to die,
he pondered waiting for the attorney to speak again.

Here is the documentation and as you can see the estates are substantial,” he told him, handing Jalen the paperwork.

Glancing over the documents, he frowned slightly and looked back at the attorney.

Are you sure you’ve got the right guy,” Jalen asked. “I mean, I don’t know either of these guys, Ian or Ryan,” he added as Robert smiled slightly.

No, I don’t suppose you would,” he replied cryptically producing yet another document.

Handing it to Jalen he sat back and waited on him to read and digest it.

What the hell are you tryin’ to pull,” Jalen asked, openly hostile.

I’m simply doing my job, Mr. Bailey,” Robert told him, sitting up in his chair and leaning across his desk. “According to all the documentation I have in this file, as well as the document in your hand, the estates of Ian Bailey and Ryan Bailey, respectively, are being given to their next of kin,” he told him calmly. “You, Jalen, the twin brother of Ian Bailey,” Robert finished simply as Jalen’s head began to spin and the life he knew, imploded.



Jalen was once again at work. He spent almost ten hours a day at the lounge-slash-bar. Six more months had passed since his fateful meeting with Robert Marks and his life being turned upside down. Jalen had immediately flown home to Philly, contacting his mother and asking questions.
I can’t believe she still won’t admit the truth or tell me what the hell happened,
he thought of her refusal to cooperate. Jalen was at a complete loss. He had two brothers he knew nothing about except the articles he found on his Google search.
I wanna know about the real men behind all these headlines,
Jalen continued to brood. He’d found pictures of both men and was astounded as how much he and Ian actually favored, even though they were fraternal twins. He discovered Ryan had been the oldest. He thought about the illegal enterprises all the articles said the two men were involved in and smiled slightly.
Whoever the hell said crime doesn’t pay is dead ass wrong,
he thought, recalling the balances in his various accounts.

Jalen had immediately set up accounts to make the money he’d inherited work for him. There was almost a million dollars in cash assets to be handled and kept under the IRS barometer. Finding out that his entire life was a lie was a huge blow for Jalen and he still had so many questions.
Damn, how do I find out about them,
he thought as a familiar face came in the door and headed to the bar. Jalen thought about asking them for help, having held a few friendly conversations and knowing what the man’s true occupation was. They didn’t come by often, having moved from the state a few years back, but when they did, they always stopped by the lounge.

Hey Jalen man, what’s up,” the man greeted him.

Can’t complain, how about you,” he threw back smiling as the man ordered a double shot of Patrôn.

I’m good, stopping in to check on things,” he replied as Jalen nodded knowingly. Leaving him for a moment, Jalen went to serve another patron his mind still spinning about asking the man for his help.

He might not have a clue or hell I might offend him and piss him off,
Jalen continued to think as he mixed the Long Island Iced Tea. Finally making his way back to the other side of the bar, he found the man deep in conversation with another associate. Sighing lightly Jalen didn’t disturb the conversation, simply returned to his duties and began serving other patrons. Business began to pick up and Jalen found himself running back and forth behind the bar all night. He kept a watchful eye however on his possible contact, making sure the man didn’t leave before he could approach him, now that he’d made up his mind to do so. Jalen thought about his still working, knowing he only did it because he wanted too. He had more than enough money to retire and never work at anyone’s job ever again. He hadn’t told anyone of his windfall though, not even his girl.
She’d wanna get married for sure then, spend up all my money on crap,
he thought frowning slightly. Jalen was actually going to dump her, but she was oblivious to that thought as of yet.

Around 3:00AM the bar began to thin out, with only a few of the regulars still hanging around. Panicking for a brief moment, Jalen relaxed when he saw the man return to the bar and take a seat.

You want another shot,” Jalen asked as he told him yeah. “Listen, I um, I know you don’t really know me,” Jalen began as the man gave him his full attention. “But, um, I was wondering if maybe you could help me with something,” he ventured as the man gave him a quizzical glance. “I need to find out some information about some folks who were um, in the business,” he finished as the man continued to regard him quietly, finishing his drink.

Jalen was becoming uncomfortable with the man’s quiet stare, thinking he’d made a mistake in asking for his help.

What do you know about the people you’re looking to score info on,” he returned calmly.

Jalen told him all he knew about Ian and Ryan and that he only wanted to find out about them for his sanity’s sake, nothing more. The man continued to regard him, never taking his eyes from his face.

Are you sure you can handle what you might find out,” he asked cryptically.

Jalen paused a moment and thought about the question. He was pretty sure it wasn’t a life filled with rainbows and gumdrops, but that inner self wanted to know about his people and where he came from.

Yeah, I’m sure,” he replied as the man grunted slightly.

OK, so say I help you,” he began. “What’s in it for me?”

Jalen quickly told him he would pay for his services; he need only name his price. “Hmph,” the man returned still sipping his drink. “For now lets say I’ll do some sniffin’ around,” he began. “If I find anything worth reporting to you, then we’ll discuss price, how about that,” he finished and left the ball in Jalen’s court.

Knowing it was a start, Jalen agreed. “Cool,” here’s my cell number, he told the man handing it to him.

The man put it in his phone before Jalen spoke again.

I’m really ashamed to say this,” he began sheepishly. “But I don’t know your name.” The man chuckled softly and finished his drink before setting the glass down and answering.

You can just call me Creeper,” he said calmly, getting up and leaving the bar as Jalen hoped he would get a hit.


Jaleesa was looking at LaRon across the table as he flipped through the papers, his expression neutral. Her cell buzzed and she checked the text from her mother, asking her to stop and pick up some mayonaise on her way back. Sending a quick reply she looked up again as he finished and dropped the stack onto the table.

I said no,” LaRon told her flatly, rising to grab another beer from the refrigerator. Jaleesa sighed and leaned back in the chair, waiting until he sat down to address him again.

You don’t seem to get it,” she told him calmly. “It’s not a request, this divorce is going to happen whether you say yes or not,” she told him as LaRon eyed her evenly.

They’d been on rocky ground for the last six months ever since he broke his promise and had yet another affair.

I ain’t letting you divorce me,” he told her, growing angry she could tell.

Jaleesa took a deep breath and blew it out slowly. She didn’t want to argue about it anymore. She wanted them to try and work things out amicably for the kid’s sakes.

Deuce, look, let it go,” Jaleesa began again. “I’m not gonna stay with you and you keep screwin’ other brauds.”

He finished the beer throwing the bottle against the wall as Jaleesa jumped slightly. “You fucked around,” he yelled at her.

I never slept with Mecca, you know that,” she returned, thankful he had no clue about the one indiscretion with Peyton.

He sucked his teeth before speaking. “How the fuck I know that, that fool was probably lying,” he threw out angrily. “Shit, how I know Ronde’ is even mine,” he spat as Jaleesa finally lost it.

Muthafucka, that’s your damned son, don’t start that bullshit,” she fired back. “His ass looks just like you, so how the hell you figured I pulled that off if I was fuckin’ Mecca,” she told him as LaRon walked up on her.

Don’t yell at me no damned more,” he replied, slapping her hard.

Fuck this,” Jaleesa told him grabbing her purse and keys, trying to head for the front door.

Nah, you ain’t leavin’,” LaRon bellowed lifting her and throwing her hard on the kitchen table.

Get off me,” Jaleesa screamed swinging back and connecting.

You ain’t leaving and you ain’t takin’ my kids,” he yelled hitting her again.

BOOK: Thin Ice 4 - Resurrections
5.96Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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