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Third Degree (49 page)

BOOK: Third Degree
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As usual, I take responsibility for any and all mistakes in the book.

I would also like to stress that the actions and attitudes of the deputies in this novel are not representative of the deputies or police officers I have known in Mississippi. The simple fact is that in a thriller someone has to be the bad guy. In real life, the law enforcement officers I have known have been dedicated and sometimes heroic individuals who serve the public for very little compensation. Without their constant labor, few of us would get any sleep at night. I urge everyone to make an effort to see how they might be able to help their local departments to acquire such technology as FLIR, which is mentioned in this novel. The greatest beneficiaries will be you and your children.


About the Author


GREG ILES is the author of eleven
New York Times
bestselling novels, including
True Evil, Turning Angel, Blood Memory, The Footprints of God, Sleep No More, Dead Sleep, The Quiet Game,
24 Hours
(released by Sony Pictures as
). He lives in Natchez, Mississippi.



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BOOK: Third Degree
5.12Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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