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Three Days of Night

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Three Days of Night by Tracey H. Kitts


Three Days of Night Copyright © March, 2011 Tracey H. Kitts

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Three Days of Night


Tracey H. Kitts



To Mr. J, who offered to put on blue body paint so that I could get a visual.



Cigar smoke curled around his mouth as he looked down the bar at me and smiled. Everything is a game to Morgan and normally I would not have played. Maybe it was because we had just helped to liberate an entire race of people. Or maybe I was still excited from the recent battle. Whatever the reason, I returned his wicked smile. He tipped his glass in response.

Even though it hasn’t been necessary for my heart to beat in a very long time, the look he gave me made it jump into overdrive. I rose slowly from my seat, taking the glass of warm blood with me. My vinyl bodysuit creaked as I moved toward him.

“Thank you, Jester,” one Ti’al woman said as she passed. Her hand trailed playfully across the back of his shoulders. I didn’t like it. She glanced at me and her dark blue lips curled into a challenging smile. Bitch.

Even alien women liked him. Sure, Morgan was attractive enough. But I never understood why someone would be willing to put up with his attitude. Having lived and worked alongside him for the past ten years, I felt I knew better than anyone what a jerk he was. Even though I knew this, I took a seat beside him.

He wore a black mask which covered just his eyes. It matched the leather body armor that covered him from head to toe. His dark hair was slightly disheveled, adding to his rakish appeal. As I observed him I took another sip of the warm Ti’al blood and let it soothe me.

“Another round, Jester?”

Jester, that’s his mercenary name. His real name is Morgan Jefferies. But only myself and a handful of other people know that. Morgan’s bizarre sense of humor earned him the moniker long before we ever teamed up.

“I’m fine.”

The big blue bartender turned in my direction. When he nodded his head his short horns glinted in the light.

“How about you, Crimson?”

“I’m fine too.”

I’m known as The Crimson Kiss and I am part of an endangered species, vampires. My real name is Vivian Hart. But like my comrades, I chose to conceal my true identity, just in case I ever wanted to live a normal life someday. I mean, no one can be an intergalactic mercenary forever.

Morgan took another puff of his cigar and I watched as he licked his lips.

“Ash says the ship will be ready to go by morning,” he said.

I turned toward Ashton Blake who was sitting alone in one corner of the room. He went by the name of Night Hawk when we were working. The suit he wore was made up of body armor and any number of homemade gadgets. His cowl resembled a hawk’s beak and his boots were engraved with a claw-like pattern. Like Morgan, he was dressed in black. Under my intense perusal he adjusted his dark goggles and offered me a smile.

“He says the asteroid field didn’t do as much damage as he’d first thought.”

Morgan’s voice brought my attention back to him.

“Really? That’s great.”

He put his hand over mine. He had removed his gloves and the contact of his warm flesh sent a shiver through me.

“If we’re leaving Ti’al in the morning, that leaves us with a very important decision.”

His voice had gone deeper, but I didn’t need that subtle change to tell me he was aroused. I could sense it. His pulse had quickened, his pupils had dilated, and he was licking his lips again. The familiar nervous gesture made me want to smile, but the reaction didn’t quite reach my lips. For the first time in a while, I was nervous.

“What’s that?” My voice was breathy.

“What are we going to do with the rest of the night?”

It was then I knew I wanted him. Normally, I could resist his charm. Morgan had been coming onto me since we’d met. But there was something different about him tonight. There was a tenderness in his touch, a warmth in his smile. And when that warmth reached his deep brown eyes I felt my resistance weakening.

“What did you have in mind?”

I shocked myself with the question. Morgan’s eyes widened slightly, letting me know I wasn’t the only one caught off guard.

“Come with me,” he said.

He rose slowly, never releasing my hand. He towered over me. At six-foot-five, with the appearance of a heavily armed wet dream, he can easily be intimidating. He had removed the outer layer of body armor earlier, leaving behind the leather suit that was molded perfectly to his every curve. And boy did he ever have some curves.

This was not the first time I had admired his body. It also wasn’t the first time I had wished to see what was underneath all that leather. But my fantasies went beyond that tonight. For the first time, I wished I was his lover. I, who had the power to hypnotize with my eyes, found myself lost in his.

He put out the cigar in a tray on the bar, still without releasing my hand. When he moved toward the door, I followed without question. I knew he was taking me back aboard the ship to his room. I made the decision then that I would do whatever he asked once we were alone. Part of me just wanted to know what all the fuss was about. On every planet we had visited, women threw themselves at him. Everyone wanted to be with Jester. And yet, none of them even knew him, not really. But they
know things about him that I didn’t. Tonight I planned to bridge that knowledge gap. I was tired of wondering. I wanted to know. I wanted to be the one who held him close, if only for tonight. There was nothing I wanted more.

As we neared the exit I felt someone watching me. I turned to see Ash rising to his feet. He and I had dated in the past. Even though things didn’t work out romantically, he was my closest friend. Knowing me and knowing Morgan, I understood that he
know I was leaving willingly. I gave him a nervous smile and he stopped in his tracks.

Shit. I didn’t want things to get weird.

We stepped out the back door of the bar and the harsh wind hit me in the face. I pulled down my goggles and Morgan held up his other arm to block some of the sand. Ti’al is a desert planet, definitely not one of my favorite places. I fucking hate goggles. I only wear them if I have to go out during the day, or to protect my eyes during sandstorms.

Lightning flashed and our ship, Harsh Reality, came into view. It was an old freighter that Ash had completely redesigned. Half of the equipment on it was illegal in one galaxy or another, including the warp driver which worked about half the time.

When we reached the door I asked, “Is Dark Dream still onboard?”

“I have no idea, why?”

Dark Dream was the name of the crew member who teleported us off and on ship with his mind. He had other talents, but this was his most useful in my opinion.

“Because the door was one of the things damaged by the asteroids. I didn’t know if it was repaired yet.”

Morgan turned toward the door, placing his hand on the panel beside it. After a strange sounding beep, the door opened.

“Looks like he upgraded the software, but it works.”

“I can see that.”

My voice would normally have been filled with sarcasm when I spoke to Morgan. But tonight I was still too nervous for that. My heart hadn’t beaten so fast in decades. I kept telling myself that this was just going to be tonight. “
You can’t get involved with Morgan Jefferies. It would never work. Just fuck his brains out, enjoy the ride and get on with your life.”
That was the plan anyway. Since I’m technically dead, I can’t get pregnant. I also cannot contract diseases of any kind, not that I thought Morgan had any. I was simply weighing the risks in my mind. If you didn’t take feelings into account, there was nothing at stake. No pun intended.

I was oblivious to the natural sounds of the ship around me as we entered. Aries, our central computer greeted us both, but only Morgan responded.

“Back so soon,” Aries said, his deep voice echoing down the hallway.

“Spying on me again?” Morgan said, jokingly.

Aries made a noise that sounded like a sigh. “I must live vicariously,” he drawled.

Morgan’s room was down the hallway opposite mine, in the left wing of the ship. I had walked down this hall a thousand times to reach the theatre and never once had I felt weak. As a matter of fact, I hadn’t felt this way since I was human. However, as I watched Morgan enter the room ahead of me, I still didn’t have any doubts. This is where I wanted to be.

The rushing sound of the door closing behind me had a sense of finality to it. Morgan removed his mask and tossed it onto a bedside table. Dark makeup still lined his eyes, making them appear black. I thought it was sexy as hell.

“Even if it is the bloodlust from defeating the Barrakans that brings you to my bed, I am glad to have you here,” he said softly.

“Morgan, I—”

He put up a hand to stop me.

“You don’t have to tell me why you came.”

“I don’t want things to change.”

His smile seemed sad. “Then they won’t.”

I went to say something else and he took a step forward, closing the distance between us. I could feel the heat rising from his body, even through the leather. He ran a hand through my hair. I sighed as it fell from his fingertips. Morgan had been close to me before, but it had never felt like this.

“I have wanted to see your red hair, spilling over my pillowcase for a while now,” he said.

I unzipped the front of his suit and the scent of his cologne drifted up to me. The scent is hard to describe, but it combined with the sweet smell of tobacco to form a lingering impression. However you want to say it, he smelled damn good.

I opened the suit wider, running my hands over his chest. It felt at once new and strangely familiar to have my hands pressed against his naked skin. I had seen Morgan with his shirt off before, when he was sparring with Ash. He has a scar directly above his heart on the left side of his chest. I’d never really wondered how he’d gotten hurt. But as I traced the scar with my fingertips now, I almost asked.

I could hear the soft sound of his breathing growing faster, feel the way his heart pumped harder beneath my hand. All from just my touch. How thrilling. I had one of the most desirable men in the galaxy at my fingertips and he obviously wanted me. I had never used my vampire wiles on any of my teammates. And I wasn’t using them now. That somehow excited me even more.

Dark hair trailed over his ridged abs and disappeared just out of view at his waist. He shrugged and in what looked like an effortless move, became bare from the waist up.

He bent down and before I could respond his lips were on me, covering mine with an insistent kiss. My lips parted on a moan and he accepted the invitation. His tongue plunged inside my mouth and I felt myself become instantly wet. I ached to have him inside me. I didn’t want foreplay; I wanted to fuck.

In an instant the warm press of his lips became gentle. His soft touch left me shaken, even more so because I had not expected it. He unzipped the front of my suit slowly and as he pushed it down, his fingertips trailed over my skin. There was longing in his touch and much more than passion in his eyes as he looked up at me from the floor. I wondered why he had knelt at my feet, then without a word he began removing my knee-high boots. I let him undress me, and watched with a feeling of amazement. I had never taken Morgan for the kind of man who helped a woman undress. Actually, I expected him to half rip my clothes off and just take it from there. But this was different.

I wasn’t wearing anything beneath the vinyl bodysuit and the cool air against my skin gave me a chill. He took me into his arms and kissed me again, softly, deeply, and so thoroughly that I was left in a whirlwind of emotion. Morgan Jefferies had the most experienced, and yet the most loving hands that had ever touched my body. No one had ever touched me the way he did.

I expected animalistic passion. Nothing could have prepared me for the wonderful slow burn of his touch. My nipples hardened, tickled by the soft hair on his chest. His skin felt so warm, and I was always cold. I had to borrow the warmth of others through their blood. But tonight he would warm me with his body. I would let his fire consume me, and when I awoke the next day, try to pretend I had not been burned.

He ran a hand over my hip and between my thighs to cup my pussy. It excited me to know he could feel how wet I was. For some reason, I needed Morgan to know how much I wanted him.

He slipped one finger inside me and I kissed him again, standing on tiptoe in order to reach his lips. When I pulled back I whispered, “Give me your cock.”

He smiled. “All in good time, Viv.” He wiggled his finger and I arched against his hand, squeezing him tighter inside me.

“I’ve only got until dawn, and I say I want it now.”

“Will you still respect me in the morning?” he teased.

“I don’t respect you now.”

Morgan laughed and took a step back. In less than a minute he had removed his boots and finished stripping out of his leather suit.

“At least, let me set the mood.” I would say that he smiled as he spoke, but it was more of a curling of his sensuous mouth. It wasn’t quite a smile, but it revealed some of what he was thinking. “Aries, we need a fire.”

Instantly the lights dimmed and the artificial fireplace across from his bed blazed to life. The bear skin rug in front of the fire only added to the seduction. There’s no telling what he paid for it. Bears had been extinct for at least two hundred years.

BOOK: Three Days of Night
11.1Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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