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She made quick work of his trousers, pushing him backward until he sat hard on the bed. "Get the boots off," she ordered.

OS kicked off the boots and the pants slid over his ankles. Wearing only black silk boxers like the other two, he grinned upward. "What's next?"

"Lose them." She touched the riding crop to the shorts. "I want my dessert."

While OS removed his last item of clothing, Charli turned to the other two. "Don't just stand there, lose yours too." Heart pounding, she popped the crop against her open palm and held her breath as all three men stripped naked in front of her.

She'd died and gone to heaven, there was no doubt in her mind.

As they stood in before her, their hands crossed over their massive, muscular chests, cocks standing thick and stiff, Charli almost lost her nerve as the dom. Add the reflection in the window and Charli was surrounded by naked men.

Ah hell, she couldn't back out now. Not when she had so much going for her. She squared her shoulders. "Tie your master's wrists. From here on out, he becomes my slave."

Fake-cop shot a grin at OS. "You heard the lady, tie 'em up!" Fiddler and Fake-cop wrapped the rope around OS's wrists and knotted it like experts.

"Now, you can watch while your buddies pleasure me." Charli took a deep breath, ignoring the dark windows and what might be on the other side. Excitement fluttered in her chest. "Undress me."

Bare feet scurried across the floor as the two men fought to be first at her back.

Fake-cop must have won, because Fiddler rounded to her front. "Hurry up."

Her zipper whizzed down to her butt crack in record time and a hand slid beneath the material to cup her ass. "Soft."

Charli closed her eyes, wondering what OS's reaction was to another man touching her so intimately while he remained immobile.

Fiddler slipped the fabric over her shoulders and down over her arms, slowly as if savoring the revealing of her breasts. Without the support of her straps, her dress fell to her hips and fluttered down over her thighs.

In an instant, she stood as naked as the men, surrounded by the fluff of fabric at her ankles. She stepped free and faced Original Sin. "See what you'll be missing."

OS's jaw hardened. "Not quite the scenario I had in mind."

"What was that?" She tapped his hip with the crop. "Did I hear dissent in your tone?"

"No, ma'am," he said. He reached for her with his bound hands.

"No, no, no." She slapped away his hands and scooted back to the bed, hiking her ass onto the mattress next to OS. "Fake-cop, over here." She spread her knees wide and motioned for the man to join her.

Fake-cop rushed forward, positioning himself between her thighs, his hands rising to cup her breasts.

Even though the sensation was delicious on her smoldering, lust-filled body, she frowned and tapped his hands. "Not for you. Down on your knees."

The fake cop dropped to the floor and kissed the inside of her thigh, tonguing, licking and nipping his way toward her center.

Her breathing growing ragged, Charli waved for Fiddler. "You. On the bed behind me."

The musician sprang for the mattress, kneeling at her back, his hands circling her to tweak her nipples, his teeth nipping at her neckline.

Charli stared at her reflection in the window. A man between her legs, another cupping her breasts. If someone walked or drove by now...

A wash of heat swept across her skin, her head fell back and she moaned with the onslaught of tongues and fingers sending shockwaves of need throughout her body. Through the slits of her eyelids, she watched Original Sin as he struggled to loosen the ropes binding his hands.

His blue eyes blazed through the mask, a muscle in the side of jaw flicking with every one of her moans.

She could tell he wasn't used to this end of the torment and enduring it was getting to him.

A smile curved Charli's lips as Fake-cop's tongue touched her clitoris. Sensations tingled though her body. "Stop!" She held up her hand, the abrupt cessation almost more than she could bear.

Both men backed away.

"Whipped cream and strawberries."

Fiddler and Fake-cop leaped to their feet and grabbed the bowls, slinging strawberries and whipped cream across the sheets in their haste.

"You." She motioned to OS. "On the bed, flat on your back."

"Now, you're talkin'." Original Sin lay on the bed, cock pointing to the ceiling, bound hands cupping the back of his head, a smile stretching his lips.

"Fiddler, smear whipped cream on your nipples." Charli waited until Fiddler had the cream on his nipples, then she licked it off, sucking each nipple into her mouth and twirling her tongue around the hard little brown point.

The musician laughed. "That tickles."

"Umm, but it tastes so nice." With slow swipes, she licked the last of the white cream from his chest and backed away.

"Fake-cop, think you can balance a strawberry on that magnificent cock? Here, let me help you." She grabbed his shaft and held it steady.

"You're damn right I can." He plopped a fresh fruit onto the tip of his dick and grinned.

Charli leaned down and bit into the succulent morsel, the sweet scent filling her nostrils. She chewed and swallowed before wrapping her lips around his cock and sucking it into her mouth.

Original Sin groaned from the bed. "If I cry Uncle, will I get some of the whipped cream and strawberries?"

"Hmm, a distinct possibility." Charli stood and Fake-cop groaned.

"You can't stop now." Fake-cop reached for her.

Charli slapped his hand smartly. "I'm the master," she stated.

"Right, she's the master." Original Sin stared up at the ceiling. "This was not how this was supposed to go down."

"You had other ideas?" Charli slid the riding crop up OS's calf, trailing it slowly across his thigh. Her eyes narrowed as she watched his reaction.

"Yes, but this one's getting better." He hissed as she touched the crop to his balls.

"Fiddler, smear whipped cream on our prisoner's chest."

"Uh, not my type." Fiddler grinned. "But I'd be happy to put some on yours." He scooped a hand full of the creamy confection and advanced.

Charli's pussy clenched, juices dribbling from her entrance at the thought of all that cream slathered on her body and licked off, one tongue stroke at a time. "I'm okay with that." She lifted her chin and arched her back, pushing out her chest.

Fiddler coated her breasts with the white cream while Charli teased his cock with her fingers, stroking his length in full view of OS. Hot rigid flesh lay in her hand but she could only watch OS’s reaction.

When Fiddler licked the foam from her nipples, OS thumped his thigh on the bed. "This is fuckin' killin' me." He tried to sit up.

Charli pressed the riding crop to his shoulder. "Stay."

"I'm not a dog."

"Do you like it doggy style?" The words were barely audible as she imagined what that might be like.

He opened his mouth to protest then shut it, a smile forming. "Oh, yeah."

"Then stay until I tell you different." Charli leaned over him, her ass aiming at the fake cop.

When OS reached out to touch her with his bound hands, she raised her crop.

"Not yet."

"Oh, Lord, when?"

Power shot through her at his desperate tone. She smiled down at OS, her breasts dangling over his mouth. "When you're ready."

"I'm ready, all right."

"Not until I say you are." Charli held out her hand. "Cream."

"I'm past that point." Fiddler slapped the bowl in her fingers.

Charli scooped whipped cream and traced a dollop of white around OS's nipples and licked them clean. Her tongue slid over taut muscle, his musky scent familiar and tempting

"Not fair." OS pushed upward, trying to capture one of her breasts in his mouth.

"I'll show you fair." She dug into the whipped cream again and coated his cock. Then she topped it with a strawberry. "This is as fair as it gets." She glanced behind her at the fiddler. "You are here to serve, are you not?"

"Yes, ma'am." He leaped forward. "Name your pleasure."

Charli spread her legs, and glanced over her shoulder, revealing her brazen reflection in the window, sending her nerves into orbit. God, if she got caught, there'd be no end to the embarrassment. Her pussy creamed at the thought of all four of them rounded up naked and crammed into an official's vehicle. Her wicked mind wondered about fucking all three of them in the back seat of a squad car. "You can lick my pussy, while I suck his dick."

"You got it." The musician dropped to his knees and flicked her clit like he plucked the stings of his violin, gently and with a steady, insistent tempo.

"Umm, that feels so good." She bit into the strawberry on the tip of OS's cock, chewed then swallowed it, taking his dick in her hands and coating it with cream. Charli sank down over him, sucking his length deep to bump against the back of her throat. She settled into the rhythm the fiddler set, rising and falling over her cowboy's staff.

When the tingling began in her toes and spread like wildfire up her legs to her center, she gasped and pulled free of OS's cock. "Stop."

The fiddler stood, patting her bottom. "Best dessert ever."

Charli traced more cream over her pussy and straddled Original Sin's head, a knee on either side, lowering herself down until he could taste the whipped cream pussy she presented. Anticipation tightened her chest.

OS reached for her with his bound hands, looping his arms over her ass to pull her closer.

His tongue lapped at the cream, thrusting through the sweetness to bury inside her channel. He licked away all the sweet confection and stroked his tongue across her swollen nub, reigniting the firestorm of electrical shocks that tingled from the tip of her toes all the way up her body to her taut nipples. Her ass rocked as she gave into the wave of her orgasm.

"I can't take much more of this." With a final surge, OS broke free of the rope around his wrists, tossing the bindings to the side. "It's my turn." He grabbed her hips and flipped her onto her back.

Charli squealed, her heart thundering as the tables turned and her cowboy mounted her, his knees parting hers, his long, hard cock slipping up the inside of her thigh, pressing against her entrance.

"Hey man, don't forget one of these." Fiddler handed him a foil packet.

Charli grabbed for it, ripped it open and slipped it down over OS's magnificent penis.

"Do you mind if my friends watch?" He shot a wicked grin at his partners. "They need lessons in how to please a woman."

"The hell we do." Fiddler crossed his arms over his chest, his mouth forming a thin line.

OS shrugged. "Then keep watch. I think I spotted a police car passing by a minute ago."

"I'll take the front." Fake cop grabbed his shorts and hurried toward the windows.

The fiddler slipped his silk boxers up his legs. "I'll take the rear."

"I'll take my time." OS slid into Charli until his balls bumped against her ass. In one hand, he clutched her wrists, pinning them to the mattress over her head as he moved in and out, filling her with his thick, hot shaft.

"Are you afraid?" he whispered, his breath stirring the hair around her ear.

His question struck a chord inside as Charli wrapped her legs around his waist and tightened, pulling him into her. "Only afraid you'll stop." Was she afraid? Afraid she might fall for a stranger? Afraid to let down her guard and again open her heart?

Hell, yes, she was afraid.

But umm, he felt good inside her. And he'd gone to so much trouble to make her happy and excited, breaking a few laws in the process. Her fingers clenched, aching to touch him, but bound by his hand pinning her to the bed.

Her thoughts swirled into mush as every nerve exploded in her body in a kaleidoscope of lightning bolts all ripping through her senses at once.

Charli cried out as Original Sin slammed into her one more time, his cock sliding deep, piercing her like a silk-edged sword, slicing through what little was left of her resistance and reservations. He released her wrists and she clung to him as he throbbed inside her, his body tense, his face creased in the throes of his orgasm.

"That was so amazing." Charli gasped as she drifted back to Earth. "I swear you made fireworks shoot off, bright blue ones."

The fake cop rushed toward them. "Hey lovers, time to bug out." He tossed Charli's dress and OS's tuxedo toward the bed. "We've got company."

Original Sin pulled free of Charli's channel, a soft smile tweaking the corners of his mouth. "Guess that's our cue."

Charli shot a glance at the huge display windows filled with flashing blue lights. "Oh, my god." A stab of fear raised gooseflesh across her naked skin. She clutched her dress to her chest and rolled out of the bed, running for the back of the store, Original Sin and Fake-cop close behind.

The musician, fully clothed in his tuxedo, held open the back door. "Duck through the alley and keep to the shadows and you should be all right."

BOOK: ThreesACharm
10.21Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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