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About the Author

Robin Alexander is the author of the Goldie Award-winning
Gloria’s Secret
and many other novels for Intaglio Publications, including
Gloria’s Inn
Gift of Time
The Taking of Eden, Love’s Someday, Pitifully Ugly, Undeniable, A Devil in Disguise, Half to Death, Gloria’s Legacy, A Kiss Doesn’t Lie, The Secret of St. Claire, Magnetic, The Lure of White Oak Lake, The Summer of Our Discontent, Just
Cat, The Magic of White Oak Lake, Always Alex
The Fall

She was also a 2013 winner of the Alice B Readers Appreciation Award, which she considers a true feather in her cap.

Robin spends her days working with the staff of Intaglio and her nights with her own writings. She still manages to find time to spend with her partner, Becky, and their three dogs and four cats.

You can reach her at
[email protected]
. You can visit her website at
and find her on Facebook.

BOOK: Ticket 1207
3.08Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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