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To Bed a King

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To Bed a King

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Bodyguards in Love


Carol Lynne


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Carol Lynne

Chapter One

With the sun slowly dipping into the Arabian Sea, bodyguard Raven Stone watched his young charge play soccer on the palace lawn. He noticed a boy of thirteen or fourteen off to the side, watching from the shadows. The boy’s skin was much lighter than the other children. Raven wondered if that was what kept the boy away?

Raven readjusted the holstered Glock at his side before walking over to have a word with the young teenager. How many times had Raven felt left out as a boy? Although his adoptive parents and siblings always treated him like one of their own, the stark difference in Raven’s skin and hair colour made it impossible to forget he wasn’t a real Stone.

“Would you like to play?” Raven asked the boy.

With his eyes averted, the teenager shook his head. The light brown dreadlocks were another stark difference in his appearance from the other boys. “They won’t let me.”

A wave of indignation fuelled Raven to march onto the makeshift soccer field, disrupting the game. He stood in front of Crown Prince Faris, the twelve-year-old he was hired to protect, and narrowed his eyes.

“That boy over there told me you won’t let him play. Why? Because he’s obviously not a Jurruan? You think just because he looks different he doesn’t deserve to be treated with the same respect you show everyone else?”

Faris glanced over at the boy and shook his head. “That’s Nalu. We don’t let him play because he cheats and spits when he doesn’t get his way.”

Raven glanced back at Nalu. “What if I talk to him about playing nice?”

Faris shrugged his shoulders like any twelve-year-old would. “Suit yourself, but it’ll be his last chance as far as I’m concerned.”

It seemed young Nalu was already labelled a troublemaker. Raven knew what it was like to be fit into an identity at such a young age. “I’ll speak to him.”

Although Raven’s label had changed from wild child to slut as he grew older, the names still hurt and didn’t nearly define who he was as a person. Still, it seemed easier for most people to pigeonhole others into categories.


Carol Lynne


Before he had a chance to get off the field, Nalu turned and began to walk away. Raven started a slow jog. “Wait up.”

Nalu eventually stopped and turned to face Raven. “I cannot stay. I have work.”

“Work? What kind of work?”

Nalu pointed towards the sea. “A ship is coming. I might be needed to work.”

Raven stared at the luxurious yacht pulling into the harbour. “I’m sure whoever it is already has a full staff onboard.”

Nalu’s big green eyes began to shimmer in the orange glow of the setting sun. “No.

They always have something for me to do.”

Before Raven could question Nalu further, the teenager took off towards the harbour at a fast run. Raven watched the retreat until Nalu was out of sight before turning back to the ongoing game.

As he began a survey of the surroundings, Raven couldn’t get the image of Nalu’s watery eyes out of his head. He would have to speak with Ghazi about what kind of work a teenager could pick up on a visiting yacht. His gut told him it wasn’t something Nalu was looking forward to.

* * * *

Freshly showered, Raven finished dressing and surveyed himself in the mirror.

Although he thought it was ridiculous to wear a suit to dinner every night, it was a rare occurrence when a client actually requested his presence at the formal dining table.

The black suit, combined with his dark Native American complexion made his white smile even more dazzling. Raven grinned at himself. “You are one good-looking sonofabitch, Raven Stone.”

Raven strode out of the en suite and stopped at the dresser. He extracted the three silver rings he always wore from a shallow dish and placed them comfortably on his fingers, the final ring fitting securely on his right thumb.

After one last adjustment to his expertly knotted necktie, Raven was ready. Every evening Raven dressed to impress, and although he’d attracted the flattering attention of several of the palace staff, he’d yet to gain King Ghazi’s favours. Perhaps he should step up his game?


Carol Lynne


Descending the staircase, Raven held his head high. He looked like a million bucks and he knew it. He may not be the deadliest agent at Three Partners, but he was certainly the best looking.

Raven knew his charm was legendary around Three Partners. How many men had hired him to follow around their rich wives only to end up fucking Raven on a regular basis?

In his opinion, no man was truly straight. A hole was a hole to most of them and given freely and often, Raven seemed to have a knack turning his clients, at least for a while. It was the happily-ever-after he’d never managed to secure.

He had no illusions of finding a soul mate, but it would’ve been nice to have at least one of the men he’d given himself to want more than a couple of months of free fucks. It was hard work, dammit, and why shouldn’t he be appropriately compensated for keeping a man satisfied?

Stepping into the palace dining room, his gaze strayed to Ghazi.
The man was gorgeous. Ghazi was in mid-conversation with one of his Ministers, allowing Raven an opportunity to study the King.

Even though hidden under the traditional flowing dishdashah, Ghazi’s muscular chest and forearms were quite evident.
Although never picky about body size, Raven admitted to himself he preferred a well-muscled lover.

Laughing, Ghazi tossed his head back and clapped his Minister of Finance on the shoulder. The movement of Ghazi’s shoulder-length black curls swinging with his more than jovial mood mesmerised Raven.
God, I want to bury my fingers in those curls.

“Raven, come sit by me,” Faris said from his position at the table.

Ghazi glanced over at Raven and smiled before addressing his young nephew. “I have something I wish to speak to Raven about, Faris. I’d prefer he joined me at my end of the table.”

With a dejected expression, Faris crossed his arms and slumped back in his chair. “Very well.”

Ghazi chuckled. “There will be other dinners for you and your bodyguard to gossip at, Faris.”

Raven winked at Faris. “I guess our secret is out.” The two of them did enjoy a good dose of gossip each evening to wrap up their day together.


Carol Lynne


Ghazi said something else to the Minister before breaking away and taking his position at the head of the table. He gestured to the chair on his right. “Mr. Stone?”

Raven ground his teeth together. He hated being called by his surname and had told Ghazi on several occasions to please refrain from it. However, it would be considered impolite to correct a king in his own palace.

Taking his seat, Raven unfolded his saffron-coloured napkin and placed it on his lap.

He caught Ghazi’s continued grin out of the corner of his eye. “What?”

“So polite tonight,” Ghazi remarked.

Raven subtly nodded towards the Minister of Finance and two other men he’d seen come and go from Ghazi’s private office. “You have guests.”

Ghazi nodded. “Aaahh, I see. Yes, we do have guests.” Ghazi leant towards Raven and lowered his voice. “Would you like me to introduce you?”

“Not necessary. Unless, of course, you believe they pose a physical threat to either you or Faris,” Raven answered. Why did he feel he was being teased?

Ghazi’s dark eyes twinkled in apparent amusement. “And if they did? Would you slay our dragons for us, Raven?”

Raven stared into the dark brown pools he knew he could easily get lost in. “You know I would.”

“Do I? You’ve been with me for what, three months? And in all of that time you’ve yet to truly show me what you can do. Perhaps I would feel better if I could witness a physical demonstration of your…skills.”

Was he being flirted with? Raven reached out and lifted his glass of burgundy to his lips. He took a sip before addressing Ghazi’s remark. “Give me the right venue, and I’ll show you anything you wish to see.”

Ghazi’s foot came to rest against Raven’s ankle. “Careful, Raven, or I may just take you up on that offer.”

Raven rested his arms on the edge of the table and leant towards Ghazi, allowing his lips to graze the King’s ear as he spoke. Now the King was entering into Raven’s territory, one he knew like the back of his hand. “The offer has been on the table since the day we met, and you know it.”


Carol Lynne


Ghazi’s nostrils briefly flared as he pulled back to once again sit straight in his chair.

Raven continued to stare at the King, silently daring him to follow through with the challenge.

A throat cleared, breaking the moment between them. Ghazi glanced towards Halim, his personal secretary. “Did you need something, Halim?”

“The chef would like to know if you’re ready to be served, Your Majesty.”

“Yes,” Ghazi answered before once again turning his attention to Raven. “I promised Faris I would take him to the beach tomorrow, and I would like for you to accompany us.”

BOOK: To Bed a King
4.58Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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