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To Picture The Past

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To Picture The Past





Paige Mallory



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Mallory, Paige

To Picture The Past

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Chapter One



The picture gave me chills, but I wasn't about to admit to that. Not with my brother-in-law/boss looking at me so intently. He wouldn't let it be, however. "Well, Gill? What do you think? You know your sister as well as I do, so you know this isn't some bit of trick photography." I could see that. And, Gail didn't even play practical jokes, unlike me. 

"I think there must be some defect in the camera," I stated, but it was a lie, and I was shaking so badly that I could barely form the words. I looked around his tastefully decorated, but cluttered office, seeking an avenue of escape. How could I possibly tell the esteemed Dr. Jason Winters the truth?

"Gill, don't you dare insult my intelligence by lying to me. Gail is very upset over this photograph, and since you know better than anyone that her views on the afterlife are shocking to say the least, you need to tell me how you pulled this off." Jason was using his best "call the student on the carpet" voice, and it still made me squirm, in spite of the fact that I was twenty-four years old now. Gail and Jason took me in when our parents became ill at the same time and died within weeks of each other, Dad from lung cancer and Mom from ovarian cancer. I was only fourteen at the time, and Gail was twelve years older than me. She was already married to Jason, and in spite of the fact they were expecting their first child, Jason welcomed me into their home. I knew he loved me like a pesky kid sister, but he could be very firm when he thought it in my best interests.

"Jason, I am not lying to you," I said quietly. This wasn't the time for my temper to flare. Jason still thought of me as his responsibility, and if I wanted him to believe me, I needed to conduct myself as an adult.

"But, what could this possibly mean if you weren't in on this prank?" he asked, thoroughly confused.

I sank into the chair he'd offered me earlier. "I wish I knew, Jason," I whispered, allowing my fear to show. We were alone in the building, and, in fact, I was on my way out the door when Jason caught me and called me into his office. He was the principal of the large high school, and in less than five years, he'd turned the school into one to be proud of instead of jeered at. Test grades were up, teacher morale was high, and somehow Jason had given the students a sense of pride and the promise that a good education would take them far. He was a firm believer in building a good foundation of learning, and he put his experience to work when it came to finding jobs for students, and scholarships and grants for other students. People loved Jason… but they also respected him and knew that he was not to be trifled with. Jason didn't take guff from the students, or from the teachers. I fit into the latter category, and of course, it was Jason who got the job for me. I was hired to fill in as a temporary substitute for a teacher who was having surgery. Jason told me that he'd given me the opportunity to prove myself, but it was up to me to win the position for the following school year. I worked hard, probably harder than my history students, and was excited when I was offered a contract for the next school year. I was the youngest teacher ever hired by the Brookshire school board, and I am pretty sure they hired me because they knew that Jason would ride hard on me if I didn't measure up.

"Gail is beside herself. She is convinced you are going to disappear off the face of this earth and take up residence in the past. You know she believes in time travel; that somehow people from this century are whisked backwards to live out their days. Gill, you can't deny the woman in the background of this photo looks exactly like you!" He glared at me accusingly.

"I know, Jason." I had to agree. "She looks exactly like me, even to Mom's necklace," I pointed out, putting my finger on the heart shaped pendant that I'd worn around my neck since Mom handed it to me before she died, saying she wanted me to know she loved me and would always be with me in my heart.

"This is just plain spooky," he muttered darkly, clearly unhappy.

"It is very spooky. And Gail took this photo?" I asked again, my mind in a whirl. I had so many unanswered questions. "Is Gail positive there wasn't some enactment going on behind Scott and Liz? Or perhaps, some actors were getting ready to perform some scene?"

"No, Gill, there was nothing going on that day. I clearly recall Gail telling me that she and the kids got there two days before the enactment tours were to begin. The house was open for visitors, but there were no formal tours scheduled. Gail is worried sick about you. I think you need to stop by the house on your way home tonight," he bossed, his tone of voice brooking no argument.

"I have some questions for Gail, so I'll gladly stop by," I replied, getting to my feet. I then asked, "Did you give James Fredericks a detention?"

"Yes, for all the good it will do. I am beginning to think I am going to have to pull him from your class, Gill. He has no respect for you, and I am afraid he's going to harm you."

"He's just a boy, Jason." "That boy outweighs you by at least eighty pounds, and he is a foot taller than you. I don't think this is a safe situation."

"I don't know why he hates me so much. It has been pure belligerence on his part since school started this year. I didn't have time to do one thing before he confronted me with his list of complaints about me." 

"Don't take it personally, Gill. It isn't your fault. I told his Mother today that if there was one more incident, she would have to enroll him in a night school, or pay for an online class. She told me she didn't have the money for such foolishness. I told her if that was the case she'd better have a serious talk with James and tell him to shape up. When they left here they were fighting. I don't have much hope that he is going to turn into a model student."

"At this point I would settle for one who simply kept his mouth shut. He's making it impossible for the rest of his class to learn. Kathy Kaufmann started crying today at the way he was carrying on."

"Just remember to keep within reaching distance of the emergency button in your classroom, Gill. I don't trust that boy."

I gave my brother-in-law a smile and a nod of reassurance. "I'm going to go on over and see Gail. There has to be a logical explanation for this picture."

Jason waited until I reached the doorway of his office before calling to me. "Gill, if you are fibbing to me and pulling some prank, I promise I'll turn you over my knee and give you a spanking to rival the one I gave you when you thought you could stay out all night and worry your sister nearly to death. And, if I find out that Gail is in on this with you, she'll get the same damn thing."

I looked at him in shock. "Gail wouldn't pull a trick like this on you, Jason. She's too superstitious! She'd be afraid of bringing bad karma on all of us. This is probably some defect in the camera. Maybe Gail bought one that was refurbished instead of brand new…?"

The worry returned to Jason's dark eyes. "Gill, you know I don't believe in half the stuff your sister thinks is real, but, just in case I'm wrong, will you please be careful with yourself? Gail and I couldn't bear for anything to happen to you. We love you, kiddo."

"I love you, too, Mr. Tough Guy!" I gave him a wave, hurrying from his office so he couldn't see the tears stinging my eyes.

The small city of Brookshire could easily have supported two high schools, and it was my opinion that the students would have received a better education if two schools did exist. It would have created a bit of rivalry in the town, but the parents would have given more support if they thought their school 'lacking'. As it was, the school system in Brookshire seemed to come last with the ones holding the purse strings. The school board tried to spread the money evenly among the three grade schools, the two middle schools, and the high school. All of the buildings needed a face lift, and the parking lots were not in good shape. Jason said he wasn't as concerned with the outside of the building as he was with what went on inside. He had hopes that the next proposed tax levy would pass, and I hoped it would, too. I was aware of all the teachers across the country who were being cut from their jobs, and it worried me. I did not see how we could afford to lose any teachers at the high school since most of us carried at least one extra class per day to insure all the students got the education required by the state. I finally shook my head and gave myself a mental shake. It was Friday, and I was done with school for the week. I was going to go and see Gail and her kids and hope she was planning something great for dinner. I hadn't been to the grocery for several weeks now, and my cupboards were bare! Even if they weren't, I wouldn't cook for just myself. I existed on canned soup and crackers for dinner most evenings. 

I heard loud music when I pulled in the driveway at the lovely home Jason and Gail provided for their kids. I grinned to myself, deciding to have some fun with Scott and Liz. I unlocked the front door with the key Gail insisted I keep, and when Gail spotted me I covered my lips with my finger, indicating she was to keep quiet, and I then pointed upstairs, giving her a hint. Gail shook her head, resigned to the fact that I would probably never grow up when it came to playing practical jokes on people. I waited until I was sure which bedroom was providing the house with enough racket to wake the dead, and then I reached high above my head and pounded so hard on the door it's a wonder I didn't put my fist through the wood! I heard a rush of scrambling in Scott's room and the music was abruptly turned off. The door opened then.

"I'm sorry, Dad. I forgot the ear…! Aunt Gill!" Scott sputtered. "That was a rotten, dirty trick!"

"I think it was funny!" Liz exclaimed, giving me a hug. "Hi, Aunt Gill!"

"Hello yourself!" I squeezed her back, and then I stepped forward to give Scott a big hug. "I couldn't resist, honey. Do you have any idea how often your Dad busted me for the same thing when I was your age?"

"A lot!" they said together, and then laughed at my expression.

"Dad said you always played your music loud," Scott said, nodding. "But, not as loud as mine, huh?"

BOOK: To Picture The Past
3.91Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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