Tommy Rich: Defendes MC Series Book 7 (Defenders MC Series)

BOOK: Tommy Rich: Defendes MC Series Book 7 (Defenders MC Series)
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Defenders MC Series

Book 7


Amanda Anderson


Copyright © 2015 by Amanda Anderson


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This book is a work of fiction and any similarities to persons living or dead, places, incidents are completely coincidental and not intended by the author.

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Mina stepped into the hospital room where the boy from her past fought for his life.  He had saved her and while she wasn’t sure he knew who she was when he did it, he had still saved her life from the man who’d held a gun to her head.  She wanted to believe he would have done it for her if he’d known, but the hate she had seen in his eyes the last time they had spoken had left a dark spot on her heart.  The past couldn’t be erased, but Mina wondered if time had healed some of the hurt.

She pulled her long black, wavy hair into a messy bun on top of her head.  She needed a shower, but wouldn’t leave to take one.  Her friend, Candy had been released from the hospital today and said she would send somebody with extra clothes for Mina, but Mina wasn’t sure that was a priority for the men that seemed to surround Candy.  She could call her cousin, Ink, if she had to, but for now she was enjoying the peace and quiet of the room.  A woman had brought her a small bag of toiletries and a pair of underwear, which Mina had taken gratefully.   She could survive for a little while with only a sink bath, but the time was growing near when she would need a shower.  She scratched her head, maybe that time had already passed.

She tried to get comfortable in the most uncomfortable chair in existence and stared at the man who had once stolen her heart.  Tommy Rich had been the star of every one of her young fantasies and he had been her best friend.  He had known her to the core of her over dramatic teenaged heart all those years ago and she had loved him.  He had loved her too or at least she had told herself he had, until that last night.  After that she’d held no illusion of his care for her.  His hatred was too evident.

She shivered at the memory and of the look in his eyes as the love bled away into hatred.  Nothing had mattered to her after that.  Her whole world had fallen to pieces that night.  She had gone home early and witnessed things she could never unsee and her world turned upside down.  If only he hadn’t been with another girl.  If only he had held her and kissed her the way he had Brittany, then she wouldn’t have gone home and she wouldn’t have walked past her father’s study.  She wouldn’t have watched his father murdering hers and she wouldn’t have been forced to testify in court as Tommy watched her with hatred brewing in his eyes.

He had always believed that she had made it up to hurt him, but she could never be that cruel.  She would have done anything to protect him.  She still would. Even if that meant leaving and never seeing him again, but she had to know he was alright first.  She was too greedy to leave before she knew that.  She was too pathetic to miss even a second of looking at his beloved face and hoping for his recovery, even if the thought of his eyes opening scared her to pieces.

Mina startled when she heard a scratchy voice.


She jumped up and grabbed the bottle of water she had kept by the bed and poured some into a cup.  She pressed a straw to his lips and he drank thirstily as his eyes narrowed on her.

The door opened and a huge man with salt and pepper hair walked into the room.  Mina had seen him a few times at the hospital and she knew he was an important man.  Ink had introduced them, but she couldn’t recall his name.

“When did he wake up?”  His voice was deep and stern in a way that made Mina feel like she was in the principal’s office in grade school.

“Just now.  I was about to call the nurse when you walked in.”

He nodded and stepped closer to the bed.

“Well, I guess you proved yourself after all.  No more shit.  How you doin’?”


Preach let a half grin curl his lips and his eyes seemed to dance with mischief.  “No reason to bullshit me Tommy.”

Tommy seemed to sag in the bed and get paler.  “I feel like shit Preach.  What the hell happened and why the fuck is she here?”

Preach’s brows almost disappeared into his hair.  “Not like you to complain about a woman bein’ around.  She wanted to nurse you since you saved her ass.  Since she’s Ink’s cousin, I thought it would be alright.”

Tommy looked furious.  “Well it ain’t alright.  Get her the fuck away from me.”

Preach crossed his arms and turned to Mina.  “Step outside and we can talk in a minute.  Don’t you dare leave either.”

Mina felt her eyes go wide and she nodded.  She looked to Tommy, but couldn’t meet his eyes.  “I’m sorry.”

“You fucking should be!”  He yelled as she closed the door.  Something crashed against the door and she felt her eyes burn. 

Nothing had changed.





Tommy had been working as hard as Preach would allow him to.  He had been working with prospects and the newest of the brothers that had patched in a short time ago.  There were a couple of new guys that rode with them sometimes and Tommy wondered if Preach was getting ready to pull him and Jack off this job.  Tommy didn’t know how to feel about that.  It was hell, but he loved the ride.  A little time at home would be nice though.  Seemed like he had been on his bike more than off it in the past year and it was starting to wear on him.  He was starting to yearn for a place to settle down and he was ready to hand this operation over to Choo-Choo and Gator. 

Sometimes he still got looks of hate from Mike and a couple of the brothers, but he figured he always would.  He had screwed up and it had almost cost Mike his woman and then he’d shot his mouth off and earned the dislike of Spec, whom he had learned was almost as lethal as Lawless and that man was without a fucking soul as far as Tommy could figure.  He had no idea how a hot assed woman like Nikki could stand the man.  Tommy wondered if Law hurt Nikki in bed, wondered if that’s how he got his kicks.  He had seen the man though when Nikki had cut her hand on a broken bottle at the bar.  Tommy had thought at the time that Law would kill the little waitress that had dropped the bottle, but Nikki had soothed the murder in his eyes.

Tommy shrugged.  He had no idea how to read any of them.  He wasn’t close to a single one of them except Jack and he was beginning to like Choo-Choo and Gator as he got to know them better.  He liked the gig Preach had given to him and Jack, made them feel like they were really a part of the club.  They had a lot of responsibility and Preach had left the entire operation to them to look after with only Choo-Choo and Gator and the prospects he sent out.  There wasn’t much to it, but it still felt good to have a chance to prove himself. 

He felt like he had done that.  He hoped that someday the brothers would lose that look in their eyes, but it would take a while.  Tommy had chosen a hard life with hard men and he would accept that.  He knew thought that each and every one of those men would lay down their lives to protect him, even if he didn’t deserve it.  That was brother hood.  That is why they all bound themselves to the club and vowed to the brotherhood.  That is what mattered.  That is what made them family.


Tommy wanted to laugh.  He’d had a family once and a girl all picked out to marry when he got old enough.  That hadn’t turned out so well.  Who needed that shit?  He had his bike and he had his club.  He had all the pussy he wanted and could do as he pleased.  That was life.

He rubbed his chest over the scar he’d gotten over a year ago.

The wound had healed and with it he felt a respect from the brothers, even if it was given grudgingly, but there was an emptiness that had nothing to do with the bullet.  Most assumed that he had risked his life in an attempt to save Candy, Spec’s old lady and her friend from a deranged brother, but the reality was a little different, it was selfish and somewhere deep inside he felt guilty for it.  He couldn’t let Willa die, not by any hand, but his.  Her death was his to claim and he would, but he had to do so carefully since she was coincidentally the cousin of one of his brothers.  He would have to tread lightly and her death would have to come after enough time had passed that he wouldn’t be suspected.  She had ruined his life and he would take hers from her, and he would do it as slowly as she had done with him.  He would keep her, torment her and haunt her until she couldn’t look in the mirror without seeing eyes so filled with rage and fear that they looked foreign.  Then, after she had suffered, he would kill her.

He took a long drink of his beer and watched the blonde on stage.  It had been a little over a year since he’d seen Mina.  Her visits were always when he was away and that was fine by him, but he had been busy.  He’d found out where she lived and where she worked and he had scoped out her social media pages.  She would be easy to snatch, but he would have to be careful because she would be missed.  She’d made friends.  It seemed that everyone loved her.  Those friends wouldn’t save her from him though.  He would kill every one of them if he had to, but only her blood would soothe the beast inside his head. 

He grinned as the woman on stage whipped off her top and freed her giant tits.  He liked a good titty bar and the boys in the West coast club owned this one. 
That’s what the bitch was doing too, shaking her tits and Tommy felt his pants go snug.  Just hard enough to take care of business without making him miserable.  Just the way he liked it.

He spread his legs and leaned back in his chair as another of the club girls walked his way.  He didn’t care for this one as much, she looked too much like… fuck, his pants went tight.  Teeth-gritting-eye-watering tight.  Damn it he hated thinking of Willa.

“Hey there baby, want a dance?”  Hell he couldn’t remember this one’s name.  Her hair was almost black and her eyes were blue, just like Willa’s.  His dick hardened until he had to clench his teeth.  He was pressed against his zipper so hard he would wear the pattern of the teeth for a few days.

“Oh you are feeling frisky.”  The Willa look alike purred as she straddled his lap and rubbed her tits in his face.  “We could make this a little more personal if you want to baby.  I love fucking a brother.”

“Yeah I bet you do.  No chance at old lady with me though darlin’, but I’ll work that pussy for you.”  He said as he cupped her pussy.  She moaned right on que and he winked at her and let her pull him from his chair.

Fuck why couldn’t he get Willa out of his head?  Mina, he corrected himself, she liked to be called Mina, but he had always called her Willa, because he wanted something to be his own.  He had wanted her to be his own.  Fuck.  He couldn’t think about her.  His dick was about to burst.  She had betrayed him.  Why was it he could never get this hard unless he thought about her?  Why was it that he never wanted to fuck any woman that reminded him of her, but he was drawn to them?  Why was sex never satisfying unless he called her name when he finished?

Shit, he was so fucked up.

The woman led him to a dark room with a black leather couch.  She pushed him down and straddled his hips.

“Tell me what you want baby.”

“You can’t give me what I want.  All you can do is stand in her place.”

She looked insulted, but Tommy didn’t give a fuck.  He shoved her to her knees and unfastened his pants.  He grabbed her inky hair and pulled her to his iron hard shaft.  His head fell back as he felt the heat of her mouth surround him.  He closed his eyes and pictured his Willa.  His eyes opened to slits as he watched this woman’s dark head bob on his dick.  She wasn’t Willa, but he could almost convince himself that she was.

“Come on Willa.  Suck it baby.”

The woman pulled back as if she were going to correct him, but he kept his dick deep in her mouth.  His hand in her hair kept her at the rhythm he wanted and it wasn’t long before he groaned Willa’s name and filled this whore’s mouth with his seed.

He let her go after he felt her swallow and she shoved away from him.

“You asshole.  My name’s not Willa.”

“I don’t give a fuck what your name is.  My shit belongs to Willa, you just get to hold on to it.”

He didn’t even open his eyes when he heard her walk out and slam the door.  He just smiled as he pictured Willa kneeling on the floor between his knees.  She was smiling up at him with her lips shiny and swollen.  Then he reached for her and wrapped his hand around her throat.  Her big blue eyes widened with fear and he felt his dick twitch again.  He fisted it in his hand and squeezed as he thought about squeezing Willa’s throat.

His phone rang and he let out a string of curses as he fastened his pants and picked it up.

“What the fuck do you want?”

“I miss you Tommy.” 

Shit.  Tommy rubbed his eyes.  Damned crazy fucking woman.  He had fucked her to get back at Marty for turning him down.  Marty had been the only woman who had turned his head since Willa and it had pissed him off that she hadn’t given it up to him.  He had fucked this redheaded chick for spite and then she had been taken by the Devils and tortured.  He had gone behind his brothers’ backs to rescue her, but the damage had been done.  He thought he’d owed her though since he blamed himself for her kidnapping, just like he did for Marty’s, but right now he couldn’t even remember her name and he’d be just fine if she disappeared off the face of the earth.

“Look.  There is nothing between us.  You need to leave me the fuck alone.”

“I love you.  I know you love me too.  You rescued me.”

“I fucking rescued you because it was my fault they got to you.  Nothing else.  I don’t fucking want you so get some therapy or something.”

“I could suck your dick too.  I know how you guys like it now.  I could do it for you too.  I can take it down my throat now without gagging like I used to.”

Shit.  That made his skin crawl.  He didn’t want her mouth on him after she had sucked Devil cock.  Her words sank in and he looked around the room.  She was beginning to creep him the fuck out.  How the hell did she know he had just had his dick sucked anyway?

“Are you fucking watching me?”

“I just want to know what you like so I can take care of you.  I love you.  I know you love me too.  You risked everything for me.”

He hit the button to end the call and tore the room apart.  She wasn’t in there, but he knew she was close.  He wanted to break her neck, but something about the way her voice sounded just made him sick.  He wasn’t the kind to be afraid of anything, but this woman had started making his skin crawl.  There was nothing she could do to him.  She couldn’t get to anybody he loved because there wasn’t a single person on earth he gave a shit about. 

Mina’s face swam into his mind and he cursed.

That bitch didn’t know about his Willa.  It made his blood run cold at the thought of the crazy woman anywhere near his sweet Willa.

“Fuck.  No.  She’s an evil fucking bitch.  Fuck!”

He stormed out of the room and back to the bar. 

“Let’s get the fuck out of here Jack.”  He said as he found his brother at the bar.  The man had his back to all the action.  Something was up with Jack lately and he would make a point to ask about it as soon as he didn’t feel hunted.

Jack looked at the phone Tommy gripped in his hand.  “Again?”

“Every fucking time.”

“Need to deal with that bitch Tommy.  Before she hurts somebody.”

Tommy knew Jack was right, but he couldn’t think about anything but getting out of sight. 

“Have Spec take a look at your phone when we get back.  Psycho bitch may have found a way to bug it.”  Jack took a long drink of his beer before he walked away.

Tommy had thought of that too, but he’d looked it over and didn’t see anything, besides he hadn’t even seen her since he’d pulled her out of that shithole and stuck her on a bus.  He’d changed phones since then.

Jack gathered up the others and they headed out.  They had a long way to go.   It was Thursday night and Preach had called church for Saturday night.  They had to cross the whole fucking country in two days and they needed to leave as soon as possible.  They had thought maybe morning would be alright, but after that call Tommy wanted to leave right now and Jack didn’t argue.  Tommy thought Jack seemed too eager to get back home, but he didn’t question it.  If his brother had a woman he was keeping it quiet and Jack was one of the few people Tommy respected, everyone did.  Tommy decided to keep an eye on Jack.  A man got careless when his mind was on home.

They poured out of the bar and headed for their bikes.  Gator and Choo-Choo acted like they had been brothers for years instead of only a few months and Tommy thought of them as equals in most things.  That had seemed to fall into place when Preach started sending out new prospects to switch out ever so often.  Right now they had a lanky fucker with a mess of white-blonde hair.  That hair had earned him the name lambhead and Tommy was pretty sure he hated the moniker as much as he hated standing in the cold guarding their rides, but he was new and he had to take the shit they gave him.  He was better than the last little shit.  Oscar needed to learn a few things before he could be trusted out on the road.  Preach was sorting through the hang arounds and if they passed muster and made prospect then they were sent out to Tommy and Jack within a few months to see if they had what it really took.  Lambhead was showing the most potential so far and he had a wicked sense of humor that helped make the hours on the road a little more tolerable.  Tommy didn’t know much about him and didn’t care to learn yet.  All he knew was the kid liked pussy and he liked to ride and that was enough for Tommy.

The rules were pretty simple as far as prospects went.  They hung around doing shit work for a while unless someone had brought them in, like Gator.  If they had a sponsor then they could sign up as a prospect pretty quick.  Choo-Choo had been put through hell.  He may have never been patched if Ink hadn’t seen some of his drawings and pulled him in to help at the tattoo parlor.  Turned out the man was pretty sharp with numbers too.  Pick had given him shit and Choo-Choo had gotten tangled in his schemes unknowingly, but he’d come out on top and Tommy figured this gig was part of his punishment for not talking that shit through with someone before it got out of hand.  Women loved the fucker too.  Almost to the point that it made him uncomfortable.  They loved his miss-matched eyes and the fact that he was built like a mountain, but he was fairly quiet for a biker and that set him apart as much as his looks.  Tommy figured Choo-Choo had gotten the tattoos over his neck and head to make him look tough, but he Tommy wasn’t sure on that.

BOOK: Tommy Rich: Defendes MC Series Book 7 (Defenders MC Series)
7.03Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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