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Bloodlines Series Book 2


Lindsay Anne Kendal

World Castle Publishing


This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously and are not to be construed as real. Any resemblance to actual events, locations, organizations, or person, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

World Castle Publishing

Pensacola, Florida

Copyright © Lindsay Anne Kendal 2011

ISBN: 9781937085742

Library of Congress Catalogue Number 2011931986

World Castle Publishing November 1, 2011

Licensing Notes

All rights reserved. No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without written permission, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in articles and reviews.

Cover Art: Karen Fuller

Editor: Beth Price




For my Mum and best friend, Trish.

For helping me to achieve my dreams, and

for always being there, I wouldn’t have got

this far without you. I love you.


A big thank you to some very special

friends, Jane Anne Linsdell for your friendship

and constant support.

Also to Pauline and Alan Smith for your

support and constant encouragement.




Not many people are given a second chance to live. Those that are see it as a blessing, they get to be with their loved ones again and maybe even live out their dreams.


I don't know if I see it as a blessing. What if the one you loved wasn’t alive? What if instead he was from another realm, a realm you had been taken away from? Would you want to live again knowing that you would have to spend time apart?


What if you had to live your life feeling on edge from morning until night? If you had to watch your friends suffer around you, fighting for survival. Would you really want to come back to that? Of course you would want to help them, to make sure they survive, but, could you actually do anything to change the outcome? Could you be sure you were strong enough to keep them all and yourself safe, alive?


What would you do if you were me?


I know what I want to do.



Chapter One

The Return


It felt strange being back in the house, even though it was actually mine. I’d only been gone just short of three weeks, as far as the guys were concerned, but for me, it was almost three months. Everything was the same at the house except for a few new magazines on the coffee table in the living room. Lily hadn't taken down any of our photographs, or even moved one of my necklaces off the top of the fireplace. The house was spotless, a lot cleaner than when I was last here, someone had obviously been spring cleaning, maybe to keep themselves busy, and to try and keep their mind off what had happened.

All the guys’ parents had gone home. They said it would be unfair for everyone to be here, throwing questions at me all at once, and they wanted to give me and the guys time to ourselves. I’d told them they were more than welcome to come in, but they wouldn’t. They said the guys could fill them in on everything when they went home and that they would see me later in the week. They all hugged me to death and Sofia got very emotional again, then they had left.

To be honest with you, I was glad they hadn't stayed really; it was going to be bad enough having the guys staring at me without having all their parents doing it too. That was something I hadn't missed at all, all the questions and being watched all the time. Where I’d just been, I had had a few questions thrown at me too, but nothing like what I got when I was here.

I threw my coat over the back of the sofa and flopped down. Lily sat beside me while the others, except Jake, got comfy on the other sofa and the chairs.

“This seems so strange,” I told them, while looking around the room.

“Being back you mean?” Tyler asked.


“You look good,” Danny told me.

“Thank you, I feel it.”

“Coffee, people,” Jake said, walking in with a tray of cups. “And a tea for Keira.”

We all took our drinks and then everyone turned silent. They were all staring at me, watching my every movement.

“Oh dear,” I said between taking sips of my drink, “I was afraid of this.”

“Afraid of what?” Lily asked.

“The moment of awkward silence.”

“I think we’re still trying to get our head around the fact that you’re actually here,” Lucian told me. “It’s a bit of a shock for everyone.”

“Don't forget, Keira, you died! We had to bury you, go on without you…” Tyler trailed off.

“Then suddenly you reappear, kick Argyle’s ass, and now you’re sitting here with a cup of tea in your hands, looking healthy and talking to us,” Jake added.

“I know,” I nodded. “So I take it I need to explain everything tonight then?”

“No, after everything that's just happened, I don't think we would stay awake long enough to hear everything,” Danny replied. “As much as we all might want to.”

“OK, I’ll tell you a story tomorrow then.”

“We’ve all been staying here,” Jake informed me. “We sorted out all the guestrooms and moved in while everything was going on; we thought it would be best if we were all together.”

“I know.”

“How do you know?”

“I thought you didn’t want to know everything tonight?”

“Not everything, but you could tell us a few things,” Lucian suggested.

“OK, sometimes I was able to watch you. Not very often, but on a couple of occasions…”

“When? How?” Lily asked.

“There was a viewing pool where I was staying; it allows you to see anyone in any realm, at any given time. It’s a sacred pool filled with water, and the person who wants to see what’s going on elsewhere simply asks the pool to show them. So, I saw you all move in, when you were watching the news…erm…I saw Danny punching holes out of the bags in the gym, and I saw Lily moping around the house. That's about it really, well apart from before, but that's what I’ll tell you tomorrow,” I explained. “I’ll tell you something else as well. To you guys I’ve been gone nearly three weeks, but where I’ve been, well, time was different; I was gone for nearly three months.”

“Three months?” Danny cried, almost choking on his coffee.

“Yeah, it’s like, one week here is a month there, although there are still twenty-four hours in each day and time doesn’t pass any quicker. It’s really hard to explain.”

“Where were you?” Tyler asked me.

“Are you sure you want me to answer that tonight?”

“Yes!” they replied in unison.

Just as I was about to answer the doorbell rang.

“Saved by the bell,” I said, getting up.

When I opened the door Eligos was standing there, his sapphire-blue eyes staring straight at me.

“Hey!” he smiled.

“Come on in,” I said, moving out of his way. “I didn't expect you to use the doorbell; I thought you would just appear.”

“I didn't want to frighten anyone. Are you sure you want to do this?” he asked.

“Yes, why, don't
want to?”

“It doesn’t bother me either way.”

I shut the door and led him into the living room. When we walked in they all stood up.

“Everyone, I know you’ve met once already but it wasn’t a proper meeting really, was it? So, guys, this is Eligos; Eligos, meet Lily and the guys,” I said.

Everyone shook his hand and introduced themselves. Only Tyler and Lucian seemed a little wary, but they were still pleasant with him.

Once the meet and greet was over Lily went to sit on Jake’s knee so Eligos could sit beside me.

“Do you want a drink?” Jake asked him.

“No I’m fine thanks.”

“I’m sorry but I have to say this,” Danny said to him. “You’re an amazing fighter.”

“Thanks, I’ve had a lot of practice.”

“Can I ask you something?” Lily asked him.


“This isn’t meant to sound rude but…what are you?”

“I was waiting for someone to ask that,” he smiled. “Keira, do you want to tell them? That way it doesn’t sound like I’m blowing my own horn.”

“Oh for God’s sake, you should be proud of what you are,” I told him, before turning to look at the others. “Eligos is a Grand Duke of Hell, a Knight of the Superior Order, and a close personal friend of Lilith. He commands sixty legions of demons and just to let you know, that's three hundred and sixty thousand.”

“Wow!” Lily said.

“Hell!” Tyler abruptly interrupted, sounding shocked for some reason.

“Where do you expect demons to come from?” Eligos asked, raising an eyebrow.

“How old are you? You look a little young to be all that,” Jake asked, rather bewildered.

“In appearance, I’m twenty-five, but in actual years, I’m around four and a half thousand years old.”

None of them knew what to say; they were
in shock now.

“Well, I’ll tell you something, I hope I still look so young when I’m your age,” Danny smirked.

Eligos just laughed at him.

“How many demons did you have with you before?” Lucian asked him.

“Just over five hundred, one for every possessed body in there.”

“Are you still Keira’s protector?” Lily enquired.


“For how long?”

“Keira, these guys ask more questions than you do! I honestly didn’t think that was possible,” he smirked at me.

“Shut up!” I teased.

“I’ll be her protector for as long as I’m needed,” he told Lily.

“Why didn’t you stop her from dying then?” Tyler asked coldly.

“Even if I’d been here, I couldn’t have stopped her; it was her choice to do it,” Eligos said, not reacting to Tyler’s off tone. “Besides, I brought her back, didn’t I?”

They all fell silent and looked at each other.

“OK,” I sighed, “I think that’s enough questions for one night.”

“Keira, I need to speak to you alone for a moment,” Eligos almost whispered to me.

“OK. Excuse us a moment,” I said, before walking out of the room with him. We walked outside and stood next to my car.

“Don't tell them too much all at once,” he told me.

“I know, I’ll tell them a little bit at a time.”

“Have you told them you’re different now?”

“I’ve mentioned it, but I haven’t told them

“Good, don't! Not yet. I don't think they could handle it,” he said sincerely. “They lost you, now you’re back, they’ve met me, and you’re going to tell them where you’ve spent the last three weeks, months, whatever. I think that's more than enough for now. Let them enjoy having their friend back for a while.”


“I better get going.”

“When will I see you again?”

“The next time you need me.”

“Oh!” I whispered, trying to hide how sad I was starting to feel.

“That doesn’t just mean the next time there’s a fight.”

I looked at him just as he started to fade away.

“It means whenever you need me, call out…I’ll be listening,” he smiled, and then slowly disappeared.

I stood leaning against my car for a few minutes, looking at my house. I knew they were all inside waiting for me but I needed a few minutes to myself; I’d had a lot to take in lately, not much time to actually process everything I’d been told, and now I had to start explaining everything to
This would also be the first time in three months, as far I was concerned, that I wouldn’t be spending most of my time with Eligos. Now I didn’t know when I would see him again. I’d become really attached to him and being away from him upset me.

BOOK: Torment
5.06Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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