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Authors: Guillermo Del Toro,Daniel Kraus

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Claire and I broke our embrace.

Steve, his true form revealed decades before he could mature to a position of global power, screamed at the moon. Tub got out of the way, his work there done, and he motioned for Dad to quit
with the heroics for one night and give the professionals room to work. Dad nodded, turned to Jack, and gave his little brother a go-ahead nod.

To my right, Jack unsheathed his sword with a satisfying

To my left, Blinky chuckled, ready to win one more for ARRRGH!!!

Claire gave me a final air kiss and dropped me a devilish wink before using her blade to slice the night into dozens of beautiful shards that dazzled her fellow trollhunters as much as it
infuriated the thing that used to be Steve. It was with a weary sigh and more than a few protesting muscles that I took my place beside her, beside all of them. This had been one hell of a long
night. But I knew by then the truths of my trade as well as any trollhunter who’d answered the call. Long nights were just part of the deal.

is known for his critically acclaimed feature films, such as
Pan’s Labyrinth
, and
Pacific Rim
, as well as his best-selling Strain Trilogy.

is the award-winning author of
and is the director of six feature films. He lives with his wife in

BOOK: Trollhunters
2.36Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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