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True Choices

BOOK: True Choices
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Madison, Willow

True Choices (True Series, Book Three)

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This book is intended for
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. Spanking and other sexual activities represented in this book are fantasies only, intended for adults. Nothing in the book should be interpreted as the author’s advocating any non-consensual spanking activity or the spanking of minors.


Chapter 1 HER

The drive back to the house seems shorter. Maybe because I'm distracted by the rock on my finger! I giggle to myself, stealing a look at Max, who has his hand in my lap. I put my left hand over his, the ring still shining in the lowering sunshine.

I can't believe all that has happened in such a short time! My head is literally swimming! Oh, my God, I need to stop screaming in my head! I laugh and Max turns his head to smile at me, squeezing my thigh.

We went from the bottom of my betrayal two days ago, the depths of his anger, to this...we're engaged! And I'm the luckiest girl in the world! I get to be Mrs. Max Traeger!

I squeeze his hand and he smiles again, keeping his eyes on the thick holiday traffic. I know he doesn't want to keep his family waiting. We have plans for an afternoon ride around the lake. Max is very punctual. Being late is a serious pet-peeve.

I've learned about all of his pet-peeves...well...rules really. I swallow. Looking at my beautiful ring, taking up most of my finger, like a large brick, I know that I might as well be honest with myself. I have rules to follow. Being his wife, I will probably have even more rules to follow...and more consequences if I don't.

I shift in my seat. Even with the small pillow Max allowed me, the lowest part of my butt still hurts from when he spanked me two days ago. I shudder just thinking about how angry I made Max. I don't ever want to get him that angry again. It took him all night to finally forgive me.

"Lucy, are you cold?" Max saw me shudder and is raising the car windows.

"No. I'm fine." I smile at his attentiveness. He always notices everything. "Thank you."

I'd broken so many of his rules on Saturday, I'm still ashamed. And I tested see if he'd let me get away with acting like I could do as I please around my friends. I won't make
mistake again!

I left my phone at his parent's lake house. I didn't want to see all the missed calls and messages from Tracy and Laura. I've been ignoring them since Saturday. I know what they want to say anyway.

I'd misbehaved,
, at our company picnic. And they saw Max's angry reaction. They heard me apologize to him and call him Sir. Tracy flipped out. I almost laugh remembering how red her face was; it matched her hair. And Laura...I think she was just more shocked than anything.

I don't want to think about them, though. Not today. I pull my left hand up again and watch the ring sparkle.

Max laughs at me. "You're going to go blind staring at that."

"You don't's too big?" The ring is very simple. Simple platinum band. Simply one large diamond that sits horizontally across my finger. Max was very proud to tell me all about picking out the stone and setting himself. He had this made just for me. The engraving says, "Always," just like the watch he gave me.

Max takes my left hand and kisses my palm. This never fails to send little shockwaves down my stomach. So tender and gentle. "No. I told my jeweler that I wanted everyone in a fifty-block radius to know you're mine. I think it'll do the job." He winks at me.

We pull into the gravel drive of the house. And I'm suddenly very nervous.

We've had the day to ourselves, the most perfect day. I've been able to daydream about our wedding and our life together. But this is reality. We have to tell his parents, his brother. I don't know how they'll react. We've only known each other for such a short time. Oh, God. I'm going to have to tell
parents and brother.

I'm starting to feel a little queasy as I watch Max come around to open my door. His smile falters when I'm standing next to him and he sees that I'm not smiling anymore.

He pushes his body into mine against the closed car door. With both hands on the sides of my face, he kisses me and whispers into my ear, "You'll be fine."

He always knows what I'm thinking. He says he loves that I'm so expressive. "What if...what if they don't really want you to marry me?" I know the opinion of his family, especially his Dad's, is very important to him.

"Relax," he takes my hand and we walk towards the steps. I try to breathe a little deeper, but feel like I'm choking on my dry throat.

Inside, we can hear laughter coming from the terrace. I follow slowly behind Max through the house and stop at the terrace doors. I try to stay hidden behind him. But Max won't let me. He steps aside and puts his arm around my shoulder, pushing me forward with him. All three people are staring at us; I look at my feet instead of meeting anyone's eyes.

"Well?" Ron, his Dad, speaks first.

"Say hello to your future daughter-in-law." I swallow and jump my eyes up to Max. He's beaming with such happiness and pride that for a second I don't even hear anything else.

Alex, his Mom, jumps up from her seat and runs around to us, grabbing me and hugging me to her chest. "Congratulations! We're so excited!" She grabs my hand and says how beautiful the ring is.

Ron stands and shakes Max's hand congratulating him, before turning to me and putting his arms out. I hesitate before squeezing back his embrace. This is the closest I've been to the man. He's only shook my hand before, very formal. It's where Max gets all of his rules and old fashioned ways, from Ron. 

He's nearly as tall as Max and I can feel that his back and stomach muscles are strong. He doesn't let go, holding me in a side hug, while Alex continues hugging and kissing Max. "Jake, get up and congratulate your brother and his bride." I jump at the edge in Ron's voice. So like Max's.

I've avoided looking at his brother. He always puts me on edge. This morning wasn't any different. His mix of kindness and something he's looking through me. I hear the chair scrape the deck, but keep my eyes down.

"Congratulations, Max! I'm sure you'll both be very happy." He hugs Max and I steal a look. Brothers in a mirror. Same dark waves, green eyes, tall and muscled. Max's hair is shorter, his eyes lighter, but they could be twins. Only three years apart, Max is older at 35. He loves to mock Jake by calling him "little brother." I drop my eyes again before he turns to me.

Ron lets go and I sway a little. I've locked my knees to stop from shaking and held my breath for too long.  Jake grabs me in a hug, but doesn't press against me, just holds me up with his strong arms. He kisses my head, tenderly, "You'll make a beautiful bride, Lucy." He lets go when Max stands next to me again.

I finally look at Jake when he sits back down, watching us. His look is almost unreadable...but I can see a hint of something, a little darkness. I turn away and bury my face in Max's chest. I'm sure Jake is thinking about Julia. Our happiness has to hurt in the face of his recent break-up with her.

"So, have you decided any details...?" Ron is sitting back down. Alex has run off towards the kitchen.

I'm surprised when Max answers, "We'll get married next month." He smiles at the stunned look on my face. I glance at Jake but look away just as quick when I see his shocked look. "I haven't decided where. One of the LPE places in the city maybe." His voice sounds far away to me. I can't grasp that he's discussing our wedding so matter-of-factly. We haven't discussed
of this.

Alex is returning with a tray of glasses and an iced bucket of champagne. I remember seeing this on the counter when we walked in. It only just dawns on me that they knew all along that he was going to propose today.  And they knew I'd say yes. "What about having it here...on the lawn?" She sets the tray in front of Ron.

"That's a great idea," Ron is opening the champagne, the pop is soft but I still jump. I feel like I'm watching from a distance. "We could get a something to make it real nice."

"I'll think about it. I can get one or more of the LPE restaurants to cater, but this might be a little too much of a drive...could be nice as long as the weather holds up, though." He holds a chair for me to sit and I'm glad to take it. My knees feel a little shaky still. He keeps talking about which of the restaurants he would most likely use. Since he's a partner in the largest restaurant/bar owner/management group in the city, he can have his choice.

"What do
want, Lucy?" Jake is sitting on the other side of the table from me. The dark blue water of Lake Michigan framing his shoulders and face. He spoke very quietly, but all eyes turn to him, then me.

"I..." I swallow and say in small voice, "I don't know...I...we haven't talked about all that yet..." I shoot my eyes at Max.  He hands me a glass of champagne.

"To my Lucy. To our future." Everyone raises a glass; Jake last. I take a big sip.

Jake downs his and reaches for more. "Take it easy, son. You're driving the boat tonight." Ron says this with that same edge to his deep voice. Max is so like him.

I think Jake's going to say something back for a second. Instead, he stops pouring and mumbles, "Yes, Sir."

"And you two better'll probably be a little chillier on the water." Alex is nodding at us.

Max stands up and pulls my chair for me. I take another big gulp before setting my glass down and getting up.

Going up the stairs, I watch how the light catches the ring. It definitely gets attention, just like Max wanted. No mistaking that I'm taken. This makes me smile and relax again.

At least his family seemed happy...that went better than I expected. At the top of the stairs, I turn and put my arms around his neck. He's still a little taller than me, but I can easily kiss his forehead. He picks me up around my waist and carries me backwards towards our room, kissing.

"Get changed quickly." He swats my butt, eliciting a small yelp, since it's still sore. "You still have to call your family."

Oh, God. Why did he have to remind me?! "I can do that when we get back..."

His smile changes slightly, a little more crooked, a little frown to his brow. I hurry over to my suitcase and pull out the long dress I brought. Max wouldn't let me bring any pants or shorts. He likes me to look girlie and feminine. I'd rather be wearing jeans and a sweatshirt on the water, but I don't have any choice.

It's the end of summer; the nights are already crisping. The three-quarter sleeve, long cotton dress is the best option I brought. I have a long wool cardigan too. "How's this?" I turn so Max can see me. He's just pulling on a V-neck sweater over his head, the deep olive color complimenting his eyes.

He grins, "You look great...but you're still going to freeze. I'll get a scarf and gloves for you from my Mom." He starts to leave, but turns at the door and nods with a stern look again towards the dresser, "Your phone's over there."

I walk slowly over to it. Five missed calls; I don't look to see the details. Ten new text messages; I ignore these too. I pick my parents out of the long list of contacts.

Dad picks up. "Hi, Dad. It's Lucy." I try to put all the happiness I was feeling earlier into my voice again.

"Hey, sweetheart.” He pulls his mouth away from the phone a little, “Lizzie! It's Lucy on the phone!" Dad hurts my ear yelling into the background for Mom.

Mom picks up another phone loudly. "Hi, sweetie! ...How's your visit going?" She sounds abnormally excited to hear from me.

I take a deep breath and hold it for a second. "I have some news..." My voice sounds extra high to me.

Mom actually squeals in high-pitched excitement, but Dad says calmly, "Let her
us first, Lizzie..."

"Max and I are engaged." I say it slowly, waiting to hear their reaction. They've only met him once.

Mom squeals again and Dad says, "Ok,
you can congratulate her."

Mom starts gushing, "Oh that's such great news, Lucy! Congratulations! Max is
a wonderful man!" I was not expecting
much excitement from her. I know she wants me to be married with a passel of grandkiddies on the way, but...

"You knew?"

"Max called me yesterday. He's a very formal young man...he asked me for your hand." My Dad sounds proud. Of course Max would ask my Dad's permission first. He is very traditional.

My Mom is still giggling on her phone. "He actually used those words, too," she giggles more, "He didn't say when he was going to ask, but I was hoping we wouldn't have to sit on this news for long! Oh, honey, I'm so happy for you!"

"Thanks, Mom."

"Congratulations, sweetheart!" My Dad sounds like he's tearing up.

" did he ask?" Mom's excitement is still running high.

I want to tell her that he didn't ask, technically. He
me to say yes. "It was very romantic. He took me to a secluded hilltop above the lake. We had the most perfect picnic and he had the ring wrapped inside a napkin with the silverware. I was completely surprised!"

"That is so sweet!" Mom still has giggle-fever. Dad only coughs his approval, trying to act like he's not wiping his eyes and nose on his end. His little girl is getting married, after all. "What's the ring look like?"

Huge! "Very pretty, simple...a big solitaire. I'll take a picture with my phone and email it to you."

BOOK: True Choices
9.78Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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