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Twin Pleasures

BOOK: Twin Pleasures

Twin Pleasures

When Donavan and Chase come upon Liana undressing, they are overcome with lust and realize that she is the woman of their dreams. Liana is strong and passionate, with just the right amount of submission to balance out two such dominating men, but will her strength be enough to overcome their past? All her inhibitions crumble in the face of such passion, and the only course left to her is surrender.

Terror is lurking around every corner, as dark forces try to keep these three lovers apart. When Donavan and Chase realize what could be lost, they tighten their defenses and will go to any length to protect what is theirs.

40,317 words


Suzanne Thomas


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Chapter 1

The chilly breeze filtered into the Ford Dually’s cabin through the slight crack in the window. The wind flipped his jet-black hair around, making Donavan impatiently lift his hand to smooth it back while still keeping a hand steady on the wheel.

“What is the address again?” he asked his brother.

“Take the next driveway, and that should be the house, if I’m reading this right.”

The rattle of the trailer echoed throughout the cabin's interior. The unpaved road offered no respite as the truck and trailer headed to the house and barn in the distance. The fence-lined drive snaked its way past large shade trees that seemed to loom over the passing truck. The paddocks had a few horses grazing, spread out over the area.

Donavan gritted his teeth, remembering the reason they were even here. He just had to come to terms with the loss of Starlight, he thought.

“You know, grinding your teeth is bad for you,” Chase remarked.

“Fuck you.”

“You know this horse is the one. The bloodlines and the championships all make Majestic the obvious choice. I thought we already decided. If you’re unsure, then maybe we should keep on looking. Though he’s already made more than Starlight, and I seriously don’t think we could do better,” Chase stated.

“That’s not what has me frustrated, ass. The fact that I even have to replace Starlight is still pissing me off. I can’t believe he just died like that. Fuck, he was only 12 years old.” Donavan cursed.

“I know, I know. The investigation will hopefully turn up something,” Chase said in a soothing voice.

Donavan shook his head irritably. It still amazed him sometimes how different they were in personality. Here he was, still angry, and his twin, his carbon copy, was calm and controlled. He smiled to himself and shot a glance to the side toward his brother.

“You know, I remember a raging lunatic punching walls and kicking stall doors just a few weeks ago,” Donavan said with a smirk on his lips.

“Fuck you.”

Donavan laughed, relaxing a little from the tension tightening his shoulders. That was what his twin did for him. He balanced his life.

Donavan pulled the truck up along the circular driveway and stopped at the entrance of the house. The wraparound porch was vast and held an assortment of chairs, inviting people to sit and relax. The cushions on all the chairs matched, with a festive fabric that brightened the otherwise dull whitewash. He could see that the house and the surrounding grounds had a well cared for but worn look to them. The slight aging of the property might be from hard times, but the care and love that was present spoke highly for the present owners, he thought.

“Well, the address is correct, but no one seems to be home,” Chase said as he came down the stairs and got back into the truck.

“Let’s go over to the barn and see if anybody is working,” Donavan stated as he drove the truck over the gravel road to park behind the barn where he could see other trucks and trailers parked.

The huge barn could house fifty horses at least, but many of the stalls stood empty. The walkways, though, were swept clean, and everything was well organized, clearly kept in immaculate condition. The heads of the few horses swiveled their way, and the bright, intelligent eyes followed them as they walked down the corridor. They had only gone a little ways when his brother’s hand blocked his path. He looked over in question and turned to follow his brother’s stunned gaze. Donavan swallowed and stood transfixed.

The girl coming out of the farthest stall was dancing and gyrating her hips to some music that he couldn’t hear. Donavan could see the earbud cords hanging down her chest. She continued to gyrate and move to a hidden beat, much to his pleasure, as her breasts bounced and hips undulated. Her hair was fashioned in a ponytail and hung to just the edge of her beautifully rounded bottom. She lifted her hands over her head and pumped her hips, making his cock harden painfully against his jeans.

“I want her under me when she does that,” Donavan groaned while his brother just stood there smiling.

She was going in and out of the stall and kept checking the front entrance, but never looked toward the rear. The music must have had a heavy beat by the way she was moving. He could see the fine sheen of perspiration over her face that indicated she had been at it for a while. Her chestnut hair swung and whipped around while she moved. She had finely boned cheeks and very full lips made for kissing. He could make out her thick eyelashes but couldn’t see her eye color. He stepped forward to rectify that when the lights overhead started to blink on and off suddenly.

The girl dropped the pitchfork and ran toward them without noticing they stood staring at her, hidden in the shadow of the rear barn doors. She stopped at a little alcove and pulled out her earphones. She took a few steadying breaths before she picked up the phone. Apparently, they had their phone wired to the lights for some reason.

“Petersen Farms, this is Liana, how may I direct your call?” she said with her head cocked to the side as she listened to the caller. A smile bloomed on her face as she started laughing. “I am just creating a professional persona for you. No, the Marsh brothers haven’t arrived yet. Yep, his Majesty’s been groomed from the tip of his glorious tail to his cute little nose. No, no problems. 20 minutes, okay. Well, then I am going to head out,” she said as she dragged a duffel bag out from under the phone stand. “No, Charlie came and took my car to get new tires on the front and a tune-up. I had planned to go for a run and figured the five miles to town would be a great stretch. The rain's not supposed to start until midnight if we believe the weatherman. Okay, I will see you on the driveway. Bye, sis.”

She replaced the phone and picked up the duffel, heading toward the front.

Donavan followed slowly, enjoying the view of her ass encased in her tight jeans. He was just at the point of calling out to get her attention when she replaced the earphone. He shook his head. He didn't want to shout.

Donavan could see her wiggle her hips as she once again lost herself in the music. She reached up and, to his shock and delight, whipped her top off. He stopped and glanced over at Chase and saw the same look of disbelief and pleasure on his face. He turned back and just couldn’t believe what he was seeing. She unhooked her bra, and it dropped to the floor. She danced around in a circle showing off her bountiful breasts as they bounced and jiggled with her every movement, much to his cock's enjoyment. She used the edge of the stall to steady herself while taking off her boots, before unbuttoning her jeans and wiggling out of them. She bent again to the duffel, giving them a titillating view of her plump bottom in nothing but a white thong. Her iPod was strapped to her upper arm, and the cords swung with each movement, sometimes catching on turgid nipples, making them harder.

Her body, in a word, was gorgeous. Her full, high-tipped breasts, a tapered waist that flared into sumptuous hips, made his hands itch to touch. Her long, supple legs seemed to go on forever. Her skin glowed in the filtered sunlight, and her long hair appeared to be on fire. She swayed and shimmied as she went about dragging clothes out of the bag. He could see every inch of her lush body as she moved around. When she reached up to undo her hair, he held his breath and heard his brother do the same as her breasts lifted and her stomach went taut, giving them a glimpse of the auburn curls peeking out of the silk white thong, testifying that she was a true redhead. The hair flowed free for a second, creating a hidden curtain to all her mouthwatering assets before being retied and braided. Each movement of her lifted hands caused her breasts to thrust toward them.

Donavan heard his brother groan as their seductress slipped on a sports bra, covering that piece of succulent flesh. He sympathized as he himself mourned their loss, but what really pained him was the loss of that plump ass as it, too, was covered in a pair of shorts. The T-shirt was the last barrier to come down, ending their voyeurism.

They looked at each other and smiled. Donavan knew their thoughts were as one,
she is ours
. They made their way up the aisle and came to stand a few feet from her as she continued to sway to the music.

He cleared his throat loudly and watched her jump around like a startled rabbit sensing a predator. Which wasn't too far from the truth, as all he wanted to do was to devour every inch of her luscious body.

"Hello, beautiful," Donavan said when she took the earphones off.

He smiled as she glanced behind them trying to determine how much they had seen. He let his smile get wider as her lovely eyes widened in dismay and a fiery blush covered her chest and traveled up her neck to her cheeks.

* * * *

Liana at first thought she was dreaming. This was definitely out of one of her fantasies. The cleaning that she had just finished before the phone call had created a nice endorphin high that skyrocketed at their appearance. She slowly reached up and plucked the earphones out of her ears. She glanced behind them and then out the front with an embarrassing blush she could feel staining her cheeks.

“How long have you guys been here?” she asked softly, in mortification, her eyes taking in the two identical stunning men in front of her. Overcome by their appearance, their intense masculinity made her body react to them. She felt her nipples harden painfully and her pussy flood with moisture. Wow, she thought, I am so horny.

She swallowed and licked her suddenly dry lips. Their powerful, broad shoulders tapered to well-defined waists, revealing each ripple of muscles on their tight stomachs. The area covering their cocks tightened noticeably, displaying two very aroused men. They were twin replicas of handsomeness. Wavy black hair, chiseled faces, sensual lips, rich chocolate brown eyes all formed not just one, but two mouthwatering, stunning men.

She stood immobile, as if with their presence alone, they held her captive. Her body felt enflamed by their heated gazes as they slowly looked their fill. She lifted her arms up to hold them against her nipples in an attempt to hide her attraction from them. She could tell by the searing gaze from one of them that the gesture was futile.

“Um, hi. Are you the Marsh brothers? My sister will be here any minute,” she said, trying to distract them from her body's reaction. She couldn’t help her own eyes from darting down to see their arousals clearly displayed. She swallowed and bit the inside of her lip to stop the moan that wanted to break free. Her nipples had become fiery points of pain every time she moved her arms.

She watched as the one on the left glanced sideways at his brother before he took a step toward her. She stood still as he traced a finger over her cheek and across her full bottom lip. She couldn’t help her tongue peeking out for a quick taste. His eyes darkened, and he slowly placed a hand on her arms to lower them before moving up to cup her breast, stroking the hardened nipple, causing her to moan and gasp, but surprisingly, she didn’t even consider moving away or smacking him. She let him fondle and stroke her breasts as if it was the most natural thing to do. Her whole body trembled on the verge of something indescribably wonderful. The ache between her legs throbbed with the beat of her heart. When he stepped closer, reaching his other hand around to settle on her bottom, pulling her toward him, all the while fondling her, she gasped softly and bit her lip, but willingly went into his arms. The moan she had held back broke free, long and drawn out.

She couldn’t understand the sudden desire to surrender to this man. The sensual haze put her body apart from her mind. She, of course, knew who they were, Chase and Donavan Marsh, the owners of the biggest ranch in this part of Texas, but she didn’t know them personally. She had never been promiscuous and had only had a few lovers, but for some reason, this man controlled her. She should be screaming in outrage and demand that he leave her alone, but all she wanted to do was to crawl into him and relieve the pressure building between her legs. The desirability she felt for him overshadowed all her previous attractions to any man.

Oh, my God! she thought, as every inch of his body settled against hers in a possessive embrace that brought such a rush of adrenaline, it made her lightheaded. She hadn’t had sex in such a long time that maybe giving in to this impulse would be just what she needed. When she felt his moist breath against her lips, she lifted half-mast eyes to meet his.

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