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I walk into the office and go to stand behind him.
I lean down to his ear and whisper. “Why so stressed, baby?”

He jumps and I let out a little laugh, wrapping my
arms around his neck. “You scared me.” He chuckles to himself.

“Well, I stood in front of you for two minutes and
you never even saw me,” I whisper quietly.

He reaches up and places his hands over mine.
“Sorry, Angel. I just have a lot on my mind.”

I stand back and spin his chair around. I smile
when he sees my outfit. His eyes look me up and down before they land on my
chest. I will admit those babies are pushed up so high they practically touch
my chin.

“You like?” I cup my breasts and run my hands
slowly down my corset.

“I love,” he says in awe. His eyes are now
following my hands.

I lean over placing my hands on his thighs. I look
down to see his dick bulging behind his zipper.

He reaches up, grabbing the back of my neck. He
pulls my lips toward his so fast I almost lose my balance. His kiss is hard,
his lips stealing my breath as his tongue invades my mouth. I lean into him,
letting him have whatever he wants. I want him to bend me over his desk, rip my
panties off and fuck me right here.

He pulls away as his cell rings. I stand up, inhaling
deeply and pulling my corset down as he turns his chair so he can answer his

“Hello?” he asks, clearing his throat.

“This is he.” He pauses. “Yes, Mr. Noland. I spoke
to your son just a few minutes ago. I told him we would go over his case first
thing in the morning.”

I walk around his desk to try to get his attention.
His glances up at me and then looks back down to his desk as he picks up a pen.
“Yes, that is what I said. I will need to know the names of all the parties
involved.” He looks up at me and it’s like he forgets he’s on the phone. His
eyes lock on mine and I can see the desire. He wants to crawl over his desk and
pin me to the floor. He wants to take me just the way I like it.

“Huh?” he says with those blue eyes still on mine.

He shakes his head and looks back down to his desk
as he snaps out of it. “One moment, Mr. Noland,” he says pulling the phone away
from his ear, cupping one hand over the speaker.

“I need to take this call, Angel. I’ll be in the
bedroom as soon as I’m done.” He then places the phone back to his ear and picks
up his pen.

I let out a breath and turn around. I walk into our
bedroom, and take off my shoes followed by corset, throwing it onto the floor
by the bed. I then pick up the sack that has the new sheets and take it to the
laundry room to wash them.

I slide the new pillowcase
on my pillow and lie down on top of our new clean sheets. Slade is still in his
office. At some point, while I was doing laundry he closed his door. I made him
some dinner while the sheets were being washed. I half expected for him to
appear and take me in the kitchen, but that was just wishful thinking.

I get up off the bed and head into our bathroom. I
think a hot bubble bath sounds good.

I pour some bubbles in as the water rises. I take
off my panties and step into the bathtub. I hiss in a breath at how hot it is,
but it feels so good. Once settled, I lean my head back and just enjoy the
sound of the water filling up the tub.

“May I join you?”

I open my eyes and look up to see Slade unbuttoning
his shirt. “If you want.” I shrug carelessly.

He takes off his shirt and then goes to work on his

“Fuck, Angel,” he hisses as he places a foot into
the water.

I let out a little giggle. “I like it hot,” I say
as he sits down behind me, making the water splash over the side of the tub.

I lean back against him and he wraps his arms
around my shoulders. “Sorry about earlier.”

“It’s okay.” I understand his work is important to
him. I would never try to come between that.

“Let me make it up to you.” His arm comes around my
side and he reaches up to massage my breast.



I lightly pinch her nipple
and she arches her back. I reach down and take her hands in mine. I lift her
hands to her tits. “I want you to play with them.”

“I, uh....”

“It’s okay. I want to watch you while I make you
come.” I love that she has never done the things that we do. I love that I get
to experience her first reaction to them.

I place my hand between her legs, sliding two
fingers in and out of her. She leans her head back on my shoulder and closes
her eyes.

She moans and lifts her hips up a bit and I watch
her pinch her nipples a little harder. “You’re so fucking sexy.” I lean down
and whisper in her ear. “I could never get enough of you. Of this.” I push my
fingers in a little deeper, emphasizing what I meant.

I smile as her body slightly jerks. My cock is so
fucking hard for her. I want it to be my dick moving in and out of her, not my
fingers. But I won’t, tonight is just about her. I want to pleasure her. She’s
always trying to make me happy and I know with everything that has been going
on, I feel like I’m either worried about her safety, or yelling at her. Even if
I have to make her come twenty times to make it up to her, I will.

She starts to pant and I see that her hands are
resting on her perfect tits.

I bring my hand around and place it over her hand.
“Don’t stop, baby.”

She moans as she grips her breasts roughly as if
she had forgotten what she was doing.

My fingers get more forceful and my thumb runs over
her clit. I lean down and start to nibble on her ear. I open my eyes as she
tightens around my fingers and I watch as she pinches her nipples and pulls on
her breasts.

Her sweet voice fills the bathroom as she comes,
body shaking and panting for breath. I remove my fingers and let her rest
against my chest as she continues to breathe heavy.

“I love you.” I bend down and kiss the top of her

“I love you,” she whispers. I know she’s tired.
It’s been a long day for both of us.

“Come on. Let me get you washed up and then you can
go to bed.”

She just nods her head and I smile. Although my dick
is hard and aching for her, it will just have to wait until tomorrow.

“Can you guys replace it?” I
say into the phone, talking to Tate, while sitting behind my desk at the firm.

“Yeah. It shouldn’t be a problem. If you want to
bring it by tonight, you can leave it over the weekend.”

“Okay. There’s no rush. Tomorrow is Halloween and
she has the Tahoe she can drive.”

“I’ll order the window after we hang up. If you
want to drop it off tonight, I can put it in as soon as it arrives.”

“Sounds good. Thanks, Tate.”

“No problem.”

I hang up the phone and look at Micah sitting
across from me.

“Do you think it was the same person who broke into
your house?” he asks, sounding worried.

“I don’t know,” I growl, running a hand through my
hair. “I thought the person that broke into the house was after me. What if
they are after Angel?”

“Maybe Jax is back in town?”

I stare at him, trying to decide if that could be a

He shrugs. “He did cheat on Sam in your house. Now
you are with her.” He shrugs again. “It makes sense.”

“Yes, it does.”

“Has she heard from him?”

I begin to say no, but pause. Has she heard from
him? “Not that I know of.”

“I’m just thinking out loud, don’t listen to me.”
He tries giving me a reassuring smile.

“I’ve been looking for you,” Holly says as she
comes walking into my office. “I thought you had a meeting. I’ve been sitting
in your office for twenty minutes,” she complains, walking toward his chair
with her hands on her hips.

“Sorry, babe. My meeting was cancelled, so Slade
and I have been trying to figure out who could have broken the back window of
Slade’s truck.”

“It was probably Jessica.” Holly plops down into
the chair next to Micah. “I swear I don’t know how Sam is putting up with that
shit.” She leans up as if she wants to now jump out of her seat. “The bitch
just won’t stop. She….” She trails off as Micah and I stare at her wide-eyed.

“What are you talking about?” Micah asks before I

“Nothing.” She looks to the floor as she rubs her
forehead and lets out an exasperated sigh.

“Holly,” he urges as she stands up. He grabs her
hand as she attempts to walk away.

“Holly, if you don’t tell me what you meant, I will
call Angel right now and demand that she tell me what she has been keeping from
me,” I growl.

She turns to face me and her shoulders slump. “I
can’t,” she whispers.

I reach over and pick up my phone but before I can
even dial her number, Holly snatches it out of my hand. “Please don’t tell
her,” she cries, “she will kill me.”

“Then start talking,” I snap. “Someone broke into
our house. Someone broke a window to the truck while she was out shopping.” I
release a long breath. “I can’t keep her safe, Holly, if I don’t know all the

She once again falls into the chair she had just
gotten up from. “Jessica has been contacting Sam.”

“How so?” Micah asks as my jaw clenches.

“At first she called Sam from a blocked number,
several times. The first couple of times, Sam just ignored it. Then whenever
she would answer, Jessica would just hang up. Well one day she actually spoke
to Sam. Sam came into work wanting to know what Jessica’s number was.”

“Why would she want her number?” I ask confused.

“Because she had been calling Sam from a blocked
number,” she repeats, “so I helped her get the number. The next time Jessica
called her using a blocked number she let it to go voicemail and then called
Jessica back.”

“And?” Micah asks as I try to process all of this.

She closes her eyes briefly. “Jessica started
sending Sam pictures.”

“What sort of pictures?” I ask, standing from my

“Pictures of you having sex with women,” she says

“What the fuck?” I bark, making her jump.

“Why haven’t you told Slade?” Micah asks also
standing from his chair.

“It gets worse.” She sniffs. I can tell she wants
to hide and cry. She has betrayed her best friend, but I don’t give a fuck. She
is going to tell me everything.

“Then keep going,” I demand.

“Yesterday she sent Sam a video.”

“A video?” I question.

She nods. “A video that you recorded of Bridgette
giving you a blow job and then the two of you having sex.”

“I don’t fucking believe this,” I shout.

“It’s not Sam’s fault,” she cries.

“It’s her fault I didn’t know about this,” I shoot
back. Obviously, I know it’s not Angel’s fault that I allowed women to record,
or take pictures while I was fucking them.

“Calm down, Slade,” Micah says, getting my
attention. “Let’s go about this a different way than screaming.”

I point at Holly. “They have both been hiding shit
from us.”

Micah runs a hand over his head. “I know.” He looks
down at Holly. “What else is there? You said Sam wanted her number? Has Sam
been ignoring her, or calling her as well?”

Holly looks up at me with those big brown eyes and
slowly shakes her head. I sit down in my chair, letting out a breath. “What has
she done?”

She looks at Micah. “You know when I had you come
and get me from their house and take me back to your parents’ house to get my
car?” He nods. “I took a picture from Sam’s phone of her kissing Slade so she could
send it to Jessica.”

I let out a sigh. “This sounds like high school
bullshit.” What the fuck did Angel think she would accomplish from that?

She looks at me. “I know, but Sam didn’t know how
else to fight back. Jessica tried to pull off those pictures as if you were
with those women now. She told Sam that you have been out cheating on her. Sam
knew they were old and didn’t believe her for a second.”

“Fucking fantastic,” I say, placing my head in my

“Are you going to tell her that you know?” Holly
asks quietly.

“Of course,” I bark, snapping my head up. “I’m not
going to keep shit from her like she is me.”

“She didn’t want to make you mad. She knows you
have been busy with work and everything else going on,” she tells me, standing
from her chair.

I just shake my head. Right now, I don’t give a
shit about everything else going on. I’m pissed at Angel for keeping this from

Micah kisses Holly on the head and asks her to go
wait in his office. “Do you think Jessica has anything to do with all of the
stuff that has been happening?”

“I don’t know. At this point I don’t know jack shit,

“Don’t be so hard on Sam, Slade.”

I just glare at him with a furious expression on my
face. I’m in no mood to listen to him tell me what to do in

He throws his hands up in the air at a loss, turns,
and walks out of my office. I pack up my bag, close down my computer, and lock
up my office.

I walk into the house and
hear Angel’s voice from the spare bedroom. I make my way down the hall and
stand in the doorway as she places clean sheets on the bed.

She laughs, drawing my attention up to her face.
“Of course you’re invited,” she says, talking on the house phone. “The party
starts at six tomorrow night.” There’s a pause. “No, you don’t have to dress

I have a feeling she is talking to Tate about my
parents’ Halloween party.

I push away from the doorframe and head down the
hall. I do not want to go to my parents’ Halloween party tomorrow. I have a
feeling it’s going to be nothing but drama. I have always gone in the past, but
it was just for a little while. Josh and I usually ended up leaving after an
hour or so and hitting some much more exciting parties. You know the kind where
the women who wear too much makeup and dress like whores finally fit in.

Once in our room, I remove my tie, and start to
unbutton my dress shirt. I’m going to have a hard time not letting her know
that I’m onto her. And for that bitch, Jessica. Fuck, that bitch had better
stay the hell away from us.

“Hey, baby. I didn’t hear you come in.” Angel’s
voice comes from behind me.

“I didn’t want to bother you. You were on the phone,”
I respond flatly.

She frowns. “Is everything okay?” She walks up to
me, pressing her body against mine.

I place my hands on her arms and push her away.
“Yeah. I need to take a shower.”

“Would you like some company?” She gives me a small

I shake my head. “I’m going to take a quick shower
and then hit the gym. And I need to drop the truck off at the shop for Tate.” I
need to let off some steam and the gym is the best place to do that.

“Oh. Okay.” Her soft voice makes me want to ask her
why she has been keeping secrets from me, but I won’t, not tonight. I think I
need to cool down a little bit first. Maybe within a few days I will be able to
calmly talk to her about this situation she is in with Jessica.

BOOK: Unbearable (Undescribable)
6.04Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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