Under My Skin (Shady Falls Series Book 2)

BOOK: Under My Skin (Shady Falls Series Book 2)
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Under My Skin


Shelly Davis




















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ISBN: 1534840761












To my very best friend, AJ,

Thank you for more than 25 years of support! 


























I will never forget the days we had together

When you were everything to me

I thought we’d be together forever

But it seems it wasn’t meant to be


My feelings are still as strong as ever

I know that is my penalty

I wish I could change that one moment

When I turned my back and you went away


Never did I realize I’d find true love so young

I love you still, but I am to blame

Seeing you reminds me of all the memories we shared

I just hope one day you can feel the same













“Oh, Jake,” Mia moaned. I kissed down her throat, moving lower toward her exposed breasts. I tried desperately to act like I knew what I was doing, but I felt like a fumbling idiot every time I touched her. Did she actually like what I was doing? Did it really feel good? God, I hoped so. Judging by her moaning and wiggling, she must’ve at least liked something.

              This wasn’t the first time we made out, but we hadn’t done anything more than touch and kiss. I wanted to feel every inch of her, but I didn’t know what to do. I was afraid to push her. I was afraid to hurt her. I’d always heard the first time hurt for a girl; what if I did something wrong and harmed her?

              Kissing down her silky-smooth, tawny skin, I touched every exposed piece of flesh I could find. When my mouth met her full breast, she arched her back, sweetly pressing herself into me. Her long, curly, dark brown hair slid across her face as she moved her head, her warm hazel-green eyes closed tight. Seeing that she seemed to be enjoying this, I decided to be bold. I slid my hand down her flat stomach to the waist band of her body-hugging stretch pants. I loved how those tight pants hugged her every curve, clinging to her ample ass. When she didn’t protest, I slid my hand inside her pants, feeling the band of her panties.

              Over or under?

              Over or under?

              Was I bold enough to slide my hand inside her panties? Would she let me? When I touched the elastic of her satin panties, her eyes snapped open in shock. Her warm eyes were dark with desire and held a tinge of fear in them. This was so far beyond anything we’d done up to this point. Were we ready? I loved her, I knew I did. I’d loved her since we were twelve years old, but did she feel the same?

              “Jake, what’re you doin’?” she asked in a nervous, husky voice. I could hear the desire in her, but her wide, scared eyes and tense body showed her fear.

              “I… I don’t know. I just thought… I don’t know,” I said, honestly. “I just wanted to feel you.”

              “But,” she paused and seemed to think about what I said. A pretty blush crossed her face, reddening her cheeks and neck, down to her breasts. She was just so damn gorgeous leaning back into the pillows of her bed, her hair a brown halo around her head, her exposed breasts heaved up and down as she stared at me in silence. I loved everything about her. I wanted her in my arms, but she needed to let me know what she wanted.

              Mia stared up at me. Her eyes searched my face, searching for something. Was she thinking about what we were doing, what was happening between us? Would she push me away? Worry gripped me the longer her hesitation grew. Maybe we shouldn’t do this.

              “What’re you thinkin’?” I asked softly. One of my hands still touched the soft skin of her lower stomach, so close to where I wanted to be. My other arm wrapped behind her, holding her. I moved my free hand up into her hair, combing my fingers through the long curls, trying to calm her. I never wanted anything more. She was the only girl I ever noticed. I knew she was meant to be mine and I’d wait forever if I had to. I tried to sooth her while trying desperately to keep my hand from moving down into her panties on its own. I probably should’ve moved my hand away, but it was so close to what I wanted I just couldn’t.

              “I’m just nervous,” she whispered. “What if you don’t like what you feel? What if it’s just all wrong? What if I’m all wrong? What if I don’t know what to do?”

              How could anything about her be wrong? She was perfect: sweet and soft, strong and stubborn. She had a classic beauty with a trusting smile which always made her eyes shine. Her tiny toned body was perfect; tight and soft, smooth and taut. We had known each other since kindergarten when Mia’s family moved to Shady Falls. When Mia befriended my best friend Toni, we all became inseparable.

              “I don’t think you could do anything wrong,” I assured her. I understood her fears, I was afraid too, but I wanted her more than I ever wanted anyone. She was sweet, kind, and oblivious to her natural beauty, which made me want her even more.

              I tried to slide my hand down over her panties when she grabbed my arm and stopped me again. Staring up at me, she held my arm. “I don’t know, Jake.”

              I leaned in and kissed her, trying to get her to relax a bit. To be honest, I needed to relax myself. My senses were going crazy. Every little touch, every sound, and every movement made me want more.

              “Mia, if you don’t want me to, I won’t. I’d never push you to do anything. I just wanted to try something more. I wanted to try to give you pleasure.”

              She stared into my eyes for what seemed an eternity. Her scrutiny was difficult to bear. Would she push me away and deny what was between us or would she let me love her like I wanted? It was difficult to wait, my body screamed for hers. Then with a long, nervous sigh, she nodded her head. “Okay,” Mia whispered. Her body trembled a little, her nervous eyes wide and bright. “But over the panties.”

              I smiled, leaned in, and kissed her. My tongue found hers and slowly massaged it until I felt her relax in my arms again. Her hands slipped up my arms and snaked around my neck, pulling me tighter to her. Her fingers slid into my hair, twisted and pulled, sending a biting pain in my scalp. I loved the way she wiggled and moved when I slid my fingers down over her panties.

              I moved my fingers over the soft material, feeling her heat. If I thought I was worked up before, I was mistaken. I had no idea I could get this wound up. My heart hammered, feeling like it would explode through my ribs. My head felt light. And when she didn’t protest my touch, I risked more. Applying pressure, I massaged through her panties. Mia moaned sweetly as she wiggled and lifted her hips from the mattress. Caught up in the moment, I slid a finger under the edge of her panties.

              Mia’s eyes snapped open and her breath caught in her throat. She stared at me with lust-filled eyes, but there was something else showing there too. Surprise, fear, nervousness, worry; I wasn’t sure. I stopped moving, terrified that I’d taken it too far. I started to remove my hand, but she stopped me. Her tiny hand held my wrist as she shook her head.

              “Just,” she paused. “Just go slow,” she whispered, nervousness in her voice.

              Placing my forehead to hers, I whispered, “We can stop, Mia. I don’t want to scare you.” The thought of frightening her was too much. I’d never do anything to hurt her and the flash of fear I saw was enough for me to want to stop this.

              “I’m not afraid of you, Jake. I was just surprised. I …” she paused again, “like what you’re doin’.”

              Relaxing down next to her, I wrapped my arm around her and brought her closer to me. I hugged her tight and held her close. I could hold her like this forever and be perfectly happy.

              But then she reached up and kissed the underside of my chin, tracing my jaw with her tender lips. She tentatively guided my hand back to her hip and further down. She stopped with my hand hovering just above her panties.

              “I want you to touch me, Jake,” she whispered.

              Moving slowly, I carefully maneuvered my fingers toward the warmth between her thighs, all the while I observed her face for a signal to stop.

              Then she smiled shyly. Her arms wrapped tight around my neck, she pulled my mouth hard to hers. My fingers moved into her panties and found what I’d longed for. Gently, I rubbed and massaged her, eating up her quiet moans while her hips moved and met my rhythm.

Suddenly, her body stiffened and she seemed not to breathe. I was terrified that I hurt her or something had happened until I felt her entire body spasm and quake. Her gentle moans, tight eyes, and shocked expression were filled with a sensuality I’d never seen in her. I hoped I’d brought her as much pleasure as it seemed.

              I tried to continue the movements, but Mia pulled my hand from her. She held my hand to her stomach as she struggled to catch her breath. “No … No more. I can’t …”

              “Did I hurt you?” I asked, worried I’d pushed her too far.

              “No,” Mia said instantly. Her eyes snapped open and held mine. The hazel, normally so brown, were ringed with bright green. Her desire and pleasure couldn’t be hidden. She slid her free hand down my bare chest, over the carved plain of my torso. “God, you didn’t hurt me, Jake. That …” she paused and closed her eyes. “That was amazing.” Her quiet voice wavered with every word.

              Her hand moved lower and she closed her eyes. Her hand stilled just as she met the waistband of my shorts. To my surprise, she slipped her fingers into my shorts, gently ghosting her fingers across the sensitive skin. Even though her touch drove me crazy, making me want more, I took her hand and pulled it from me. Her entire body quivered and I wasn’t about to let her do more than she was ready for.

              I kissed her head, her nose, then down to her lips. I tried to pour my love and desire for her into the kiss. “We can stop, Mia. We don’t have to do anymore.” I was going to need an extremely cold shower, but she was worth it.

              “No, Jake. I want to. I’m just – nervous.” She didn’t look at me. She kept her eyes focused on my bare chest.

              Staying at her side, I tilted her head up, making her eyes meet mine. She stared up at me, worry and desire warring in her dark eyes. She had to know how perfect she was and how much I wanted her. Couldn’t she feel it? Didn’t she know? I’d never told her how I felt about her. Maybe I should.

              Settling closer to her, and separated only by the few the clothing items still covering our lower bodies, I laid my heart on the line for her. She had to know how I felt about her. “There’s no one else for me, Mia. I’ll wait for you forever. We don’t have to do this now.”

              Of course when I told Cade how I felt about Mia, he thought I was insane for declaring that one day I’d marry her. After all she was only sixteen and I seventeen, but I knew she was it for me. I’d never want anyone more than I wanted her.

              She sucked in a breath when I pressed my weight into her hip, allowing her to feel me completely. I wanted her to know what she did to me. I wanted her to know how she made me feel. I didn’t say a word, I wouldn’t push; I’d never push. My mind was completely focused on her and all I could think about was making her mine, completely.

              “I want you to make love to me, Jake,” she whispered, as she ran her shuddering fingers up and down my biceps. I loved how her hands felt on me.

              I stared down at her, speechless. I never expected her to ask me to make love to her. I didn’t think she’d ever be that bold. Then again, my Mia was always fearless.

              “Are you sure?” I asked. “If we do this, Mia, I may never let you go again.” I needed her to know how I felt.

              “I’m sure,” she said instantly. “Make love to me, Jake.”

              That was it; that was all I needed to hear. I leaned in instantly and took her mouth with mine. I kissed her like I’d never kissed her before. I slid my mouth down her jaw, her throat, to her breasts. My movements continued down until I found the waistband of her pants. I licked and nipped across her stomach and looked up into her eyes. “Are you sure?” I asked softly.

              She didn’t say a word, only nodded. I pulled her pants down and off her legs. I looked down at her beautiful body and soaked in every perfect inch. She was perfect. No other girl would ever be able to do what Mia did to me. She made me lose all sense. She made me lose control.

              Slowly, I moved back up her body, savoring every inch of her beautiful body. She was the most beautiful girl I’d ever seen and I loved her with everything in me.

              The moment my shorts and boxers hit the floor, we were a tangle of limbs as we both did our best to touch and caress every exposed inch of each other’s bodies.

              And when her fingertips touched me, I thought I’d lose my mind. She explored the newly discovered part of me so slowly; it was the sweetest torture I’d ever experienced.

              “Make love to me, Jake,” she whispered, sliding her hand up my chest. “Make love to me.”

              Reaching into my shorts, I pulled out the little foil packet I had hidden in my pocket. I moved toward her, over her, and finally gazing into her eyes, I silently asked if it was okay to proceed.

              The moment was perfect and the feel of her was like nothing I’d ever known before. I wanted more of her, I wanted everything.

              “Are you okay?” I asked, stilling above her.

              “Yeah,” she whispered. Being gentle and not going as fast as my body wanted was the hardest thing I’d ever done. She held me tight while I moved above her, trying to fight my urge to rush. I had to make sure she enjoyed what we were doing. The rhythmic movement of her hips seemed to indicate she enjoyed this, I hoped I was right. I could feel the build-up in my gut and knew it wouldn’t last much longer. Glancing down at our bodies tangled together, I loved how different we looked and just how well we fit. She was perfect for me.

BOOK: Under My Skin (Shady Falls Series Book 2)
10.23Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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