Undone (The Unexpected Series Book 2)

BOOK: Undone (The Unexpected Series Book 2)
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Amy Marie

Copyright © 2014 by Amy Marie
Self publishing
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This book is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is entirely coincidental. Names, characters, places and incidents are the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously.

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To my daughter, my sunshine, my light in the darkness. I hope you continue to be strong, independent, pushy, artistic, funny, inquisitive and always yourself. Know that you can do anything your big heart desires. I love you.






“You can close your eyes to the things you don't want to see, but you can't close your heart to the things you don't want to feel.”

– Johnny Depp


I really hate this song. I mean really and truly hate this damn song. Why do they play this kind of crap in a coffee house? Ugh! Come on, Starbucks lady. I’m all about you wiping that counter clean but I want to order my damn coffee!

Like a Virgin. Hey! Touched for the very first time, Like a VIIIIIIR…
okay, that’s enough. COFFEE LADY!

I really need my caffeine fix after that brutal cycling class. My ass feels numb.

“Welcome to Starbucks. What can I get for you?” Shyanne, according to her name tag, asks looking bored out of her mind.

“Can I please have a grande white mocha?” I say trying to hide the annoyance in my voice, so she doesn’t spit in my drink.

“Name?” She barely looks at me as she places the tip of the marker on their trademark white cup.


After giving me my total, I pay for my coffee and shake my head irritated with the fact that she probably sharpie scribbled my name wrong. I fix my loose blonde ponytail looking around and tension immediately leaves my body when I’m graced with a vision greater than Ryan Reynolds’ naked scene in The Proposal. A hot piece of man candy is at my three o’clock, and I’m looking for a sugar rush…or a diabetic coma.


Wow! It just isn’t fair to look that amazing. I bet he rolled his toned ass out of bed, ruffled his short blonde hair, skipped the razor, and threw on the first thing he spotted. His dark wash jeans, gray t-shirt clinging to a chiseled and bulging chest, and wrap me up tight biceps. Not a wrinkle in the fabric. He looks like the kind of guy any woman would like to ride into the sunset…literally. I mean I’m restraining myself from doing it right now.

The Starbucks God catches me gawking. I can’t help it. You shouldn’t expect to walk around like that and not be undressed with my eyes. He flashes me his perfect white teeth and his smile scrunches up his face giving me a glimpse at his irises. He has some seriously sexy, smoldering green eyes.

Look away! Look away! He will trap you in his vortex of emeralds!

I pull out my phone trying to look anywhere but at him and shoot off a text to my best friend, Erin.

Me: Holy crap! Major hottie at Starbucks!

Erin: Did you take a pic?

Me: Uhm, no way! For my eyes only.

Erin: SHARE NOE!...never mind, you’re too chicken anyways.


She knows I hate to be called chicken.

I can do this. It can’t be that hard.

I move my fingers across the screen giving off the vibe that I’m just texting with my BFF. I hit the button to turn the phone to vibrate so the sound of the shutter doesn’t give me away. Getting the perfect shot, I slightly point my cell his way and

OH SHIT! Rule one of hottie picture taking: TURN OFF THE FLASH!

“Did you just take my picture?” Hottie McCoffee says directing his whole body towards me. He leans one of his elbows on the counter and clasps both calloused hands together.

I’d love to find out what those rough hands can do to my body.

“Uh, no. I don’t think so.” I try to compose myself, my face crimson like the color of the top I have on today.

Would it look weird to fan myself right now?

“Hmm.” He raises an eyebrow at me pointing at the offending cellphone in my hand. “Because I could have sworn I just saw a flash coming from your phone.”

“Well, it does that when I get a text.” I lie, or try to.

Really, Noelle?
There is no way he is buying that crap.

“Oh, well, I just thought that you wanted something to remember me by since you were just eye humping me,” he says with a wink reaching into his pocket.

“First of all, I was not eye humping you and second of all…”

Did he just take my picture?

“Did you just take my picture?” Anger blazes through me. I didn’t even get to smile for it!

“Nope! I got a text,” he says laughing and then directs a smile at me that could seriously incinerate my panties, since I decided to wear them today.

We stare at each other, neither of us speaking, and I can feel every cell in my body being turned on.

“JACE!” Shyanne, if that is her real name, yells interrupting our foreplay.

“That’s me. Gotta go,” Jace says as he casually strolls over and blasts Ms. Wait-Ten-Minutes-to-Take-Your-Order with MY panty melting smile and walks towards the door.

Oh hell no!

“Wait! Delete that picture!” I mean how rude is he not asking for permission. At least let me see if my hair looks okay. I did just workout.

He turns his back to push the door open and the light hits just right. He looks like an angel which contradicts me seeing as I’m going to Hell for the thoughts running through my dirty mind. “No thanks,” he says and walks out.

That just fucking happened? Okay, well at least I got a good picture of him to send to Erin. I plop down into the chair next to the window and send it to her.


Me: Here he is...enjoy because this was the most embarrassing experience of my life!

Erin: Damn!! Almost as hot as Walker. What happened? Forget to turn the flash off?

Me: SHUT IT!.. but yes :( But he took one of me too when I wasn’t looking.

Erin: Maybe for his spank bank?

Me: LOL. Probably! You know men spank it thinking of this body on a daily basis.


I put my phone in my back pocket just waiting to post it on Facebook with the status update “Meet the man of my wet dreams!” I’m sure all my aunts, uncles, cousins and oh yeah, parents would love that. I mean who accepts their parents’ friend requests? Dumbasses like me, that’s who.


“Noelle and I’m right here.” I pull a napkin from the dispenser and wipe down the counter. “Listen, Shyanne, is it? How can you not be drooling over all the hot guys that come in here?”

“Jace is pretty gorgeous isn’t he? He is in here all the time. Same time every day, even on weekends.” Well, I guess she
be useful.

“Gorgeous doesn’t even come close. I may have to come back tomorrow.” I smile to myself. “Maybe he’ll come in here shirtless and I can really get a good pic.”

She giggles but cuts it short when she looks past me. Knowing the luck I’m having today he must be behind me.

“Why wait when I can just take my shirt off for you now? You just have to ask nicely,” man candy whispers in my ear sending sexy chills down my body, and then I feel his hand on my ass.
What the hell?
“Here’s my number. You can use the picture you took as my contact photo,” he says slipping what I assume is his number into my back pocket.

“That was a text! You are so full of yourself. I don’t want your number and stop touching my ass,” I state as firmly as I can, but it comes out weak. His hands leave my body, and I’m left breathless.

Shyanne starts giggling once again and I turn to see he’s gone. I catch a glimpse of him outside getting into a sexy black sports car, a pretty blonde in the passenger seat scowling at him. She must be his girlfriend.

What an ass! Why would he give me his number if he has a girlfriend? Well, player your number is going in the trash, but that picture…that picture will stay safe on my phone.

Okay, so that wasn’t my most embarrassing moment in my twenty eight years of existence. There was this time when I was bowling with my ex-boyfriend and walked up behind him after arriving late. I slid my hands around his body and started to grope him only to find out it was another guy. His wife looked like she wanted to murder me, but I was happy. The man had an eight pack and I reached down far enough that I almost found the end of the V. That should have been my first clue. My boyfriend had a keg. I mean full on beer belly. You would think that being on the college football team he would’ve been in better shape. Apparently, beer trumped working out. But I digress.

BOOK: Undone (The Unexpected Series Book 2)
6.53Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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