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Gennifer Albin • Melanie Harlow

Tamara Mataya • Kayti McGee

Laurelin Paige • Sierra Simone

Copyright © 2013

Gennifer Albin , Melanie Harlow, Tamara Mataya, Kayti McGee, Laurelin Paige, Sierra Simone

All rights reserved.


No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of the author, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical reviews.

These novellas are works of fiction. References to real people, places, organizations, events, and products are intended to provide a sense of authenticity and are used fictitiously. All characters, incidents, and dialogue are drawn from the authors’ imaginations and not to be construed as real.

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Three to Tango
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Stranded at the Savoy
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Try for Love
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Unwrapping Liam
, by Gennifer Albin


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Chapter One


Chase Matthews was in goddammed heaven.

When he’d agreed to tag along with his buddy Jared to the dinky little bar forty-five minutes outside of their college town, he’d thought they’d have a good time—shoot some pool, flirt with some chicks, use their fake IDs to get a couple beers.

He hadn’t expected to be crashed against the wall of the back storage room with the legs of the sweetest little blonde in the place wrapped around his waist.

The instant he’d locked eyes with her, he felt the mutual attraction. It had only taken thirty minutes of flirting before she’d made it over to their table. She was alone, which was the universal signal for
I’m looking for someone to mack with
. At least it had been where Chase grew up. He wasn’t taking it as a given. Colorado wasn’t anything like California where he’d come from.

For half a second, Chase worried Jared would try to pick her up instead. But then God intervened—or some divine power that Chase had yet to identify—and another smokin’ chick took Jared away to some dark corner.

And now here was Chase with Kira Larson’s legs wrapped around his waist and her lips locked on his.

Man, she tasted good. There was a faint taste of Amaretto Sour, but mostly she tasted of the cherry flavor lip gloss she’d applied and reapplied throughout the evening. Even without the gloss, he suspected she’d taste good. How could she not? He hadn’t been with enough women to not appreciate anyone who wanted to bruise mouths with him.

The things she did with her tongue… Every time she flicked it across the tip of his, his dick throbbed as he imagined it flicking across his crown. And the sexy little sounds she made in the back of her throat made his jeans even tighter. God, she was an angel.

He pressed her against the wall, relieving some of the weight from his arms so his hand could explore other parts of her body. The new position angled their groins more perfectly. It was both amazing and amazingly uncomfortable all at once.

Trying to ignore the ache in his pants, Chase distracted himself by concentrating on Kira’s breasts. He didn’t want to go too far and piss her off, but if he could just hold one of the perfect little mounds in his palm, he knew it would be worth it. He swept his hand down the side of her torso, then up again, this time a little closer to the object of his desire. Finally, on the third pass, he couldn’t take it anymore. His hand circled around her perky tit and squeezed.

Instead of the protest he’d half-expected, she moaned. Moaned and he was nearly exploding. That was all the invitation he needed. Within seconds his hand had made its way under her t-shirt and slipped under the cup of her bra. Had he thought he’d made it to heaven before? Well, he was wrong. Because this was definitely heaven. Soaring on the wind, floating on air heaven.

Then she said the magic words—the words every guy wants to hear when his dick is painfully hard and his hand is wrapped around her tit—“I have a condom.”

Sweet Jesus, he was going to get laid.

But he wasn’t a bastard. He knew the rules of chivalry. He broke from her lips and kissed up to her ear, delighting at the shiver that rolled through her body when he nipped at her lobe. “Are you sure?”

“Yeah. I’m sure.”


He was instantly harder—was that even possible? If the whole event was only about him, he’d have the condom on and slip inside her before she could blink. And since he’d likely never see Kira Larson again, he could easily get away with selfish sex.

But he hadn’t been raised to take a girl for granted. Ever. Setting her down so he had both his hands free, he slipped his fingers up her skirt and under the elastic ribbing at the leg of her panties. His thumb slipped between her folds until he found the hood of her clit. With alternating feather light swirls and concentrated pressure, he treated her with what he liked to call the Chase Matthews Deluxe. He wasn’t a particular genius at the art of hand jobs, but the girlfriend he’d had for three years in high school had taught him enough to feel confident.

Boosting his confidence further, Kira sighed deeply at his touch. “Yes,” she mumbled. “Oh God, yes.”

Her features hypnotized him—the way her mouth parted, the way she peered up at him from hooded lids—it was beautiful in a way he’d never noticed. Did all women look this gorgeous when they were mid-clit rub? Maybe he just hadn’t ever paid attention.

When he felt her body start to tighten, he moved his fingers further down. Damn, she was already wet. That was extra hot. He’d have to make this good because he had a feeling he wasn’t going to last long inside her.

He glided two long fingers in, his thumb still circling above.

Immediately, she cried out.

Chase reclaimed her mouth, swallowing her sound.
Was that an orgasm? He wasn’t attuned enough to her body to know. Maybe he was better than he thought. Or was he misreading?

Hell, did it matter? At this point he was turned on like a megawatt light bulb and she was slick from arousal or climax or whatever—slick enough for entry. Time to suit up.

“Should I get the condom?” Kira asked against his lips.

Apparently she was on the same wavelength he was.

“Actually, I have one.” Thank God, too, because he hated the idea of breaking apart for her to rummage through her purse. Even letting her go to dig in his pocket was almost more than he could take. He retrieved the square foil from his wallet then pushed his pants and briefs down just enough for his dick to spring free.

Ah, much better.

Kira removed her panties while he ripped open the condom and poised it over his cock. He glanced up and noticed her eyes glued to his penis. Damn, that was hot too. Was there anything this chick did that wasn’t hot?

“Do you want to put it on?” he asked. Maybe she was one of those girls who preferred to participate in this part.

“No, thank you. But I’d like to watch, if you don’t mind.”

No, he definitely didn’t mind.

He took his time rolling it on, basking in the heat of her watchful eyes. When he’d finished, he reached for her again, but she put her palm up to stop him.

“Wow. That’s big.” Her eyes were wide. “I mean, not in a bad way or like I’m worried about it fitting or…God I sound like a moron.”

He couldn’t help grinning. “Big is totally an acceptable description.” He held an arm out to her. “Now, come here.”

Instantly she was on him, her mouth locked with his, her leg wrapped around his hip. Chase bunched her skirt up around their waists and positioned himself at her entrance. Then he was sliding in. Jesus, she felt good. Way good. Tight and moist and fucking awesome.

“Oh, wow.”

Did she just read his mind?

“Wow.” She said it over and over, seemingly surprised. He tried not to let that offend him. “Wow. Oh, wow!” Her words trailed away into incomprehensible gibberish.

Then talking was over. Hell, thinking was over. He kissed at her jaw and neck as he moved in and out of her. The sexy noises she’d made earlier were nothing in comparison to the angelic sounds she made now. They accompanied each thrust, echoing in his head like a carnal symphony. He wished he could make it last forever—the feel of her, the sight of her, the music of her.

But, of course, he couldn’t. Too soon he was coming, driving into her with a long stroke. He called her name as he did—which was weird. He’d never called out anything but God and Jesus while he was climaxing.

Perhaps it was a good thing, then, that he’d never see her again. That his tryst with Kira Larson was a fuck in the stockroom and nothing more. Because otherwise—and he didn’t want to sound all girly about it—he realized he just might be falling in love.

Chapter Two


Chase stared at the blank document on his screen, the blinking cursor hypnotizing him. This wasn’t really the way he wanted to spend his Saturday afternoon, but his brain just wasn’t working. Besides facing a daunting assignment, his mind kept wandering back to the chick from the bar—Kira Larson. It had now been one whole week since that night and he still kept thinking about her. What the hell was up with that?

It wasn’t like he hadn’t met any other girls in his first week on campus. He’d met lots of girls. Girls who’d seemed interested in him, even. But every time he thought of asking one out or hooking up with one, all he could see was chocolate brown eyes and hear the sexy little sounds of his angel.

Fuck, he was pussy whipped. By a girl he’d met once in a town forty-five minutes away. Time to move on. Maybe he’d go out that night and find someone to replace her memory. Yeah, that’s what he’d do. He just had to get his stupid paper finished first.

Jared knocked on Chase’s opened door. “Hey, you coming with me?”

Chase had known Jared back in high school. Though they’d never been best buds, they’d been friendly enough. And when he’d found out Chase was looking for a good school to follow up his Associates Degree, Jared had suggested University of Northern Colorado. The tuition was good and the school had a strong Education Department. It seemed like a good place for Chase to pursue his teaching degree.

Now Chase lived with Jared in a house they shared with six other guys. Most of them were a little more jock than Chase liked, but they all got along well enough.

Chase leaned back in his swivel chair and stretched. “Depends. Where you going?”

Jared leaned against the doorframe. “The Cherry Savers rally. They’re the freaks that are saving themselves for marriage.”

Chase raised a brow, obviously missing something. “Why the hell would we want to go there?”

“Those chicks won’t let you stick it in, but they give the best head on campus.”

Chase hid his eye roll by focusing on his laptop. “You’re a total dog.”

“And you aren’t? At least I got the number of the girl I was macking on at the bar last week.”

“Touché.” And why hadn’t he at least asked for Kira’s number? He’d been kicking himself about it all week. But when they’d parted it had been so simple and easy and perfect—he hadn’t wanted to mess it all up by asking to see her again and being turned down.

No, this was good. The situation was good. And there was no way in hell he was going to a virginity club meeting. “I think I’ll just stay in. I need to figure out what I’m doing for this article due Monday. But thanks for the invite.”

Jared shrugged and bent to tie his shoes. “Suit yourself.”

Chase put his head down on his desk. This article was killing him. He’d had a regular column on the paper at his last school and figured he was a shoe-in for at least an occasional feature in UNC’s campus journal. Turned out the editor was a dick. Or just unreasonable. He’d taken no more than a three second glance at the copies of Chase’s portfolio before shoving it back across the desk. “Eight hundred words,” the editor had said. “Something about UNC campus life. Due Monday. Then I’ll decide.”

Jesus, really? “Excuse me, but I’m not familiar enough with this particular campus yet to be able to find something in such a short time,” Chase had said. Given a week, he could pull together something brilliant. A weekend? Not likely.

The editor had tilted his head and narrowed his eyes. “Then what use are you to me?”

So now Chase had two choices: abandon the idea of working on the paper or pulling something out of his ass. He’d spent all Friday night researching the school website, looking for anything that might trigger an idea. He needed to get out and experience campus life, find out what the student body liked to do, what clubs they participated in.

Wait a sec…
his head shot up with the force of his idea. “Hey, Jared. Is this rally a big thing? Like, is it newsworthy?”

Jared waggled his brows. “You could totally write an article on it if that’s what you’re thinking.”

“Let me get my notebook.”


Twenty minutes later, they were at the field by Gunter Hall standing around the band shell with a crowd of nearly two hundred people waiting for the rally to begin. A group of women were circled on the short stage and a guy kept tapping on the microphone—testing it or to be annoying, Chase wasn’t sure.

He scanned his surroundings. “Are all these people virgins?” There was no way there were that many prudes on campus. Was there?

“Hardly,” Jared said. “The Cherry Savers are the ones wearing the t-shirts.”

Chase hadn’t noticed the abundance of black tee’s in the crowd, until now. The majority of wearers were female, but there were a few guys who wore them. Chase didn’t get that at all. Why anyone—particularly a guy—would be so blatantly proud of their choice to remain “pure” was beyond him. Especially when their pride involved wearing that awful shirt. The backs were blank, but the front had a picture of a cherry bunch ala Ms. Pac Man and the words:
Life’s Full of Pits, Save a Cherry.
He didn’t even bother trying to figure out what that was supposed to imply.

Like, was having sex supposed to be the pits? And if you refrain, then you miss out on life’s pits? Because intercourse is the root of all the world’s problems?

Okay, he did try to figure it out, just not with any satisfying success.

Jared leaned close so only Chase could hear him. “Most of the others are stalking prey like us.”

Like you
, Chase corrected in his mind. He set his phone to camera mode and propped his notebook under his arm while he flicked a few pictures of the crowd.

“That girl over there.” Jared nodded at a blonde wearing the club’s uniform. “That’s Wanda Low. Guess what her nickname is?”

Chase cringed as he made his guess. “Wanna Blow? Original, Jared.”

“It so totally fits her, though,” Jared said, laughing at the ridiculous joke. “I’ll hook you up. All you gotta do is say the word.”

“Maybe next time.”

Chase pocketed his phone and pulled the pen from the spiral of his notebook to jot down a few notes:

Mostly women

Seventy-two members according to the t-shirt count

Religious based?

Stupid ass slogan

The whole thing was certainly weird, but that wasn’t really the best approach to take on his journalism piece. He’d have to gather some more info before he could determine his angle.

A girl’s voice came over the speakers drawing his attention to the stage. The girl was pretty enough. That wasn’t the reason she was a virgin. He added that to his notes:

Not ugly girls

“Thank you so much for coming out today,” the girl said. “I’m excited to see all this support for this wonderful group we’ve formed. As most of you already know, I’m Shalinda Wild—“ She paused to let the small applause die down. “And while I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time as Princess Cherry Saver, my run is over. And now I have to pass the chastity belt on to my successor.”

Chastity belt.
How cute. He wrote the terms in his notebook, making sure he had them all down accurately for his piece.

Jared leaned in again to whisper. “Hey, do you think that means she’ll spread ‘em now?”

Chase opened his mouth to tell Jared to shut his trap, but froze before he could get a sound out. That girl—the one walking up to the podium, the one taking the key from the Princess Cherry Saver as she began her reign—Chase knew that girl. And he didn’t know any girls in Colorado.

Except one.

“Holy shit, Chase! Do you see who that is?”

The pen suddenly felt sweaty in Chase’s grip. “Yeah, I see.”

Man, all week he’d been dying to see her again, and this was where he saw her? Leading a rally for virginity? Well, if that didn’t put a thousand questions in his mind…And on top of the confusing nature of the situation, he was turned on just at the sight of her thick dark blonde hair and dimpled cheek. She looked different like this—from afar, unaware that he was gazing at her. God, she was beautiful. He’d been instantly attracted to her, of course, but he hadn’t realized just how beautiful she was. It made him feel all funny in his chest, like it was hard to catch a breath, like no matter how deeply he expanded his lungs, the air that moved through them wasn’t enough.

“That’s not really her, is it?” Jared clapped a hand on Chase’s back, and finally he could breathe again.

“No, it’s her.”
Kira Larson.
He felt a mixture of relief and trepidation as she began her speech about all the benefits of
waiting until marriage
. On the one hand, she herself wasn’t a virgin. That was a betrayal somehow—either to him or to the crowd gathered around him.

On the other hand,
there she was
. Standing in front of him. And she was gorgeous.

“Goddammit, man, you lied to me!” Even Jared seemed to get the sense of betrayal. “There’s no way the President of Cherry Savers let you put her prick in her.”

And that was the confusion of the matter. Why had she let him bang her? The question left him irritated. “They’re called Princesses, Jared.”

“What-the-fuck-ever they’re called, you did not get jiggy in that pie.”

Chase didn’t even try to understand how the hell that euphemism worked.

“And if you did get jiggy in it,” Jared lowered his voice, “that story has to be told.”

A story that had to be told.
That’s what good reporting was, wasn’t it? “What do you mean? Like an exposé?”

Jared shrugged. “Or just don’t hate me when I tell everyone I know. Because that’s some serious hypocrisy. Why would she even do that?”

And wasn’t that the sixty-four million dollar question? “I have no idea. But I’d be interested in her reasoning.”
Very interested.

“You and the entire house.” Jared’s expression said he was imagining the guys’ reactions. Imagining and enjoying. “I can’t wait to tell Marcus. He’s been trying to pick a Cherry Saver since freshman year.”

“No. Don’t do that.” Chase had to think about this.
Princess Cherry Saver not a virgin.
It would make for a great article.

Except, she probably had her reasons for the dual life. And did he want to betray her trust like that?

Whatever. He didn’t even know her. This was a chance to prove his cutthroat journalist skills. “Don’t tell anyone, Jared. Not yet. The other idea was better.”

Jared’s brow wrinkled with confusion. “An exposé? What, you going to write your article about popping the Queen Cherry Saver’s cherry?”

“Oh, her cherry was already popped.”
Wasn’t it?
Yeah, it had to be.

“All right then, an article exposing Queenie’s popped cherry?”

“It’s Princess.” Chase squared his shoulders and swallowed the last bit of hesitation he had about the story. “And yeah, why not?”

Jared broke into a grin. “Exactly. Why the hell not?”

BOOK: Unwrapped
10.46Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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