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Authors: Jennifer Malone Wright

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Vampire Apocalypse (The Arcadia Falls Chronicles #3)

BOOK: Vampire Apocalypse (The Arcadia Falls Chronicles #3)
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The Arcadia Falls







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First and foremost I thank my husband.
Trying to raise five children, even together, isn’t easy, but we
manage to do it together and support each other in our work. But,
when it comes to writing, he is not only supporting my work, but my

I also want to thank my good friends
who take part in the creation of these books. Rose, Tracy and
Shawn, Kym, and Willow, thank you for always being there for me to
run ideas by or simply to support me.

A huge thank you goes out to my street
team, I love you Double Trouble team members, especially our hard
working team leader Jeni, without whom I would never know what was
going on with the team.

And finally, I would like to thank my
cover designer Paragraphic Designs and my editor There for You
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Prologue – Chloe’s


The Arcadia Falls Chronicles book 3:
Vampire Apocalypse


Excerpt from the Arcadia Falls
Chronicles book 4

Excerpt from Savior (A Higher
Collective Novel)


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The Arcadia Falls







Prologue - Chloe’s Diary



When I was a little girl, we moved
around a lot. Therefore, I never really had many friends. I was
always the loner in school, mostly because I knew that eventually
we were going to leave again. At the time, I had no idea why my
mother moved us so much, but in the long run it made us super
close. She was pretty much my only friend … my only

One thing that occurred to me as I
made my way through all of the different towns, different schools,
and different people was that I didn’t have any inkling of what I
wanted to do when I grew up.

Until the day my mother

When I lost her and was found by the
Hunters, I discovered something my mother probably never really
realized that she was depriving me of … my family, my friends, and
my destiny.

I’m sure things would have worked out
differently if I had grown up on the community. Mom was just trying
to keep me safe, and if I had lived there growing up I probably
would have never gone to Trevors, which means I never would have
met Alice or Oscar.

I know that I shouldn’t dwell on the
past, but I can’t help it. I wonder sometimes what would have
happened if time had passed differently. If I had grown up in
Arcadia Falls, surrounded by Hunters, would I have made such a
terrible decision later in life?

It has been six months since the Talon
Building fell and the world is now a very different

Zander and I still can’t get through
the magical shield that Alice put up around Arcadia Falls, which is
probably a not such a bad thing at this point. Almost the entire
community is ticked off at me for pretty much triggering the
vampire apocalypse.

Yeah, that’s right … vampire

Dahlia warned me, and she wasn’t
kidding. In the last several months, baby vampires have been
popping up all over the world. These young vampires have no control
whatsoever and are killing anything that crosses their

So … we train, we fight, and we kill

The world is changing. People were all
obsessed with that stupid zombie apocalypse, preparing for that
when they really should have been worried about what to do if half
of the population suddenly turned into vampires.

Six months ago, people were oblivious
to vampires, the monsters lurking in the shadows, and now they are
fighting them in the streets in an attempt to stay

The community of Arcadia Falls has the
right to shun me … I did this. I am supposed to kill these demons
to protect the world. Instead, I made a bad decision which is
getting people killed. More than just getting people killed, it was
a decision that is diminishing our population.

Now that the world is aware of what
kind of creatures are out there, the Hunters have also come out
into the open. It’s crazy, but it’s a necessity. The Hunters are
pretty much the only people equipped to fight the vampires, so the
rest of the population just lets them.

Training centers have even opened so
that people can learn how to defend themselves. Sort of like a
self-defense class, but instead of learning how to stop a purse
thief or a sexual assault, people are learning how to off a

Each day, the television and the
papers have more bad news for us. Hunters can’t be called in from
anywhere else because they are just as busy as we are. The vampires
are turning faster than we can kill them.

We are basically screwed.

The world is going to crap and it’s
all my fault.

I am not giving up yet. None of the
Hunters are, it’s just not our way. However, we seriously need a
better plan because killing them off one by one doesn’t seem to be
helping much.

Meanwhile, nothing else
matters. Every other problem that I thought I had before is now
miniscule and forgotten. I have to make this right. What I don’t
know is
I am
going to do that. So, until then, I am just going to take them out
one at a time.




Rock music blasted through the in-house speakers
at a deafening level. The intent was to drown out the pounding of
my feet on the treadmill and numb the thoughts roaring through my

Sweat ran down into my eyes and my
tank top was totally soaked from the ten miles I’d just put behind

Zander peeked around the
corner. “Are you
to break that thing?” he hollered over the

I shook my head and slowed the speed a
couple of notches. “I can’t run outside, so this is my only

Well, this treadmill isn’t
the highest quality in the world. Take it easy, all

Sure thing, bro.” I nodded
and waited till he left the room before I turned the treadmill back
up to full speed and sprinted the last mile.

As soon as I was done, I hopped off
the treadmill, wiped the sweat from my face with a towel, and did a
few stretches before heading over to the weights. Luckily, we had a
home gym in this house, so staying in shape was no problem. Zander
and I both spent a lot of time in there. He fought me at first,
claiming that he didn’t need to work out, but we both knew that was
a lie. He may be tough, but I stood firm that staying in shape is
one of the most important parts of vampire hunting.

Zander is my half-brother, and we came
across each other by pure coincidence. When we found him, he was
pulling some vigilante vampire killing stint while looking for
Trevor, our father.

The new house was more of a necessity
than anything. Once we figured out that I wasn’t going to be able
to get back into Arcadia Falls, the community where the vampire
hunters live, I ended up having to stay with Zander. His apartment
wasn’t big enough for both of us with only the one bedroom. We
tried it out for a while—with me sleeping on the couch—but that was
awkward … especially when Christina slept over.

The solution was found in Alice, who
had been staying with me at my grandfather’s house. Once I was
unable to get through the barrier she had put up around the
community, she felt strange staying there without me.

So, Alice bought a house with some of
the money that Trevor had left her. With new vampires popping up
all over the city, we decided that a house in the country was the
best bet. It was still not very safe to go outside alone without
any weapons, but it was better than being trapped inside some
apartment building in the city.

Of course Oscar came to live at the
new house, too. That left only Drew and Luke, my grandfather, back
at the house in Arcadia Falls. Drew would not leave Luke for
anything, even to be near me, and I understood that. Besides, he
was here every day anyway.

The new house was a four bedroom, log
house in the middle of nowhere. It was really, really big though.
We had a gourmet kitchen, which was a selling point for Alice. Go
figure, the vampire apocalypse was going on outside and Alice was
worried about cooking and baking stuff.

I was impressed with the house; not
only was it big, but super homey. The only problem we had was
cleaning. Aside from Alice, we were all slobs, and she refused to
pick up after us unless the mess happened to be in the kitchen, her
work zone.

Outside of the house, we had an
expanse of lawn and the other selling point to the place, a wall.
There was a fifteen foot stone wall, much like the one that had
surrounded Trevor’s mansion. Our wall had old-fashioned iron spikes
set on top of the top of the wall. The spikes were decorative—a
repetition of a tall spike and then one a bit shorter—and lined the
entire wall, lifting its height another couple of feet.

Even better than the wall, we had a
security system that consisted of a crap ton of cameras, which
covered every inch of the property. We could access the cameras
from any of the televisions in the house, and there was a
television in every room.

Another thing we had here, which we
installed after the purchase of the house, was a vampire-proof
panic room. The panic room had four entrances and exits, allowing
us multiple ways of getting in and out. It was solid steel and the
inside was stocked with food, water, weapons, and other provisions.
It also had access to all the security.

After finishing up with the weights I
went to my room, which was way bigger than the one I had over at
Luke’s. This room had a gigantic king-sized bed that was covered in
a black and purple comforter and like a zillion matching pillows.
The beige carpet matched the rest of the carpet in the house and
was really fluffy. I favored walking around barefoot just to feel
it under my feet. The floors at Luke’s house were hardwood and cold
as ice in the winter.

Other than the bed, I had a desk,
which was currently covered with papers and books from all of the
research and studying I’d been doing when I wasn’t hunting. The
only other furniture was a long, but short, dresser made of cherry
wood with a huge mirror above it and a matching tall

I did have an attached bathroom of my
own just like at Luke’s, which I immediately hit for a shower after
my workout. I wanted to wash all the sweat off of myself and get
ready to go out hunting again. Drew was going to come and get me so
that we could spend some time together.

Once I was dressed in jeans and a tank
top, I tied my hair back into two braids to keep it out of my face.
Then, I strapped on my holster, beginning the process of attaching
all of my weapons to my body. First, the two forty fives went into
my double holster, my black one and my pink one. Then I strapped a
knife sheath onto my leg underneath each boot, and finally I hooked
my bow over my head so that it rested on one of my shoulders and
hung loose. The quiver went over my shoulders as well. I had rigged
it so that it was more like a backpack-style and wouldn’t fall off
when I was fighting.

BOOK: Vampire Apocalypse (The Arcadia Falls Chronicles #3)
8.32Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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