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Weeks had gone by and no sign of Will.

Marisa dumped the noodles into a strainer, turning her head away from the billowing steam. “I’m beginning to wonder if I misheard Will and his father in their secret room.”

Adamos was completing his nightly sweep of the apartment: locking windows, closing shades, and checking the closets and any small hiding spots.

“He arrived last week. I’m sure we will see him soon. Be patient.”

Marisa set the food on the table, awed once more at Adamos’s ability to know things. Once they were seated, she sat with her fork poised in the air, spaghetti dangling off it in long strands. She studied her friend, contemplating his devotion to her.

“Why, Adamos?” She put her fork down. “Why are you doing so much for me? I get it, you saved my life, but why the continued devotion? You’ve been my best friend these past months. God knows I couldn’t have done any of this without you.” She looked away understanding what it was like to leave your family and feeling shame that he’d left his. “You left your brethren. For me.”

He chewed his spaghetti and swallowed, not hurrying, then rested his fork on his plate. “My calling to serve God is higher than my calling to stay in the monastery. The brethren understood that and released me. Visions from God are sacred.”

Marisa listened, soaking in his words, for Adamos rarely spoke of his life.

“Before you washed up on our shores, I experienced dreams, visions. The brethren laughed them off until more recently. That was when I knew my higher purpose. To protect the innocent. The next morning I found you. It was a sign. It was my time to leave the calling for a higher calling. Somehow you are connected to my visions and until I figure that out, I’m here to protect you.”

Marisa didn’t ask any more questions but ate her dinner. She hated knowing she might be responsible for his life, yet she didn’t know how she’d survive without him and didn’t want to let him go for he was her only family now. Sure, Adamos kept her updated on Stephen and Savvy’s well being but she couldn’t make contact without risking everything.

“For what it’s worth. Thank you.”


Late one afternoon, Marisa dressed like a college student with her hair in a ponytail and a baseball cap hiding her face. She wore ripped jeans and a baggy T-shirt.

At Les Pouffant’s, she huddled in the farthest corner, a laptop propped on her knees and a line of coffee cups on the table. A slight breeze whispered through the air, holding a bit of unexpected warmth and hope. The bright sun played off her sunglasses.

Someone laughed. She turned.

Feelings rushed over Marisa. Her heart cried out and she wanted to leap from the chair, but instead, she shrank in on herself, terrified she’d be spotted.

Stephen and Savvy took seats across from her on the opposite side of the patio. They were in France? Why? Were they here to look for her? How long had they been here?

She didn’t try to ask the questions but instead took a selfish moment to soak in her family. Stephen ran his fingers through his hair as usual. He’d lost weight. Probably only something she’d notice. He acted chipper, keeping up conversation and trying to laugh. Savvy sat across from him, not responding.

Marisa’s heart broke a little bit. Savvy looked the role of a rebellious teenager, and Stephen was trying his hardest to draw her out. He jabbered on about something, but Savvy never responded.

Past the angry looks and folded arms, Savvy looked dejected. Sadness lingered on her features, her eyes, the way her smile curved down when no one was looking.

The mother bear in Marisa rose, and she stood. She took one step closer to them and then another. She’d try and explain and hug them and they’d forgive her. They could move somewhere and lose themselves so no one could find them.

Not even Will.

Panic prickled the back of her neck, and Marisa stopped. She turned and rushed to pack up her stuff. What was she thinking? She couldn’t reveal herself. What if Will was watching them?

She shoved the laptop back in the bag and didn’t even bother to clean up her table or leave a tip. She stumbled away.

Feeling numb and barely paying attention to the traffic, she made her way to the apartment Will had put in her name. It had been months. Of course, he’d closed it up. Unless…unless he hoped she’d return or that her family would.

Not caring who was watching, she raced up to the windows and looked inside.

Suitcases. Coats. Stephen’s old travel bags. Stephen and Savvy had found the papers to this place. They’d moved here. Probably to get away from memories. And they’d moved right into the path of a hurricane. What would Will think? He’d assume that she’d talked to them, that they knew about her ancestry and…and that they were possibly here to stop his family.

She sank to the ground outside one of the windows. Minutes later, Marisa rose, her face wet with misgivings, and trudged back to her small apartment she’d shared with Adamos.

Somehow she’d make up for her mistakes. She’d protect her family.


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Vanishing Point: Circle of Spies, novella

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Summary: Marisa Bent follows a young, arrogant assassin into the heart of trouble to protect her family and learn the secrets of her past, but one wrong move and she could lose everything.

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BOOK: Vanishing Point (Circle of Spies Novella)
9.47Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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