Wayward Trouble (Wayward Saints MC Book 5)

BOOK: Wayward Trouble (Wayward Saints MC Book 5)
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The Wayward Saints MC

Book Five

By K. Renee





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Unedited Sneak Peek: Wayward Temptation

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Published: K. Renee - 2016

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Three Weeks Ago

I’ve been running for the last six months, and I have no clue if or when he is going to find me. All I know is that I can’t make any mistakes. What he doesn’t know is that I’ve been hiding in plain sight for months, and that might be my only advantage right now.

With no other family to turn to, I have been just getting by – barely.

I stay in different places every night, and pray that no one finds me and turns me in for trespassing.

Breaking into someone’s apartment was never part of my plan.
I’ve been sitting in the parking lot, watching the people come and go for a few days. I never see anyone come and go from this particular apartment. Maybe no one actually lives there? When it got dark, I made my way through the bushes and picked the lock.

Walking in the room, I see that someone does in fact live here, and seems to be very messy. Who am I to complain? I’m pretty much homeless. At least they have a place to call their own. Beer bottles litter the counter, and there are dirty clothes everywhere.

Checking the fridge, I don’t see any actual food, so I doubt that whoever rents this place will be here very often.

I drop my bag on the floor, and start to pick up some of the mess. I guess it’s the least I can do if I’m going to be squatting in their apartment while they are gone.

Walking into the bathroom, I’m pretty sure I’m going to gag. The smell is awful, and I have no idea how this person hasn’t gagged on the stench alone.

What is it about men that make them not know how to use the toilet without peeing on the seat or on the floor? So freaking gross.

Searching the cabinets, I look for any cleaner I can find, and get to work on cleaning up a bit to make this place somewhat not so disgusting. Maybe that’s why this person is never here. Looking through the drawers and cabinets, I notice that there is not one thing that belongs to a woman. He must be a bachelor, a very messy one at that.

That’s too bad. If he had a woman, then maybe he wouldn’t have such a dirty apartment. I just hope I can use this to my advantage. Maybe this means I’ll be able to come and go as I please. That would be a huge plus for me.

Once I clean a majority of the apartment, I take out two trash bags of beer bottles and garbage, and toss them into the big dumpster a few buildings over.

I wonder if he will even notice that I cleaned the place for him when he finally comes home.

I put a few of the empty bottles to stack next to the door, just in case he comes back and I’m here. I want to make sure I have a heads up that he’s coming into the apartment. Not that it would do much for me. I’m still breaking and entering, and I have no idea who this person is or what he will do to me when he finds me in here. I guess it’s better than the alternative though.

All I know is that I will never go back home, and subject myself to Saxton ever again. He almost caught me once, but luckily I was able to get away before he could actually hurt me

Chapter One

Present Day

What a fucking welcome home party that was. Walking through the clubhouse, I see trash everywhere, and various whores passed out in various states of dress.

All of these bitches look like they were rode hard, and put up wet. They must have had one hell of a night after I went to bed alone last night. I was still pissed at my fucking twin. Watching how happy and in love him and Anslie are. It was making me want to fucking puke.

I have no idea why these fuckers are all so damn happy to jump in the damn ball and chain club. Fuck, most of the time I’m pretty sure that Anslie has my brother’s balls locked away in her purse, not that he even seems to mind. Hell, I’ve never seen that bastard happier than he is now.

No matter how much I don’t understand why he saddled himself with that bitch, I respect him for finally pulling his head out of his ass and stepping up. Those fucking boys of his need him, and so does she.

She made my brother’s life hell for years, but the one good thing she’s done for him was give birth to Sev and Rem. I love my nephews and I can’t wait to meet the newest one in a few months. The twins are seriously the dopest little shits ever.

Making my way out of the clubhouse, I walk over to my bike and straddle her. Damn I’ve missed her while being locked up on that bogus ass charge. Cranking the engine, I let her idle for a minute before I take off into the crisp morning air.

Making my way towards my apartment, I watch the trees fly by me as I hit the throttle and launch past a few women running down the street. Looking in the mirror, I see them do a double take, and keep on running the other direction.

Turning down the street my apartment is on, I see a couple of girls walking to the coffee shop. When the brunette’s eyes meet mine, I’m fucking floored. Her brown eyes cause my dick to jump to attention, and I have to stop and talk to her. As I pull up to the curb where they are, the friend gives me her best fuck me eyes, while the brunette just rolls her eyes. Feisty, I like it.

“Hi ladies,” I say with a smirk. Shutting off my bike, I kick the stand down and watch them. The friend looks me up and down like she’s ready to drop down on her knees in front of me right now. The brunette looks bored and uninterested, which makes me more curious about her.

BOOK: Wayward Trouble (Wayward Saints MC Book 5)
11.46Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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