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Authors: Cassandra Zara

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We Put the Baby in Sitter 3

BOOK: We Put the Baby in Sitter 3
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We Put the Baby in Sitter 3

Cassandra Zara

Published by Lost Innocence Publishing, 2015.

This is a work of fiction. Similarities to real people, places, or events are entirely coincidental.


First edition. January 23, 2015.

Copyright © 2015 Cassandra Zara.

Written by Cassandra Zara.

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About This Book

We Put the Baby in Sitter 3

Read about our first encounter with Charlotte...

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About the Author


All characters in this story are 18 years of age or older.

About This Book

ou like being a naughty girl, don’t you?” I smiled, enjoying the way Charlotte was coming out of her shell.

When my husband and I decided to take a day vacation out to the beach, we knew exactly who we wanted to watch our baby. And little Charlotte was all too eager to spend one of the last weeks of summer with us, especially with all the attention she knew she was going to get from both me and my husband.

The once naïve Charlotte was growing up so fast, and even though we had never talked about it, I knew that she enjoyed getting taken by my husband, hard and without protection. I knew that her real dream was for one of his impregnating creampies to take hold, to become closer to us, to become one big happy and pregnant family.


h my God,” Kevin panted, still clutching the counter and gazing up at the ceiling. “I am the luckiest bastard that ever lived.”

“And yet, you’ve only fucked us once each, today.” Charlotte grinned, stroking her fingers seductively around her nipples. “Seems to me, you have some work to do, fella.”

He grinned and nodded, helping her up off the floor.  I sat up, still fighting for my breath, and gratefully accepted his help getting down.  I was unsteady on my feet, and he wasn’t much better off, which made Charlotte giggle.

We moved into the bedroom after that, and I couldn’t decide which of the erotic fantasies in my head we should indulge in first.  I climbed onto the bed, and noticed Charlotte eyeing me strangely.

“You know, Kevin,” she saying, laying a finger thoughtfully on her bottom lip, “I’ve noticed that Marissa is getting quite bossy these days.”

I gave her a wry smile. “Well, I am your boss,” I said, raising an eyebrow. “Sort of.”

“I think you’re right,” Kevin said, joining in the game. “She does like telling us what to do.”

“I think it’s time we turned the tables on her,” she decided, nodding slowly. “It’s time that we took charge of her.”

I jumped up off the bed as I saw them getting up and coming toward me.  I backed slowly toward the door. “Hey guys... this isn’t funny... seriously...”

They lunged at me, grinning madly, each taking one of my arms.

“No!” I screamed, laughing and giggling and dragging my feet. “Stop!  You’re not funny!”  But I couldn’t help laughing.  I was nervous about what they had in store.

They dragged me onto the bed, and Charlotte climbed over me.

“Hold her down while I strip her!” Kevin ordered.


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We Put the Baby in Sitter 3

y head nodded a bit and I forced it up yet again. The soothing sound of the waves rolling gently onto the shore wasn’t just a lullaby for Jill. They were putting me to sleep, too. I looked down at my daughter, sprawled across my stomach and half-asleep as she nursed.

Looks like you’re ready for a nap,
I thought.

I looked out over the water, where Charlotte splashed and showed off in the surf.  Kevin, sitting in the lounge chair to my left, had his eyes pinned to her wet, lithe figure.  I laughed.

“What?” he said, tearing his eyes away from Charlotte’s tits and their peaked, perky nipples that poked through her skimpy bikini.

“You.  You and everyone else that passes by on the beach.  You can’t take your eyes off her.”

He cocked an eyebrow at me. “Really?  And you mean to tell me you haven't been checking out our tempting little babysitter the entire time you’ve been sitting there nursing?”


“Okay, okay,” I laughed, stopping myself as Jill stirred in my arms.  I lowered my voice. “So maybe I’m just as smitten.  Although I have to say, as much as I enjoy watching Charlotte, I almost enjoy watching other people watch her.  It’s kind of hot, knowing that everyone up and down this beach wants her, but
have her.”

have her.”

“Right.”  I said with a grin.

Charlotte came out of the water, walking toward us as rivulets of water streamed down her lean, shapely young body.  She lifted her arms to swipe the water back off her face and smooth down her hair, which brought her delicious little tits to attention, making them jiggle a little as she walked.

I felt the familiar bloom of heat between my legs.  I’d become unbelievably horny since Charlotte first entered our lives only a couple of months ago.  We’d been adventurous, but nothing crazy in the sack.  Then we met Charlotte, and I couldn’t help myself... and Kevin was more than eager to agree to my plan to seduce her.  Before we knew it, we were in bed with virginal little Charlotte, only eighteen and barely out of high school, enjoying every inch of her smooth, taut body.  Watching Kevin take her for the first time had been a thrill.  Knowing he’d done it bareback, and that she might have gotten pregnant, only added to the excitement.

After that, we couldn’t keep our hands off her.  Or the friend she’d sent over in her place to babysit one night.  But it was Charlotte that really stole our hearts.  She was sweet, helpful, the best babysitter a mother could ask for, and she was smoking hot to boot.  Most mothers would hate that, but I loved it.  I loved every single second that she spent pressing her naked body between Kevin and I in our bed.

Watching Charlotte approach, I was glad I’d asked her to join us for the weekend at our beach house.  It was a small house set back from the ocean along a private beach—usually. Only homeowners along the beachfront road were seen on the beach, walking their dogs, jogging, or going for a swim.  There wasn’t much foot traffic, but the little we had zeroed right in on our barely-legal-aged babysitter.

I couldn’t really blame them.

“Uh oh, here comes another one,” Kevin warned.

I looked up to see probably the third young stud of the day intercepting Charlotte before she’d gotten halfway back to us.  He smiled, putting his hands on his hips (and giving himself an opportunity to flex his muscles slightly).  Charlotte smiled, ducked her head—surprisingly, for such a beautiful girl, she could be shy sometimes—and tucked her hair behind her ear.

“What if she finds another boyfriend?”

I shrugged one shoulder. “If she does, she does.  I won’t stand in her way.  But I hope she doesn’t.  That last one just about crushed her ego.”

“You’ve done wonders for her ego.  If it wasn’t for you, she’d have gone into college with a terrible self-esteem, and afraid to have sex.”

“Thanks to
, she might go into college wearing maternity clothes.”

He grinned sheepishly. “I would feel bad about that, but she doesn’t seem to care.  In fact, she almost seems to like the idea.”

“I know.  I’m beginning to think all three of us are strange.”


“It’s incredibly hot.  I never thought sex could be this good.  And look at Charlotte.  She’s so much more confident.  She’s glowing.”

The young man—who probably thought he was far more subtle than he actually came across—kept stealing glances at Charlotte’s wet, nearly-nude body.

“Well, I’d better go,” Charlotte said, “I need to get some more suntan lotion on.”  She turned to go.

“Wait!”  The boy said, touching her arm. “Uh... I could apply it for you.”

“Oh, that’s okay.  I think my boss can handle it.”

The admirer glanced toward Kevin, then leaned in, lowering his voice, and murmuring something to her.

Charlotte giggled. “No, it’s not weird.  They’re basically like my family.  Bye.”

She gave him a little wave, then jogged toward us, her firm breasts bouncing.

“That makes it even more weird,” the boy muttered, then turned and skulked away, rejected.

I knew I shouldn’t be doing a mental happy dance as the boy retreated.  But I did.

“Hey there.  Did you miss me?” Charlotte said with a cute little smile.

“You bet.” Kevin grinned.

“Charlotte? Can you...?” I nodded down at Jill.

“Yes!  Of course.”  She gently scooped up Jill, who was now completely asleep, and laid her inside the little baby shade tent we had set up.  It had a thin sleep pad inside, and once Charlotte zipped her inside, we didn’t have to worry about any insects bothering Jill.  She’d probably sleep a good hour.

I sat back, sighing, intent on soaking up some sun and enjoying my little piece of free time.

“Um... Marissa?”

I opened my eyes.  Charlotte stood over me.

“Your top.” She gestured to my bikini, which lay across my stomach.  I’d untied the top strings to feed Jill, and now my full breasts were on display for anyone to see.

“Oops.  Hazards of a nursing mother.”

“You just had to tell her and spoil it, didn’t you?” Kevin asked, feigning a pout and crossing his arms.

Charlotte giggled. “It’s not like I don’t enjoy the view, myself.  But you guys keep saying we need to be careful about keeping things under wraps around other people.  I figured that probably included Marissa’s tits, so they don’t think you’re nudists or anything.  How much longer do you think you’ll keep nursing, Marissa?”

“Well, Jill is almost ten month now.  They say going for a year is the healthiest option.  I might even go longer.  I hate to admit it, but I like these milky tits.”  I palmed one in each hand, letting them jiggle as I lifted them. “I fill out my bikini so much better.”  I let them fall, enjoying that both of them were enraptured by the view. “I guess I
wrap up my tits.  The last thing I need is a pair of sunburned nipples. Although the breeze does feel nice.”

Kevin watched with exaggerated sadness as I harnessed “the ladies” back into the bikini top and tied it.

“Oh come on,” I laughed, “it’s not like this bikini covers up all that much.”

Of course, that made me think of Charlotte’s bikini, made up of tiny little triangles of material, which made my top look positively matronly. She’d scrunched the triangles of material a little bit, so that they’d become mere scraps of material barely covering her lovely little nipples.  The bikini bottoms were also tiny triangles, the front scrap barely covering her newly-waxed mound, while the back scrap of fabric was mostly lodged between those firm, toned cheeks.

God, I need to come, bad!
I thought.  It had been a busy week, and Kevin and I hadn’t had sex since Charlotte’s visit last weekend.  I was so horny, I started carrying my vibrator around with me, hoping for a private moment alone at some point, but it never happened.

“So it looks like that guy sure liked you.”

Charlotte rolled her eyes. “He doesn’t even know me.  He just wants a quick lay.”

“I think you scared him off for good, telling him you’re going to have me putting lotion on you, and that you think of me as family,” Kevin chuckled. “I sure hope no one in your family rubs you down the way

“Eew!  Kevin!” she ran over and slapped him on the arm, giggling provocatively. “No one touches me the way you and Marissa do.  And that’s how I like it.  Besides, you guys really are sort of like a family to me now.” She bit her lip, then said, “And if you keep pumping that virile cock of yours into me without protection,” she winked at Kevin, “we really will be family, soon.”

She flashed me a seductive smile, and I had to resist the urge to reach up and rub my hand over her ass.

“You did say you needed some suntan lotion.  Maybe you should let Kevin do that.”  My voice was husky, and I was already dampening at the thought.


She walked over to her lounge chair, to my right, and lowered the back of it so it was almost flat.  Then she stripped off her top—much to my delight—and laid down, waiting. “I use coconut oil, Kevin.  There’s a small jar of it in that bag.”

He came around my chair and reached down into Charlotte’s bag, producing an unlabeled little jar.  Instead of being creamy white, the melted oil was clear.  He sat down on the edge of the lounge and opened it carefully, drizzling a little over her back.

“Oooh, it tickles!”  She squirmed as the drops of oil hit her.

BOOK: We Put the Baby in Sitter 3
6.85Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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