Weekend with the Dom

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Weekend with the Dom is dedicated to my beta readers, Doris O'Connor and Ricky
Daniels. Thanks for taking the time to read and give me feedback before I sent
it off. This one is for the two of you.  




The Black Rose, 2


Ella Grey


Copyright © 2013






Everyone liked the beginning of the weekend. The
kids had left so quickly they could have left faint shadows like some
television cartoon. One minute they’d been there, the next gone in a blink of
an eye. Nola Pryce tried not to take it personally. She would have been out of
the door first if something wasn’t holding her back.

Nola pulled her dark hair over her shoulder and
rubbed the bridge of her nose. How was it possible that the stack of paperwork
felt like it was getting bigger? There had been a faint glimmer of hope that
most of it would have been done before today. Unfortunately, that hadn’t been
the case.
Come on, Nola. Alex is waiting
for you
. She mentally tried to cheer herself on. At least the thought of
her boyfriend made her smile. Alex Winchester was tall, dark and so handsome
she barely believed he was hers.

It wasn’t the most conventional of relationships.
Alex co-owned The Black Rose, a fetish and kink club based in New York. With
Nola’s job teaching English, they rarely saw each other. It was all about
grabbing time when they could, which was why this weekend was important.

There was only one way to describe Alex, besides the
most obvious and that was ‘powerful’. Everything about him, the way he dressed,
the way he walked, made Nola weak in the knees.

Alex was a Dom, a man who had power down to a fine
art. The only downside was he hadn’t shown her any of the lifestyle he lived
before he met her. They’d talked about it, but Alex had made it clear the
relationship between Dom and sub was built on trust and that took time to
build. They weren’t ready to take the next step. Nola knew that it had
something to do with her. Not that she had the faintest idea how she’d know when
she was ready to take that next step. A part of her was intensely curious, but that
wouldn’t be enough for Alex. She had to be more than curious.

The classroom door opened and Nola glanced up from
her paperwork. She nearly dropped her pen. There were a lot of people she would
have expected to see before her unannounced guest. Santa Claus, the Easter
Bunny, maybe even Jack Frost. It didn’t escape her notice that all of those
were fictional characters but they still would have made more sense.
Lilith Yee was beautiful. Nola didn’t know
much about her except she co-owned the Black Rose with Alex. A smiled played
across her lips but Nola knew it could vanish in an instant. Lilith’s black
hair fell in waves over her shoulders, the light from the window catching a
reflection off the silver hairclip in her hair. The sound of her black four-inch
heels as she walked towards her echoed off the classroom walls. Nola had always
been a little envious that Lilith could walk in those heels, whereas Nola would
have looked like a newly born deer.

A tight black pencil skirt that ended at the knee
and a crisp white blouse meant Lilith was on her way to the club. Nola had seen
the beautiful Asian woman in an outfit much more revealing as her alter ego
Madame Tease. She’d been dressed in a black PVC cat suit teasing a man with a
flogger. The woman knew how to make a lasting impression.

Nola put her pen down on top of the paperwork in
front of her. In the six weeks since Alex and Nola started dating, Lilith had
said maybe six words to her. They certainly weren’t friends, which didn’t
explain why she was carrying two takeaway cups. The smell of coffee drifted
over and teased her nose. “Is Alex all right?”

Lilith raised a perfectly plucked eyebrow at Nola’s
question, bemused. “Of course he is. Why wouldn’t he be?”

“Trying to figure out why you’re here. Don’t get me
wrong,” Nola added hastily, “I don’t make a habit of refusing free coffee. Do
you want to sit down?”

Lilith didn’t simply walk, she stalked, her
movements fluid and graceful, like a cat. The Dominatrix placed Nola’s coffee in
front of her before turning around and hopping onto one of her student's
tables. She smiled and crossed her legs, not a cold smile but one that didn’t exactly
make Nola feel warm inside. Her earlier assumptions that the woman resembled a
cat were still true. That half-smile, coupled with the look that Lilith gave
her, made Nola feel like a mouse.
Is this
how a submissive feels?

“Alex mentioned how you like your coffee.”

Nola took the lid off and breathed in the scent of
rich coffee. Alex must have mentioned to her that Nola liked a shot of vanilla
in her coffee. The fact he’d remembered made her smile. “Is anything wrong?” She
blew on her coffee before taking a sip and fought the urge to moan in delight. It
had to be the perfect way to end such a long day at work. There were other ways
to end the day, but unfortunately she wasn’t with Alex at the moment.

“I know you might not think it’s my place to say,
but we need to talk about Alex.” Lilith raised her hand and the question on
Nola’s lips died. “I know you care about him. That you might even be in love
with him, but I think it’s best for everyone if you break up with him.”

Nola nearly dropped her cup in shock. “Excuse me?”
It wasn’t the first time someone had warned her away from Alex. Katherine, a
hostess at his club had been the first. The pretty blonde was in love with
Alex, so Nola understood why she’d try to push Nola out of the picture, but
Lilith too? The two of them had known each other for years and judging from the
way he talked about her, Lilith was like a sister to him. They’d travelled
around the world together, learning and experience life together, but Nola was
sure that they’d never slept together.

Lilith smiled at her, as if she’d read her mind and
it amused her. “It isn’t what you think. I’m not in love with Alex. I’m not
trying to scare you away so I can have him for myself.” The smile died slightly.
“Alex is very dear to me, which is why I decided to talk to you first, woman to
woman. Alex won’t listen to me, not when it concerns you. He’s in love and can’t
see sense.”

“So, why should I break up with him, if we both love
each other?” Nola put the coffee cup back down, suddenly in the mood for
something a lot stronger.

“You know that Alex is a Dom, and it’s who he is. It
guides his every action. He needs a sub...he needs someone that complements that
part of him. He needs the other half of the puzzle, so to speak.” Lilith sipped
from her cup. “You’re a switch.”

Nola frowned, for a second thinking she’d heard something
else that rhymed with
. “What’s

“The word ‘switch’ explains someone who plays both
roles. You’re a schoolteacher. It’s a position of power, and it guides your
actions. I know Alex is building the trust with you, leading a vanilla
lifestyle, which is completely alien to him. Tell me the truth––when you have
sex, it feels like he’s holding back, doesn’t it?” The dominatrix’s words only filled
her with doubt, because they were true. The first night they slept together
he’d tied her hands to the bed, but that was it. Every other time had been
normal. Not that every moment wasn't filled with passion and sex so hot that
Nola was surprised the bed sheets hadn’t combusted, but Lilith was right, it
did feel like something was missing. “Being a switch isn’t a bad thing, but it
isn’t a role you can play with Alex. He’s built to dominate, to take control
and unleash feelings in you that are so much more than sex. That’s what a Dom
does. You’re not doing it deliberately, Nola. I know that, but it’s time for
you to make a choice. Be the submissive that Alex needs, or leave him, and let
him find someone who can be that for him.”

Nola rolled the cup between her hands, letting the
heat take her mind off Lilith’s rather blunt words for a second. “I don’t want
to leave him, but the idea of giving
to him is a little scary.”

The dominatrix smiled and this time it held real
warmth. “Do you trust him?” Nola nodded. “Then you must believe in that trust.
Alex would never hurt you. Being a Dom, it’s all about that connection. Did you
see my act, the one at Christmas? Alex said that you were there but you might
have missed the show.”

Nola blushed at the vivid images that ran through
her mind. “Yes, I did see it. Not all of it, though.”

“Do you think that anyone would let me tie them to equipment
if they didn’t trust me? Every submissive has a safe word. You can also discuss
your limits with Alex. These are the rules
put in place, not Alex. The submissive has all the power in the relationship
because they can always say stop.” Lilith put her cup down onto the desk next
to her. “But be careful that you don’t overuse it. Alex has probably already guessed
your limits. He’ll push you as far as he thinks you can take it.”

What were the chances she’d somehow fallen asleep at
her desk and was dreaming? It was by far the strangest conversation that had
ever taken place in her classroom. A woman she barely knew was telling her how
to save a relationship Nola hadn’t realised was in trouble. Lilith was right
and nobody knew Alex as well as she did. Not even Nola.

“How do I start? I mean, do I just come out and tell

“How do you expect him to know unless you tell him?”
Lilith got back to her feet. “I need to go and get the club open. I’ll know
what you’ve decided judging by Alex’s mood on Monday morning.” She winked at
Nola. “Have fun.”






There was only one place that
Alex Winchester wanted to be, and work wasn’t it. The plan had been simple: cook
a delicious romantic meal, and start to enjoy the two blissfully uninterrupted
days he had with Nola. Instead, he’d gotten a phone call at four o’clock saying
there was a problem with the plumbing at the club. For whatever reason, they had
no clue where Lilith was and she hadn’t taken her phone with her. The news had
put him in a bad mood, one that he was finding hard to shake. Lilith was
supposed to be proving that she could take more of a management role in the
club. They might have owned the club together, but besides doing some of the
paperwork and her stage act, Lilith didn’t do the same job Alex did. He loosened
his tie as he looked up at the clock.
is ridiculous. I’m going to have to ring Nola and ask her to come round a
little later.

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