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I’m dealing with it.
I don’t live in fear anymore. I sent an anonymous email to the cops
in Ensenada and gave them Robert’s real name and where to look for
him. If they find the remains of a wanted felon, I don’t think
they’ll worry too much about how he got that way.”

Still working for

For now. Camp Getaway
is a huge success, and the world could use a lot more places like
that. I’m moving toward independent contracting. Go where and when
I want. Jack’s okay with it—he’ll still hire me.” She sat up
straighter and cocked her head. “So, why are you here and not in
Chicago buying and selling everything in sight?”

He cocked his head right back. “Didn’t
Brian tell you?”

No, only that you
were here, single, and living in neutral. Besides, I want to hear
it from you.”

Because the business
community accepted Hollingsworth Industries with or without Dwight
at the helm didn’t mean I was comfortable working there. Someone
made me take a long hard look at what I was doing, and I couldn’t
live that life anymore. I put the Chicago place on the market and
moved here. I’m Brian’s partner, although I still do more
administrative stuff than the hands-on. I was a little rusty, but
it’s coming back. Bri’s got Dad’s gift and I’m happy to do the
bread-and-butter construction chores to give him more time to be
the artist he is.”

That’s great. How’s
his wife doing? And Torrie?”

Stacey’s fine and the
munchkin is excited about the new baby. I’ve been working on an
addition for their house—a studio for Stacey, once she has time to
get back to her painting. I was starting some storage cabinets when
you showed up.” He stopped. God, he was talking about everything
except what was important. Enough. She’d left him once and there
was no way it was going to happen again. He’d dreamed of her coming
back and had sworn to get it right if he ever had another chance.
He put his hands on her shoulders and held her gaze.

You’re welcome to
stay here as long as you like, but you’ll have to change your
identity one more time.”

A flash of uncertainty crossed her
face. “Is there something I missed? I mean, Robert wasn’t really
Robert and—”

It’ll have to be done
legally, though. No hacking. But when it’s done, you’re going to be
Kelli Windsor.” He held his breath.

She gave him The Shake and his hands
itched with the need to embrace her.

Not sure I like the
sound of that,” she said. He could barely hear her over the blood
rushing in his ears.


You can do better.
Legally? No hacking? Not exactly a romantic marriage proposal, Mr.

His throat tightened. “Damn it, Kelli—I
was stupid enough to let you walk away once. Not again. I love you.
I need you. I want you. When you’re with me, I’m not empty inside.
Marry me. Please.”

She wrapped her arms around his neck.
“That’s more like it. Now kiss me and let’s see about filling those
empty places.”






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Although writing is solitary work,
there are a lot of folk involved in getting the words down right.
Thanks go to all my Yahoos for crits and feedback. To Wally Lind
and the gang at crimescenewriter and to Chief Investigator Tom
Bennett, Boulder, CO District Attorney's Office. To Amy Daraghy for
the Washington settings, and Jude Chapman for the Chicago advice.
To all the wonderful people at the Central Florida Romance Writers,
with special thanks to Catherine Kean, Katherine Garbera, Dara
Edmondson and Roxanne St. Claire for taking time to tell me what I
was doing wrong. I hope I didn't miss anyone—ladies, you're all
great! To The Pregnant Pigs—you're the reason I keep doing this!
Thanks to Jessica for her fight choreography. And, it's not only
the words. Many, many thanks to Jason, for his patience with me as
we created the new cover.


About the Author


Terry Odell began writing by mistake, when
her son mentioned a television show and she thought she’d be a good
mom and watch it so they’d have common ground for
Little did she know she would enter the world of writing, first via
fanfiction, then through Internet groups, and finally with groups
with real, live partners. Her first publications were short
stories, but she found more freedom in longer works and began what
she thought was a mystery. Her daughters told her it was a romance
so she began learning more about the genre and craft. She belongs
to both the Romance Writers of America and Mystery Writers of

Now a multi-published, award winning author,
Terry resides with her husband in the mountains of Colorado. You
can find her online at:

Her website -

Her blog -


Twitter -

Sign up for her

, where readers are






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BOOK: What's in a Name?
10.31Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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