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When Morning Comes

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This is a work of fiction. All names, characters, and places are
fictitious. Any resemblance to actual events, locales, organizations, or
persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.






For the Gang.
Here’s to
something new, for me and you.






Avril Ashton


Copyright © 2014






There is no
name, no website, no building. You won’t find an ad in the classified anywhere.
No one knows who owns and operates the business. All that exists is a phone
number passed on in hushed, reverent tones to those who need it. This isn’t an
escort service. It’s about fantasies, having them fulfilled. Customers pay to
have their every sexual fantasy realized. For one night only, no rules apply.
Between consenting adults, anything goes.



are we here?”

Logan Sabourin smiled at the confusion
on his best friend’s face. “It’s a surprise.”

That earned his a scowl. Ryan didn’t
care for surprises. He liked being in control.
Which was why
Logan had planned this night for him.
He’d give Ryan what he knew his
best friend wanted and needed.
Even if it meant heartache for

“You know I don’t like surprises,
Logan.” Ryan sat down on the edge of the bed in the room at the Brooklyn
Marriott. He leaned forward, staring into Logan’s eyes. “Tell me what you’re up

“What makes you think I’m up to
anything?” Logan tried to sound innocent, but he didn’t think he pulled it off.

“I know you,” Ryan said. “I know that
look in your eyes.”

Ryan did know him. They’d been best
friends since they were sixteen years old. But Ryan didn’t know everything. If
he did he’d hate Logan. “What look do you think you see in my eyes?” Logan glanced
at the clock on the wall. Time was fast approaching when he’d have to walk out of
the room and leave Ryan to spend the night with someone else. Someone who could
give him what he needed, what Logan wished he was brave enough to

“Logan, stop playing.” Ryan got to his
feet and started pacing. “I don’t want to be here tonight of all nights.”

“When else would you be here?” Logan
went to him, allowed himself the pleasure of touching Ryan’s shoulder before
quickly dropping his hand. “It’s your birthday, for God’s sake. Relax and enjoy
the treat I got for you.” He winked. “I spent a shit load of money.”

Ryan sighed. “I don’t need anything, you
know that.”

It was true. Neither of them needed
material things. They’d been born into privilege, had trust funds no one man
could spend in two lifetimes. Still, Ryan was a bestselling mystery writer in
his own right, using a pen name to escape the scrutiny being a Mora would
bring. Logan had put his art degree to use and opened up a gallery. Sabourin
Art galleries were now in L.A., Brooklyn, and Manhattan, with more to open in
other major cities. He’d made his own money as well, away from his parents’

“There are some things you still need,”
he told Ryan. “I know you like to be in control.” He broke eye contact and
walked away, putting space between them, as otherwise Ryan might see what Logan
had been hiding since the day he got a glimpse of Ryan’s naked chest. “You like
being in control, especially in the bedroom.”


“When was the last time you had that?”
he asked over his shoulder. “You’ve been busy writing, always on a deadline.”

“It’s my job, Logan.” Ryan frowned. “I
love it.”

“I know.” Logan softened his tone. “I
know, but you’ve just sent the latest to your editor, and it’s your birthday.
It’s time to celebrate.”

“Is that why we’re in this hotel room?”
Ryan looked around.
“To celebrate?”

“I got you someone.” Logan hid his hands
behind his back, fingers crossed. He wanted Ryan to say yes, and he wanted him
to say no. He wanted to hear Ryan say he felt the same way Logan did, that he
loved him and only him, and didn’t want anybody else. That wasn’t going to

Ryan stared at him blankly. “You got me
someone?” He shook his head. “What does that mean?”

“Someone to
control, someone who wants to be dominated by you.”
throat went dry, so he swallowed. He and Ryan shared partners once in a while,
sometimes when they went out to the clubs. They’d share a fuck, but they’d never
crossed the line, as much as Logan wished they had. They shared, but were never
intimate with each other. He’d watched that feral look darken Ryan’s eyes when
he slid into his commanding persona. More than once Logan wished that dominance
was directed at him. He never gave up control, never bottomed except when he
fucked himself with his fingers or a dildo in his bed alone at night, but he
wanted Ryan in him, and he wanted his best friend to take him over.

Logan would never have it, but Ryan
needed it, so as his best friend, Logan ordered up a fantasy. A phone call and
a whole lot of money later, here they were.

“You bought me a prostitute?” Ryan
stepped forward, fury on his face and his fists balled. “Are you out of your
fucking mind?”

“What? No.” Logan held up his hands.
“It’s not—”

“A fucking
prostitute, Logan?”
Ryan grabbed the front of Logan’s shirt
and shook him. “Cancel it, right now.”

Logan licked his dry lips. He shouldn’t
like it, but he did.
Ryan’s angry eyes flashing at him.
The tight grip on his shirt, Ryan’s knuckles grazing the bare
skin at his neck.
He liked it. His cock throbbed, and he looked away.
He’d lose his best friend, and that wasn’t a chance he was ever willing to
take. The alternative was better, so he resolved to suffer in silence.

“This isn’t a prostitute thing, Ry.” He
jerked away from Ryan’s hold. “This is about fantasies, yours and those of the
guy who’s on his way here.
Fulfilling them.”
A gorgeous blond with blue eyes.
Someone he knew Ryan
wouldn’t be able to resist.

Ryan combed his fingers through his dark
hair. “You’d better give me something better than that bullshit. Explain
yourself, Logan.”

Logan swallowed the
Yes, Sir
that swelled on his tongue. “This is about bringing
likeminded people together. You want someone to control, and someone else wants
to be controlled. The company simply brings you two together.”

Ryan scoffed. “What kind of place is it,
and how did you hear of it?”

Logan shrugged. “I hear things. All I,
and the other people who’ve used the services got, is a phone number. There’s
no website, no name. Just that phone number. You call them and tell them what
you want, and they find someone who fits your needs.” He’d spent a fair amount
of time on the phone, talking to an automated female voice as he put his plans

Ryan sank onto the bed. “I don’t—I don’t

Logan smiled. “The guy who’ll be yours
for the night paid a fee, a very handsome fee, I might add, to have the
pleasure of being with you. Of having you dominate him. It’s a onetime deal.
People pay to have their pleasures sated, one night only.”

“So, he’s not—”

“An escort?
A prostitute?”
Logan shook his head. “No. He’s a
professional, a businessman in his own right.” He’d been sent information on
the guy, Cassidy James, along with a photo. He was twenty-nine, had a clean
bill of health, and was a lawyer. “His fantasy is to be controlled, so he paid
for it. Yours is to control, and I paid for that. The company only exists to
make sure you two meet.”

Ryan stared up at him, eyes bright and
focused. Logan fought a shiver. “You did this for me?”

Sadness squeezed Logan’s chest. He
forced a smile. “I’m your best friend. I’d do anything for you.”
God, that
hurt to say, because it was so fucking true. He’d
even deny himself what he wanted.

Ryan jumped to his feet and pulled Logan
into a tight hug. “You’re crazy, you know that?” he mumbled against Logan’s

Logan barked a shaky laugh. “I know.” He
slapped Ryan on the back, took a quick whiff of his hot skin, then stepped back
before his friend felt the erection Logan couldn’t contain. “I’m
go. Leave you to it.”

BOOK: When Morning Comes
3.14Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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