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Why Romeo Hates Juliet

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Why Romeo Hates Juliet

Anna Mara

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Author's Note


~ ~ ~

Chapter 1

“You’ll always be my little peach pit, no matter what.”

Eight year old Juliet Soma turned her chocolate brown eyes upwards to meet her father’s gaze and her brows crinkled in confusion. “But why are you moving away? Aren’t you coming to the lake with us?” she whined, as her small heart began tattooing a frantic beat inside her chest. She turned to her six year old sister, Sara, who was sitting beside her on the living room couch, with her little hands clasped in her lap and her eyes focused downwards at an imaginary spot on the carpet at her feet. Sara never said much when Juliet was around. She always let her big sister do the talking.

Juliet turned back to her father who suddenly crouched down low in front of her to meet her at eye level. “Juliet, I’ve already told you that I can’t come with you. Not this time.”

“But why? You said you were going to teach me to swim.”

Tears began to mist in her eyes. This was the first time her father had broken a promise to her. Had she done something bad? Was he mad at her? Maybe this had something to do with the yelling she’d heard coming from her parent’s bedroom last night? Juliet had been awakened by shouting coming through the walls and then she’d heard her daddy slamming the front door shut as he’d left the house. Was that why he was moving away now? Because he’d had a fight with mommy?

She turned to where her mom sat in the armchair with the orange flowers by the fireplace, softly crying into a tissue. Like her little sister, her head was bent too and she wasn’t looking at any of them. Was her daddy moving away because he didn’t like mommy anymore? Was that it?

She turned her wet eyes back to her father. “Please, Daddy! Don’t go. If you’re mad at Mommy, she didn’t mean it. She’s sorry.” At that, her mom’s eyes flew upwards in anger and threw her father a withering stare. “I’m not taking the blame for your bullshit, Ken. You’d better tell them the truth, now!” she shouted through tight lips.

Juliet flinched in surprise. She’d never heard her mom swear before. In fact, bad words were never allowed in their house. Her frantic eyes riveted back to her father’s frowning face. “Please, Daddy, please - come to the lake with us, please,” she sobbed, as her salty tears began to flow faster down her pink cheeks.

Her father suddenly stood up, allowing his presence to tower over her. “Juliet, stop it!” he commanded. “I’ve already told you that I can’t do that.

I’m moving away to Toronto and that’s that.”

“But why? Me and Sara - we’ll be good from now on, I promise. We’ll do our homework and we won’t watch TV anymore and we’ll help mommy with the dishes and…”

“I said stop it! Just stop it!”

Her father’s cold tone startled her into silence and caused her little sister to start crying. She heard her father let out a deep sigh before he continued in a softer tone.

“Girls, you’re both old enough to understand this, so I’ll just say it. Your mother and I are getting a divorce. She won’t be my wife anymore but I’ll always be your daddy. And even though I’m going to be living very far away now, know that I’ll always love you. We’ll talk on the phone every night and you can come and visit me anytime. You’ll even get to fly in a big airplane. Now that’ll be fun, won’t it?” Juliet hadn’t heard any of her father’s speech. All she knew was that her daddy was leaving and moving far away. Who would protect her now?

Her dad was the strong one in their family and he wasn’t afraid of anything. What about that time when Bobby Taylor from across the street had taken her bike? Hadn’t her dad gotten it back for her? What if it happened again? Who would look after her now? Sara was too little and her mom needed protecting too. If Daddy was leaving, no one would be there for her now - no one! Well, she’d just have to look after herself from now on, that’s all; and she’d look after Sara and Mommy too. She was strong, just like daddy, and she’d take care of them all.

Suddenly, Juliet’s little mind short-circuited with the weight of her new responsibilities and all thinking stopped, giving way to pure emotion as deep sobs choked out of her.

~ ~ ~

Chapter 2

Sull ivan Lake was a small but very deep lake in the wilds of British Columbia, Canada and it was home to ten private cottages all positioned around its shoreline. The three bedroom rustic cabin that Juliet, Sara and their mom were staying at belonged to her mom’s friend, Mrs. Henderson, who’d invited them to spend the month of July there with her.

On their first night there, their mom had invited some of the other kids from neighboring cottages to a cookout that she’d planned. Sabina, Scottie and Riley were all eight and nine year olds whose families owned cabins near Mrs. Henderson’s.

Juliet had been introduced to them about ten minutes ago but since she was shy, as were the other kids, they were all just quietly sitting around the campfire not saying a word to each other. Besides, Juliet didn’t feel like talking anyway. Her dad had left for his new home in Toronto yesterday and she missed him so much already.

Juliet’s eyes darted from one strange face to another before alighting on her mom, who was busy handing out hot dogs that they’d just barbequed on the grill.

“Okay, guys, what do you say to a cow who crosses in front of you?” her mom announced with a smile.

“Oh Mom…” an embarrassed Juliet whined, as she rolled her eyes at her mother’s stupid joke.

“Don’t ‘oh mom’ me, young lady. It’s a perfectly good question. What do you say to the cow?” The kids all looked at each other and no one said anything. Juliet’s mom continued, “You say moooo…ve.”

Juliet’s mortified gaze traveled from Sabina’s silent face to Scottie’s and then to Riley’s… and they all stared back at her before suddenly bursting out laughing at Mrs. Soma’s silly joke. Juliet joined in, as did little Sara and before long they were all singing campfire songs being led by Mrs. Henderson.

Eight year old Tracy Miller was just stepping out of her parent’s car when she heard the loud singing coming from the Henderson cottage down the lake. She squinted her beady eyes in that direction and spotted her friends Sabina, Scottie and Riley over there sitting around a campfire with two new girls. But why weren’t her friends here, welcoming her back for the summer? After all, she was the boss of everyone! And who were those new girls anyway? She seethed with jealousy as she stomped inside her cabin.

* * *

The next afternoon, Juliet and all the kids had been invited to Sabina’s cottage on the other side of the lake. The cabin itself was plain and small, but the one unique feature of the property was that it had a large eight foot outcropping of rock which jutted out into the water and was a perfect spot to dive from.

“Come on, Juliet, jump in,” Sabina yelled, as she took a swan dive off of the rock formation into the water. Scottie and Riley were already swimming after having belly-flopped in moments earlier.

Dressed in a t-shirt and shorts, Juliet cautiously stood on top of the rock, but kept a safe distance from its edge. “I didn’t bring my bathing suit,” she yelled, shivering as she looked down into the murky water.

The fact was that Juliet couldn’t swim and was too embarrassed to tell the rest of the kids. What would they think of her if they knew? They’d probably laugh and call her a dweeb, or worse… a chicken.

Suddenly, she heard a rustling sound behind her and an angry voice shouted, “This isn’t your house. You don’t belong here!” Spinning around, Juliet came face-to-face with Tracy, who was standing there with her hands on her hips and a defiant glare burning in her eyes. She could feel waves of hate being thrown at her. “I - I was invited. I’m a friend of Sabina’s,” she nervously stammered.

“I know all of Sabina’s friends and you’re not one of them.” Tracy moved closer, her hands balled into fists by her side. “You’re not welcome here, you weirdo!”

Juliet backed away in self-defense, not realizing that she was inching closer to the rock’s edge. “I’m - I’m not a weirdo,” she whispered breathlessly, the words lodging in her tight throat.

“Yes, you are. And you’re ugly and stupid too! Why don’t you go back where you came from, you freak.” Juliet began to tremble with fear as she took in the twisted hate splashed across the other girl’s features. Who was this person and why was she being so mean? If her daddy were here, he’d make her be nice. He’d show her! But he wasn’t here, was he? He was far away - and he couldn’t help her now. In fact, he couldn’t help her ever again.

A fiery flash of anger thundered through Juliet’s small body. Well - she would just look after herself from now on - that’s what she would do; and no one was going to be mean to her anymore; and no one was going to make her do what she didn’t want to do - no one - and that included this bully. She’d been invited here by Sabina and she was going to stay and she wasn’t backing down - and if this new girl wanted a fight, then a fight was what she was going to get. She wasn’t afraid of her.

Juliet defiantly raised her nose in the air. “Maybe you’re the one who’s not supposed to be here, you big baby.” Stunned by the new girl’s courage, Tracy flinched back before regaining her senses. Sparks of fury flew out of her eyes as she raised her balled fist in the air. “You’d better get out now or you’ll be sorry, you stupid cow!” Juliet’s eyes narrowed on Tracy’s twisted features. “Oh yeah? Make me!”

Suddenly, an enraged Tracy lunged at Juliet’s chest and shoved with all her might, sending the other girl reeling over the rock cliff and into the water.

With a resounding, clumsy splash, Juliet found herself in the lake, gasping for air. Unable to swim or even tread water, she sank quickly into the dark, murky depths as her arms and feet floundered in panic. All thought vanished and she went on pure instinct as she tried valiantly to push herself back up to the surface. But the more she struggled, the deeper she sank. Oh no! She was going to die today, she knew it, and Sull ivan Lake was going to be her tomb.

She gulped in water as she panicked some more and her chest felt tight as if in a vice. She couldn’t feel her arms or legs anymore and she stopped struggling. The pain immediately eased up in her chest and a deep feeling of peace and calm overtook her as she floated deep in the water. It felt like she was floating in a wonderful dream where she’d been dropped into a pile of mattresses made of soft, warm feathers. It was wonderfull- and everything suddenly was so nice and easy.

Maybe she should just let go and then she wouldn’t have to think about Mommy and Daddy splitting up and Daddy moving away and her having to be strong for everybody. She’d never have to think about any of it ever again. And with that last thought, Juliet lost consciousness and everything went black.

All of a sudden the pressure on her chest came back with a vengeance and her lungs felt like they were being crushed. Fluttering her eyelids open, Juliet began coughing up water as she was lifted up and over onto the sandy beach. One of the mothers held her tight as she continued to expectorate the liquid out of her chest, coughing and gasping for air.

* * *

That night, Juliet woke up and found herself lying in a hospital bed. She sensed her mom suddenly stepping forward and felt her grasping her hand as she bent over her.

“Sweetheart, Mommy’s here now and everything’s going to be okay,” Mrs. Soma whispered with a faint smile playing on her lips.

Juliet stared into her mom’s face and noticed that her eyes were red and swol en, and she knew that her mom had been crying over what had happened.

“I’m sorry, Mommy,” Juliet whimpered, feeling bad that she had been the cause of her mother’s unhappiness.

“Shhh, you stop that, you hear? It wasn’t your fault.”

The telephone beside her bed rang and her mom picked it up. “hello?” she said, before pausing and then handing the receiver to her daughter.

“It’s your father.”

Juliet latched onto the phone like a life preserver. “Hi Daddy,” she squeaked. “Are you coming to see me?” But her daddy ignored her question. “How’s my little peach pit feeling?” he asked.


“You gave us quite a scare, you know. Did that other girl push you?”

“Yes.” Juliet felt shy and awkward talking to her dad because for some reason, he didn’t feel like her dad anymore.

“Your mother tells me you’re going to be just fine and the doctors are going to let you go home tomorrow.”

“Are you going to be there when we get there?”

“No, honey, you know I can’t.”

Hot tears began to cascade down Juliet’s cheeks. “Please Daddy, please come home”, she begged. “I miss you.” His voice turned firm. “Juliet, you know we’ve talked about this and you know I can’t do that. I will come and visit you and Sara soon, though, I promise.”

Suddenly, Juliet heard a baby crying in the background. Who was that, she wondered? “Daddy…?” But her father quickly cut her off. “Listen sweetie, I have to go now but I’ll call you again, okay?”

“Okay, Daddy,” she sniffled. “Bye.” She handed the phone back to her mom ho placed it back in its cradle.

Juliet’s eyes grew pensive and she turned to her mom. “Mommy, who was that baby with Daddy? It was crying.” Her mom’s face suddenly dropped and she burst into tears. “That baby is your half-sister and - and your daddy is going to be living with his new family now.”

Juliet was stunned and anger filled her little body. How could he? How could her daddy do such a thing to all of them? He was just a big, old stupid jerk and she hated him! She hoped she’d never see him again!

New tears streamed down Juliet’s cheeks as she buried her face into the hospital pillow and sobbed her heart out.

~ ~ ~

BOOK: Why Romeo Hates Juliet
11.93Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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