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Wicked Release

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Wicked Release




R.G. Alexander




Wicked Release

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For my readers. Without you, there would be no reason to share my stories. This is for you. For Robin, who is my diamond. And for Cookie, love is the reason...and I'm sorry about the lost Magian weekend.




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Chapter One


It never grew easier to bear. The dying. She had been dying for so long, time had lost its meaning. There was no way to know exactly how long she’d been trapped here. Decades? Centuries?  No way to know how many times she had resisted the angry mob. She wanted to say she always fought back, despite the unyielding odds. She had never been raised to admit defeat. On occasion, however, she would give into her melancholy. Simply lie down and await her death, wondering how large a portion of her soul the next execution would rip from her.

Did she have one left? A soul? Her grandmother would have told her that the question answered itself. If it were truly gone, she would not miss it.

But she did. At least, the parts of her that had known love and laughter. That had hoped and nurtured plans for the future.
aspects had disappeared a thousand bonfires ago. And with that, the righteous rage inside her had rushed in to fill the void. It had given her back some of the strength she’d thought lost. The magic.

When, after decades of trying, she had finally succeeded in communicating with the world beyond the illusion, she was nearly overcome. Unsure of what her next step should be after so many failures.

Her power, miraculously, had sensed another Magian’s. One made of flesh and blood and not bound as she was within this cursed landscape.  She had long ago learned that her only true chance at freedom hinged on someone outside the spell finding a way to release her. Praying, for his sake, that he was not connected to one of the foul witches who’d imprisoned her, she called to him.

At first, it had seemed to be working. He’d heard her and dared to reach through the doorway she had opened. But the spell soon overpowered him, drawing him
the hell created to cage her.

The poor, beautiful man. And he was beautiful. Brilliant blue eyes and dirty blond, silken curls that made him appear youthful and angelic. Her first thought when she’d seen him fall into this world to land at her feet was that this might truly be over. She might finally be dead, with her own breathtaking guide to lead her to her rest.

The instant he’d seen her, he’d reached for her. There’d been recognition in his eyes. Did he know her? Was he the guardian angel her grandmother had always promised was nearby?

The moment of shock when they touched had given her the answers she craved. No angel. The Magian she’d called for. With one touch, his magic spoke to hers in a way she’d never experienced. A spark of energy ran through her limbs and made her feel…
made her feel
. Something that wasn’t anger. Something that wasn’t cold and empty. In fact, the emotion was so strong she was instantly suspicious of it. This place had made her see and feel things that she’d thought were real before. After all this time, was it happening again?

He’d smiled in relief and moved his full lips as if to speak, but he’d never gotten the chance.

What would he have said if the mob hadn’t appeared and taken him away? If she hadn’t been dragged to the river for her daily punishment, only to revive once more in her small, one-room cabin. Alone. An endless circle with no escape.

She’d seen him several times from that day to this. Her angel. Her talisman. They were never allowed to speak or touch; never allowed more than glimpses of each other as the masses pursued them. Yet every thwarted attempt appeared to make the man more determined to reach her, and, strangely, gave her a sense of hope.

If they could speak she would tell him that the spell had a will of its own. Above all else, it had been made to ensure she would be denied all comfort. Forsaken. Forever.

But why was he still here? This trap was hers alone. She recalled with great clarity the handful of times she’d been visited by the one man who had enjoyed watching her suffer with a devious delight she would never understand. The man who could come and go as he pleased.

She’d discovered two doorways after endless searching, but they weren’t meant for her. Her magic, fueled by her anger, had become strong enough to open one, just a crack to send out the call, but she would never have enough power to escape through either one of them on her own.

The stranger should, with any magic in him at all, be able to leave the way he came. Why endure this torture? Each day a new world—some familiar to her, some alien landscapes filled with metal buildings and loud machines—would arise from the ashes of the old. All of them created to kill. Did he not know he could escape? There had to be some way for her to tell him. Some way to save her angel.

“Sarah Blackwood.”

She whirled around in shocked surprise, her long skirt kicking up the dust of the road she’d been walking as she waited for today’s assault. How long had it been since she’d heard her name? “Who speaks?”

There was no one there.

“Sarah Blackwood. Come closer.”

Her heart was pounding in her chest. Two voices now. Male and female. She sensed their compelling magic, though she still saw no one. Her heels dug in to the dirt as her body was dragged off the road against her will. One of them must be a Siren. It was, she remembered, a powerful ability. But how had their magic broken through?

This was new. Her lips murmured the long-forgotten words meant to fend off those who would compel her, but they had no effect. Proof that this was another illusion? Would she be forced into a battle with Magians now? But that was not the punishment. Hers was always to “suffer the death of a witch at human hands”. What had changed?

The voices mingled. Three. Then four joined as one. The layer of dust that coated the ground began to swirl and twist in front of her eyes. Not yet. She hadn’t seen her angel today. She had to look into his beautiful blue eyes before death took her again.

“Not yet!” she cried.

A male voice, the Siren, came through the funnel of gravel and sand. “Step inside to gain your freedom.
, before the way out is closed.”

Freedom. It was the only word she needed to hear. She could not allow herself to regret leaving her angel. He would understand that she had to be free. She stepped into the miniature windstorm, knowing she had nothing to lose.

It solidified around her and began to move at a rapid pace. Her blood pounded through her veins, alive with possibility. Was it heading for the doorway she had managed to temporarily wedge open? Could she be that fortunate?

If she woke in her small bed once more, discovering this was just another illusion…it might truly break her.

Words of magic swirled around her, along with the angry shouts of her prison guards as they attempted to halt her progress. They couldn’t touch her. Couldn’t get near enough to hurt her, as if she were shielded. Protected with her father’s comforting power to keep her safe. Safe. Free. Unfamiliar and unlikely words that suddenly sounded possible. Sounded true.

Sarah prayed to all the ancient gods of her family that it was so. That she would be allowed to regain her freedom, if only long enough to right the wrongs that had been done to her family. Her friends. To succeed at the one goal that had kept her fighting back far longer than was natural or fair—vengeance.

There was a barrier blocking her way. The twisting shell around her banged against it once. Twice. Sarah focused with all her will on the wedge she had created, on weakening and unweaving the wall of magic that restrained her in the hopes it would aid her rescuers in their final push.

She fell on the polished wood of the hard floor in a crashing cloud of dust. It stung her eyes and throat and she gasped for breath. Did the collapse of the whirlwind mean they failed? Her hands slid on the unnaturally smooth surface. This was not
floor. This was not earth beneath her hands.

She crouched; balancing her body on her scraped hands and the soles of her ragged shoes, ready to flee if an enemy was waiting to strike. Had her captors released her because they were merciful, or simply devised a worse hell in which to contain her?

Sarah glanced through the strands of her dark, knotted hair. A small crowd of men and women stared down at her in silent shock. These were
her captors. “Where am I?”

The clothing they wore was of a type she had seen on occasion in her ever-changing cell. Women in long pants and shirts that revealed more than they concealed. Handsome men whose snug clothing left nothing to the imagination. She studied them each in turn, her gaze narrowing on one woman’s piercing grey eyes. The only thing in the room that seemed familiar. “
am I?”

Another crash followed quickly by a pain-filled moan beside her drew her attention. “My angel!”

They’d released him as well, she realized, but something was wrong. He was pale as the grave, his face covered in angry wounds. His hands clutched his side and she could see the blood spilling through his fingers.

Sarah slid across the floor, heedless of the others and replaced his hands with her own, applying pressure. “Fools. You pulled him out before the spell could revive him. Do any of you understand the magic you are playing at?”

She heard a female gasp, “Lorie’s hurt. Someone call the healers.”

“There is no time,” Sarah growled. “I believe I still remember…”

She let the memories wash over her, praying that her newfound freedom had returned all of her abilities. Images filled her mind. Children with broken limbs and fireside burns who’d come, wide-eyed, to the home she’d shared with her grandmother. The song she hummed to soothe them as her magic spun around her, stitching the bones back together and healing any trace of injury.

Her hands tingled with the heat of her power, glowing with the arcing green and golden energy that had once been so familiar to her. And something more. That sharp spark of knowledge, desire and connection that she’d felt with this man the first and only time they’d touched.

His magic was reaching out to hers again. Surrounding hers and drawing it back into his body. As she studied his face, the cuts on the full lips closed and the wound at his temple disappeared before her eyes. She almost smiled at the long-forgotten sensations of gratitude that always came with her power. She could sense it in her now, the healing magic moving through her to embrace him. As it did, it seemed to give her back some of what she’d lost. Some of who she’d been before she was trapped. Cleansing her of the darker shadows that had grown inside her through the long years.

BOOK: Wicked Release
8.12Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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