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Don’t do it, Ella,
I told myself.
This is your chance to relax, not get involved with some hot lunkhead who thinks he can boss you around and put his hands on you all the time. He was so quick to jump you when you tried to call the cops; what could he really be up to?
I didn’t think about the fact that when he’d put his hands on me, I’d loved it. Pleasure had flared through my body like I was already in bed with him. I’d savored the feel of his hot, rough skin against mine. From his touch, I could tell that there wasn’t an ounce of fat on his whole body. And the fast way he’d moved in and grabbed me before I even had a chance to think about what I was doing.


Between my legs, I could feel my panties were starting to get wet. I twisted on the bench seat of the cab and they rubbed against my labia. Mickey glanced at me and winked as if he knew what I was doing. I shuddered, but this time it wasn’t out of fear. It was out of desire. I knew that no matter what happened between me and this guy, I wouldn’t be able to forget about him easily. I had a feeling that he’d haunt me for the rest of my life.


“Well?” Mickey gave me a wolfish grin. “What do you think?”


I rolled my eyes. “Give me a minute,” I replied, not wanting him to see that the merest phrase from him turned me on. I turned my back to him and closed my eyes, thinking hard. The way I saw it, I had a couple of choices. I could trick him into giving me back my phone. That might involve a little…finesse. I blushed when I realized just how much finesse it would involve; the only way to get his pants off was to remove them myself. Or make him so hot that he pulled them down and then sprang for me. I shivered as I imagined what it would feel like to be taken by someone as big and sexy as Mickey. I closed my eyes and thought about how I’d seduce him.


“Come here,” I said in a husky voice, beckoning for Mickey to step closer. Suddenly, it didn’t bother me that I hadn’t showered in days. All I cared about was having him close to me, taking me, making me sweat. Mickey’s eyes bored holes in me as he stepped closer and I felt a shiver of lust through my body.


“Yes, ma’am,” Mickey replied. I didn’t correct him the way I’d corrected Jimmy and Mason. Instead, I spread my legs and opened my arms wide for him to embrace me. When Mickey’s arms were tightly wrapped around me, he pulled me close. I felt my body crush up against his muscular frame and felt desire spiking through my body. As he pulled me closer, I felt another shiver of lust taking hold of my frame. Mickey’s rough hands grabbed my chin and tilted my face up for a savage, passionate kiss. I lost myself to desire as I closed my eyes and pressed my lips against his. At first, the kiss was quiet, ordinary. Then, Mickey slipped his tongue between my lips and caressed the delicate inside of my mouth. I moaned softly as I felt a gush of wetness between my legs, the result of feeling his rough tongue inside my mouth. Mickey groaned and pulled me closer. His muscular barrel chest pressed against mine and I felt my nipples swell and stiffen.


Mickey pushed me away from his body long enough to slip a hand under my shirt and play with my breasts until I was crying out from a mix of pleasure and pain. Never, not even with Derek, had I experienced such lust. As Mickey squeezed and pinched at my nipples, I rubbed my crotch against his body, desperate for relief. He chuckled and gently pushed me away, slipping a hand down the waist of my pants. All too late I remembered that it was supposed to be his pants that were coming off, and I feebly made a gesture to push his hand away. Mickey chuckled and swatted away my arm like it was a fly. He continued to unzip my fly and tug my jeans down my hips until my legs were forced together and I was clad only in panties. Grinning, he reached forward and stroked a finger against the crotch of the fabric until I was crying out with pleasure. Every time his finger touched my clit, I gasped and moaned. Mickey knew how to please me, he knew how to treat me like something to be admired. I’d never been so stimulated in my life. He continued to pleasure me and I threw my head back and closed my eyes, moaning hoarsely. As I groaned, Mickey leaned forward and started savagely biting and licking my neck. Pain shot through my body and mingled with the pleasure, creating a truly incredible feeling through my limbs. I was helpless in his arms, I was like a doll, I had no control.


Shaking my head, I pulled myself out of the fantasy. Like I could ever seduce someone like Mickey! That was just ridiculous, and I shouldn’t have even indulged the thought. Cocking my head, I looked at Mickey. He raised his eyebrows at me and didn’t speak.

“Thought of a plan yet?”


I shook my head. “Give me another minute,” I said softly.


“Fine,” Mickey said. “I need to piss. I’ll be over there.”


Even though his words were distasteful, I found myself watching as he swaggered over to a clump of bushes and yanked down his zipper with a masculine ease. Everything he did captivated me; I was a prisoner to my own thoughts of lust. Even though I couldn’t seduce him, I still might be able to do
. While Mickey’s back was turned, I imagined how it would go if I approached from behind, wielding the crowbar.


“Don’t move!” I yelled, waving the crowbar from side to side. “Turn around!”


Mickey turned around, a guilty look on his face. When he saw the crowbar, his expression turned confused. “Just what the fuck do you think you’re playing at, woman? You wanna attack me? You know how well I can fight, don’t you?”


I laughed. “I’m tough, too, Mick,” I told him softly. I tapped the crowbar from one hand to the other until it was landing in my palm with a satisfying thwack. Mickey watched as I approached him.


“You wouldn’t really do that,” he said. “Come on now. Think of the repercussions.”


I blinked. “Maybe you shoulda thought of the repercussions of stashing yourself away in my rig,” I spat. “You ever realize how much trouble you could have gotten me in?”


Mickey raised his eyebrows and chuckled. “Honey, that’s all well and good, but you know you got out just fine. You know you won’t see any trouble from this. Besides, everyone’s on my side anyway.”


“Not good enough,” I said, stepping closer. I swung the crowbar at Mickey’s head but he ducked and before I knew it, he’d reached out and grabbed ahold of one end. “Let go!” I hissed. “This is mine!”


Mickey chuckled, a deep, pleasant sound. “You don’t know what you’re doing,” he said mildly. “Just hand it over, come on. No one gets hurt.” He tried to pull the crowbar away from me but I held fast. All the same, his tug caused my boots to slide on the ground until we were inches away. I could smell his scent, that same deep sweaty, masculine odor that was emanating from every inch of his skin. But instead of repulsing me, I felt my pussy begin to twitch inside of my panties. I looked away, but it was no use. The hold he had on me was too strong.


“Just let go,” Mickey said softly. “Come on.” He was breathing hard and staring down at me. We were so close that our noses could have touched. “Come on, Ella,” he said again. “Just hand it over.”


His words did something tangible to my body and I shivered. “No,” I said. My voice was almost a whisper. “I can’t.”


Mickey grinned at me. “You know you want to,” he said softly. He jerked the crowbar back and my arm practically left the socket. I growled and Mickey got in my face, growling louder. “I’m stronger, I’m going to win,” he said smugly. With his free arm, he reached around my body and smacked me on the ass. That made me jump into the air and I squealed, releasing my grip on the crowbar. Mickey pulled it towards him and held it behind his back.


“Now I’m not going to use this,” he said, bending the edges like a cartoon villain. “But you sure as hell don’t get to use it on me, either.”


Mickey tossed the crowbar away and over his head. He scooped me closer and pressed his lips against mine until I was shivering with pleasure. As he slipped his rough tongue between my lips, I felt myself get wet between the legs. I surrendered myself to the passion and wrapped my legs around his body, pulling him close. Mickey slipped a hand slowly down my back and up the hem of my shirt until his rough fingers were stroking my bare skin. The feeling was electric, incredible, and I gave myself over to the sensation. I wanted his hands everywhere: my breasts, between my legs, my neck, my face. I wanted him to completely absorb me.


“You’re a thirsty little girl,” Mickey growled in my ear. I felt the arousal sear on my skin like a brand.


“You’re just what I need to feel sated,” I whispered back, feeling unusually saucy. “You wanna give me a big cool drink of water?”


“I’ll give you more than that,” Mickey growled. He tore my shirt up and over my head and I gasped in shock. Mickey lowered his head to my breasts and took my nipples into his mouth, sucking and licking and biting at them. It felt incredible and I cried out, pressing my chest against his face. The combination of his rough stubble and hot, damp breath made my heart beat faster and faster. He knew exactly what he was doing to me, and the more I resisted, the harder he suckled at my nipples. I cried out and buried my hands in his hair, yanking at his head and screeching with pleasure.


“Oh my god,” I moaned softly. “Mickey, please!”


“Please what?” Mickey pulled his head away and gave me a nasty grin. “Please what?”


“I don’t know,” I stammered, looking away. I wanted him to take me right there and then, but part of me was convinced that this was still a joke. It had to be a joke; no way someone as hot and muscular as Mickey would want someone as plain as me. Not even for a one-night stand.


“Tell me. Tell me, Ella.” He bored into my soul with a penetrating gaze. “Tell me, or I’ll make you tell me.”


I opened my mouth and all that came out was a squeak. Mickey chuckled and lowered his head to my chest. I anticipated the pleasure of his mouth on my nipples again so when he licked one gently and blew on it, I screamed. The sensation was intense, and I needed relief so badly. I couldn’t even articulate how I needed him to touch me. I knew I wouldn’t feel satisfied until we’d completely consumed each other.


“Please touch me,” I begged. I reached down and unfastened the snap on my jeans, shrugging them off until they were bunched around my ankles. The air felt chill on my exposed skin and I could smell my arousal emanating from between my legs. The gaucheness of what I’d just done chilled me, but I had to have him. I had to let him take me.


Mickey roughly stuck a hand between my legs and rubbed at my crotch with his thumb. When he grazed my clit, pleasure shot through my body in a warm, sexy feeling. I closed my eyes and moaned, spreading my legs a little further. Mickey chuckled and kept rubbing my pussy. The material of my panties was sodden from arousal and when it rubbed against my skin, I shuddered.


“We need to get rid of these,” Mickey said, flashing me a grin. I moved to pull them down but he shook his head. “Let me,” he said, still grinning. “I have an idea.”


I could only watch with baited breath as Mickey reached into his back pocket and pulled out a knife. When he opened the blade, I gasped. He slid the metal slowly down into my panties. It was cold against my hot skin and I yelped. I thought I could feel the edge of the blade piercing me, but when I looked down, there was no blood. Mickey grinned and yanked the knife forward, neatly slicing a line through my panties. They fell away and before I knew it, I was naked in front of him.


“This is more like it,” Mickey said softly. He got to his knees and crawled between my legs, wrapping his arms around my ass and squeezing. I tried to pull away—knowing that he could smell me as intimately as he did was making me flush. But Mickey was stronger and he held me firmly in his arms, licking and sucking at my labia until I was crying out for more. His tongue slipped inside and prodded my clit until I felt my knees buckling.


“Please,” I begged. “Please don’t stop.”


Mickey pulled away and looked up at me. He wiped his chin with the back of his hand but I could see streaks of my arousal on his unshaven face. “Ain’t good enough,” he said, grinning wickedly at me. My insides gave a kick. “Tell me what you want me to keep doing, exactly. Be specific, Ella,” he said with a grin. “I know you’re capable of doing that.”


I shuddered. “Please keep licking my pussy,” I said softly. “Please keep sucking my clit.”


“Because you were such a good girl and you said please, I think I will,” Mickey said in a gruff voice. I shivered with anticipation as he wrapped his arms around my lower back and pulled me close. Burying his face between my legs, he began to lick and suck at me with a fervor that I’d never felt before. When other guys went down on me, I felt like they were just doing it because they wanted me to return the favor. I was always too self-conscious to enjoy it, even if I’d just had a shower. But Mickey was different. The voracious way he buried his face in me suggested that he wanted more me than ever before, and he wouldn’t be satisfied until he’d made me come at least three times.

BOOK: Wild: Tiger's Blood MC
6.44Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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