Read Wolf Heart: Shifter Romance - BWWM Paranormal Romantic & Erotic Werewolf Standalone Erotica Short Story Novelette Online

Authors: Lady Aingealicia,Romance Shifter

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Wolf Heart: Shifter Romance - BWWM Paranormal Romantic & Erotic Werewolf Standalone Erotica Short Story Novelette

BOOK: Wolf Heart: Shifter Romance - BWWM Paranormal Romantic & Erotic Werewolf Standalone Erotica Short Story Novelette
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Wolf Heart

Shifter Romance

By Lady Aingealicia

Copyright © 2014 by OSL PUBLISHING

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Everything that is Old is New Again


Keisha was leaving her small town for a job in a bigger city. She had been planning on moving for over a month. The moving van was already at her place in Boston. She just had to get there with in the next few days before her job started. As she pulled off to stay at roadside hotel, she had no idea what that would end up including, she wanted to have a nice weekend at the edge of the woods, what she got was a man who would change her world.




Keisha pulled the car off the side of the road in front of the hotel that called itself Wolvesbane. It was between Haven and Boston and she wanted to take a break before her new life started in Boston. She stepped out of her silver Volvo and looked around. There were plenty of woods around for her to take a hike in if she wanted to. As she walked in the barn red hotel, it looked deserted. A blonde lady looked at her from behind a counter in the small diner that was attached. It looked like she had stepped back in time and was in the 50’s or 60’s not 2015.


“Hello.” Keisha said as she walked towards the lady.


“Hello.” The lady answered back. “Can I help you?”

“I was looking to rent a room for the weekend.” Keisha answered with a smile and held out her hand. The lady would not shake her hand.


“I have not washed my hands from clearing the dishes ma’am. Give me one second.” She went to the back and washed her hands and came back out. Taking Keisha’s hand, she shook it and noted that Keisha was a beautiful milk chocolate color with golden eyes. “Your eyes are beautiful.” She commented.


“Oh.” Keisha blushed. “Thank you. So about the room.”

“Well, it is our slow season, so it is $30.00 a night, you get breakfast and lunch with that though. Dinner is on you.” They walked over to the check in counter.


“That sounds good.” Keisha commented looking around. She noticed there was a lot of beautiful woodwork around. “Did you do the woodworking?” She asked absentmindedly.


“Oh no, that would be the boys and my Richard.” The lady blushed. “I will let them know you asked. My name is Henrietta by the way.” She grabbed the paperwork that would be needed to rent the room.


“So what will that total be?” Keisha asked.


“$60.00 for two nights please.” Henrietta said. She started making out the ticket and smiled at Keisha. She liked the girl and hoped no harm would come of her during the full moon. As Keisha looked around she saw a lot of wolves on the wall and carved in the woodwork.  “I would not suggest you go out after 10 p.m. tonight Miss Keisha.”


“Oh, why is that?” Keisha asked as she filled out the paperwork and handed Henrietta the money.


“Well tonight is a full moon and the boy will be out frolicking.” Henrietta answered as she found the key to the room. Keisha noted it was room 13. “Check out is around noon, we know people like to sleep in so we give them that extra hour. You will find trails in the woods that will lead to mirror lake about a mile out.” Henrietta pointed towards the woods.


“Please stay on the trail is our best advice.” She added and walked with Keisha to the room. “You will find everything you need in here. We keep the mini bar stocked, just let us know if you have anything. Maids will check it anyway, we just ask people to be honest. Most of them are.”


As the door opened Keisha saw that the room looked like it was stuck in the 60’s with a bedspread that could go in every roadside hotel. There was a bed, a small fridge, and a bathroom. She saw the Television on the dresser. It was a simple room.


“This will do, thank you very much Henrietta.” Keisha answered. She saw a young man go into the office and noticed his black hair and size. He was rather tall and well built. She wondered if he was one of the boys that Henrietta talked of.


“Do you need any help with your bags?” Henrietta asked.


“No, I can manage.” Keisha commented as her mind wandered to the man who went in the office. “It is only a small bag. Thank you though.”


“Make sure you grab what you need.” Henrietta warned. “It is a full moon tonight and these woods can be mighty strange.” Keisha smiled, she wanted to ask, however after she saw all the wolves in the office/diner area, she already knew what Henrietta was hinting at. “We stop serving dinner at 8 pm around here.”


“Okay, I will be in later for dinner.” Keisha wanted to take a shower before she did anything else. Heading back to her car, she placed the key in her purse and took out her car keys. She saw the young man sitting at the counter drinking some coffee. His features could be seen through the window. He had handsome features that shocked Keisha that they were so strong.


Moving her car so that it would be in front of her room, she parked and opened the trunk pulling out her small overnight bag. She did not need much, just a change of clothes and a few little extra’s. As she entered the room she thought she heard a howl and dismissed it. They were in the woods after all.


Taking her shower, she changed into a comfortable slip dress and grabbed the room key. Heading over to the diner, she found Henrietta cleaning the counter. The young man was gone. Sitting down, she looked at the menu. Deciding what she wanted, she though he chicken sounded good.


“Do you have the baked chicken?” Keisha asked.


“Yes, it is a house favorite.” Henrietta answered.


“That is what I will have along with a glass of red wine if you have it.” Keisha nodded at Henrietta.


“Right away. What would you like on your salad, or would you prefer soup?” Henrietta smiled. “We have potato and leek soup made fresh today.”


“Ranch dressing would be great.” Keisha answered as Henrietta went to the kitchen and began to prepare Keisha’s food. “So you say the lake is only about a mile away?

“Oh yes Keisha.” Henrietta beamed as she talked about it. “One of the most beautiful lakes you will ever see. Looks just like a mirror when there are no storms.”


“I think I will go there tomorrow.” Keisha stated as Henrietta brought her the salad. As soon as dinner was done, Keisha excused herself and went to her room. She just wanted to crawl into bed and sleep. It had been a few long weeks as she had been preparing for this move.


“Goodnight Henrietta.” Keisha said as she paid the bill and headed to her room. Once in her room, she tossed and turned. Turning on the television to break the silence, she found a good horror movie and started to doze off. Then she heard it. There was a terrible scream that sounded like howl. Then some scuffling noises. Soon she heard snapping and growling. She thought she was imagining things and then put the television on mute. She heard them as if they were right outside her window. Knowing what Henrietta said, she still went and looked outside. When she looked up she saw the largest full moon she had ever seen in her life and then more snarling and snapping.


Looking around she did not see anything, she most certainly did hear it though. Then in the distance she saw what seemed to be a dog running across the road into the woods. It was limping as it ran. Not long after she saw that she heard whimpering coming from the woods. Stepping back into her room, she shut the door and crawled under the covers, pulling them up to her chin. She turned off the television and listened to the sounds around her until sleep over took her.


The Trail


Keisha got up and quickly got ready for the day. She wanted to see this lake that Henrietta was talking about. She put on a pair of khaki shorts and a light shirt. Grabbing a jacket to go with her and slipping into her walking shoes, she made sure the room key was in her pocket. Walking over to the diner, it looked abandoned.


As she entered, she saw Henrietta who waved at her holding up a pot of coffee. Keisha nodded yes and walked in to sit down. Looking around and seeing the beauty around her, she was glad she had stopped here. There was such peace. Henrietta brought her a cup and filled it.


“Would you like something to eat?” Henrietta asked. “You look like you are going for a walk today.”


“I thought I would go check out that lake.” Keisha answered.


“I will make you a sandwich and pack you a small lunch.” Henrietta smiled, “You are going to get hungry on that trail and you might just want to stay for a little bit.”


“Can I get an omelet with mushrooms and green peppers for breakfast?” Keisha inquired.


“You sure can.” Henrietta nodded. “That will hold you until you get to the lake. Do you have bug spray?”


“Bug spray?” Keisha cocked her head as she fixed her coffee.


“Oh the mosquitos are pretty bad around here.” Henrietta stated as she fixed Keisha’s omelet and put it on a plate. “Would you like turkey or chicken for your sandwich?”


“Turkey sounds great, thank you.” Keisha ate quietly as she thought about the bug spray. “Henrietta, I will get some bug spray if you have it.”


“I will fix you right up. I will put it in a small bag for you.” Henrietta put a bag in front of Keisha. “Made with love of course.” She went to go get the bug spray and a few other things that she felt Keisha would need for some reason.


“Did you hear the fight last night?” Keisha finally asked.


“Oh that was just noise dear.” Henrietta answered as she brought back a small pack that would hold everything. “Just bring me back the pack okay.”


“Okay. Now which way was the trail?” Keisha asked. Henrietta took her out the side and showed her the trail that led to the lake.


“Put that bug spray on before you leave.” Henrietta advised. Keisha did exactly that as she listened to the birds that were in the woods. She started walking in the direction that Henrietta pointed her in. Soon she came upon a fork in the road. She took the road to the left. As she walked on she heard something in the woods. Taking a deep breath, she figured she had time to go check it out. It sounded like groaning.


As she went off the path and into the woods, she listened to follow the noise. She was glad she had on the bug spray as the woods became thicker. Soon the groaning was very close and she looked around for where the noise was coming from. Then she saw him move. The man from the diner.


Walking over towards him, he looked at her. His dark eyes bored into her skin as he grabbed his ribs, groaning in pain. She saw he had claw marks all over his body and had blood a great deal of his body. She was not sure how hurt he was as she approached him. He did not pull back, rather watched her with his eyes never leaving her body. Looking around the woods, she saw the red of the hotel through the trees.


She went through her bag that Henrietta had given her and found water and a towel. She understood the water, she did not know how Henrietta would know she needed a towel. Placing water on the towel she began to clean the man up. Though they did not speak, she could have sworn her speak to her through her mind. She shook her head; she knew that was not possible. His hand went to her chin and he caressed her.


She pulled back and almost fell. He steadied her. As he got his strength up, he moved. She handed him the bottle of water and his hand lingered on hers. She felt a jolt go through her. He leaned forward and kissed her softly on the lips. She would normally pull back and slap him for being so bold, yet she gave into him. He was exciting and new to her. She wanted to feel him. His hand traced down her arm and he placed his forehead against hers.


“I am Markus.” He finally said. “Thank you for your kindness.” He took her by the hand and stood up. She followed him without question as he led her back to the trail.


“I am Keisha.” She answered quietly as they walked. She noticed he did not wear shoes. He led them forward to the edge of the lake.


“I am thinking this is where you were headed.” He stated as he took off his pants and moved into the water. She blushed as she watched him. She wanted to join him. Looking at his shape and size, it made her quiver with anticipation. Quickly she stripped down and jumped in with him without hesitation. She knew that chances like this did not happen often in a lifetime.


BOOK: Wolf Heart: Shifter Romance - BWWM Paranormal Romantic & Erotic Werewolf Standalone Erotica Short Story Novelette
9.86Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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