Wrapping Up (Novella) Mitchell Family 4.5 (Wrapping Up Novella 4.5)

BOOK: Wrapping Up (Novella) Mitchell Family 4.5 (Wrapping Up Novella 4.5)
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Wrapping Up

A Mitchell Family Holiday Novella
Book 4.5

By: Jennifer

2012 Jennifer Foor

All Rights Reserved

Cover Art By : Wicked Cool Designs – Robin Harper

This book is a written act of fiction. Any places, characters, or similarities are purely coincidence. If certain places or characters are referenced it is for entertainment purposes only. Any resemblance to actual events, locales, organizations or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without written permission except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical articles and reviews.


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This Holiday edition is for all of my readers that love and follow this family. Thank you so much!

I would like to thank everyone that continues to support me with this series. Without you, I would never stay so determined.

Thanks to all of my new friends on my FB, Twitter and
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And everyone who has made this series the success that it is. I am forever grateful. Thanks to my family and my faith. With them, all things are possible


Part 1

Thanksgiving with the Mitchell’s

Hosted By:
Colt and Savanna


Chapter 1


Before I married Colt, I’d spent most of my holidays with my small immediate family. Sometimes we wouldn’t even make a whole turkey for Thanksgiving, since it was just the three of us. Back when I dated Ty, I would go over to his house, if he wasn’t with his family in Kentucky. I’d never had the heart to ask to go with him on account of my parents having to spend the holidays alone.

It was probably a good thing I didn’t go, because just looking at Colt made me all kinds of crazy and everything could
have turned out completely different if I’d made a fool out of myself when Colt just thought I was some scrawny kid.

Now that we were married, holidays had become such a big deal to me. I loved his larger famil
y and how they all came and wanted to spend time together. They had even welcomed my parents into the family so that I never had to choose between families.

I have to admit that the first Christmas was awkward being around Ty, since we’d just broke
n up, but that’s what happens when you decide to date your ex’s cousin. It only took us all a few months before we were back to being the closest of friends and now that we were officially family, it made everything perfect. It was much easier since we had the kids and with our third one growing inside of my stomach, the importance of family meant the world to me.

Normally, Ty and Miranda would bring the kids down once a month to
visit, or we would go there, but since Bella’s birthday party, everyone had been too busy. Months had gone by and I found myself counting down the days to see our cousins and their kids.

Their little twins were the cutest babies. Not only were they identical, but they looked like their father so much.
Jake, who was born bigger than Jax, was now the same size. He seemed to favor Miranda’s attention, where Jax was all about his daddy. Their dark hair and brown eyes made it seem like Miranda had nothing to do with their conception. It was funny seeing them as a family though. Bella made them all fit together. Since she looked identical to her mother, it was only fitting that the boys were Ty’s little clones. Although, he liked to call them spawns.

Our little Christian was a true mix of her father and I. Of course, like her brother, Noah, she had ended up with Colt’s eyes. Their whole family had such dark eyelashes that they always looked like they were wearing makeup, so naturally it made my daughter even more beautiful. Her hair was getting long and she
was walking all over the place. Her first birthday was getting close and I couldn’t wait to plan the big event.

Christian had been such a blessing to Colt and I. Noah fell in love with his sister instantly and he liked
being around her. Of course, if you threw in someone his age, then she didn’t exist at all.

It was really nice having my
mother-in-law so close to us. She and Lucy were just across the ranch and ever since Colt had taken over the managing of the business, his mother was left to enjoy her life to the fullest. Of course, that meant she bought our children whatever their little hearts desired. Poor Christian could barely say ‘dada’ but she was wearing designer baby clothes. I was hoping that the baby was going to be another girl so that she could wear all of her sister’s cool clothes, but if it was a boy, I knew I’d have bags and bags from the twins.

After I had cleaned up dinner, I found my husband in his office.  Aside from his new
Facebook addiction, where he and Ty constantly bantered on, he liked to play online poker. I walked up behind him and wrapped my arms around his shoulders. “What is my handsome man doing in this quiet office all by himself?”

He grabbed one of my hands and pulled me around until he could tug me to fall down on his lap. “Waitin’ for you.” Colt kissed me once before turning his attention back to the c
omputer screen. Let out a sigh before I turned around to see what had him so interested. Of course, he was shopping for college fan gear that happened to include Kentucky and North Carolina teams.

“You aren’t?” Since the twins were born, Colt had joked that he was going to dress them in different teams and take their picture. It was an ongoing joke up until this very moment.

“I already did. In fact, I just printed off the receipt.”

“Ty’s going to love this one.” Knowing Ty, he would end up thinking it was pretty cool. It was Miranda who would think Colt was an idiot.

I leaned into my husband once more and could smell the bourbon on his breath. The small glass sat empty on the coaster. Sometimes, when the weather got cold, Colt would have bourbon to warm himself up before bed. It relaxed him and seemed to help him fall asleep faster. All it did for me was keep me up. He seemed to snore a lot more when he drank it. I picked up the glass and sighed.  He started to laugh. “Are you askin’ me if I want another glass?”

I rolled my eyes. “No! I am reminding you that I will be smacking the crap out of you if your snoring keeps me up again tonight.”

“It ain’t that bad, Darlin. Besides, you know it makes me frisky. He reached his hands around to my ass and squeezed my cheeks. “You feelin’ frisky tonight too?”

I thought about my night.

I’d made dinner, which included hand breaded pork chops, homemade applesauce and homemade mashed potatoes. Aside from my normal dishes, I also had to wash the mixer and the extra bowls I used to make the applesauce. After getting the dishes done, Christian crapped up the back of her pajamas and needed a bath to get clean. Once I got her out, she decided that she was hungry again, so while I made her food, Noah got into the tub. After feeding our daughter, I got her a bottle and laid her down for bed, while Noah fought with me over which of his favorite character pajamas he wanted to wear.

I hadn’t looked at myself in a mirror since about noon and I was covered in every kind of food that my hands had touched all day, not to mention the foreign stains of things I didn’t even want to know what they were.

I looked at Colt and smiled. “My frisky went out the door with my hairbrush and makeup, days ago.”

He ran his hands through my hair. “I think you’re gorgeous.”

“I think you just want me naked.” I went to run my hands up Colt’s chest, when the office door creaked open.

Noah stood there in his pajamas and a pair of cowboy boots. “Hey Dad, can you come tuck me in. I found that story
about the boy and the alligator.”

He patted me on the butt and lifted me off of his lap. “Sure Buddy, give Mom a kiss goodnight.”

Noah walked up to me and kissed me. I noticed right away that his lips tasted like bubble gum. “Wow, someone just brushed his teeth with superhero toothpaste.”

He opened his eyes wide. “How did you know that, Mom?”

I grabbed him in for another hug.  “Because Moms know everything.”

Noah stood there with wide eyes. He went running up to the bathroom so fast that I couldn’t help but know he had done something. By the time I got into his bathroom, he was flushing
the toilet. He turned to face me, but put his hands behind his back and looked down. “Noah, what are you doing?”

He shrugged his shoulders but wouldn’t answer.

“You better start talking, young man, or I will have to get your father.” Threatening to get Colt was like telling him that Santa wasn’t real. It was devastating.

“No, Mom, please don’t tell Dad.” He looked down and shook his head. “I accidentally dropped a couple marbles in the toilet.”

I walked over to the toilet and looked inside. Sure enough, at the bottom of the toilet were at least twenty marbles of all different sizes. Since the toilet was still running, I knew he had already flushed it.

We both leaned in and took another look. I turned my head toward my son as he turned to look at me. “So h
ow many did you get to flush?” He shrugged again and I watched his face turning red. “Where is the bag that was full of marbles?” I asked because I knew I couldn’t figure out how many were missing. He had just got a bag of thirty new ones at the store with his grandmother.

Noah pulled the bag out of his pocket and right away I knew it was empty. I grabbed it out of his hand anyway.

“Noah, where are the rest?”

He took his index finger and pointed in the toilet. Without speaking I looked in the toilet again. Half were already down the drain. I shook my head. “Why did you put the marbles in the toilet?”

“It was an accident.”
I put down the toilet seat and sat on it. “Noah, this wasn’t an accident. If it was an accident then the bag would be in the toilet too. I think you dumped the marbles in there. You better start telling me the truth right now.”

“I was just trying to get the underwear to flush.
I thought if I put the marbles in the water they would help the underwear go down the drain.”

Oh shit! He flushed his underwear. Wait! What?

I heard Colt cussing from downstairs and I got up to see what the fuss was about. He was standing in the laundry room as brown liquid was coming out of the drain of the utility tub. I put my hand over my mouth, knowing exactly what was going to happen next.  “The septic is backing up. We need to call the guy to come out and get this fixed. Don’t turn on the water at all until I can get someone out here.” The smell of fecal matter filled my pregnant nostrils and I immediately wanted to vomit. “Didn’t we just have the tank cleaned out a few months ago?”

BOOK: Wrapping Up (Novella) Mitchell Family 4.5 (Wrapping Up Novella 4.5)
5.77Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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