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“On Fridays. I belong to you only on
,” she whispered. “And I didn’t fuck us up, Enzo. I know you don’t believe me—”

He dragged her down and shut her up with a kiss. Firstly because he didn’t want to be reminded of the past, but mostly because he’d had enough of
the song and dance.

The need to kiss her trumped all else.

At the first taste of her, his anger receded. She was hot, potent, pure temptation. And her smell – an alluring blend of summer sunshine, apples, and orgiastic sex - made his chest tighten with lust and pain. Everything he’d missed like crazy in the past six days was within his arms. Everything she would’ve denied him if his sister hadn’t called him, furious at Lexi’s unscheduled appearance at the hospital.

If he hadn’t contacted Lexi, she’d have left for Vegas without a word, without fulfilling her weekly bargain to him. His anger returned with a vengeance. Wrenching his mouth from her clinging lips, he pushed her away and sat back.

“Take off your clothes,” he instructed.

Confusion clouded her eyes. “What?”

Normally, that was his job, a task he took much pleasure in performing. But not today.

“Take. Off. Your. Clothes.”

Wild excitement fleeted across her eyes, but her confusion remained.

She planted her hands on her hips. “Don’t you want to do it?” she asked, her slightly pointed chin tilted in challenge.

“Not tonight.”

Her fingers caressed subtly over her skirt, drawing his gaze to the waist he knew his hands could span.

“I’m wearing your favorite color,” she whispered, taking a half step toward him, a small smile teasing over her lips, gone as quickly as it arrived.

“I can see.” His eyes drifted down over the red skirt, red nail polish, and the red platform stilettos. He wondered if the red was repeated underneath. God, he hoped so. His pulse hammered. “Show me,” he commanded, fighting the urge to grab the collar of her top, ripping it open to see for himself.

Rising, he moved away from her, taking himself, for the moment, out of temptation’s way. He pulled the stack of condoms from his back pocket and dropped them on the bedside table. His jacket and shoes came off next and he settled himself in the middle of the bed. Better keep the rest of his clothes on for now. He dragged in a deep breath to relax his throbbing body. An impossibility, with his rock hard cock shooting urgent “I wanna fuck” messages to his brain.

“Come on, baby, step it up, would you? I'm hard for you. Harder than I've ever been and you don’t want this to go to waste, do you?” He pointed to his bulging trousers and watched her gaze drop to his crotch. At the evidence of his ungodly erection, a moan escaped her lips. “That’s right, this is all for you. Take your clothes off and come and get it,” he encouraged softly. “That’s why we’re both here, isn’t it?” He ran a hand over his erection and almost caused himself a coronary. A silent curse ripped through his mind.

What the hell was he doing, taunting them both like this? At this rate, he would pass out before he got the chance to put a finger on her. He watched her and hid his sigh of relief when she hurried out of her black suede coat and dropped it to the floor.

Then she reached up behind her, one hand wriggling up her back to reach the zipper on her high collared top. The gentleman in him wanted to help, but he curbed the instinct, enjoying her little contortions and the play of her full breasts as her chest heaved with her efforts. It was almost a shame when she got the zipper down. But when she peeled the top up over her head, he remembered - payback was a bitch.

Her breasts almost spilled out of demi cups of blood red lace, while the barest hint of dusky pink areolas peeked over of the top. God, they were perfect, so fucking perfect, he swallowed a moan. His stomach clenched and the hand next to his thigh fisted on the bed.

, would he ever stop wanting this woman? What was it about her that fired up his blood to volcanic levels?

The top joined the jacket on the floor. She stepped out of the skirt, and then he knew. Her face might be one of an angel’s, but her body would’ve driven even Botticelli mad with desire. Perfectly shaped and expertly formed, the amazing dips and curves made his mouth literally water with yearning. He stared, eyes riveted on the shadow between her thighs, as desire pulsed through him.

His tongue tingled with the need to taste her,
right there.

“Come here,” he rasped, not caring that his voice came out a dark croak.

She looked at him from beneath sooty lashes. “I’m still wearing my shoes.” She gestured to them with a fluttery, feminine movement, contrived or unconscious on her part, he wasn’t sure, but designed to drive a man wild. It worked. Her helplessness made him even harder.

“Leave them on,” he ordered again.

“Are...are you sure?” Once again, confusion gleamed in her eyes.

“More than,” he rasped. “Tonight, we're changing things up a bit. Don't worry, you'll love it. Now, come here.”

She swallowed and her eyes flickered over him once more.

He kept his gaze on her as she walked slowly round the bed to stand next to him. Raising his hand, he ran a finger down the side of her thigh and reveled in the shudder that shook her frame. It was good to know she experienced the same crazed reaction he felt when they touched. It eased the lust-engorged monster raging within him.

She lifted her hand, no doubt to touch him in return, but he stopped her with a look.

“Take off your panties before I rip them off. Leave the bra and shoes on.”

As her trembling hands moved to do his bidding, her eyes darted to his crotch and back to his face, her hunger stark and raw. He smiled and shook his head, denying her what she most craved. With the back of his hand, he caressed the exposed dark curls between her legs. She jerked and tried to move closer. He removed his hand and levered himself up against the pillows.

“Enzo,” she whispered in heated desire.

He heard the pleading in her voice and steeled himself against it. Tonight they would do things
his way.

He held out a hand to her. “Climb up on the bed, one foot on either side of me. Careful with those heels,” he joked, casting her a taut smile. “I don't want a punctured lung to put a dampener on things.”

After a moment’s hesitation, she put her hand in his and climbed onto the bed. He held onto her, helping her maintain her balance until she was steady. He released her and she braced both hands on the wall behind the bed.

From this position, the sight above him made his heart slam so hard inside his chest, he seriously feared for his health. But it wasn't enough. He wanted more.

“Good, now, come closer.”

She moved up a step.


“Enzo,” her voice was now a confused protest.

“Do it.”

She moved until her feet were planted on either side of his shoulders. He looked up. And groaned. Nestled between her perfect legs, he spied the twin lips of her labia, moist and ready for him. Further up, past the dark curls, the soft curve of her stomach gave way to a flat midriff, above which surged the perfect globes of her lace-cupped breasts.

But something was missing.

“Release your hair,” he grated and gave in to the urge to touch, to run his hands from her ankles to her calves. Her warm, silky smooth skin felt like velvet. He couldn't stop himself from caressing for a few more seconds, while he watched her posed above him.

Glorious. She was just...glorious.

She closed her eyes briefly, her breath choppy. Then she reached behind her head and pulled out the clip. The chocolate river spilled around her bent head, framing her face and teasing her shoulders and breasts.

“Now, here’s what I want you to do,” he rasped. “Slowly sink down and give me a taste of that sweet, juicy cunt.”


Lexi moaned again, certain any second now she’d lose her mind. Her whole body trembled and her heart was racing so fast, it could’ve won the London Marathon a dozen times already.

Looking down into Enzo’s smoky green eyes, she tried to read the expression in them. Fierce desire, relentless hunger...and simmering anger. But that was nothing new. He hated himself and her for the power of their attraction as much as she hated herself for the very same reason.

But something had changed tonight. Where they’d shared equal power in what happened in this bedroom every Friday night, tonight he seemed to be calling all the shots.

And she was letting him.


Had the events of the day sapped what little willpower she had left? Or had she been waiting all along for a moment like this, to relinquish the power to him? Her thoughts fled when he reached higher and trailed both hands up the inside of her thighs.

“I’m ready and waiting, baby, come to me,” he urged in his husky, dark voice.

Another tremor went through her. Anticipation of what would happen once she bent her knees the way he wished almost robbed her of breath. He’d given her oral pleasure before, but never like this. This was…raw, elemental and almost demeaning.

But she was also beyond excited. So much so she feared it would kill her.

Bracing her hand on the wall, she sank down a few inches.

“Come on,” he crooned. “It’ll be good, I promise.”

She sank further and felt the strain in her quivering thighs.

“I’m waiting.”

She almost said
, I’m coming
, and the thought nearly made her smile. No doubt there. She could already feel the telltale signs shooting through her body.

The farther down she went, the more he supported her. And the more she exposed herself to his fiery, devouring gaze. She saw his eyes widen slightly, his nostrils flare and his full mouth pucker ever so faintly as his hands tightened on her.

“Do you like what you see, Enzo?” she asked, not yet willing to relinquish all the power.

His gaze darted from where it’d been riveted between her legs to her face. A hard grin lit his olive toned features, but it did nothing to diminish the fire in his eyes.

“You have the most beautiful cunt I’ve ever seen. Like the palest pink petals of a flower washed in morning dew. In a second I'm going to taste you, and then I’ll tell you what morning dew tastes like,” he replied, exerting pressure on her thighs.

Lexi shuddered, almost afraid to go all the way. But Enzo’s strong hands on her thighs propelled her down, and there was only one way to go.

Another few inches, and she saw his lips part, his tongue sneak out to rest against his lower lip. Oh, dear God. The spasms in her pelvis intensified.

Enzo groaned, shifting restlessly beneath her as anticipation burned them both.

Then with a final twist, he reversed his arms, hooked his hands under her thighs, and pulled her down the rest of the way, lifting his head to his prize.

At the first pass of his tongue over her clit, she came. Wildly, helplessly, head back, she thrashed violently on top of him.

“Oh God!
” She screamed as sensation buffeted her.

By some miracle, he kept her in place, his mouth never once leaving her pulsing flesh. Lexi's orgasm went on forever and her screams bounced off the walls. And through it all, he laved her with his tongue, licking and sucking on ultra-sensitive tissue. He drank her up, groaning appreciatively, deep and long, as she gushed in his mouth. The hands she’d braced against the wall slipped. She lowered them to grip the carved headboard as spasms continued to wrack her.

In some distant part of her brain, she registered that she was fucking his face, her hips moving of their own accord as residual convulsions pulsed through her. The thought almost made her come again. When he angled his head and his stubble brushed roughly against her inner thighs, she let out another cry and held on for dear life as tears of bliss burned behind her closed lids.

Finally, with a last lick, Enzo lowered his head onto the pillow and looked up at her. “Ambrosia, baby. The very best kind,” he said, satisfaction coating his voice.

Lexi struggled to make out the meaning of his words, and failed. “What?”

“You taste of the sweetest ambrosia. Heavenly, addictive, and totally mind-blowing.”

The sight of his lips coated with her come almost flipped her mind. “Can I taste it too?”

His eyes darkened from jade to moss. Repositioning her onto her knees, he slowly flicked one finger over her engorged clit, then slid it inside her. She groaned, her muscles clenching greedily around him. He stayed there for a moment, his other hand coming up to palm one breast. Blood surged higher and her moan turned into a keen.

“Enzo, please,” she begged. With one hand, she reached behind her, stroking his erection, need clamoring through her once more.

“I thought you wanted a taste of heaven?” he queried softly.

“Yes, yes, I want…I want that too.”

“Hmm, greedy aren’t you?” he teased, laughing softly. “Come here.” Trailing his hand from her breast to the back of her neck, he pulled her down, at the same time removing his finger from her trembling core. He brought her closer until they were centimeters apart and held up his finger between them. “Let’s taste paradise together,” he rasped.

She swooped the rest of the way, her tongue lapping the moisture on his finger, moaning as his own tongue came out to join with hers. Together they licked every last drop, then, his finger abandoned, they kissed with a wildness bordering on the crazed, cocooned within the curtain of her hair.

Lexi ran her hands over his shoulders, finally seizing the freedom to touch him. Encountering soft cotton, she protested, slid her hands down until she touched the hot skin of his washboard stomach. His muscles clenched at her touch, his immediate reaction causing her to moan again. He swallowed her moan as his tongue dueled fiercely with hers. Sensation gripped her, her inner muscles twitching with the urgent need to fuck him.

Tearing her lips from his, she traced her mouth along his jaw, and rubbed herself against the rough stubble that had moment ago grazed her thighs. She caught the faint, musky smell of her orgasm on his skin and her whole body tightened with pleasure.

BOOK: Wreckless
10.94Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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