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Authors: Wole Soyinka

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You Must Set Forth at Dawn

BOOK: You Must Set Forth at Dawn
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Table of Contents

Title Page




IBA— For Those Who Went Before

PART I - Ogun and I

Early Intimations

Reunion with Ogun

First Skirmishes

PART II - Ogun, Less Benign

Uncivil Wars: The Third Force and the Midwest Incursion

A Moment of Truth —and the Lies of History

The Conquest of Civilian Pride

PART III - Interlude to a Friendship

Interlude to a Friendship

PART IV - Dining with the Devil—and an Avatar

Olori-Kunkun and Ori Olokun

The “Evil Genius”

A Pen Coalition

Dinner with an Avatar

PART V - All the World . . .

Night We Improvise

From Ghetto to Garrison

PART VI - Bernard Shaw Was Right!

How the News Came to Me

Thorns in the Crown

Stockholm and Back

Three Lost Years

PART VII - Nation and Exile

The Road to Exile

By the Waters of Babylon

Diplomatic Recruit

Requiem for an Ecowarrior

Arms and the Man

A Final Mission

PART VIII - Homecoming

An Interim Welcome—Official

Where the Earth Says Welcome!


About the Author

Also By Wole Soyinka

Copyright Page



To all the fallen in our common cause,
and to the surviving, scars and all, clamorous or hidden.

To all my stoically resigned children.

And to my wife, Adefolake, who, during the
season of a deadly dictatorship, demoted me
from the designation of Visiting Professor to that
of Visiting Spouse, but was still left with only an
Invisible Spouse as I was swallowed by
my study even during visiting hours.

Praise for
You Must Set Forth at Dawn

“[A] sprawling, delightful memoir... As a chronicle of modern Africa and its troubles from the continent's foremost literary giant,
You Must Set Forth at Dawn
triumphs.” —
The Washington Post

You Must Set Forth at Dawn
is more than just the journey of a remarkable and controversial man through the backdrop of the controversial country he loves so much. It is not merely an important book. This is a book that must exist.” —
San Francisco Chronicle

“The fine detail of [Soyinka's] oppositional activity, involving clandestine border crossings, strange bedfellows and secret diplomatic missions, is presented here for the first time. Adding it up, one wants to set him in the right company. Victor Hugo, Yeats, Byron and Alessandro Manzoni all come to mind.” —
The New York Times Book Review

“Wole Soyinka is a titan.... Playwright and poet, novelist and pamphleteer, editor and auto-biographer, cultural impresario and unofficial diplomat, democratic conspirator and ferocious, unappeasable warrior for justice, he has earned his Nobel Prize many times over.” —
The New York Review of Books

“Captivating . . .
You Must Set Forth at Dawn
is much more than a memoir. . . . Soyinka's most powerful weapon has always been the eloquence of his voice as a writer.... [Soyinka's art] will outlive both him and the regimes he opposed.” —
The Nation

“Profoundly rewarding . . . the synthesis of a wealth of ancient myths and traditions with the best of humanism and modernity, addressing the drama that is not only the author's life but Africa's contemporary reality.” —
WQ: The Wilson Quarterly

“Humane, sensible and impeccably written; a fitting summation of a life interestingly lived.” —
Kirkus Reviews
(starred review)

“Engrossing... His lyrical evocations of African landscapes, the urban nightmare of Lagos, the horrors of British cuisine and the longing a dusty fugitive feels for a cold beer will entertain and educate readers.” —
Publishers Weekly
(starred review)

“A must for anyone concerned with human rights and the global web of oil, poverty, and corruption.” —



BOOK: You Must Set Forth at Dawn
5.59Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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