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1001 Ways to Make Money If You Dare

BOOK: 1001 Ways to Make Money If You Dare

1001 WAYS





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Chapter 1
From the Comfort of Your Home

Chapter 2
Hittin' the Streets

Chapter 3
Behind Your Computer

Chapter 4
Use Your Body

Chapter 5
Charge Lazy People

Chapter 6
Be a Star

Chapter 7
Write Yourself a Check

Chapter 8
Get Crafty

Chapter 9
All about the Hustle

Chapter 10
Mind Your Business

Chapter 11
The Call of the Wild

Chapter 12
Get Your Hands Dirty

Chapter 13
Wired Up

Chapter 14
Get Schooled

Chapter 15
Cook Up Some Cash


Disclaimer: Please Read — For Real

Just in case you missed the title of this book when you picked it up — it isn't
1001 Ways to Make Money
Guaranteed. It's
1001 Ways to Make Money
If You Dare.

Dare \ ‘der\ (verb): to challenge to perform an action especially as a proof of courage.

Source: Merriam-Webster Online.

That means all these entries aren't surefire ideas that will necessarily crank you out some cash. (This is a book after all, not an ATM.) Some are easier than others. Some are riskier than others. Some are more
than others. It's your choice to follow up on particular ones that pique your interest and pass over those that don't really fall within your self-assigned zone of “smart choices.”

Think of it as a Choose Your Own Adventure, where every “See Page …” leads to a real adult choice in your
adult life. Enjoy!



My father was the master of the “side hustle.” When he got home from work, his day was really just beginning. He'd round up the family and before we knew it, we were doing something crazy, like baiting fishing lines, collecting aluminum cans, weeding gardens, brushing animal furs, popping open clam shells, and countless other interesting things.

Sure, along the way, our family made some money from these activities, but my memories don't rest on the fact that we were doing these things for money. I remember summer evenings with my father laughing as I sunk to my knees in a muddy garden. I remember him giving me a congratulatory slap on the back when I came up with a good idea to make a few dollars. I remember fishing expeditions at dawn, pulling in lines loaded with fish, and watching the sun rise over the still water. I remember organizing my aluminum can collecting schemes, finding new ways to maximize the cans collected while minimizing the work.

To put it simply, some of the most memorable moments of my life are tied around earning a few extra dollars in some of the craziest ways you can imagine. Sure, some of the things we tried didn't work. Sometimes, we'd come up with moneymaking schemes that were completely laughable. Other times, we'd find ourselves way over our heads in some crazy plan or another.

Many days, though, we would get really engaged with a new moneymaking plan and find ourselves enjoying the work — and the fact that we were building something that was really earning some solid money for the family together.

The most important part of the journey was that we were having a lot of fun together, filling lazy afternoons with a lot of laughter, a lot of memories, and on the best days, a few more dollars in our pockets.

1001 Ways to Make Money If You Dare
is a lot like my childhood. The pages of this book are loaded with a lot of great ideas for earning a few extra dollars in your spare time. Many of them are quite fun. Some could earn you a nice sum of money. And others are included more to make you laugh at the idea of doing something so completely insane.

Whether you're looking for extra change, a laugh, or enough money to make a profound change in your life — this book's for you. Each entry is rated on a system that scores the endeavor's risk factor (

) as well as its potential monetary return (
$ — $ $ $ $

Take this book, browse through the pages, and open yourself up to the sheer fun that a “side hustle” can bring. Try out a few of these tactics — and enjoy a good laugh at the idea of trying others.


From the Comfort of Your Home

Each of these entries gives you an idea on how to scrape up some scratch without even having to change out of your pajamas. Some are rather simple, and others take a bit more fortitude to pull off. Read and repeat at your own risk.

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