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‘What? You’re tell
ing me everything you pray for will come true?’ asked Alec sceptically.

‘No, of course not
’ replied Tom firmly.

Then he added after a short pause.


‘Let me get this straig
ht, Tom, you can pray for young ‘sexy Sarah’ to be all over me like a rash?’ smiled Alec.

‘Yes, if that’s what you really want
?’ answered Tom confidently.

‘Na, y
ou’re just having a laugh!’ smiled Alec.

‘No, I’m not!
I can’t tell you how or why but every prayer I pray for is always answered’ Tom insisted.

Every one
?’ puzzled Alec, now just staring back at him.

‘Yeah, pretty much
’ nodded Tom.

ec looked thoughtful for a moment.

Then he smiled.

‘All right then,
if you reckon you can do this, I want you to pray for me to have a million pounds!’ laughed Alec.

It doesn’t work like that, Alec, there are firm rules about these things’ responded Tom.

, what rules?’ puzzled Alec.

‘I don’t pretend t
o know how all this works, Alec. All I can tell you, is there are strict rules governing what you can pray for and what you can’t’ shrugged Tom.

and don’t tell me, they include my
receiving my million pounds I suppose?’ replied Alec shaking his head despondently.

‘That’s right
’ laughed Tom ‘you can’t ask for any financial gain, I’ve already learnt that one.
can’t ask for
personal gain, no matter how indirectly’ explained Tom.

that work out then?’ asked Alec curiously.

‘Well put it
like this, if I pray for you to win a million pounds, then I’d be better off too as you’d be sure to share some of it with me’ explained Tom.

‘I wouldn’t be so sure
about that, mate, I might just keep it all for myself’ smiled Alec as Tom just laughed at him.

Then Alec looked thoughtful.

‘What about me and Sara
h then? That wouldn’t benefit you in any way would it?’ asked Alec curiously.

Tom just stroked his chin in thought

‘I’m not
100% sure about that one’ he told Alec truthfully.

‘Let’s find out then
’ responded Alec keenly.

Tom just sighed.

, but I have to warn you, Alec, praying is like ‘wishing’ and if I ever wish for something that ‘isn’t right’ it sometimes doesn’t turn out as planned’ Tom warned.

‘But what’s that supposed to mean?’ puzzled Alec impatiently.

‘It means
‘be careful what you wish for’ explained Tom seriously ‘because you might just get exactly what you’ve wished for!’

‘But that’s good surely?’ smiled Alec.

Then he looked thoughtful for a moment.

or a chance to snog Sarah Brown I think I’ll risk it’ he smiled as Tom just laughed at him.

‘Go on then
, get praying boy’ suggested Alec keenly.

‘I’m not doing this with you watching me, I’ll pray for
what you want later tonight, Alec’ Tom explained as he began to leave.

‘This isn’t just some ‘wind up’ is it, Tom?’ Alec asked suspiciously.

‘I almost wish it were, Alec’ Tom replied seriously ‘it is an awful responsibility to carry around with you, that’s all I know.’

‘What, being able to pray for anything you like? You’re joking?’ laughed Alec.

‘Don’t tell anyone about thi
s, Alec’ asked Tom seriously.

‘My lips are sealed, well, in readiness for Sarah anyway’ chuckled Alec.

and I thought
had it bad for her’ smiled Tom as he left for home.

!’ Alec shouted after him.

So later that night, Tom prayed for pretty Sarah Brown to fall in love with his best friend Alec.




The next day, Alec and Tom’s first two lessons went exactly the same as usual.

Then it was time for their usual mid-morning break.

look, there’s sexy Sarah!’ smiled one of their friends as he pointed her out.

Sarah was just chatting with
some of her friends when she suddenly caught Alec’s eye.

‘Blimey! S
he’s only coming over to see us’ uttered one of Alec and Tom’s friends in surprise.

Sarah meanwhile
, marched straight up to Alec and just smiled at him.

‘My, you’re sexy, w
here have you been hiding all my life?’ she uttered as she then grabbed him by the collar as she planted a long lingering kiss straight onto Alec’s lips!

l the other boys just stared in disbelief as their jaws now dropped to the ground in surprise.

After Sarah had finally let Alec
up for some air she pouted away at him.

‘Make sure you m
eet me behind the bike sheds at lunch time’ then she smiled and winked her eye at him before wiggling her way off again.

‘Blimey! What was
all about?’ uttered one of their friends after she had gone.

‘What after
shave are you wearing, Alec, as I want to buy some!’ joked another.

no way
!’ uttered another of their friends now scratching his head in amazement ‘you lucky, lucky, so and so, Alec’ he laughed ‘she’s definitely after your body mate, there’s no doubt about it!’ he laughed.

Another just patted him on the back.

‘I don’t exactly kn
ow what is you’ve got, Alec, but whatever it is, I know
wants it!’ he joked as they now all just smiled and laughed away together.

Alec though,
just turned bright red with embarrassment.

Yes, Alec had indeed been granted his ‘wish’ and he was already fast regretting it, as he met the now almost ‘overly keen on him’ Sarah Brown three more times before her planned school lunch liaison with him.

Finally, when
the school lunch time bell rang Alec almost jumped out of his skin! He looked a complete nervous wreck now!

dragged Tom into one of the boy’s toilets and quickly locked the door behind them.

‘Tom, what the hell am
I to do?’ he asked him in panic.

Tom though, just smiled.

‘Now I just
you weren’t paying proper attention in that last biology lesson. I think there were some diagrams I drew. You can borrow them if you like? Make sure you get them the right way up mind’ chuckled Tom. ‘Or thinking about it, maybe it might be more interesting the wrong way?’ he giggled away.

‘No, Tom, I’m
!’ uttered Alec.

‘That’s good
, because I think so is
!’ smiled Tom.

‘No, Tom,
this is no joke, mate, I’m only thirteen for Christ sake! What do I know about making love to a girl like her?’ pleaded Alec.

‘How do I know
?’ shrugged Tom with a smile ‘you’ve seen the odd video on the internet. You just do what you’ve seen in them I suppose, just do what comes naturally’ suggested Tom with a wry smile.

Tom, I’m just not ready for her, I mean, she’s so much older than me and more experienced’ uttered Alec as he continued to panic.

‘Yes, she’s at l
east 3 years, 3 months older, blimey that’s just absolutely
’ laughed Tom ‘it’s a wonder at it she hasn’t been embalmed she’s so ancient’ he laughed. ‘Don’t tell me she’s too old for you already? Is that what it is?’ chuckled Tom, enjoying seeing Alec squirm.

‘Don’t joke ar
ound, Tom, she’s a woman, fully developed and all that’ gulped Alec.

s, I had noticed, so has every bloke in the school I reckon’ smiled Tom.

just held out in the boy’s toilets after Alec had placed the ‘toilets temporary out of order – cleaning in progress’ notice in front of the door after locking it again.

Alec now paced nervously up and down.

‘Alec, you’ve got what every bloke in the school wants, a chance to snog gorgeous, sexy, curvy, voluptuous Sarah Bro
wn and you’re complaining?’ queried Tom.

‘I’m just not ready
for her, Tom, I’m still a virgin for Christ’s sake and if you tell anyone I said that I’ll bash you!’ he uttered nervously.

I wouldn’t worry, you won’t be a virgin any longer after Sarah gets hold of you’ chuckled Tom.

‘It’s all right you laughing
, Tom, I never thought it would be like this’ uttered Alec.

Tom now felt sorry for his friend.

, we’re both just boys and that’s the truth of it. Sure, we’ve had odd thing, but you know she expects a lot and always keeps score and tells all her mates all about it afterwards. That’s just what she’s like, Alec. She’ll definitely ‘kiss and tell’ she always does. Then she rates her boyfriends and scores them out of ten’ Tom smiled.

‘That’s what worries me
, Tom, what if I can’t perform or something? She’ll make me the laughing stock of the whole school then as she’ll score me as a big fat zero!’

Alec leaned back on the wall of the boy’s toilet and
just continued to look very nervous.

‘Seriously, Tom, I never real
ised the pressure I would feel under when she came onto me like that. I’m just going to make a fool of myself I just know it’ Alec

‘I reckon she’ll eat you alive, mate, a bit like one of those female spiders once they’ve mated’ chuckled Tom as he just leaned back on the wall next to him. ‘I can see the plaque now, here lies the body of poor Alec, died with a huge smile on his face behind the school bike sheds.’

ou can laugh!’ Alec complained.

ep, that I can’ laughed Tom. ‘Alec, mate, let’s face it, you’re just a boy’ commented Tom.

‘Well so are
!’ answered Alec.

‘I never said I wasn’t’ replied Tom honestly.

Then he looked at his friend and smiled.

‘I’ll be honest, Alec, as much as I fancy gorgeous Sarah Brown, I think I’d rather lose my virginity to a girl, well let’s
say, a little less ‘experienced’ and a bit more forgiving. Well, at least the first time anyway’ nodded Tom with rueful smile on his face.

Alec just remained quiet as he looked very worried.

‘Seriously, Tom, can you reverse this thing?’
he asked.

‘What, regrets?’ smiled
Tom ‘I told you, Alec, be careful what you wish for because you might just get it, and I reckon you’d definitely get it from Sarah, perhaps in more ways than one!’ Tom just giggled away.

I never realised what it would be like. I’m not ready for this kind of pressure yet, Tom. Maybe in a couple of years time though’ Alec pondered as Tom just smiled at him and they both then laughed together.

Tom, what was I thinking, I’m barely out of short trousers’ smiled Alec.

, seriously, mate, girls like Sarah are way out of
league, I mean, she’s already going out with some bloke who owns a Porsche!’

‘Are you
?’ asked Alec, looking surprised.

‘Yeah’ smiled Tom
‘thirteen year old guys aren’t going to impress her very much, well, unless they’re
of course’ Tom laughed.

‘Can you just make things
back as they were before?’ pondered Alec.

‘I’m tempted to say ‘no’ just for the fun o
f it, to see how you’d get on, but yes, all right, I’ll have a go anyway. You’ll have to go outside though, because I’m not doing this in front of you’ replied Tom seriously.

‘It will definitely work
though will it?’ asked Alec as he was halfway out the door.

‘Well I guess we won’t
really know that until we find out whether you’re still alive or dead at the end of the day’ Tom chuckled away.

‘Thanks, Tom. Gosh!
I never really believed you when you said you could do this stuff. I definitely believe you now though. Er, I’ll wait for you just outside then’ Alec added nervously.

not in the playground?’ Tom smiled.

fear! She’ll be out there looking for me’ Alec gulped before finally leaving.

Go on, bugger off then’ laughed Tom as his friend finally left.

After Alec
had gone, Tom prayed that everything would return the way it was before. He then joined Alec outside again.

‘It is done?’ Alec asked nervously.

‘Yep’ nodded Tom.

They never saw Sarah
for the rest of the day.

The following day though, when the
y did see her, it was just as if nothing had ever happened. Alec actually passed by her in a corridor and she didn’t even acknowledge he was there.

‘Blimey, it’s just as if yesterday never happened
!’ marvelled Alec.

‘Well I ain’t changing it back again if you’ve changed your mind
again’ smiled Tom as he discreetly whispered back to him.

BOOK: 2021
11.06Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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