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It got quiet on his end and I could
hear him sigh then he softly said, “Don’t push me away, Marley. I’m coming over
there, so you better buzz me up, ok?”

Then he hung up before I could say
anything. I shook my head and put the phone back in the cradle as I sat down on
the couch.

He wasn’t coming here, he was only

I heard a loud buzzing that woke me
from my nap, and I stumbled toward my intercom.

“What is it?”

“I told you I was coming over, Marley,
now let me on in!”

“You can buzz all you want, Richard. I
will not let you up here to talk, please go away!” I shouted as I walked back
to my couch.

That stubborn man kept right on
buzzing away, and that annoying ass buzzing sound kept ringing in my ear for
what seemed like eternity, but only lasted for about fifteen minutes. I had the
pillow over my head to try to drown the noise because it was killing me.
However, even that pillow didn’t help my ears.

When I started to take that pillow
off my ear, at last, I heard nothing. No more buzzing from that buzzer,
complete silence is all I heard. That’s when I heard a lot of honking outside
and when I went to the window, I saw him standing in the middle of the street. In
his hand, he had a blow horn, and on his face, he had that marvelous smile of
his, I couldn’t help but watch and see what he was going to do next.

“I would like to make a formal plea
to the lady in room 317, her name is Marley Rockford and she is the one who was
always my study buddy in college when we first met our freshman year. She has
been there for me through thick and thin, always a shoulder to cry on, she is
my friend, my confidant, and I hope that just maybe she will listen to what I
have to say!”

I opened the window as the cool
breeze blew out all the stuffiness of the apartment. People just walking by and
folks from the inside other buildings were looking at him on the street. I sat
there and watched him as some lady was telling him, “Will you shut the hell up,
and I’m missing Sex and the City!”

“Marley, I wanted to tell you that I
was sorry about not realizing how much I meant to you. I want to say I’m sorry
that I just didn’t realize a lot of things throughout the years when we were
together. You see…a couple of days ago, this lovely woman, my best friend in
the world, told me that she loved me with all of her heart. I admit, I was
completely shocked because at the time, I had a girlfriend, and worst of all, I
didn’t know how to react. But when I got home that night, I sat up for a long
time, and I thought back, thought about all of those times we spent together in
school, those study dates we had. Remember that night, Marley, when we played
truth or dare?”

Oh my God, he remembers truth or

“Remember the night in the closet
when I was dared to either kiss you or drink that nasty crap with the cigarette

I had to laugh as I heard a lot of folks whistling and
whooping it up in the streets.

“I remember that kiss, Marley. I
remember how your lips felt; they were probably the softest I have ever kissed.
Marley, I knew at that moment, our relationship was different from other relationships.
You and I were one on every level, but I was blind to realize that the perfect
woman I had been looking for was sitting right next to me in class. She was
joking with me about some of the craziest shit that anyone could think of. She
was making the best grits for someone that didn’t think he liked grits. She was
you, Marley, and I was the biggest idiot of all time not to realize what I had
in front of me. After that night at Laura’s, she went off on me, and we ended
up having a really big argument about you. She called you every name in the
book, and I defended you to the end. I told her that it was over between me and

My heart felt as though it would jump
right out of my chest. I couldn’t believe it; he had broken up with her.

“So everyone that has gathered around
me and for those who are hanging out of the building, and especially to you,
Marley, I want to let you know that I have found the one that I want to spend
the rest of my life with, the one who makes me feel whole and complete. Marley,
I want to spend it with you!” He took the blow horn away from his mouth and
produced the most beautiful smile that I had ever seen.

“Go on girl, don’t you hear him
asking to be with you, you better get with it!” shouted one lady from the
street, who had a bunch of friends with her, shouting and whistling.

“She better answer quickly because
thanks to her, I missed Sex and the City!”

“To hell with Sex and the City, this
is way better!”

I looked down at the growing crowd,
and I couldn’t see straight for the tears in my eyes. Everyone was cheering,
shouting, and whistling as I wiped my eyes. Talk about being embarrassed by the

“So what do you say?” Richard asked.

“I would say you’re mental for doing
this, but that’s what makes me love you even more!” I giggled, wiping the tears
from my face. Getting up, I walked to the mirror and looked at myself. Shit, my
face looks horrible. Oh well, I got my key and went downstairs.

When I got outside, the noise was
deafening as folks from every walk of life were cheering, clapping, and
whistling from everywhere. Damn where the hell did all these people come from
anyway? I looked over and I saw him come my way, that smile on his face was
enough for me as I ran up and hugged him.

It felt like heaven in his arms, and
this time, I wasn’t scared at all because he was mine and I was his. He looked
at me and smiled, holding my head in his hands. He didn’t do anything but look
at me with those steely gray-green eyes of his.

God, those eyes of his!

That’s when he kissed me. Oh my God,
I had died in his arms as he kissed me. Everyone kept clapping as we continued
kissing in front of my building. I couldn’t hear the clapping or the honking of
the car horns or the cheering from people that I didn’t even know. All that
mattered was that I had the man I loved and was able to keep my best friend too.


*The End*


About The

Born in Jamaica Queens New York, Jamallah Bergman
eventually moved around from New York to Alabama and eventually settling down
in Georgia with her family and spending part of her childhood in Roswell
Jamallah started to first write when she was just 12, writing scripts for her
dolls and as she got older her stories grew along with her.
She eventually read her first romance novel when she was 15 and became hooked
and started to write about romance. It wasn't until she got older when she
started to write about erotica as well.
Jamallah had started to notice that whenever she would read the stories that
she loved, she never could understand why the heroines in the stories were
nothing like herself. None of the women were full figured or plump or what she
would sometimes think of herself (to coin the phrase from Mo'Nique) a
"Thick Madame". It would often upset her that she could never find a
story where the main character was a full figured woman who finds love with a
handsome man.
Soon Jamallah started to write stories where the full figured woman ALWAYS got
her man!
Jamallah Bergman's main goal in her writing is to appeal to the woman who
despite what society might think of her and even though she might have some
sort of self-doubt about herself, deep down she is strong woman who can do just
about anything she sets her mind to.
Jamallah Bergman still resides in Georgia and lives in Atlanta with her teenage
daughter Jamira Anna Marie, who gets her artistic side from her mother by
drawing and making movies.






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BOOK: 9781618850638IfOnlyYouKnewBergman
4.45Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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