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Club Fantasy 4











Desiree Holt











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Secret Cravings


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Club Fantasy 4

Desiree Holt

Copyright © 2014


Chapter One



glad you arranged this for me, Kelly.” Nia March inched forward on the back
seat of the car. “Thanks so much.”

I’m just glad you agreed to come with us.” Kelly LeBlanc turned her head and
grinned at her friend as they turned into the parking lot for Club Fantasy.
“You’ll enjoy the club.”

Blackjack.” Tanner
deep voice rumbled from
the driver’s seat.

Blackjack. The Dom Tanner had arranged for her to meet tonight, along with her
first introduction to the new card game at Club Fantasy.
game that had brought Kelly and Tanner together.
A little shiver of
anticipation raced over Nia’s skin.

shifted in the front seat, turning as much as her seat belt would allow. “It
seems so long since we’ve done this together.”

five years ago you moved from Dallas to San Antonio,” Nia pointed out.

take a fabulous job,” Kelly reminded her.

know, I know. But I miss going clubbing with you.”

that’s why you came for a visit. And you got to meet the fabulous Tanner
Sloat.” She touched the thin gold collar that circled her neck.
“Master of all Masters.”

don’t you forget it,” Tanner chuckled, pulling smoothly into a parking place.

“As if.”

had to tamp down the tiny bit of jealousy that surged up at the intense
connection in their voices. Kelly had searched for a long time for just the
right Dom. She’d had so many disappointments. Nia had held her hand through all
of them. Now it thrilled her to see her friend so happy. But she couldn’t help wondering
if she would ever find that for herself.
That one person with
whom she had an instant link.
Someone who lit up sparks in her body and
aroused her just by looking in her direction. She’d seen the instant spark in
others. Kelly told her that’s how it was with Tanner. But to Nia, it seemed as
if she’d been seeking it forever.

forced away the negative thoughts. “I’m thrilled for you. You know that.”

do. And maybe tonight you’ll find the Master of
dreams,” Kelly teased.

And if not, no biggie.”
She unbuckled her seat belt. “I’m excited just thinking about this card game.”

could be more appropriate for a sub whose scene name is Queen of Hearts,

She did
think it was an incredible coincidence.

who’s getting ready to play
the Cards with a hot

know he’s hot?” Nia grinned. “Have you met him?”

but Tanner’s recommendation is good enough for me. He knows not to put you with
just anyone.”

straight,” Tanner told her. “Kelly would hand me my ass if I did, and I might
be the one getting to feel the whip.”

“So…” Kelly half-turned in her seat. “You

am. Let’s go.”

climbed out of the car and she waited while Tanner locked it.

move,” he said.

love it.” Kelly winked and linked her arm though Nia’s.

pushed the button set into the frame of the heavy carved front door. It swung
outward and Nia followed him and Kelly inside. The vestibule was circular in
shape, large enough for a stand to hold a guest book and a small bench, with a
hallway leading to the rest of the club. Nia stood behind her friend while
Tanner checked them into the club.

evening, Anton. We made arrangements with Reulas for our guest.
Nia March.
Queen of Hearts.”

doorman nodded and checked their names off in the open book resting on the
stand. “Yes, it’s right here.”
looked at Nia. “I’ll need to see your membership card from your home club.”

slid it out of the little pocket of the leather miniskirt she wore and handed
it to him. She waited while he scanned it and handed it back.

yourselves this evening.”

you.” Tanner led the way down the little hallway, Kelly and Nia following
appropriately behind him.

they moved into the main area Nia saw that it was divided into two sections, a
lounge and a performance area. The lounge was almost completely occupied, most
of the tables, couches and armchairs filled with people talking in soft tones.
Some of the subs sat on the floor at the feet of their Masters. A couple had
leashes attached to their collars. Nia noticed one Dom in particular who had
most of the leash wrapped around his free hand, keeping his sub’s upper body
close to his crotch. His other hand held a drink that he sipped on while his
sub stroked his exposed cock.

men sat side by side on a couch, conversing quietly. A woman lay across both
their laps, eyes closed, while one man fondled her breasts and the other played
with her pussy beneath her skirt. Nia wondered idly if she belonged to both or
if her Dom was just in a sharing mood tonight.

obviously had perks in the place because he commandeered a love seat against
one wall, the occupants simply smiling as they moved away without question.

he ordered the two women. “Hands folded.
Legs apart.”
He looked at Nia and a tiny smile hitched up one corner of his mouth. “For the
moment consider me your temporary Dom.” He leaned down and winked. “I’d hate
for anyone to think I’d brought a sub who didn’t obey orders.”

swallowed a grin, moved her knees apart, and folded her hands demurely in her

“Very good.
I need to speak to Reulas. In the meantime I’ll have
someone bring you cold drinks.”

knew that like many well-run private dungeons Club Fantasy did not serve
alcoholic beverages. Kelly had explained that at one time they had discussed
permitting people to drink if they weren’t going to play, but then vetoed it
because people could change their minds. Reulas, the owner, had a hard and fast
rule about it. He wanted his members and guests to be aware at all times of
their choices. But Nia didn’t mind. The club she and Kelly had belonged to in
Dallas—the one where she was still a member— had the same rule.

wondered where the Dom Tanner had told her about was and how soon she’d get to
meet this man he’d arranged for her to play with tonight.

can trust Tanner’s judgment,” Kelly teased.
He wouldn’t set you up with a Dom who would turn you off.”

knew he also was into the new card game Tanner had introduced to Club Fantasy,
the one that had first paired Kelly and Tanner together. Without actually going
into details, Kelly had told her with a secretive smile that it was an easy way
for each person to let the other know his or her preferences, as well as the
things they did not feel comfortable with right from the start of the play

pair of legs clad in grey slacks came into her field of vision and she looked
up to see a waiter holding a tray with two glasses.

Tanner ordered sparkling water for you.” He dipped his head then placed a glass
in her hand and in Kelly’s. “I’m sure Master Tanner will let me know if you
need a refill.”

sipped at her drink, letting the bubbles explode on her tongue, mingling with
the bubbles of excitement fizzing through her bloodstream. She was playing a
game with herself, trying to imagine what the mysterious stranger looked like,
when in her peripheral vision she caught people moving their way. She
recognized Tanner’s boots right away.

“Time for introductions.
You may look up.
Both of you.”

lifted her gaze and her breath caught in her throat. Every nerve in her body
snapped and her heart actually stuttered. Good lord! This man was a lethal
weapon even before he uttered a word. Something deep inside her began to unfold
and excitement jittered through her nerve endings.

man was taller than Tanner and more muscular. He was dressed all in
black—precisely tailored slacks and a shirt she was sure was silk. His hair was
an even inkier black than Tanner’s, but shorter, and layered in an obviously
expensive razor cut. His hooded eyes were framed with lashes that were
ridiculously thick, enough to make a woman green with envy. She wondered if
there was a factory around here that turned Dom’s out this way and had to
swallow a giggle or she’d embarrass herself in front of the stranger.

eyes dropped involuntarily to his crotch where the soft material did little to
disguise an impressive bulge. Her mouth watered as she thought of closing her
lips around it or lowering her body onto it.
Whatever he
Her arousal soaked her thong and dampened her thighs. God,
she was hot for this man before they’d even exchanged two words. She knew that
whatever he wanted from her, whatever boundaries he’d push, she’d agree to it.
All of it.

gaze raked over her like the sweep of a magnifying glass, taking in every
detail. When he lifted his eyes to her face again and their eyes locked, a bolt
of lust shot through her as if a sword had pierced her heart.

“Queen of Hearts, meet Blackjack himself.”
Tanner’s voice held a touch of

Her lips twitched as she tried to suppress a smile.

“Queen of Hearts.
How appropriate.”
The voice was
rich and deep, a little like Tanner’s but thicker and with a Texas twang that
made every nerve ending fire up. “Stand up, sub. Let me take a look at all of

yes. His voice might have that Texas warmth but there was no mistaking the tone
of command or the strength in his words. Nia rose on slightly shaky legs,
clasped her hands in front of her, and bowed her head.

may keep your head raised, sub. I want to get a good look at your face.”

eyes were like twin lasers, scorching her skin as they traveled over it. She
thought a smile teased at one corner of his mouth but it was gone so quickly
she thought she might have imagined it. He skimmed his gaze over her from top
to bottom and back again until she felt as if her clothes had been stripped and
she stood naked before him.

she stood there, trying not to shiver beneath his scrutiny, another man
strolled up, shook hands with Tanner and nodded to Blackjack, holding out his

to Club Fantasy, Blackjack. You come highly recommended from your home club.”

chuckled. “Yes. I’ve been a member there for a long time. Thanks for the guest

“Our pleasure.”
The stranger who must have worked at the club pulled a
sealed deck of cards from his pocket along with a key card and handed them both
to Blackjack. “Tanner explained that you requested a private room. Number three,
down the hall on the left. And a fresh deck of cards.” He flicked his gaze over
Nia before looking at Blackjack again. “Enjoy your evening.”

turned to Tanner. “I’ll see you later?”

nodded. “Just text
when the Queen of Hearts is
ready for her ride home.” He looked at Kelly and grinned. “We’ll be playing our
own card game.”

tapped Nia on the shoulder.
“Time to go.”

a last glance at Kelly, Nia followed the man out of the lounge area and down
the hallway. She waited obediently while he inserted the key card and opened
the door to the room,
followed him inside. As
soon as the lock clicked on the door he turned to face her.

“Safe word.
I never begin without it.”

wet her lips and swallowed. “Scarlet.”

cocked one eyebrow. “Scarlet?”

nodded. “It’s the color of the queen’s gown. The Queen of Hearts represents
womanhood. That’s why I chose the name.”

combination of heat and approval swirled in his eyes. “Excellent.
As long as it wasn’t from that foulmouthed woman in
Alice in Wonderland

She wet her lips again.

it is.” He studied her. “We don’t know anything about each other except that our
friends have put us together. I have to ask you, do you trust me?
After just a few minutes together?”

once she realized there was much more to him than just the cravings of the
lifestyle. This was a man who knew what a D/s relationship was all about, who
probably would live it with the right sub. Who had substance and wanted the
relationship to be meaningful whether it was for an hour or twenty-four/seven.

BOOK: 9781631053580BlackjackHolt
13.77Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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