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“You survived, I see.” Sana stated as Arrigo walked into the apartment.

“For now.” Arrigo took in a deep breath as Sana approached him. Holding out the bottle of wine toward her, he composed his words.

“What’s this?” Sana took the bottle and looked at it.

“It’s from Sinjin. He told me to give it to you since he pulled me away from our celebration.” Arrigo prepared himself for her to catch what he had just said.

Staring at the bottle, he saw the look of confusion blanket her face.

“Wait, what?” Her tone sounded troubled.

“He didn’t break down. He called me out so he could tell me to be careful with you.” Arrigo instantly doubted that the truth would be the right decision.

“I should have known he would find out. He’s always been weird around me and I know he thinks I’m psycho. He’s probably worried that I’ll run you off, too. Just like Williams is.” Sana walked away from Arrigo and slammed the bottle down on the kitchen counter. Somehow, it didn’t break.

didn’t understand how she could see herself so poorly. She had it all wrong. Following behind her, he wrapped his arms around her shoulders and pulled her against him.

She started to shout, but Arrigo reached up and
gently covered her mouth. Surprisingly, she didn’t fight. “Sana you’ve got it all wrong.” Turning her head toward him, she looked up at him. Arrigo quickly released her.

“Sorry.” He apologized as she turned in his arms.

“I don’t understand.” Sana’s eyes had glossed over and he knew that he only had a moment or two before she might lose it.

“He warned me not to hurt you and wouldn’t back off. I finally told him that we were getting married. I’m sorry that—” Arrigo
couldn’t finish his sentence as Sana did the unexpected and tiptoed up to kiss him.

Sana knotted her hands in his hair as she held him to her. The taste of her sent him over the edge. Swiftly, he grasped her about the waist and lifted her onto the kitchen counter. Thrusting his hands into her
hair and holding her, he yielded to his body's desires.

Wrapping her legs around him, Sana pressed herself against him e
ven tighter. His body hardened. While they hadn’t eaten since that morning, he didn’t care about food or drink, he only wanted to taste her.

“Please take me to bed,” she mumbled.

Arrigo groaned as she bit his lower lip. Lifting her off the counter, he carried her to their room. The light from the bathroom filtered in to give them just enough light to see by. He realized that this would be where they would be spending a lot of their time if he had anything to say about it.

Lowering her on the bed, Arrigo crawled on top of her and trailed kisses across her jawline and down her throat.
Sana let out a moan and arched her back as he moved lower. As he trailed over her body with his lips, he moved his hands over the curve of her breasts and down to her stomach. Sliding his hand up her t-shirt, he found her breasts bare. Clutching them in his hands, he nipped at her stomach until she laughed.

Leaning back slightly, Arrigo watched the smile on her face spread as she laughed again. “I don’t see what’s so funny.”

“It tickles.” She tried to straighten her lips, but it didn’t even last a full second as her smile returned.

“Does this tickle?” Arrigo thrust his hand between her legs and cupped her sex.

“Ah.” Sana thrust her hips into his hand.

“I guess not. What about this?” Arrigo dipped his head to bite her erect nipple through her shirt.

“What are you doing?” Sana said breathlessly.              

“Driving you crazy.”
Arrigo released her sex and thrust his hand beneath the waistband of her yoga pants. As he ran one finger over her cleft, she cried out. Continuing his assault, he pushed her shirt up and dipped his head down to take in that same nipple. She smelled like flowers from her soap and he breathed in deeply. Another memory made.

Sucking and rolling his tongue over her, he listened as her orgasm built. He wan
ted her to come, but he had plans for her and they were going to take most of the night. Arrigo thrust two fingers over her cleft and into her. Her body was so hot and ready for him.

Sana threw one arm over his back and fisted his shirt in her hand as he thrust his fingers inside of her
again and again.

Releasing her from his mouth, he leaned up enough to watch her as she writhed beneath him. Her body tensed and bucked against his hand as he sustained his movements inside of her.
After only a few more seconds she came. Clutching her tightly in his hand, he let her calm, but only partially.

Swiftly, he pulled his hand
back and moved so that he could pull her pants off. Once they were removed, he stared at her while he pushed his own pants and shirt off. Scanning his eyes over her creamy, porcelain skin, his breathing became shallow. Jerking his mind out of its temporary trance, he crawled back onto the bed.

Sitting on his heels, he positioned himself between her legs. Slowly, he ran his hands up her thighs
toward her apex and her body shivered in response.

“Are you cold?” He
didn’t suspect that she was, but wanted to make sure. Shaking her head, she just smiled at him. Arrigo leaned to her and slid himself inside of her. His body wanted instant satisfaction, but before he would be sated, he wanted to wring her body of another orgasm.

Sana’s gaze met his as he slowly rocked against her.
Her warm brown eyes held him. How could he have been so lucky to find this woman and for her to want him, the odds were mind-blowing. Cupping his face in her hands, she smiled up at him. Arrigo dipped his head to taste her lips again and when he did, he almost lost control. Her sweet flavor washed through his mouth.

Letting out a growl, he rocked against her, harder. Sana held on to him as he thrust himself against her and when he
felt her pleasure building, he knew he wouldn’t have to wait long. Her body began to tense and when she dug her fingers into his shoulder, he wanted to let go, but not yet.

“Come for me,” he whispered.

“Harder.” She demanded. Arrigo promptly indulged her request and when her body tensed, he watched her face as she came. Crying out his name, she writhed beneath him. With another deep thrust into her, he came. Arrigo clutched her body against his as he pulsed inside of her. Every time that he was with her, he thought it was better than the last.

Feeling completely sat
ed, he collapsed on top of her momentarily. Arrigo rolled off her so that he didn’t crush her even though he hated to move.

Gathering her in his arms, he pulled her against him. Nuzzling her cheek
, he whispered. “I love you.”

Sana turned to face him. “I love you.”

Chapter 4.

Here,” Sinjin said to Sana. He handed her the bouquet of black lily’s. “Now where do I need to be?” he asked.

Sana smiled at him as she took the flowers. “I have no idea,” she whispered. The cou
rthouse was very busy for a Wednesday morning. Arrigo had dropped her off at the door and went to park. She looked toward the stairwell watching for him to appear.

“I need to tell you something,” Sinjin stated. His tone was serious and caught Sana’s complete attention.

Turning toward him, she noticed she didn’t have to look up to Sinjin with her boots on. He stood a couple inches shorter than Arrigo and for once, among the men in her life, she met his eyes without getting a cramp in her neck.

If you’re going to try and talk me out of this I’ll kill you.” Sana stated solemnly.

Sinjin smirked.

“I’m not suicidal, but I do owe you an apology.”

couldn’t think of any reason that Sinjin would need to apologize to her and for him to spring something like this on her wedding day might not be the best idea.

“For what?” she asked quietly.

“You’re a beautiful woman and a great partner and I’m so sorry that I di
dn’t treat you better.” Sinjin’s tone softened and for a moment, Sana thought he was getting teary-eyed on her.

I’m not dying Sinjin, I’m just getting married.” Sana reached up and cupped his cheek. “I appreciate your apology and your compliment, though. Thank you.”

Sinjin smiled at her. “If you ever need anything, you just call. I mean it.”

Sana did something at that moment that was definitely abnormal for her as she leaned toward him and hugged him.

“Hey, what’s going on here? My best man better not
be making a move for my bride at the last minute.”

Arrigo had walked up at that moment and was just as surprised to see the embrace as Sana was to be involved. She
didn’t go around hugging people, but this occasion was worthy, she thought.

“Not a chance buddy
.” Sinjin released her and the trio waited by the entrance of the courtroom. They were early and couldn’t go in just yet.

“Damn right.” Arrigo smirked. “You look beautiful by the way.” Arrigo wrapped one arm around her waist
and held onto her.

a wore a long sleeve black dress that clung to her with knee high boots and she knew by the look Arrigo had given her when she stepped out with it on, he approved. She felt relieved because she just couldn’t bring herself to wear a white gown since she didn’t own anything white in her entire wardrobe and hadn’t since she was a child. The color was too bright and flashy for her. Black however, soothed her and while the dress was different from her normal attire, she didn’t feel uncomfortable in it.

Arrigo had taken her shopping the
day after Christmas for a dress even though he had also told her that she didn’t have to wear one. He couldn’t have cared less if she had worn old jeans and a t-shirt, just as long as she was willing to be his wife.

“Thank you.”
Sana looked over Arrigo who also wore all black. She never would have guessed she would be standing in a courthouse getting married to such a gorgeous man. Not that she ever imagined getting married at all.

“My parents should be here in a few minutes. They were caught in traffic,”
Arrigo stated. “We might as well sit.” Arrigo pulled her toward a nearby bench and Sinjin followed too.

“Do you think they’ll approve?”
Sana asked. She hadn’t met Arrigo’s parents yet and to meet them under these circumstances might be a bit strange for them.

“I wish you’d stop worrying. They’re just in shock that I’m getting married
besides my mom is ecstatic.” Arrigo rolled his eyes and Sana smiled at him. When he had called his parents on Christmas day to tell them he was getting married Sana could hear his mother squealing through the phone and she sat on the opposite side of the room from Arrigo.

“Look on the bright side
kid, you’ve got me as your family so you know I’ve got your back.” Sinjin smiled a grin that Sana hadn’t ever seen before. He seemed genuinely proud to be on her side of the wedding party.

Just as she felt the butterflies in her stomach calm, in walked a man that was definitely just an older version of Arrigo and hooked on
the crook of his arm was a tall thin brunette that she wouldn’t have guessed to be a day over forty and definitely not old enough to be Arrigo's mother.

“Arrigo!” the woman squealed.

Arrigo rose and stepped toward her. “Mom,” he stated. Hugging her quickly, he released her and glanced toward his father. “Dad.” Arrigo extended his arm and the two shook hands. Arrigo had told Sana that his relationship with his father was a bit strained and he never understood why.

“Mom and Dad this is Sana.” Arrigo
held Sana’s hand as she rose. Still worried about their acceptance, she smiled at them.

“Mr. and Mrs. Kane it’s very nice to meet you,” Sana said politely.
They seemed genuinely happy to see Arrigo and the idea warmed her.

“Oh please, call me
Rita and this is Hector.” Sana shook her hand and then Hector’s.

Before the moment turned awkward, Arrigo interrupted.
“It looks like we can go in.” Arrigo slid his hand down Sana’s arm until he could lace their fingers together.

Minutes later, they were married.




“Where is she? What happened to her?” Arrigo could hear someone in the hall and had no idea who it could be, but they were being very loud.

Before he could even decide if he would get up to see what the disturbance was, the door to Sana’s room
was forcefully pushed open.

A man not quite as tall as Arrigo with brown hair barged into the hospital room, glaring at him.
Arrigo saw that Sinjin and Williams remain in the corridor.

Standing up to face the intruder, he never relinquished his
contact with Sana.

“Can I help you?” Arrigo hissed.

Arrigo noticed the man look him over as if he were sizing him up for a fight and while that normally would rile Arrigo, all he could think of was Sana. She needed him and he needed her more than ever. This guy could take a flying leap off the closest bridge and Arrigo wouldn’t care.

BOOK: A Second Past Midnight (The Sentinels)
11.27Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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