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Then he stepped back. Before she could look
to see what he was doing, he snapped the stick up between her legs,
popping her wet pussy with its very tip.

As the echoes of her surprised squeal faded
into the woods, he swished the branch, testing its suppleness. She
bit her lips and endured the agonizing anticipation as he made
sweeping scythes through the air. Kate tensed, then relaxed,
thinking he wouldn’t actually cane her pussy again. He’d just meant
to get her attention. As she relaxed, the butt of the stick pressed
against her labia.

As coarse as it may have been, she was easily
wet enough to let it glide. The rough wood slid into her an inch or
so. She groaned louder, feeling fresh humiliation as Robert's
father angled the stick so the bark abraded her swollen clit. She
beat her hands on the car roof and tried to pull herself off the
branch, but her thrumming tits kept her prisoner.

“Has that warmed you up enough?” Anthony
asked. He twisted it a half turn then pulled it back, now slick
with her pussy juices. He wiped it clean on the inside of her thigh
then he popped each cheek, making them shake.

She’d just settled into his latest play when
he flipped the branch around, drew his arm back like a golfer
practicing his swing, and struck.

The crack of wood across her bottom wrung a
cry of protest from Kate. She instinctively jumped when the stick
struck, yanking at her breasts.

Groaning, she bit her lip when the next lash
struck. There was always the possibility that her cries might
attract attention she had no desire to attract. Mr. Johnson made
her wait for what seemed an intolerable length of time then brought
the thin stick across her cheeks. Pain exploded across her bottom.
It trembled and shook with each blow, leaving lattice lines of
pain, deftly laid out across the landscape of her tensed behind,
that almost made her cry.

When he finally targeted her pussy again, her
relief was more intense than the pain. In fact, he hadn’t swatted
her that hard at all, and the gentle whack actually woke a tingle
that had been absent for a bit.

“Yes!” She beat the rooftop of the car,
daring him to go on. Her eyes spat feigned hatred and very real
lust at him; the devil, her redeemer, her Master.

Breathing hard himself, Mr. Johnson teased
her with a couple more light pops. Just as her pussy was beginning
to really sting, he stopped. She looked back at him, hoping he was
finally ready to fill her need. She found that he was watching her,
a flicker of approval in his expression. Then he roughly spread her
legs, kicking her ankles apart with a foot. As she gasped in pain,
her breasts crushed to near bursting, he slammed his cock—thick and
strong—into the very heart of her body, filling her like she’d
never been filled before.

He fucked her impersonally, as though she was
there solely to provide for his pleasure. He gripped her hips hard
enough to bruise as he ploughed through her cunt, deliberately
driving upward, ruthlessly forcing her to pull her breasts. Not
that she minded.

Breathing hard, Kate squeezed his cock,
encouraging him to thrust deeper. She heard him gasp in pleasure as
she milked him. The splash of his hot come pulsed into the mouth of
her womb. He gripped her hips tighter, eking out his orgasm with
savage, wet, slapping thrusts that echoed through the woods, each
spitting a fresh wave of warm come into Kate's velvet sex.

By the time he was done, Kate teetered on the
brink of coming herself, but the agony in her breasts was too much.
Mr. Johnson patted her bottom as he pulled from inside her then, as
calm as ever, kissed her hotly, taking her breath away despite the

Once he broke the kiss, she caught her breath
and looked at him imploringly. “Please sir,” she asked, her voice
hoarse and throaty, “can you let me go?” She was torn between her
unfulfilled desire and the ache biting hotly into her chest.

He left her without answering, but moments
later, the window slid down. The blood surging back into her numbed
teats made her shiver and tingle. She massaged them vigorously. Now
that the pain was subsiding, it was as much to see his reaction as
to speed the circulation.

His reaction wasn’t quite what she’d hoped.
As if uncertain that he'd have such a prize again, he pulled away
and hefted the branch again.

"Push your shoulders back and let me have
your breasts."

Kate gaped at him for a moment, but his tone
was as hard as steel. She did as she was told, lacing her fingers
behind her head, thrusting her breasts into the frigid air. The
first blow came quickly, much harder than she'd struck herself just
minutes before—just like she’d imagined her imaginary assailant
might strike.

Her breasts bucked wildly and she bit into
her lip to keep from crying out loud. Her pussy clenched.

"Now, pleasure yourself."

She didn't need to be told twice, driving one
set of fingers deep into her dripping folds while leaving the other
hand behind her head, daring him to whip her some more. Just as she
closed her eyes to concentrate on the growing pleasure, the
makeshift cane bit across the more exposed and outthrust breast.
Instead of recoiling from the pain, Kate reveled in it, bringing
both hands to bear on her sex, thrusting her chest out past her
arms so he could keep flogging her without hitting her arms.

Just as she was about to explode, he pushed
her hands aside. For a man his age, she found that his stamina
rivaled his son's as his thick cock thrust into her yet again.

She wrapped her legs around him and he sunk
his fingers into her ass and slammed her back against the car,
attacking her left breast with his mouth. She closed her eyes,
letting the delicious sensations of his lips and teeth devouring
her nipple and his incredible hardness drive her to another orgasm.
Her hips ground against him and she clawed at his back. When,
moments later, their orgasms coincided, she grabbed his face and
ripped his mouth from her breast, kissing him with furious passion
until, soft and birdlike, his penis finally slipped from her

“It was you who sent me that text, to meet
you here today, wasn’t it?”, she whispered, smiling as he held her

Anthony gave a wry smile in return. His
triceps felt hard as her hands gripped his arms.

“After I picked up Robert’s property and saw
his cell phone, I couldn’t resist. Between the sexts and the
pictures he’d taken, it seemed a safe bet you’d show. Seems I was
even more right than I thought.”

Kate felt herself blush.

“So, what happens now?” Anthony asked, gently
extricating himself, letting her feet slide down his legs to the

She regarded him silently for a while before
speaking. “I can’t see both of you at the same time; father and
son. It wouldn’t be right.”

“No, I suppose not,” he replied, casually.
Yet she could see the brief pain in his eyes before he masked his

“And I get the feeling that you don’t want a
conventional relationship…Mr. Johnson?”

“I’m not a conventional guy,” he

“It was you who stole all my clothes, wasn’t
it?” She said it as though it was fact. She hoped it was him;
otherwise it meant there was someone else out there, playing the

“I parked a little way up and took them, then
drove down here.”

“So where are they now?" she asked, enjoying
watching him squirm.

“There,” he replied, “under the seat.”

Kate smiled sadistically and grabbed her
breasts suggestively. She was amazed at how battered they were,
striped and already bruising. “You know, I saw some rope in your
trunk, have you ever thought about using it…” She looked knowingly
at her chest. “…see if maybe I can dangle?”

He just grinned.

She smiled back. “Think it will hurt?”

“Of course,” he replied frankly.

She took his hand and said, “I was hoping
you’d say that.”

As Anthony led Kate to the tree, she thought
about Robert. How to tell him it was over? But soon, her mouth was
busy arousing his father, and she put those thoughts aside.
Robert’s game had ended. Now it was his father’s wicked game to




Leo Bulero
writes erotic
science fiction, horror, BDSM, and bizarre fiction whenever his
busy household allows him to. He has been widely published on the
net, in magazines, anthologies and e-book. He reads prodigiously,
and lists some of his favored authors as: Charles Bukowsky, James
Joyce, Philip K. Dick, Harlan Ellison and Neil Gaimon. He is also a
reviewer of erotica and in his spare time an editor of
micro-fiction. He lives in England. Most of the time he is
reasonably sane.


You can find other e-books written by Leo
Bulero at
Darker Pleasures


began as an adult web magazine in 1999. It
featured original text and photo-illustrated stories, images,
video, art and articles specializing in erotic breast-oriented
bondage and BDSM. Darker Pleasures featured stories written by
dozens of erotica authors including Matt Nicholson, Elizabeth
Faraday, Lee Ash, Jude Mason, Adrian Hunter, Cherry Lee, Leo Bulero
and others. The webzine ended its run in January 2010. In August
2011, Darker Pleasures began publishing revised and edited releases
of the BDSM erotica originally featured in the pages of its
e-magazine. You can find Darker Pleasures’ stories and books at
Smashwords and other e-book outlets.


BOOK: A Wicked Game You Play
12.12Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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