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What a fucked-up mess.

Everett hadn’t expected Peter to fall to the ground. Don finally had some life in him and moved in. Everett shook his head. Now wasn’t the time for the brothers to be all buddy-buddy. Peter was going to need more time to comprehend what had just happened.
. He wished Grey was there. He would’ve known what to do. All he wanted was get Peter out of there. Somewhere he’d feel safe. He had no idea why Peter hadn’t gone to see Kitty, but maybe, just maybe the confrontation was good for him. Or it would be. Peter never had the chance to stand up to his brother before.

“Everett. What’s going on?”

Finally the alpha showed up after all the action was over. Not a few minutes ago when Peter was going all mad dog on him.

“Don here was just telling our boy Pete about his mate. His—male mate, Lincoln.” Everett waved over to where the two stood. It looked like Lincoln was holding Don back.

“I see. And where is Grey?” Russ crouched down beside Peter who was now clinging to his knees and rocking himself back and forth.

“He went into town.” Everett knelt down at Peter’s other side.

“We need to get him out of here.” Russ looked at Everett.

Everett hadn’t seen this side of Peter in a long time and he hated that it was back. He never wanted to see it again.

“I’ll take him to Kitty’s. It’s far enough away. Send Grey over when he gets back, if you see him. And—could I get someone to pack up my shit and get it to Kitty’s? I was going to move in today. If not, no big, I can do it later. Peter is more important.”

“I’ll get one of the guys to do it. You make sure Peter is all good.” Russ stood.

“Please—” Don moved closer, dragging Lincoln behind him.

“Not right now, Don. You need to let him do this in his own time. Don’t push him. Do you understand?” Russ used his alpha voice—the one that made Everett want to roll over and show his belly.

“I understand.”

“It might be never. You’ve got to be okay with that. Maybe, after some time he can come to you. You’ll be busy with getting the pack back in order anyway. Focus on that and your mating. We’ll deal with getting Peter to a better place.”

Russ was still talking when Everett pulled Peter up and guided him through the door. His cousin was completely out of it. Grey needed to hurry back. Everett dug through his pocket and found his cell phone, thankful he’d brought it with him. Grey was on speed dial.

“Hey, Ev, what’s up? Is Pete okay? I’ve had this odd feeling—”

“That’s why I’m calling. How close are you to the house?”

“We’re close.”

“Good, come to Kitty’s when you get here.”


“Just get here, Grey.”


“Beyond fuck.” Everett hung up, not giving Grey a chance to respond.

“Grey?” Peter whispered.

“It’s okay, Petey, Grey will be here in no time.”

“Okay. I need him, Ev.”

“I know. I know. It’ll be okay.”

“Don—he wasn’t joking, was he?” Peter stopped and Everett had no choice but to stop as well.

He turned Peter so they could look at each other. They were a bit away from the house now, and alone.

“No. He wasn’t. What he did was wrong, but he’s sorry.”

“How can—”

“Just hear me out. Put yourself in his shoes. Your little brother comes out. You’re thinking, this can’t be bad. If he can do it, so can I. Then your dad responds like he does. What was Don supposed to do?”

“Stick up for me!” Peter’s shout rang in Everett’s ears.

“Me too, but Don isn’t as strong as we are. Still, what he did was wrong and you don’t ever have to forgive him.”

“What about Dad? How is he—”

Oh, fuck.

Peter didn’t know and now Everett was going to have to be the one to tell him.
Grey better hurry his ass up.

“He hurt your mom pretty bad and I’m sorry, Peter, but he’s…” How did someone tell a person that one of their parents was dead? Even if it was a bastard who deserved whatever he got. “Peter, your dad is dead. Don had to kill him. He went feral.”

Everett waited to see Peter’s response. Peter surprised him again by laughing. Not what he expected, but at least he wasn’t catatonic.

Grey ran towards them.
Thank fuck.

“Ev? Pete?” Grey looked confused.

“Don is here. He’s the new alpha. Roger is dead.”

“Why is he laughing?”

“I have no idea.”

“He…he put Dad down. He…oh God.” Peter rocked forward right into Grey’s arms.

“Babe?” Grey stroked Peter’s back.

“Sorry. Sorry. I’ll be okay. I promise. A lot to process. A
, but I have you and nothing else matters.”

“That’s right, Pete. Let’s go home, okay? Thanks Ev.”

“Any time. You know I’m here.” Everett nodded.

He watched the mates walk away from him towards their own home. Now that the fire was out he could focus on getting settled in his own life. God, he needed to see Kitty. It was time to get his shit from his room and get moved into Kitty’s place.

Chapter Ten




Kurt paced the room they’d locked him in. He needed to get out of the fucking pack house. How dare they try and contain him. Didn’t they know who he was? He was a powerful important person and they’d made him look like a fool.

They’d pay. Fuckers were worried about exposure? He could fix that. All he needed to do was get out of the room. That shouldn’t be too hard. He tugged at the door knob again, but it was locked. Kurt shoved his hands into his pocket and brushed them against something. It crinkled. Kurt took it out and to his surprise it was that magic dust that he’d picked up. One taste of that and nothing could stop him.

He was out of there. Once he had left he’d find someone to videotape him shifting and get it out to all of the news feeds. Then where would these pitiful people be? He’d make it so no one knew it was him undergoing the change and Kurt would make sure things pointed to the Masters pack.

Then he would play the outraged uncle, telling the news that a cult had taken his nieces. And hey—that changing thing on the television, he looked like the kidnapper. What was he going to do? Monsters had his family. That would take care of them all. He’d be the poor weeping uncle asking why this was happening to him.

It didn’t matter that he’d never have Kitty. She was gone to him. He might have been able to manipulate her before, but things were different now and he wouldn’t waste time getting rid of her like he had her parents.

Kurt would continue as the pack alpha and move up in the ranks of government. Maybe even take over where his brother left off.

First things first.
Kurt opened the small bag and licked the contents. The zing of power almost overwhelmed him, but he was ready for shock. The first time it’d knocked him on his ass. The power built up in his system until he vibrated from the inside out, flooding his body, and he had to release power to get the edge off and make it easier to control.

He aimed his hands at the door and blew the thing clear off the hinges. The surprised look of the pup on the other side had him laughing.

“Hey! Sto—”

Kurt didn’t give him time to finish. He pushed a bolt of magic into the shifter, waiting until the wolf didn’t move before leaving the area. It was a great high. Kurt could see why people became addicted, but not him. After this last fix he wouldn’t need it again.

When he had the Masters pack on the run, the satisfaction from that alone would be enough to sustain him.

There were no other obstacles between him and the front door. They had underestimated him and it would be the last mistake they made. Kurt stumbled against the wall. The power drain happened faster this time. He shook the bag. There was a bit left. He licked his finger and swished it around, getting as much of the powder as he could and sucking it off his digit. The zing wasn’t as big this time, but he needed what he could get to leave the property without incident. Just a few more steps and he’d be home free. Once he cleared the steps, he’d shift. It would be easier to leave that way.

A blast from behind was unexpected, but he kept walking.

“Stop. Don’t make me—”

Kurt turned and waved his hand, sending the poor schmuck who’d tried to stop him flying into the wall. The ‘crash’ as the shifter hit was very satisfying.

Finally he was at the door. He tugged his clothes off and shifted. He’d worry about clothes when he was closer to civilisation. The pack house really was off the beaten path. If he wasn’t so pissed off, he might’ve admired Masters. Maybe. But now he wanted him dead.

Russell Masters had fucked with the wrong guy this time.


* * * *


What seemed like days had only been hours, when Kurt stopped at a motel. Being in wolf form did have its advantage for endurance, but running through the woods was not something he wanted to do on a daily basis. That was what the gym was for. He couldn’t wait to get out of this backwater town.

The place looked deserted and he needed people—some fucking civilisation so he could be ‘exposed’. He needed clothes and a camera. Kurt shifted back to human form and heard a gasp behind him. Just his luck there was a camera phone pointed his way. The stars were aligning in his favour.

The woman—if she could be called that, she looked all of thirteen—had a horrified expression on her face, her mouth gaping wide and her hands shaking. She hadn’t screamed—yet.

“Miss, hand over your phone.” Kurt held out his hand and made the ‘give me’ gesture.

“Please don’t—”

“I’m not going to hurt you, you silly twit, unless you don’t hand over the phone, then we might have a few issues. Now be a good girl and give it to me.”

“What…what are you?”

“Just watch the news, darling, and everything will be explained. Now tell me, do you have a car?”

She nodded and pointed behind her. Kurt had missed it before, he’d been too focused on the motel.

“Good, good. Now what about some clothes?” Kurt grinned.


* * * *


Two hours later Kurt was on his way to D.C.. He had the perfect plan. He needed to get the phone into the hands of a reporter, but first he had to edit the video. It might not work. He still might need a reliable witness. He wasn’t sure who he could trust. In the past he would have said Langford, but the bastard had betrayed him.

His brother had a few contacts who knew that werewolves existed and the Kelley family was made up of them, but would they leak the story? They had all been loyal to Arthur. They might think this was going against his wishes. He’d have to sweet-talk them somehow. Or maybe he could score some more magic dust and make them do what he wanted. That way seemed the easiest.

Bending people to his will was fun. Better than he could have possibly imagined.

Kurt would have plenty of time to think. He had no identification so he couldn’t fly. It could pose a problem when the car ran out of gas. Kurt had to contact someone in D.C. to help him.

Then it hit him. He knew who would help him get what he wanted without exposing himself as a shifter. All arrows would point the Masters way by the time he was done. They’d be locked up for the greater good in no time flat. All ready to be examined and studied. It would serve them right for keeping Kitty away from him and brainwashing her into believing he was sick. He’d have to plan something wicked for the mate.

Who the fuck believed in that true mate shit anyway? So what if they performed the ritual. It didn’t matter. If Kitty could be nice I might spare her. I’d have to keep her sisters on hand to keep her in line. She’d do anything for those whiny little bitches.

Kurt searched the interstate for the next gas station. He’d get off there and call his good pal who just happened to work for the Washington Post.

He’d looked at the video before he stole the car and the phone, the quality wasn’t bad—for a cell, but Kurt’s face was clearly visible and he didn’t know much about manipulating it. He didn’t want it to look fake, and he was afraid if he started doctoring it too much, people would notice that it had been messed with and call it bogus. Nope. He needed the real deal. A recording of him shifting. One where people couldn’t see his face.

Plus he’d need gas soon and Dean, the reporter who was going to expose the shifters, owed him a few favours. Kurt wasn’t above calling them all in. He also had a little blackmail on the good Dean. If the reporter stepped out of line, Kurt would call him to task.

It was all about the leverage and it was good that he had some. Kurt pulled off the highway. The sooner he got things in place the better. He knew he was racing against the clock. Kitty had contacts she could use, but Kurt didn’t want to give her the time to tap them.

to beat her to the punch. Fear and a group of people went a long way because as a whole, people were stupid and prone to doing stupid things like forming lynch mobs. Just what he needed. Maybe he could talk Dean into filming him
the Masters pack house. That would be icing on the already delicious cake.

Now he was going to have to do some sweet talking. The gas station drew closer and closer, but he had no money. Maybe there would be change in the car he could use. He’d find out once he stopped. He should have picked a better car. The small smart car was anything but comfortable. His body was folding in all kinds of ways. He should have known better, but it was the only car around and he had to get this done—the sooner the better.

Kurt eased into the gas station and searched the car for loose change. He was in luck. Now he had to hope they had a payphone. Those things were a dying breed. If that failed, he’d have to ask the clerk to use the phone.

The whole situation was all kinds of wrong. He was one of the most prestigious lawyers in D.C. and here he was scrounging for change to make a stupid phone call. But what if Kitty had contacted someone already? It was a possibility. From what he’d understood, the pack had been on high alert. It was pitch black outside and getting late. He should think about taking a nap too. The day only seemed to be getting longer. Dean might not even be up at this hour. Screw it. Kurt was calling him anyway. Time to put up or shut up and he was hoping for a put up.

BOOK: Absolution
5.05Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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