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Addie on the Inside

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on the Inside

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Howe, James, 1946–
Addie on the inside / James Howe. — 1st ed.
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Summary: Outspoken thirteen-year-old Addie Carle learns about love,
loss, and staying true to herself as she navigates seventh grade, enjoys
a visit from her grandmother, fights with her boyfriend, and endures
gossip and meanness from her former best friend.
ISBN 978-1-4169-1384-9 (hardcover)
eISBN-13: 978-1-4424-2381-7
[1. Novels in verse. 2. Identity—Fiction. 3. Self-acceptance—Fiction.
4. Grandmothers—Fiction. 5. Schools—Fiction.
6. Interpersonal relations—Fiction.]
I. Title.
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To Zoey

Who Do You See?

The poems that follow
are written in the voice of
Addie on the inside.

But this poem is written
from me to you,
writer to reader.

I want to ask you:
Who do you see
when you think of me?

Am I young or old,
wise or a fool,
teacher or friend?

Who do you see
when you think of you?
Are you an outsider,

cool, distant, angry,
swimming against the current,
or are you in the flow?

When they tell you,
This is who you are
do you say yes or no?

Who do you see
when you look at them?
You know the ones I mean:

the others, the olders,
the youngers, the ones
who are not you, not

like you or your friends,
who wear the labels
you give them until

they give them back,
I believe these
belong to you.

Who do you see when a girl
like Addie walks down the hall,
sharp-eyed, tall,

when a girl like Addie
raises her hand in class
for the hundredth time

offering opinion as fact
and outrage as opinion,
wearing her attitudes

more comfortably than her
less than awesome clothes?
Who do you see

when you look beyond
the skin and the surface,
when you drift to sleep,

when you are the person
no one else knows? Who
are you on the inside?

Don't answer these questions.
Not yet. First, open your eyes,
your mind, your heart.


—James Howe

on the Inside

This Purgatory of
the Middle School Years
You Are Who They Say You Are

They say in the seventh grade
you are who they say you are,
but how can that be true?

How can I be a
lezzie loser
big mouth
string bean
freaky tall
spaz attack
hopeless nerd
*bad word*
teacher's pet
showing off
just to get
and did I
(that's true)
badly dressed
(says you)
social climber
(such a lie)
(well, I try)
to another
time and place?

BOOK: Addie on the Inside
6.37Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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