Alexander, Kortny - Surrendering to Summer [Whispering Mountain 2] (Siren Publishing Ménage Amour)

BOOK: Alexander, Kortny - Surrendering to Summer [Whispering Mountain 2] (Siren Publishing Ménage Amour)
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Whispering Mountain 2

Surrendering to Summer

Summer Showers was excited about moving to Whispering Mountain for a better job and triple the pay. When her living situation changes, she is persuaded to move in with the Durden men temporarily. Staying with the men only makes her undeniable attraction grow stronger. She finds it difficult to suppress the desire growing inside of her.


Dalton, Denver, and Dillon Durden knew they were in trouble the minute they invited Summer to stay with them. While all three men tried to fight their attraction to her, they found it difficult to stay away.


Someone is lurking in Whispering Mountain and they won’t stop until they get what they have come for. Will the stranger rip their world apart or will the Durden men fight to protect everything they love and surrender to Summer?


Interracial, Ménage a Trois/Quatre, Western/Cowboys
48,712 words


Whispering Mountain 2

Kortny Alexander


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Whispering Mountain 2


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Chapter 1

Day 1

Dalton could not help but grin to himself as he watched Summer, also known as the thorn in his side, lean over the counter as she okayed the last of the home improvements with the contractor she had hired. He still had not gotten over the fact that he had invited her to stay at the house with him and his two brothers. What the hell was wrong with him? Having a woman that beautiful living under their roof was going to be too damned tempting.

It had only been a month ago, at one of her sister’s family gatherings, Summer had announced that she had accepted a job offer and was moving to Whispering Mountain. Summer had been staying a few days at her sister’s house. Her sister Spring was newly married to one of Dalton’s cousins and had made it clear that the newlyweds were driving her insane. Dalton had the dumb idea of offering his home to her until the renovations at her house were completed. After meeting Summer, his brothers Denver and Dillon eagerly agreed. It was only going to be seven days. He would survive Summer and her many mood swings.

All right, he had to admit that when he had met her six months ago in Las Vegas with her sisters, things were instantaneous.

First came the fire
. He knew he had to have her. No qualms about it. Dalton was a lover of all women, but there was something about Summer that made his chest tighten. His cock was on immediate alert whenever she was around. He was never sure if it was the way her almond-colored skin seemed to have a constant glow or whether it was the delicate star-shaped flecks of hazel that shone in her eyes. Her lips were simply kissable. Irresistible. Everything about her was perfect to him.

He held back the groan when he watched her smile and lick her lips as she talked. Dalton had it bad. The hunger that simmered just below the surface was difficult to ignore. It took every inch of his restraint to keep from stalking over to where Summer stood, yanking those tight jeans from her delectable body, and making her scream his name. He shook the thought away just as fast. This was just a few of the reasons why he could only be friends with Summer Showers.

Then came the ice
. Wanting her was a dangerous thing. Nothing good would come from it. He didn’t need a woman in his life.


His head jerked up at the sound of his name falling from Summer’s lips.
. He had been daydreaming
staring. Dalton moved towards Summer as he spoke. “Sorry, I was deep in thought. Are you just about finished?” He crossed the short distance of the kitchen doorway to the island.

Summer smiled at Dalton. “Yeah, we are done. Just the floors and kitchen counters are left.” There was no way Dalton was going to let her out of his sight. It made sense for him to volunteer to accompany her to see the contractor. Summer knew the relationship she unofficially developed with Dalton ran hot and cold. As of noon that day they hadn’t had a disagreement, she didn’t have the urge to strangle him, nor had her breathing quickened at the sight of him. She never knew how her body would react to him. “Seven days, and I will be able to move into my new home.”
Seven days, and I will be out of their house,
she thought.

Dalton came to stand in front of Summer as the contractor quietly excused himself. “Since you’re in such a good mood, let me take you to lunch before we head back to the ranch.”

He was standing too close. It was getting hot in the kitchen and no one was cooking. Summer knew it was October and she did have on a short sleeved shirt, but somehow it seemed too hot standing next to Dalton. Dammit! She knew her crazed hormones would not be able to behave. The man was doing nothing but standing in front of her looking extremely yummy and delicious, and she was getting more aroused by the second. They needed to leave before she did something stupid like stare at his mouth a moment too long.

“Lunch. Lunch would be good.” Summer tried to look away from those beautiful blues but failed miserably. She watched as Dalton quirked his lips at her, as if he knew that he was getting to her. “Stop grinning and feed me.” Summer slid past Dalton, careful not to rub any part of herself against him. Even though that’s all she wanted to do.

A silly grin slowly curved Dalton’s lips. He watched as Summer’s eyes went through a few transitions. She was excited about the home improvements, but he noticed an instant change as he invaded her space. He had done that on purpose. He’d manage to see the desire and need in her eyes before she quickly masked it. He loved the smell of her soap. Sniffing her like a dog was a bit over the top, but invading her space to hopefully get a whiff of that sweet scent was the next best thing.

She looked sexy in everything she wore, and he knew she would look even hotter as he peeled every item off of her. He loved that Summer was comfortable in her skin. And she seemed oblivious to the heads that turned when she entered a room. Today she wore the tight jeans and a short-sleeve T-shirt, her hair was a mass of dark black curls pulled into a loose ponytail, and she wore no makeup. It was the simplest of styles and yet she still managed to make it look sexy. To Dalton, Summer was a natural beauty. He wanted to be buried so deep inside of her that he wouldn’t be able to think straight.

“Stop looking at my ass, Dalton.” Summer all but glared at Dalton when she stopped and turned at the front door.

He chuckled. “Not a moment’s peace with you, huh, Summer?” Dalton teased as he opened the door for her. He knew there was no point in denying that he was in fact staring at her ass. It was a sweet ass that he could not wait to spank. As much as he wanted to have this woman underneath him, begging for his touch, it would never come to pass. He and Summer together was a disaster waiting to happen. She was extremely headstrong and he was overbearing. In his opinion, that was not a good mix.

* * * *

Summer knew she was in trouble when she agreed to ride to her house with Dalton. It was hard enough just being around him. The man drove her crazy, and she was never sure if she wanted it to stop. There were moments when she wanted to kiss him, wrap her body around his, and feel those work-roughened hands caressing her naked body. Then there were moments when she wanted to strangle his ass and slap the crap out of him.

Hell, Summer knew Dalton was an attractive man. You would have to be blind not to see it. When he wasn’t scowling at her, pointing out all of the things she didn’t know about running a horse ranch, those baby blues could melt her panties. He was tall, strong, and donned a muscular body. These were all the ingredients that proved Dalton obtained that body working hard on his ranch and not in a gym. He had a continuous five o’clock shadow no matter what time of the day and his butt always looked good in a pair of jeans. There wasn’t a woman in town that didn’t do a double or triple take when Dalton walked by. Summer had to admit that all the Durden men had that effect on women. It was a family trait.

It would explain how her sister Spring met, fell in love, and married Dalton’s cousin after only one weekend together. Their love affair wasn’t that cut-and-dry, but it made an impression on Summer; she was a closet romantic. Coincidentally, that is how Summer met Dalton. But if Summer thought Dalton was killer on her senses, she was twice as screwed when she met Dalton’s two brothers Dillon and Denver.

She still could not believe that she had agreed to stay with the three men while the contractor had his way with her home. This would be the tests of all tests. Three tall, hard-working, blue-eyed, sexy men who worked hard with their hands. Domineering, possessive, and intense sexual awareness stuck to them like their shadows. But Summer didn’t want to stay with her newlywed and pregnant sister Spring anymore. It was only seven days. What could possibly happen?

BOOK: Alexander, Kortny - Surrendering to Summer [Whispering Mountain 2] (Siren Publishing Ménage Amour)
8.21Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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