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Alicia's Folly (23 page)

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“Babies all around. Wow. He – ah – doesn’t hold a grudge? With all the charges – ”

“No, Nate. Justin was never angry with you. He understood you were doing what you felt was necessary. He admits to still being surprised you dropped absolutely everything against Eileen when you learned the cancer was back. As much as he loved her, he felt she should pay for her crimes.” Alicia gave him a squeeze then entered the house. She needed to change before they went out.

“I couldn’t let her die in prison,” Nate answered, following her up to their bedroom. “We’re a family now, and that’s all that matters.”

“It is. Are you serious about buying a vacation home in Trinidad?” Alicia asked, stopping in the middle of the stairs and turning to face Nate. Incredulous, his jaw dropped, then flapped uselessly for a bit before he answered.

“Is nothing sacred?” he called out to the couple downstairs. Alicia grinned when she heard them groan in mock-misery.

“Go easy on them. I tortured the truth out of them with the batch of cookies Tristan and Ryan helped bake,” she said, taking Nate’s face in her hands. He laughed and her kiss missed its mark. Going with the moment, Alicia sucked his bottom lip into her mouth and moaned.

“God, I can’t wait to get you back there,” Nate breathed, when the ensuing hungry kiss ended.

“Me neither,” she answered in kind.


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