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Cissy rose up, conqueror and conquered, ready to claim her spoils. Diltan’s expression was still one of eager torment, but he smiled up at her.

The tips of his cocks prodded her pussy and anus. Cissy didn’t look to see if it was Rolat or Wal or both who positioned them for her. She slid back, sheathing her Dramok with a happy sigh.

Diltan watched with parted lips and lidded eyes as she rose and fell over him, finding a pace that made her senses sing. Seeing the mighty, muscled body subservient to her needs excited her. Cissy loved being made to surrender most of the time, but she thought she might have to get the men to help her overcome each of them every once in a while. It was heady stuff.

Wal and Rolat watched her fuck the helpless Diltan for a little while, their hands gripping their cocks, stimulating themselves with rapt expressions. Cissy felt their gazes as scorching hot as the cocks that filled her, caressing her as she performed. She leaned back, propping herself up with her hands on either side of Diltan’s thighs, her feet planted beneath his armpits. It gave them all a good view of the Dramok’s cocks sliding in and out of her pussy and ass.

Rolat crawled over, his gaze hungrily devouring the sight of her fucking their clanmate. His finger settled on the silver chain between her breasts, tugging on her nipples. He ran his finger over the arc of the chain, moving it back and forth, adding to the weight of its pull. Lightening zapped through her breasts, blistering hot. Cissy’s head fell back as she cried out with mingled pain and excitement.

Wal closed in. He took Cissy’s mouth in a devouring kiss, plundering, tasting, claiming. His cunning fingers found her clit and closed on it, pinching and rubbing.

Lightning flashed again, this time deep in her belly. Its galvanizing force swept her entirety, bellowing up in the form of screams that poured from her throat into Wal’s. Her body seized, frozen in time and space as she detonated.

She came back to herself on the swells of depleting bliss to find Wal and Rolat smiling down at her. “You are amazing to watch when you climax,” Wal told her.

Diltan spoke between pants. “Come again. Please, my Matara, come again.”

“She will,” Rolat promised.

Cissy did. She rode Diltan as Wal and Rolat urged her on. Their hands and mouths herded her to culmination again and again as surely as the thick cocks that she thrust into herself. Cissy was granted release wild and raucous, sensual and sublime.

At last there was one last thing that would erase the tiny mote of emptiness that remained in the midst of otherwise incredible lovemaking. “I want your cum filling me,” she moaned to Diltan. “I want to taste your cum,” she told Wal and Rolat.

“Then that’s what you will have, my Matara,” Rolat said.

She rose to release the cocks that twitched inside her. Cissy took the utmost care easing the cockring off Diltan, knowing it wouldn’t take much to bring the final push into passion. The Dramok’s fists clenched as the ring left him. His teeth ground together as Cissy gingerly sleeved him once more.

Once she had settled and Diltan indicated he had some measure of control over himself – “but not much,” he gasped – Wal and Rolat stood up. Cissy tilted her head back and opened her mouth.

They brought the tips of their primary cocks to her lips. They stroked themselves as Cissy licked and kissed and sucked them in turn. Their gasps grew louder. Rolat grabbed Cissy’s hair in an iron grip that wouldn’t allow her to move had she wanted to. She did not, but her excitement increased at his show of power.

She rocked her hips as much as she was able, adding Diltan’s moans to that of the other two. Cissy rhythmically clenched interior muscles to add to his pleasure, massaging his cocks. She felt him tensing beneath her, his denied body realizing fulfillment could at last be had.

Diltan’s strangled scream was almost musical in its long, trailing note of bliss. When the first peal ended, he cried her name just as ringingly.

That set off Wal. He choked out a grunt that seemed to boil from the deepest pit of him. He pressed the tip of his cock into Cissy’s mouth, his hand moving up and down the shaft in a frenzy. He made another choked sound and hot sweet-salty-spiciness poured over her tongue. She swallowed the flood, sucking hard as if the shuddering Imdiko required coaxing to grant her every precious drop.

Rolat managed to hold out just long enough for the last expulsion to leave Wal’s body. The Nobek howled, his entire body jerking over Cissy’s, splattering her face, breasts, and belly. She quickly released Wal to claim the pulsing cock and the remainder of its offering. Rolat’s flavor was heavier than the Imdiko’s, a delicious counterpoint to Wal’s sweeter essence. Cissy savored it until Wal insistently rubbed her clit, forcing her mouth open to scream as she made one more flight into glory.

Cissy wasn’t sure when the lot of them collapsed to the floor around Diltan. A minute or an entire day might have passed by the time she blinked up at the man cuddling her against his side. The Dramok had been untied, and he curled against her with Rolat spooning behind him. The Nobek propped up on one arm to grin at her.

“Do you think our Dramok has learned his lesson?”

Cissy snuggled into the warmth of being sandwiched between Diltan and Wal. “Hell no. He’ll be up to no good the instant our backs are turned.”

“Oh good,” Wal said in a happy voice. “While putting people in prison makes me cringe, I do enjoy this form of punishment. When can we catch you watching the news feeds again, Diltan?”

The bastard had his smirk firmly in place. “You won’t. I’ll be very careful from now on.”

Cissy rolled her eyes and told them, “You notice he has no intention of mending his evil ways.”

Rolat laughed. “We gave up on that a long time ago.”

“I’m a lost cause,” Diltan said. His sneer softened to the other smile, the one Cissy like best. The one that told her how much he loved her. “I’m particularly lost when it comes to you.”

“You are a complete rogue who cannot be redeemed,” Cissy sighed, her heart melting under that adoring gaze. “I guess that’s why I love you, you jerk.”


The End


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BOOK: Alien Indiscretions
7.09Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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