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Master May I

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Published by Dark Hollows Press


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Master May I

Copyright © 2014 Salice Rodgers


ISBN 10: 1940756707

ISBN 13: 978-1-940756-70-7


Publication Date: July 2014

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This book is dedicated to my amazing husband! Thank you, for being there for me and for just being you. I love you to the moon and back.








The words he says make me weak.

The power behind them make me wet.

My name is Lillian and I work at a club called Master May I, or MMI to those who frequent it.

I got a job here after my best friend brought me to the club on my 21
birthday, and I have been Master L’s sub ever since. He trained and collared me all in the max of six months and it’s been three years since.

Am I in love with my Master? Yes.

Would I ever tell him that? Hell no.

I don’t want another Master, but he seems to think that I am getting too comfortable in my position and that maybe I need a couple months away from him.

I think he’s just getting tired of me and wants a new sub…

Chapter 1


“On your knees Lillian,” he says and I immediately fall to my knees.

I spread them apart, placing my hands behind me on the floor, arching my back, and pushing out my full breasts
. I lean my head back and close my eyes as he walks around me. He stops at my back, grabbing my hair.

He pulls hard and I wince.

I have been with Master B for three days now at the request of Master L.

“You’re a beautiful little sub Luv. I can’t believe Master L let me have you for a month so willingly, but we have a show to put on and it will be amazing.” He releases my hair and I quietly thank the heavens above.

Master B is a very well-known Master at MMI and I had done all I could to avoid him in the past. He had a reputation – and not a good one. It was said that Master B has no limits to the pain he will inflict, that he expected you to take it and smile like a good little sub.

I hear him walk away and then some shuffling as he lays the things out he intends to use. Walking back to me he stops and says, “Listen very closely Luv. You are going to stand and walk to the bedpost. Put your back against it, hands above your head and legs spread apart as far as you can, do you understand?”

“Yes Master B,” I say.

Standing, I walk to the bedpost and do as he says. He walks over to me and runs his hands down my throat to my breast, stopping there he leans forward and places his mouth around my nipple. He begins sucking until it stands at full attention, then leaning back he attaches a nipple clamp. He leans back down and does the same to the other nipple.

When he looks up he moans, “Those look at home on your breasts.”

My heart is racing and my core is soaked.

I love pain when it is given in the right way.

He gets on his knees and licks my clit until I think I’m going to explode, then adds the clamp to it. Standing, he steps back and looks at me for a few seconds before turning around to get something else off the table behind him.

After a moment, he pulls my chin up until I look at him and smile.

“How do those feel?”

I stay silent for a while as I think about my answer. They feel amazing actually. Master L is a wonderful master, but he isn’t big on causing small amounts of pain.

“Good Master B,” I say.

He releases my chin and nods. “Walk around the room Lillian. Show me how good the clamps feel and how much you like the pain. I know you don’t want to admit it, but you get wetter every time I inflict the slightest amount of pain on you.” He motions to the table across the room and I walk to it, every step making the clamps pull a little and making my body feel like it is a live wire.

I can feel my juices running down my legs with each step.

“Lay back on the table Luv.”

I lean my body back on the table with my tip toes on the floor.

“Good girl. Spread your legs.” Spreading my legs I give him a better view of my body. He moans in pleasure and comes to stand beside me at the table running his hand down my body again. “You are divine Luv.” Leaning down he pulls my nipple in his mouth and sucks, running his finger down my stomach to my core. He sticks a finger inside and pumps it in and out, bringing me to the edge only to stop and look at me.

He smiles.

“You want to come don’t you? How long can you hold it Luv, how long will you allow me to bring you to the edge only to stop and start again? You’ve been a good girl so maybe tomorrow we will test your limits a little more.” With that he slides his finger back inside me and begins to pump it in and out at a fast speed. Bringing his mouth down again
he sucks my nipple and pulls slightly on the clamp. “Come for me, Luv, let me hear your beautiful screams of pleasure.”

My orgasm hits me hard. He pulls the clamps off and the sensation pushes me even harder in to the orgasm until I feel like I am floating and nothing outside of the orgasm exists.


Chapter 2


I wake up in my bed with the covers pulled around me. Last night was amazing and he didn’t really do anything but use clamps. I have no idea what else he had because he never had the chance to use it. After my mind blowing orgasm he cleaned me and took me to my room, laying me on my bed naked.

I get up and go do my morning ritual of showering, brushing my teeth, and making sure everything is shaved and proper. When I finish, I walk back in to my room and pull on my robe. It is black silk see through and has slits on both sides all the way up to my thighs.

A sub must be accessible to the Dom at all times.

Walking in to the kitchen, I make a cup of coffee and sit at the table with my phone. Yes, I am in a strict BDSM relationship, but I’m not here against my will.

Master B walks in to the kitchen and sits across from me with his own cup of coffee. I look up to see him smiling.

“Good morning Master B,” I say and smile.

He is gorgeous with shaggy brown hair, a goatee, and green eyes that seem to draw you in and not let go.

“Good morning Luv,” he says over the rim of his coffee cup. He says no more so I pick my phone back up and continue to flip through Facebook. Finding nothing interesting, I lay my phone down and stare at the beautiful man in front of me. I don’t see how he got the reputation as the meanest Dom at MMI. He’s done nothing horrible to me. Go by his rules and you’re good. It’s the same with any serious Dom.

He catches me looking and smirks. “Like what you see Luv?”

My heart races and I feel like I could have an orgasm just from his words alone.

He stands up and walks to my side of the table. Taking the coffee from my hand and setting it down, he grabs my hand and pulls me till I’m standing before him.

“Untie the robe.”

My shaking hands untie the knot on the robe and it slides open. My breath quickens as he takes me in from head to toe. His jaw twitches when he looks back up to me and he grabs my hair, pulling my mouth to his, he kisses me hard. I feel his tongue lick my bottom lip and I open up for him, allowing him in to my mouth. We both moan as I wrap my arms around his back.

He pulls back fast and grabs my wrists. “Tsk tsk Luv, no touching without permission. I want to test your pain limit today to see exactly how far I can push you. You’ll be a new woman by the time the month is up.” He releases my wrists and walks towards the play room.

I follow him, knowing that’s what he wants, and when we step inside the room he turns to me.

“Take the robe off and present yourself.”

I do as he says,
getting on my knees just the same as the day before. He moans in approval. I again hear him
opening the drawers and my heart quickens. He has never once had sex with me since I’ve been here. It’s always been toys or me pleasing him, but never sex. I don’t know if this is his choice or Master L’s. I know that he is clean because we all have to be tested to work at MMI, so it can’t be that.

When he has everything he needs he walks to me and stops. “Stand up and walk to the bed, lie down with your body on the bed and your neck arched off the side, eyes closed. Open them or move and I will punish you, understand?”

I stand and nod. “Yes Master B.” Walking to the bed I do as he says.

I hear him walk to me and his zipper goes down. “Open that beautiful mouth and suck my dick Luv.”

Again my heart races as I open my mouth and he slams inside it, going all the way to my throat. He goes back and forth and I suck and twirl my tongue all around. “Your mouth is as talented as it is beautiful,” he says slamming himself to my throat again. “Swallow it all,” he moans and I feel his cum slide down my throat.

When he pulls out he says, “Stand up.” I do as he says.

Holding up a whip he looks at me and asks, “Did Master L use one of these on you at any time?” I shake my head my heart beating too fast to attempt to answer. “I understand I am not your full master and you’re only here for a month, but I am going to tell you now your safe word is ‘Lilies’. If at any time this becomes too much for you say the word and it all stops.”

“Yyyes Master B.”

He walks to the bed post and pulls down the attachments at the top. “Come here and put your hands above your head.” Walking over I raise my hands and he slides them in to the restraints and steps back to examine me. He seems to do that a lot during our sessions and even outside of them.

I stand with my arms up and my legs spread waiting for the first lash of the whip. When it comes I moan.

He didn’t use the force I’m sure he has, he just let me know what was to come. The second lash is a little harder across my ass. Over and over he moves from my ass to my legs until I am a wet mess and my legs are weak.

He drops the whip and wraps his arm around my waist, pulling me against him. “Your ass looks beautiful red Luv, makes me hard just seeing it.” He takes my arms out of the restraints and he pulls me on to the bed. “Lay on your stomach Luv.”

I turn on my stomach and he rubs some cream on my ass, it’s soothing. This act of affection is so much more than what Master L showed when I was his sub. We had sex when he wanted it and how he wanted it, but we never cuddled, and the aftercare only happened at MMI if we performed a show for the crowd.

Chapter 3


I must have fallen asleep in his arm because I awake to his phone ringing and him moving to get it. He must have fallen asleep too, and that makes me smile and my heart flutter.

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