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Alien Invasion: A Warrior Prince Romance (The Tourin Legacy - Part 1)

BOOK: Alien Invasion: A Warrior Prince Romance (The Tourin Legacy - Part 1)
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Alien Invasion: A Warrior Prince Romance
The Tourin Legacy, Book 1


Immortal Angel


This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places,
and incidents are either a product of the author's imagination or
are used fictitiously, and any resemblance to any persons, living
or dead, business establishments, events, or locales is entirely


Alien Invasion

All rights reserved.

Published by Fallen Press, Ltd.

Copyright © 2016


This book is protected under the copyright laws of
the United States of America. Any reproduction or other
unauthorized use of the material or artwork herein is prohibited
without the express written permission of the author.

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For Robert


I couldn’t do this without you…and I wouldn’t want

Thank you.

I wish for you every dream you can dream..and I
believe with you all things are possible.


Immortal Angel




P.S. – You are already beautiful.


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About the Author

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Preview of
To Kiss A


Last night I went to bed in a world of
drudgery and boredom. I stared out the casted glass window of the
castle over the countryside of Pluria, my country’s greatest

My life stretched out before me—a
never-changing, endless cycle of meetings, diplomacy, and parties
with overdressed people who didn’t really care about anything.

I thought there could be nothing worse than
waking up this morning to the same routine. The insanity of doing
the same thing every day, but expecting a change.


As it turns out, I was wrong.


Screams and a great rumbling shake the
castle walls, interrupting my slumber.
It’s probably just a
ground shake.

I feel as if my head just hit the pillow.
Dazed and disheveled, last night’s headache still pounding in my
brain, I force myself to cross the room to the armoire. Light from
the two moons beams in through the window, illuminating my clothing
options in shades of pink and gold.

I want to wear something simple, but I know
better. Late at night, unknown situation outside. I heave a sigh
and reach for the black undershirt. Black skirt, metal-reinforced
leather corset, arm protectors, boots, belt, short swords.

It sounds complicated, but this armor is
like a second skin. I’ve worn the same style since birth. It’s
fitted, perfect. I’m able to get in and out of it in under a

I run for the turret stairs, hoping the
others will take the main steps. Unfortunately, we all had the same
idea. We shuffle downward far too slowly, packed like sardines into
the tiny spiral stairwell built for no more than two people walking
abreast. One of my sheathes clinks against another and I look up to
see the ambassador from Luthinia.

I’m not surprised it’s another government
official. Most civilians don’t wear armor these days, especially if
they can’t afford metal reinforcements. Leather does nothing
against guns and bullets that are rapidly gaining popularity. Even
though most civilians don’t have them, swords are still going out
of fashion.
But we don’t care about fashion, do we, girls?
caress the hilts of my two short swords. They’ve saved my life many

The screaming has stopped briefly, but the
feeling of restrained hysteria is in the air. We don’t know yet
whether to panic or not. And it’s late and we’re all climbing down
ten flights of stairs.

I can see the exit two flights below when
suddenly the sirens stop. Screams split the air, then cut off
suddenly. People turn and start pushing us back up the steps. I
feel my own sense of fear rise.

You’re a trained warrior, Ande. Assess.
Gather equipment. Take action.

But to do that, I’m going to need a better
view. I join the people beside me and try to push the people above
me back up.

Regret floods me as I’m squashed between the
two opposing forces—those coming down and those going up. I should
have listened to my father and brought a contingent of guards with
me on this trip. But I’d stupidly thought I was safe, telling
you’ve been to Pluria at least a hundred times

I finally succeed in getting to the third
floor and throw open the door to exit the stairwell. I sprint
toward the middle of the floor. I remember a balcony that overlooks
the entrance, the front wall of the first few floors of the front
of the castle made of glass. It will give me a good view of the
entrance and the courtyard just outside.

The country is at
peace, I think,
trying not to panic.
No enemies, uprisings, not even a strong
political conflict in the ten years since the Great War.

Reaching it, I look down. My heart sinks
into my stomach. The scene before my eyes is beyond belief. People
dead in the courtyard, more running past, screaming, as huge…metal
machines? behind them. The machines look almost like metal
people, but their legs are weirdly shaped. They run awkwardly,
hitting the people with some kind of blue light. Once struck by the
beam, the people fall down, twitching and screaming.

This can’t be real. It can’t be.

My heartbeat starts to pound in my ears. I
blink several times, but the image remains.

So it’s not just a hallucination. Better get
a grip and start thinking before I end up dead, too.

What are these shiny metal creatures? Where
did they come from?

I see a small craft land in the courtyard
amidst the chaos.

Landing? Did they come from…
the sky?
Or even worse
… space?

The thought makes me shudder. If these metal
people are from space they are a lot more advanced than us.
they only land here—or in my kingdom, too? If they did, how can we
fight them?

I wonder if I should go back up to my room
and hope they don’t search the entire castle. But then a swarm of
the metal things shoots out the front glass doors and windows, and
the windows fall to the ground in an enormous crash of tinkling,
shimmering glass.

Oh, shit. Run? Or hide?

The metal things stream in through the open
glass and I have only seconds to make a decision. My heart pounds
in my head, my ears buzz, and my entire body shakes like a leaf in
the wind. I’ve battled men, women, even wild animals, but nothing
like the enemy I see before me.

Run. But back up to the room, or out the
back doors into the gardens behind? Maybe I can go around the side
and use the element of surprise.

The metal things marching up the stairs make
my decision for me. I run on shaking legs to the opposite end of
the castle than I came from and turn right, to the servants’ stairs
at the back of the building. Thankfully, the stairs are empty.
guess most of the servants have already left.

I descend as fast as I can, almost tripping
between flights in my haste.

In battle, seconds can mean the difference
between life and death.

I never expected battle here, but thank the
gods I made Father train me for it.

Just inside the door that leads to the
gardens behind the castle, I stop, pausing to calm my frantic
breaths. I can’t run out heaving if stealth is necessary.

Where can I go?

For the first time, I realize I don’t know
much about Pluria’s capital city beyond the castle, the stables,
the armory and a few close restaurants and shops. And that’s when
it hits me!
The armory. We need weapons.

Feeling calmer with a destination and plan
of action in mind, I open the door slowly. It creaks and I wince.
Nice. Why don’t you just announce it to them?

The coast is clear, so I exit and sprint
down to the end. I turn to the right, running toward the front of
the castle and the courtyard. I peek around the corner of the
castle and see that the courtyard is still a frenzy of activity,
with the metal things shooting at all who emerge. A few warriors
are battling them – and losing.

I run behind the hedges around the
courtyard, heading to the armory just past the gates. But just as I
round the corner to the entrance, I see one of the metal things
standing in front. I guess it must have heard me coming because it
looks right at me.

Fuck it.

Father always says the best defense is a
good offense, so I spring at the metal thing in a high kick, aiming
at the weapon, fingers poised to grip its shoulders. I kick the
weapon as hard as I can, and to my amazement, it flies out of the
thing’s grip and clatters to the dirt.
Not so strong

I wrap my legs around it and try to rip off
its head.

Its arms come up and grip my wrists.

I see a button on the right side of its neck
and press it. The head begins to come off, and I rip it as hard as
I can. It doesn’t detach how I expect and I quickly realize it’s
some type of head covering. I throw it as far as possible before
turning back to the being inside.

Not a metal thing, but an upright,
walking… mountain cat.
It’s fierce, with sharp fangs and a
growling yowl that sends shivers down my spine. Its fetid breath
washes over me.

I don’t have time to reach for my swords, so
using two fingers, I jab it as hard as I can in the eyes. It
screeches, a horrible sound, then begins to turn and spin.
or never.

I jump off and start running down the dusty
road, hoping I’ve bought myself a little time.

No such luck.

It gives another angry, yowling snarl and
hisses at me. It’s after me in a flash, the suit barely slowing it.
I sprint away without thinking, and quickly realize I have only a
few more steps before I hit the main road.

If I’m going to die ten thousand miles from
home, I’m at least going to take some of these metal cat-monsters
with me.

I unsheathe my swords and prepare for the


Fuck! An Ardak invasion. Can things get any

I feel the familiar frisson of anger go down
my spine. My string of curses continues as I load the last of my
cargo into my shuttle. The screaming is bringing back memories I’ve
been trying to forget. I can feel my hands starting to tremble with
rage. I clench them into fists.

I should have known the damn hairballs would
hit this planet next.

I came here myself because it was the next
closest planet to the last one they hit. My time is rather

Good thing I got here tonight. Tomorrow this
whole damn planet will be contaminated.

Making my cargo that much more valuable.

I feel for these people. But I know the
terror they feel tonight at an alien cat invasion is nothing
compared to what they will feel tomorrow when the fucking cats
release the toxin. They have no idea what’s about to hit them. But
I do, and I’m getting the hell out of here before it does. There’s
nothing I can do about it, anyway.
Or I would have saved my own

The tiny space behind the general store is
barely large enough for my shuttle, but I had to make do. The
people on this world haven’t invented motorized automobiles yet.
Which means they don’t have planes much less space flight, and my
invisibility force field doesn’t work on the ground. I don’t want
to frighten them too much with tech they haven’t seen before.

BOOK: Alien Invasion: A Warrior Prince Romance (The Tourin Legacy - Part 1)
2.3Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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