Allister, J. Rose - Disowned Cowboys [Lone Wolves of Shay Falls] (Siren Publishing Ménage Amour) (6 page)

BOOK: Allister, J. Rose - Disowned Cowboys [Lone Wolves of Shay Falls] (Siren Publishing Ménage Amour)
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She shook her head, even as the words resonated to stoke a flame of desire. “And
supposed to be my Prince Charming? Shouldn’t you be at a royal ball, not chained up in a damp cave?”

He ran his hands along the chains across his torso. “Excitin’, ain’t it? The danger. The lack of control. Don’t deny it, darlin’. I’ve seen the way you’ve been starin’ at our cocks.” One of his hands slid down to stroke his shaft, and she felt an answering twinge between her thighs. “I see your eyes darkenin’ with need, and those pretty hands are balled into fists because you’re fightin’ the need to come over here and touch me like this.”

His fingers slid up over the wide head, then back down to the base. She unclenched the hands she hadn’t realized were tensed up at her sides and shook her head, not trusting herself to answer.

“Dillon,” Kyle said, eyeing her. “No point in teasin’ the lady when we can’t allow her to take pleasure from it.”

“Who says? She’s mine.”

“And you’re mine.”

Aimee didn’t even have time to process the words. Kyle grabbed Dillon’s neck chain and tugged upward, pulling the man to his face. Their mouths crushed together with a ferocity that sent a shiver through her, and their wet tongues flicked out to entwine with one another. Never in her life had she witnessed two men pleasuring each other, and the sight should have been the final push to send her feet running toward the mouth of the cave. Instead, she stood there like a gawking statue, panting in shallow breaths and blinking rapidly at the passion unfolding in front of her.

Kyle lowered himself just enough for his thick rod to brush along Dillon’s, prompting a moan from each and a little whimper from her own throat as well. Dillon grabbed the back of Kyle’s hair hard, thrusting his tongue deeper into the man’s mouth. When he tried to shove Kyle over onto his back, however, Kyle growled and yanked away. A sharp slap followed as his palm delivered a blow to Dillon’s thigh.

“You will submit to me,” Kyle said in a low, dangerous tone.

Dillon’s cock jumped at the command, as did Aimee’s pulse.

“If I can’t have her tonight,” Dillon said, “I want her to see what we will mean to her soon enough.”

Kyle favored her with a slow smolder while he replied. “You want her to see what your submission to me includes? Then get on your knees.”

A palpable shiver coursed through her veins.

Dillon’s biceps flexed as he rolled over and pushed himself up on all fours, facing Aimee.

“Not like that,” Kyle said. “Turn around.”

Kyle turned and sat on his haunches in front of Kyle, who was upright on his knees. “Get me ready for you,” he told Dillon.

In shock, Aimee watched while Dillon bent down to slide his mouth over the erect cock in front of him. Kyle gripped Dillon’s neck chain and pulled him deeper onto his organ, tipping his head back with a moan. She held her breath while she watched Dillon’s head slip back and forth expertly over Kyle’s penis. A naked man chained in a cave while commanded to perform fellatio on another man was a perversion Aimee had never even considered. As thunder rocked the skies overhead, a quake of longing shook her to the core, and warm wetness gathered between her rubberized legs. When Dillon pulled back and she saw Kyle’s thickly veined rod, throbbing and slick, her nipples tightened beneath the damp bra that clung to her skin.

Without a word, Dillon twisted around and dropped onto all fours again so that his ass was right in front of Kyle’s stiff dick. Aimee’s lips parted as Kyle gripped Dillon’s hip with one hand and positioned his cock against Dillon’s tight, smooth ass with the other. The chain shifted as Dillon looked up, catching Aimee’s gaze. Then Kyle shoved his hips forward in one long, solid motion. His eyes shut tight, and she gasped in sympathy at the heavy grunt Dillon let out. God, how painful would something like that be? Kyle certainly hadn’t been gentle about it. Why was he so callous?

A fantasy flashed through her mind of lying beneath Kyle, letting him be the one to relieve her of virginity. Not that she would allow anything of the sort, and certainly not with his rod penetrating her ass the way he was doing to Dillon.

In moments, however, Dillon’s grunt turned into something erotic, something that began a slow throb in her clit. The muscles in his arms strained as he rocked forward, then slid back on Kyle’s cock. Aimee realized that he hadn’t been wincing in pain at all. The expression on his face had taken on a smooth air of the sublime as he rode Kyle’s shaft with his eyes closed. He appeared possessed of a want and a hunger that only the stoic-faced man behind him could quench.

With a start, Aimee realized that their lust was infecting her, spreading low in her pelvis. Kyle pushed his hips against Dillon’s ass, chains rattling with every stroke. As they bucked together, the potent muscles in both of their bodies stood out in magnificent form, highlighted by sweat breaking out across their skin. Even with Dillon streaked with dirt and bound by partly rusted chains, the men were beautiful, like a sculpture by Michelangelo. Like a fine piece of artwork that she could not tear her eyes away from.

Dillon’s blazing gold eyes opened, kissed by the gloss of lantern light as they locked onto hers. “Come here to me, darlin’,” he crooned.

The seductive lilt of his whisper touched off a war inside of her.

Go to him
, a voice prodded.

Don’t. It’s dangerous.

You want to know if his touch will make you feel the way Kyle does.

That’s the real danger, isn’t it? One touch and you could stay lost forever.

Just one touch.

Kyle cut off her mental committee meeting. “Stop, Dillon,” he said, slowing his strokes. “You can’t.”

“I just want to kiss her,” he said, sizing her up like she was a tasty morsel at a dessert buffet. “You’ve already sampled those luscious, pink lips. I have to know what she tastes like.”

Now Kyle’s gaze bored into her. “One kiss. If she’s willin’.”

One foot shifted forward while common sense made one last desperate attempt to inject reason into her wildly racing thoughts.
What about David?

She paused and fiddled with the diamond ring. In truth, she owed David a great deal, yet owed him nothing all the same. She had given him no answer, and while this experience shouldn’t color her decision, it might offer her better clarity on her feelings for the man who wanted to be her husband.

Just one kiss.

Dillon’s smoky gaze tugged on her reserve, calling to her like a siren song. Still, she remained in place, her body swaying almost imperceptibly to his internal music until he raised a hand from the ground and beckoned her with a single crooked finger. Then her feet began to move again.

Kyle stopped thrusting when she stopped in front of them, peering down at the two naked men she still couldn’t quite believe were real. A boom of thunder roared through the cave, vibrating the walls and all through her body. She just stood there, feeling like a fool while she listened to her heart and thoughts race. Then, as surely as if she were the one with a collar and chain that he could tug, Dillon pulled her downward with the lure of a low, sexy growl that came from deep in his throat.

She sank down, and the scent of the men’s heated musk was evident as soon as she knelt in front of them. The heady aroma penetrated her rapidly fogging thoughts and erased the final traces of panic that giving into this folly could be her complete and utter undoing. She no longer gave a damn. Let it be. Let the girl who had long shunned selfish needs in order to do the right, responsible thing have one moment to do the irresponsible, wrong, and completely selfish thing.

She took hold of the sides of his head and pressed her lips to his, stifling the small gasp at the immediate explosion of desire crashing through her. The stubble of his mustache prickled her upper lip, sending stabs of pleasure downward and stiffening her nipples until they tingled with heavy want. His hot mouth opened with a moan, and his tongue practically demanded entry to hers. With a bare hesitation, she parted her lips. A spike of primal, dark lust ignited with the first touch of their tongues. Her pussy throbbed for him, and she could feel a new pool of juices seeping into her already-damp panties. Every thrust of his wet tongue brought images of his thick, straining cock pushing its way into her virgin heat. Her pulse began a frenzied dance, and the real world fell away. The storm and damp cave and thoughts of being lost in the mountains all drowned in the new reality quickly taking shape in her mind.

Kyle’s kiss had awakened her to new possibilities. Dillon’s took her by supernatural force.

Who am I? I am your mate.

The words played over and over in her mind, and she knew that if any man on earth could make such an outrageous claim, it was the one who was sliding his free hand through her short curls and pulling her down to the ground beneath him. She went without restraint, without hesitation. The instinctive fear that just one touch from him would bring her to her knees had been completely warranted. But it no longer scared her.

It enslaved her.

She eased herself onto the cave floor, lying flat on her back. Dillon lowered, too, following her down so as not to break the spell of their kiss. He twisted around so the length of his body faced hers. His lips skimmed along her jaw while his hand traced a line of sultry desire along her throat. Wave after wave of passion washed over her. When his hand crested the cap of her shoulder, her eyes reopened to find him staring at her with an intensity that took her breath away. Kyle, she saw, hadn’t missed a beat when Dillon had relocated, and was spooning Dillon from behind. She could feel the chains tensing against Dillon’s body, and his thick cock pressed harder against the side of her hip with each forward thrust from Kyle.

He brought her hand to his lips, holding her within his stare while his tongue circled the tip of her index finger before plunging the length into his hot, wet mouth. She sucked in a breath, her eyes fluttering at the pangs of lust his tongue fired. He slid her finger out of his mouth and repeated the maddening process on her middle finger, his sucking motions stirring memories of the way he’d pleasured Kyle’s cock.

By the time he got to her ring finger, she was panting and sliding her free hand down between her thighs to rub the clit that was throbbing in desperation. His tongue flirted with the diamond, flicking over it until his saliva let it spin freely around her finger. She felt the erotic graze of his teeth, but it wasn’t until he’d already pulled back that she understood he’d pulled off the ring and now held it inside his mouth.

“Very funny,” she said. “Give it back, Dillon.”

His smug grin dissolved when he puckered his lips and blew out forcefully. The ring shot out, arcing through the air to land on the ground near the tunnel entrance. A look of triumph crossed his features as he stared down at her. “No.”

Strong, slightly calloused fingers rode up the inside of Aimee’s sweater, finding the hard nub of her nipple begging for his attention. A sweep of his thumb over it while he cupped the small, pert fullness of her breast sent a cry from her, silencing further protest about the ring. One thing and one thing only possessed her every whim, her every thought. She wanted Dillon, craved him with every inch of her being. She needed him to take command of her while Kyle took command of him.

She thrust her hips upward, desperate for him to show her what it meant to give her purity to the one man who was allegedly fated to claim it. His hand responded, sliding down to cup the mound between her legs. “Jesus, I can feel how hot and wet you are right through your pants,” he whispered, nuzzling her ear with the enticing fuzz of his mustache.

“Just wanted one kiss, eh?” Kyle said, his voice strained.

“Her clothes are still on,” Dillon purred into her ear while she pressed herself upward, tighter in his hand.

Kyle rocked his pelvis hard against Dillon’s ass. “Make sure they stay that way.”

“Touch me, Aimee,” Dillon said. “Let me feel those soft hands on my skin.”

She slid a hand to his chest, curious to feel the sensation of skin and metal against her palm. The links were warm from his incredible body heat, and she found his nipple between lengths of wrapped chain and tugged it while she gently bit his lower lip.

BOOK: Allister, J. Rose - Disowned Cowboys [Lone Wolves of Shay Falls] (Siren Publishing Ménage Amour)
7.35Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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